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[Spoilers] Missing Monster Statblock

[rule clarification] Would "aid another" also start a melee attack?

[Hero Lab]: Free character creation software for the Pathfinder Beginner Box Coming Soon!

[Beginner Box] Errata in PDFs. Corrected = yes or no?

[Advice needed] Am I going to kill my characters?

[] BASIC-Series

yet another noob question

XP - lingo going around in circles!


Wouldn't it be cool...

Worth buying - 2 players???

Woods, Waves, Masks, Isles, Ice

Wondering if anyone else has had this error

Wizard question and other stuff

Wilderness Adventures

Why use Spellcraft when you could just use Detect Magic?

Why is the BB impossible to find ?


Who wants a Barbarian PreGen?

Where to start?

When to Roll for the Players as the GM

What's your favorite Beginner Box Bash Demo?

what kinda skill is cooking?

What is / isn't public knowledge from the maps?

what is a "minotaur double crossbow"?

What can be considered distrubing to an earth elemental?

What book is the ninja and gladiator class from?

What are the Main Differences between Original Pathfinder and Beginners Box

What adventure should I give my players after they've beaten Black Fang's Dugeon?

Welcome, new Beginner Box players!

Wealth by Level as a Player

We Be Goblins on the Beginner Box rules

Wayfinder Beginner Box Content Question

Wand use question: different class' spell level?

Wand charges in BB versus Core

Wall of Fire question?

Very simple xp question from a beginner

Very impressive

Using scrolls

Using Pathfinder Beginner Box for a Kingmaker Style Game

Using more then the adviced 4 PC's and The Metric System

Using Crypt of the Eternal Flame after BB

Using 3.5 adventures

user stading spell combat + arcane mark

Use of the Spellcraft Skill

Untrained Skill Checks

Unfamiliar Ground -- 4th lvl adventure from Dungeon Magazine 119 great for PBB!

Underwater Combat

Unboxing video of the Beginners Box now published in G*M*S Magazine

Two quick question on BB rules

Two questions (Beginner's Box)

Tweaking Pathfinder Beginners Box to add some 4e style rules

Trying to remember a specific deity

Trying to make an Alchemist

Trying to bring into Fantasy Grounds and cannot copy images

Trouble with my Gnome Paladin...

Treasure in the Goblin Feud room (Beginner Box )


Transmutation mage and Beast Shape

Translations? Will there be a German PF Beginner Box? When?

Transitioning from the beginners box to the core rulebook

Training Costs

Town adventure

Toughness Error?


Total Noob...sort of

Total noob looking for a hand

Total Newbie

Too Much Treasure?

To run solo or not?

To open or not to open

To all those parents here checking this game out to see if it is for your kids...

Tips for using sounds and effects in game and other questions

Time & extending the adventure

Thrown weapons clarifications + favored class

this may be not where i can ask where to find......

They're Here!

They actually killed the dragon!

Thank you, to everyone who helped create the Beginner Box.

Thank you Pathfinder RPG Beginner's Box!

Thank you for the beginner box

Tales of The Two, become Company of the Three

The Tale of "The Two" or How I introduced my kids to RPGs or My first time GM-ing

Taking PFBB Players to 5th Level

taking a stab at DMing and such stuff got questions

Take the Pathfinder Beginner Box Test!

Take the box on a BSA camping trip?

Swashbucklers overpowered?

surprise melee attack ..... what does it mean?

summoner favored class bonus 1 point ever 4 levels or 1 / 4 of pool?

Suggestions / Rules / Homebrew For the Beginner Box

the price of magic items?

Paizo Blog: Using the Beginner Box to Create a Pathfinder Society Character

Paizo Blog: The Beginner Box Bash!

Paizo Blog: The Beginner Box

The goblins are OP? I think we were doing something wrong.

The Concept of Time

The Company of the Three is now officially The Company of The Black Fang

The Beginner Box in all it's glory - some 3D layouts

The Bash was great! Now release the scenarios

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