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Shackled City (Pathfinder) - GM_Chris

Game Master Chris Shannon 719

This will be the Shackled City adventure path using the Pathfinder rule set. However, the existing deities (i.e. St. Cuthbert, Pelor, Wee Jas) will not be converted to similar Golarion gods.

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Male Human (Per +6 | Fort +16 Ref +11 Will +21 | AC 29 (f28/t15) | CMD 20)

Atol huffs to keep up as he grabs the hem of his robe and runs trusting in his allies to avoid traps at this speed.

F14:R16:W16 (+2);K(Arc)23;K(Dun)12;K(Hist)16;K(Loc)22;K(Nat)22;K(Pln)27;K(Rel)22;Perc 25;SMot 20;Spllcft 26;UMD 18
Cuthbertist 15 - Bludgeoner First Class

Dyrant follows.

M Steinneblin (Rock Gnome) Paladin 13/Cavalier 1

Glimmil trots ahead astride Cog.

"Yes! Onto the next do-badder!"

He looks back and gestures to Finneas to hurry up, but not before he sets one of his platinum bands on the half-orc's finger.

"This, uh. Isn't a proposal, but perhaps it will allow Garl to protect you in whatever may come next!"

Glimmil gives the ring a worried look, knowing if it gets too scratched up that Skie might notice.

13,551 to 13,553 of 13,553 << first < prev | 262 | 263 | 264 | 265 | 266 | 267 | 268 | 269 | 270 | 271 | 272 | next > last >>
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