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GM Klothar's Skull & Shackles SOLO Game

Game Master bsongy

**** Closed Game for One PC ****

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Lantern Lodge

Actions? ...before things heat up again <evil GM laugh>

Male Human Cleric 4

Staying in Init order Cog will do a quick roguish search of the downed man looking for healing potions or other interesting items.

Sandra will activate her Copy Cat and move to stand beside Septa.

Septa will take the tanglefoot bag and carefully activate and throw it below the aft of the rowboat we are suppose to watch, making sure to get the alchemical goop into the ropes and pulleys required to lower the boat. He will take a full round action (Take 10?)

Lantern Lodge

Cog finds amoungst the eight dead soldiers on the aft deck and sterncastle:
Eight suits of studded leather armor, though it will take a while to strip of
Eight heavy crossbows with bolts
Eight short swords
Total gold: 8d6 + 80 ⇒ (1, 5, 4, 2, 1, 3, 6, 2) + 80 = 104
Cog finds no potions or other magical items.

Two Sandaras wink at Septa

Septa throws the tangle foot bag
roll vs AC5

Male Human Cleric 4

Cog will leave the gold for now, generally it goes to the main pile anyway.

With a take ten full round action it would be a 14 but I will roll for chance of a one.

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (19) + 4 = 23

Lantern Lodge

Septa nails the aft block and tackle on the davit of the starboard ships boat, jamming the rope good and well.

Male Human Cleric 4

Cog will move up in front of Septa, Septa will move back. We had to secure the upper decks and make sure the boat was not used; We will wait there, in defense, holding action.

Lantern Lodge

Turn 21

.The three of your boarding party are suprised when three Rahadoumi soldiers come running out of the fog, to the starboard davit, and begin trying to launch the ships boat.

With three working together they would've gotten far along with launching the boat, but with the aft rope jammed, the boat merely dangles nose downward.

The soldiers are surprised by this. "To the port boat!" Shouts the officer but the other two have yet to act.

Actions: Sandara, Septa and Cog

Male Human Cleric 4

Septa will cast Hold Person on the officer. DC 16

Sandra will use Summon Monster II and summon a Wolf behind and to the port of he ship, so they have to pass the wolf to go to the Port rowboat.

Cog will attack to his left and attack the sailor closest to the port boat in his range.

Cutlass: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14

Damage: 1d6 + 3 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 3 + 2 = 7

Cog will say "Dump 'em you dogs, we got the boat and your lives, drop yr weapons and lay down and we will tel your good works to our Capn'."

Lantern Lodge

Turn 22
Rahadoumi Officer at V2.
Rahadoumi Sailor (rahadoum9) at W2
Rahadoumi Sailor (rahadoum10) at X2

Sanadara at AB4
Septa at Z3
Cog at AB3

Action Order: Sandara-Septa-All rahadoumi-Cog

Sanadara casts hold person on the officer...
Rahadoumi Officer Will save DC16: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3
...the officer suddenly stiffens, able to move only his eyeballs.

Septa holds his action

The enlisted Rahadoumi, decide that their officer's last command is their best course of action, and run to the portside boat.

rahadoum9 from W2 to W8
rahadoum10 from X2 to X8

Cog moves from AB3 to Y8 and attacks rehadoum10
using Cog's rolls with a bonus for height advantage
Cog swipes at the sailors left arm as he reaches up for the rope attached to the portside ship's boat. Though not a mortal wound, the wound is severe enough that the next blow would certainly kill him. With little fight left in him, and signals his surrender by dropping his weapons.

The other sailor continues trying to free the ship's boat, shouting curses to the man who enlisted him in the Rahadoumi marines.

Action for Septa?

Male Human Cleric 4

EErrr, Septa cast Hold person and Sandra was casting Summon Monster II - Wolf to intercept the retreating sailors.

Lantern Lodge

I see...
Sanadara continues her arcane gestures; Septa knows that the wolf will arrive in a few seconds.

Lantern Lodge

Turn 22
Held Rahadoumi Officer at V2
Rahadoumi Sailor (rahadoum9) at W8
Surrendered Rahadoumi Sailor (rahadoum10) at X8

Sanadara at AB4
Summoned Celestial Wolf at V7
Septa at Z3
Cog at Y8

Action Order: Sandara & her summoned Wolf-Septa-All rahadoumi-Cog

Celestial Wolf
HP 13
bite +2(1d6+1 plus trip @ CMB +2)
Darkvision 60'; Resist Cold/Acid/Electricity 5
smite evil once per day @ +0 to Hit +2 Damage
This is round 1 of 3 rounds it is summoned for

Actions for Sandara, Wolf and Septa?

Male Human Cleric 4

Wolf bites Sailor at W8

Bite: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (18) + 2 = 20
Damage: 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6
Trip Attack: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (14) + 2 = 16

Sandra and her mirror image move AA3-Z2-Y3-X4-W5-W6 Full move.
Shouting "Give it up Rahodoumi!"

Septa moves Y3-X4-W4-V3 (25') then disarms the held officer.

Lantern Lodge

The wolf grabs the soldiers left wrist, wrenching him to the ground, opening a large gash gash, the soldier screaming first in pain and then shouting "Meh yeeld! Meh yeeld!"

The officer is disarmed without incident.

Arcane fog again desends upon the aft portion of the Man's Promise. Sounds of fighting cone from below deck. Groans of sailors, mortally wounded but not yet dead, both pirates and Rahadoumi, come through the fog.

After a dozen seconds, Captain Harrington emerg
es from the canine door that passes under the aft deck. Holding a bloody human heart in his right hand, he silently nods at Septa and then walks down the stairs to the below decks.

The arcane fog ends.

Another dozen or so seconds there is the shrill sound of a boatswain's pipe playing the incessant bleeting of "abandon ship".

Immediately there is a flood of soldiers who are moving onto the deck. Seven are on the stairs moving up. Four exit the gun ports on the port side, three from the starboard, one from the forward rope locker hatch, three from the aft doors the captain came out of, two from the aft doors on the aft deck, one coming down from the crows nest. More are following. Septa thinks all will head for the two ships boats.

The boarding party will be able to act before rant will make it onto the deck.


Male Human Cleric 4

Septa will shout commands. "Cog, gather the live prisoners somewhere, Sandra, disable the boat by you."

Septa will look at the expended tanglefoot bag under the boat on his side.

Lasts 2-8 rounds Rounds: 2d4 ⇒ (3, 4) = 7, I think this is round three

And sees its still holding fast, at least for now then give a quick search of the officer, looking for maps, books and high value loot and such and disarming him of any secondary weapons.

Anything cool on him?

When the Captain passes by, Septa will nod back and report. "Three prisoners, one of those a officer, no losses Captain."

Sandra will tell the wolf to guard, then take her rapier and cut the lines holding the forward davit of the ships boat

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22

Hey critical! - DMG: 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (1, 6) + 2 = 9

Cog will yell to the two wounded prisoners. "You two, drop all your weapons, give me your magic and go stand by the aft wall and sit on your Ahole."

He will point with his sword and push them as needed.

"Bind your wounds yourselves prisoners."

He will then go over and collect the Officer and direct him over to sit when the spell wears off.

Lantern Lodge

The crowd of sailors hit the deck, but with both boats disabled and no.shore to be sten the Rahadoumi mill about furious. The pirates storm up from down below and begin to disarm the crew, the Rahadoumi do not resist.
A chanty goes up amoungst the pirates ad the captain places an ornate chair on the fore deck and instructs the pirates to gather the booty while the officers gather the prisoners.

Septa notes that Mr Puff, Master Scourge, the hiking zombies and most.of the crew escaped without serious injury.

Do you place the money and oossesions you previously stripped into the booty pile?

After the booty hads been gathered, the pirates beegin a part, helping themselves to the best food and drink the Man's Promise has to offer. The Rahadoumi are placed into irons and locked in the hold.

The Pirate officers have their own meeting on the fore deck, deciding how to split the booty.

Mean while the party continues. Cursewell and Shortstone play their fidals while flirting with each other. Owlbear drinks from a five gallon keg of ale. After the first hour of drinking, wine not grog, Septa catches Sandara looking at him with a curious look. It looks like everyone is intending to celebrate heartily.

you have 36 hours of partying ahead. Septa may take up to five actions like the nightly action: drink, make friends, persuade, sleep, explore an area of the ship etc. As usual he can try to persuade others to take an action also

Male Human Cleric 4

We do put everything in the pile, unless the Officer or two sailors admitted to having magic or we found something cool.

Septa will cast a couple healing surges for everyone, Rahadoumi and Pirates, including his minor wound.

Septa will drink ale with his friends, sleep, investigate the new ship, investigate the new ship and sleep. Making sure the Rahadoumi get food and drink.

Lantern Lodge

While drinking from a full mug of ale, Sandara Andaman up behind Septa and pops an Orange wedge into Septas mouth. Finisghing her own wedge , she says "You believe it? Fresh fruit.".

Wiping the juice from her hands, she grabs Septa's hand and without asking leads Septa over to where Cursewell and Shortstone are fiddling. There she begins to dance. She will dance with Septa for a good four hours.

When Septa heads below, Sandara follows.

Hammocks are not well suited for some things, but when the will is there people can get most anything done.

The next morning Sandara heads off to gamble, while Septa goes to explore Man's Promise.

I need two perception rolls

Male Human Cleric 4

Septa is somewhat surprised, but goes along with it and is happy about it.

Perception 1: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13

Perception 2: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (19) + 4 = 23

Lantern Lodge

Septa finds the following on Man's Promise:

The nameplate on the fore deck shows sign that the ship was previously called The Motley, and that there were multiple names before that.

One of the ships boat is a 12 man cutter, while the other is an 8 man gig. Both are rigged with sails and oars.

Under the stern castle and forecastle are the captains and offiSepta did seeecer cabins. Mr Puff and Master scourge and their cronies have taken up residence in

these, with Captain Harrigans permission. A 24hr guard is on the doors and Septa is denied admittance. Septa did see that both had locked hatches down and upward.

Below the captains cabin is the cooks area.. forward of the galley is crew berthing and the cargo hold. Septa finds Ambrose Kroop the cook passed out drunk in this room. Additionally Cursewell and Shortstone emerge from the pantry quite disheveled. After saying hi and grabbing some ale and bread, the disappear into the galley again. Forward of the galley is an empty armory and a secondary hold, with largest hatches in floor and cealing.

On the lowest deck is the main cargo hold. A large hatch in the cealing provides acccess for loading both this and the cargo hold on the mid deck.. the aft of bottom blocked off by a strong wood wall reinforced with iron strapping. It's iron door sports a large padlock. Septa knows that areas like this are often used for transporting slaves, but silver bars were being transported in this area instead. The bars and everything else of value has been removed to the main deck for the pirate officers to count, and the Rahadoumi crew have been locked up in this secure hold.

Septa finds little if interest below decks but when he climbs the rigging, he finds a dropped heavy crossbow, 8 quarrels and a spyglass that has been over loomed.

Lantern Lodge

...over looked in the crows nest.

What does he do with this gear?

Male Human Cleric 4

Septa will hide the spyglass in his jerkin, albeit badly.

Sleight of Hand (untrained) : 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19

He will take down the loot and will take care not to disturb anyone and deposit the crossbow and quarrels in the pile and head to the galley and hide the spyglass in the galley under a shelf or under several bags of rice or so. If its found he can't be blamed, but its hidden from casual inspection. There is no Hide skill in PF, so I will roll SoH again, adjust as needed.

Sleight of Hand (untrained) : 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 2 = 14

If there is anyone that sees Septa anywhere near this or doing this he will say he just found it and is dropping it in the pile.

During his inspection, Septa will cut a large sliver out of the main mast and put it in his travel pouch.

Lantern Lodge

Kroop is out cold. Septa hides the spy glass with little problem.

After another nights sleep, Septa awakens to the Pirate Officers gathering the crew on the deck of Man's Promise. The ale is stilll.flowing while the captain calls the crew up a few at a time.

After a few minutes, Captain Harrigan He calls up Septa, Sandara and Cog.

"Boarding Master, for completing your orders, I give you these."

He hands Septa a leather case containing three glass flask. Labels have been added by Longfarthing. Three say "moderate curative" and was said "invisibility".

"And for each of you" he hands each of you a pouch with 100gp

"For killing ten Rahadoumi marines, twenty-five pieces of gold each, and for capturing an officer alive 200 pieces of gold.". He hands each of of you 150gp.

"And I saw you kill the officer coming up behind me.". He hands Septa an large green stone on a gold chain.

"The officer, The Rahadoumi marine leader, was carrying this. Best ya have it."

The captain holds up a short sword, the scabbard wrapped in white leather and silver filigree, the blade glowing a bright blue-white.

You three are dismissed and return to the rest of the crew who are comparing their booty. Septa has come away with more than any of the other non officers.

From the Wormwood, From calls that the ships store is open for buying, selling and trade.

Male Human Cleric 4

Septa immediately puts the necklace around his neck.

I am guessing that your interface meany two moderate wounds and one invisibility, tell me if I am wrong.

"Thank you Captain Sir, only doing my orders like I have always done them under your command."

Septa will watch the rest of 'court'.

Lantern Lodge

THREE potions of cure moderate wounds
One potion of invisibility
Amulet of natural armor +1
short sword, +1

Septa notes that Master Scourge was docked 150gp because a crewman under his command was killed.

Male Human Cleric 4

WOW, cool, that a lot of stuff!

Septa will take the sword and pack it away, he at present prefers his rapier.

Who on the crew died?

Septa will wait for what happens next.

Male Human Cleric 4

Ah Can I speak with the Quartermaster Grok and exchange my chain shirt and 150 Gold for a Masterwork Chain shirt?

Also I will give a Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds to both Sandra and Cog.

"That worked out perfect, the least I can do is share the booty with my two sword mates! Do either of you prefer the magic sword to use?"

Lantern Lodge

"Giffer" Tibbs, the bedragled female gnome with one eye, was the pirate who died. She died from three gunshots on the lowest deck. By the time Shortstone got down to that deck, checking and healing the wounded, she was already dead.

Master Scourge was penalized. 150 pieces of gold for having someone die on his team.

Lantern Lodge

Cog and Sandara are very thankful for the potions. Sandara kisses Septa. Cog doesn't.

Lantern Lodge

Sandara, as a cleric of Besnara, also prefers a rapier.

Cog however fights with a cutlass. He would be interested.

"I have several things that Tarbottom, my mentor gave me:
a potion of haste
a potion of neutralize poison
A scroll of scorching ray
A wand of magic missiles with 18 charges

Along with booty from a previous bording
Two bottles of a sweet, dark red wine from Varisia

Would you take that in trade?

Lantern Lodge

Grill replies that she doesn't have a set of masterwork chain.

She has some masterwork leather, two masterwork bucklers and some mundane armor.

As far as weapons, she has a magic dagger, a magic short sword, magic arrows, masterwork SAP, masterwork 43 masterwork darts, 3 masterwork daggers, a masterwork light crossbow, masterwork war ax, and a mix of mundane weapons.

Other magic items she has a wand of bless weapon, spell scrolls, potion of barkskin, potion of cure light wounds, potion of haste.

She has a climbing kit, disguise kit holy water, tanglefoot vaga, SciFi, alchemist diré, thieves tools, manacles sms a huge quantity of random gear.

Finally, after letting Septa look through the items aha says "Ah gots about a hannert an tree gold. If to sellin, you hafta to take trade for anyting moh."

Male Human Cleric 4

"Cog, all those items would do better in your portmanteau, and I don't know how to use the wands, I did not know you had them, can you use them? Why don't I hand the magic glowing sword over to you as a loan and if something comes up that I want, I take it. Now ifen I am dieing from a poison razorback sting, and you use your potion on me we can call it even, Ha ha ha, Good enough?"

Hand hand to shake.

With Grok, Sepeta will trade his 150 gold and his buckler for a masterwork buckler.

He will trade the leather armor he has for 5 gold if that alright.

Lantern Lodge

Cog politely refuses using the sword. " Tis bad luck. If one of us died while I ha it, s who knows how to dispense the gear. An I really don want Ye ts come lookin for me if Ye died first" he explains pointing to one of the Hynix zombies.

He continues "Tarbottom was teachin me to be a poisoner and freebooter like him. I hanna master the ways of castin, but I know enough to use these. Ah didna mention them cause I had them stowed in meh lockah."

Cog is w ranger(freebooter) 1/rogue(poisoner) 1

Grok agrees to the sale of the bucklers and armor.

Male Human Cleric 4

"Cog, you want the sword and your being honorable. Perhaps I own it and you hold it for me. Its my sword and you can buy it when there is something you have that I need or want. I rent it to you for one gold a month. Is that something you can do?"

Lantern Lodge

The next dawn a bell rings,calling all hands on deck.

Up top, Septa finds Captain Harrington looking down from the poop deck. The crew of the Wormwood are gathered in the center of the deck, each of the prisoners in manacles with a long chain connecting all of then, with the remainder of the Wormwood's officers guarding them. The Wormwoods crew crowds in finding places to stand on top of hatches, standing on the gunwalls or in the rigging.

Captain Harrigan addresses the caprives, offering a place on the Wormwood crew for any willing to throw in with the pirates. Twenty-seven Rahadoumi, but no officers, raise their hands and Master Scourge unlock their manacles, and they take their place amoung the Wormswood's crew.

Captain Harrigan then address the pirate crew.

"All right, you scurvy tars! You've done a right good job by me -- we've got a second ship now and she's quite a prize from the looks of her. But I still have only one crew. So here's the plan -- the Wormwood will sail on to our planned destination with our new shipnates here, while Mr Plight will pick a skeleton crew to sail Man's Promise to Port Peril where she'll be worth a pretty penny as salvage."

"Take the officers below -- no doubt some of them will be worth a hefty ransom from their families back in Azure."

Master Scourge disconnects the eleven officers from the long length of chain, and with the help of his lackies, leads the down to the Wormwood's bilfge to secure them there.

"As for the rest, if you aren't worth ransom, and the life of a pirate isn't for you, you may leave my ship. Spend the rest of your lives at sea!"

With these words, Captain Harrigan drags an anchor forward to the edge of the poop deck so all can see. Despite the weight of the mine foot anchor, Captain Harrigan displays super human strength as he single handedly drags the anchor to the gunwalls and throws the anchor overboard.

Everone is puzzled until the sound of chain rattling overboard as its pulled overboard by the anchor.

The 114 chained Rahadoumi panic,. Most grab onto something-- six wrap their arms and legs around the main mast. A dozen or so brace their legs against the gunwalls. A score beg Captain Harrigsn for mercy. Two attack their chair.s.

But it does not matter.

As the slack goes out of the chain, each is whipped overboard by the multi tomb weight. The Rahadoumi shout, curse and despite supposedly all being atheist, pray. The crew close@t to Septa cries.

One by one, each is whipped overboard. It takes a surprisingly long time before the last one disapears cursing the Captain.

When it is finished, Captain Harrigan stands looking at the crew, the only sound is "Caulky",Tarroon, the Captains teenage cabin girl, laughing hysterically. She seems to find the Captains actions humorous.

"Mr Plight announce your crew!"

Male Human Cleric 4

*I am so over him, he dies.*

Septa stands there trying to not show emotion.

Lantern Lodge

Mr Plugg pulls out a scrap of paper and shouts. "If I call your name, get your gear and report in on the Man's Promise. Anyone who takes more than ten minutes gets ten lashes. Master Scourge. Maheem. Slippery. Narwhale. Septa. Badger. Arreta Bansion. Sandara. Fipps. Ambrose. Shortstone. Cursewell. Patch. Kipper. Owlbear. Get moving!"

Male Human Cleric 4

Septa is not surprised, he gathers his equipment and carves out a slice of the deck near where he slept and puts it in his pouch, then reports as ordered.

Did Cog agree to taking the sword on 'loan'?

Lantern Lodge

While Septa is gathering his footlocker, Grok stops him. Strangely the half-itch looks as if she has been cryiing. "You da only one ever been nice to me. Theres goin to be trouble for tag.. I feel it. Take this its the only ting I can think to help ya with.". She hands Septa a metal box with five candles in it.

Male Human Cleric 4

I smile and hug her. "Besmara bless you. I assume these are more than just a light in the night?"

Lantern Lodge

"I ain't sure. Da Pirate Queen told me to giv ya dis in a dream."

Male Human Cleric 4

"I am glad to hear that, then I will know when I am to use them." Give her another hug. "Mr. Plugg is waiting."

Lantern Lodge

Septa heads over to Man's Promise and stowed his gear. The ship is still quite a mess and Master Scourge orders him to Join the rest of the crew in preperations for departure.

Within the hour, the ship is underway, the Wormwood just a tiny dot on the horizon.

Lantern Lodge

That evening Man's Promise follows the same pattern as the Wormwood, heaving to and dropping anchor in shallows near a reef. Kroop, still serving as ships cook, brings a meal of boiled beef and carrots, fresh a0plea, milk and wine; "Thanks to Rahadoumi stores

While the crew is hanging their hamnocks in the crew area, Captain Plugg comes down the ladder.

"Sandara. Shortstone. You'll bunk in o."fficers country, where I can keep an eye on you. I'm not going to have any trouble on my ship."

In his hammock, Septa realizes that he hasn't examined the candles yet.. And that Kroop has not found the spyglass yet, but he is bound to find it eventually. Finally, when he rises he will have to decided what spells to pray to Besmara for.

Septa is I'm a new world, with new dangers

Male Human Cleric 4

Septa was waiting for a quiet time to examine the candles. He will do so now in the quiet of the night in his hammock.

Septa will think back on his detailed examination of the 'Mans Promise' and think about where he could hide it without getting the delicate machinery damaged or wet.

What area that are under his allies control could work, perhaps in extra canvas in the bosun hold or under away gear in the small boats.

Will send a new sheet later today.

Male Human Cleric 4

I would also like to hold a private ceremony for 'Giffer' Tibbs, as she was out ally. When we have a chance during dinner seems appropriate.

Lantern Lodge

Septa casts detect magic, and finds that one and only one of the candles is magical.

spellcraft roll to identify

While Septa is examining the candles, Cog comes stumbling down the stairs.
Seeing Septas surprise, he explains "Got drunk and picked a fight with one of the Rahadoumi. The Captain through me off the Wormwood. I think. Been sleeping away the drunk since."

Cog will watch out for any most people, while Septa finishes examining the candles.

The next morning Cog is assigned to the lines.Cursewell is back to the galley. The rest of Septa friends are assinged as deckhands.

Sandara is quiet with an angry expression, but says nothing. Shortstone shirks his duties and comes to talk to Septa. "Captain Plugg and Master Scourge tried to bugger Sandara and I last night. They tried intimidating and ordering, we responded with a few spells and prayers for sanctuary. It was a standoff but when we showed we were willing to draw steel on them, they gave up. I don't think they expected us to put up a fight."

fort roll for avoiding fatigue while working in the bilge

That evening your gang gathers for memoralizing Giffer. Septa is looked to say a few words.

After Septa finishes, Cursewell speaks up: "I prepared Giffers body. Wrapped in sailcloth I did. I saw, she only had two wounds. No cuts, just two pistol shots. I have a question. I summary see any Rahadoumi with pistols, did ya?"

Male Human Cleric 4

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12

"Its great to see you Cog, I was gonna miss you! Here is the the Magic Short sword for you, On Loan" Big Smile. "Glad your here!"

Shortstone "Thats just no right, they might need to be dealt with, if they push it, Do you think they are done or are they still coming you think? I dont want it to happen, I'll do my best to make it not..."

Bilge: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (19) + 4 = 23

Cursewell: "I fought a Officer, I had a pistol, I did not see any. Bastards! Where were the shot aimed at? The back?"

Do I still have the pistol or did I had it back?

Lantern Lodge

Cog, obviously still with a hang over, grimices and wryly says "Yeah. Great to be here."

Cog goes and hangs on the deck rail.

Shortstone replies "They didn't seem like they wanted a fight. Just tryin to intimidate us and such. They seem surprised that we weren't cowed by them. As soon as we showed a willingness to figjt, they backed down. Sandara and I eventually figured how to barricade the door though the lock was broke. Well baracade tonight. I think well be okay, for now."

Cursewell says "No other pistiols amoungst the Wormwood crew either...well, except for the four that went missing. The ones you were accused of stealing...remember? As far as I could tell the shhots were in the face and the back. The powder burned the skin pretty bad too."

Going back to examining the candle, Septa realizes he has seen one before, on the desk of a Justice of the Peace in Riddleport. Under arrest for vagrancy, the fat justice demanded a 10 gp bribe or the case would go to trial. "And this candle of truth will insure the facts come out". You, being guilt of many other crimes, chose not to test the power of the candle, and paid the bribe.

Male Human Cleric 4

Septa pats Cogs back while he is sick, laughs a bit and heads off..


"Shortstone, keep our group informed if anything changes."


"So the pistols might be hidden among the crewmen that did steal the pistols, I got an idea who. This really sucks. Ask among our group who was last seen with the deceased near the end of the battle."


*This candle is worth a lot of money! Don't know where to sell it though.*

Septa will put it in his locker with the rest of the candles like they are nothing special.

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