How to improve my Witch AC


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VoodistMonk wrote:

Did you go into this campaign knowing it was going to be filled with golems, and still chose to be a Witch? A campaign set up around an established BBEG that makes constructs should probably come with some sort of disclaimer or warning to the players that the road ahead is filled with constructs. They are a menace to spellcasters, and demand a certain level of preparation when designing a character for such a campaign.

Or is the campaign filled with golems specifically because you're a Witch? The game should not be adjusting specifically to remove a player's effectiveness. Hopefully, you aren't playing with the sort of DM that is purposefully changing what they throw at you specifically to make your character irrelevant. That is just poor GM'ing, and I hope it's not the case.

Actually, no he isn't trying to mess with us, at least not much. Sure, we had the fight with constructs in the beginning, but this was the first time we have had to face her again since then. Most of our fights have been with a Hobgoblin Kingdom that has been at war with the kingdom we live in so there were no golems or constructs after the first few weeks when we started. This is all new to us. Our GM created his own world. we are now actually doing pretty well against the Golems and constructs. Once we finish off (Hopefully) our nemesis we will be on to other things. We are essentially trouble shooters for the kingdom so whatever is bothering the kingdom, we get the privilege to go and fix it. So, since we are 10th level, the GM is making things harder for us. Since I posted the original question, we have gotten a lot better at dealing with the problem. It was a bit of a surprise when he sprung them on us, but we have risen to the challenge and are doing OK. I am going to be doing some major changes when we level up in the next week or so. I am going to use as many of the suggestions I got here as I can.

If you haven’t seen it, I pulled this together with a fair bit of help and suggestions from this forum.

Witch Guide


so there are three problems;
a) (strategy) you're not a wizard. yeah... so you don't have those tricky spell protections they've got. It makes it harder.
b) (tactics) a spellcaster getting in melee reach. You correctly admit it's not your favorite place to be, which is good. There are a few tricks that can help here.
c) thinking higher AC will mean you don't get hit. Honestly it is being a target, suffering a percentage of attacks from high BABs, then taking appropriate damage. It is going to be hard to get a statistical advantage from just armor type AC.
Alas, most casters are weak against constructs, they're tough but thankfully not as bad as undead who have Sp abilities.

for A you could;
> raise UMD and access 'tricky spells' via scrolls/wands. Probably the most practical method.
> access spells not on your list via scrolls or wands and a feat to cast them.
> try poaching some spells via a race(samsaran) or feat. It's less painful than a dip into wizard and just involves retraining or, ahem, reincarnation or a mirror and baleful polymorph.

B) Long Arm, you can touch at 10ft. Various polymorphs and Fey Form might be helpful. Nobody suspects the familiar/Animal companion/Mount to be the caster. Mister Ed recommends a Ring of Eloquence. Su abilities are a bit tricky when it comes to new shapes.

C) Protection is a mix of spells, items, and armor/buckler.
spells you want: Expeditious Retreat, Heightened Awareness, Illusion of Calm, Obscuring Mist, Reduce Person, Shield, Vanish, Blur, Cat Grace, Escaping Ward, False Life, Mirror Image, Resist Energy, Ablative Barrier, Blink, Haste, Heroism, Phantom Steed.
> (items) I'd also consult Items that can save you thread which is for OrgPlay but handy everywhere.
> (armor/shield) silken ceremonial or (darkleaf cloth)leaf armor with mithral buckler is great. A Fortifying Stone can help. Sunsilk is a bit pricey, Darkleaf cloth might be better (-10% SplFail).

VoodistMonk wrote:

If you don't already have a mithral buckler, that is absolutely the cheapest and easiest way to quickly add a bonus that you will notice. At ~1000gp, you should have already had one of these a long time ago. Lol.

Sunsilk Ceremonial Armor costs ~6000gp to buy... that's less than 10% of your expected WBL at level 10, and should be pretty much immediately affordable for you if you want it. Unfortunately, it will only provide you with the DR2/bludgeoning, unless you further enchant it as armor. Your corset provides a higher armor bonus, and also has no limit to the amount of Dexterity bonus you can apply... it just cannot be enchanted as armor. It takes +3 Sunsilk Ceremonial Armor to match your corset's armor bonus, which costs like 15000gp, for reference.

At 16000gp, a +4 belt of incredible Dexterity should probably still be within budget, and would also help Initiative.

One of my favorites, although a bit expensive at 24000gp, is the minor Cloak of Displacement for a constant 20% miss chance.

I cannot find the Sunsilk Ceremonial armor anywhere. Even when I do a search online it comes up with Silken Ceremonial armor and says nothing about Sunsilk. I am using the HeroLab program to create and update my character and it doesn't have it either.

For some reason I cannot find Phase Step either.

Phase Step

Sunsilk special material, just scroll down to it.

Temperans wrote:

Phase Step

Sunsilk special material, just scroll down to it.

OK Cool. Now just have to figure out where they are in Herolab. Ran into another problem my Witch needs have light armor proficiency to wear the silken ceremonial armor and don't have a listing for the Sunsilk, it does have sunsilver but that is weapons.

And I am going to have to find the Potions and poisons package to download for Herolab.

A character creator may complain, but you don't really need proficiency to use armor with no armor check penalty.

Normal: A character who is wearing armor with which he is not proficient applies its armor check penalty to attack rolls and to all skill checks that involve moving.

It's the same reason you don't need proficiency to use a masterwork buckler.

And it's not like you have to use the sunsilk. It just gives you a little DR, which is useful, but not necessary.

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Gomezaddams51 wrote:
Ran into another problem my Witch needs have light armor proficiency to wear the silken ceremonial armor

No you don't. You never need proficiency to wear armor or use a shield or weapon - you're just suffering from certain penalties if you don't. In the case of armor and shields, you get the Armor Check Penalty to attack rolls (which means if you don't make attack rolls, you might not care about it). In this case, the Silken Ceremonial Armor has an ACP of 0, so no penalty to anything. The same applies to the mithral buckler.

Temperans wrote:
Sunsilk special material, just scroll down to it.

Direct link to it.

Lelomenia wrote:
I think Neriathale’s recommendation to use the spell Phase Step and don’t put yourself into the firing line is the right answer for this specific question.

This, a hundred times this. The problem isn't too low AC, the problem is being in a place a Witch has no business being in.

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