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I will have to figure out the Ill Omen and when to use it. I will have to look into the metamagics too.

In our party we have a female Sorcerer/Rogue; Half Elf female Fighter (Our Tank); a male Asimar War Priest; and a female Halfing Bard and my human female Witch. We also have an NPC Fairy Dragon who hangs out with us and a Blue Slime (mage) thing that is CG aligned. My witch has saved the party with Misfortune quite a bit and also healed them with her Healing Hex.

I love playing my witch. She has Mad and Scapegoat as backgrounds, so she is kind of nuts. Kind of a cross between Harley Quinn and Wednesday Addams. She has the following abilities:

Strength: 10
Intelligence 25
Dexterity: 20
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 7
I wish they still had the Comeliness score, because I see her as very good looking (at least 16 or higher), but she has no people skills and that little on/off switch between her mouth and brain is missing so she says things without thinking them through. That and her Madness is the cause of her low charisma.
Patron: Insanity (Very appropriate)

These are her spells she has in her spellbook so :

0 Level Spells = 4
Arcane Mark; Bleed; Dancing Lights; Daze; Detect Magic; Detect Poison; Guidance; Infuse Weapons; Light; Lightning Sand; Mending; Message; Read Magic; Resistance; Stabilize; Touch of Fatigue;
1st Level Spells = 6
Burning Hands; Bleeding Strike; Cure Light Wounds; Dispel Magic, Lesser; Ear Piercing Scream; Enlarge Person; Glamour; Hex of the Bullseye; Hex Vulnerability; Hex Weapon; Hypnotism; Icicle Dagger; Ill Omen; Invisible Familiar; Mage Armor; Malicious Intent; Memory Lapse; Mount; Poison Weapon; Ray of Enfeeblement; Sleep; Summon Minor Monster; Summon Monster 1; Unseen Servant; Web Bolt;
2nd Level l Spells =6
Blindness/Deafness; Bullet Ward; Burning Gaze; Cure Mod Wounds; Damage Loins; Flurry of Snowballs; Fog Cloud; Glitterdust; Hex of Chaos; Hideous Laughter; Hold Person; Lipstich; Rolling Boulder; Shooting Star; Spectral Hand; Summon Cacodaemon; Summon Monster 2; Touch of Idiocy; Umbral Weapon; Web;
3rd Level Spells = 6
Anthropomorphic Animal; Bestow Curse; Disable Construct; Dispel Magic; Distracting Cacophony; Fly; Glossolalia; Gloomblind Bolts; Lightning Bolt; Magic Shop; Pugwampi’s Grace; Remove Curse; Silver Darts; Stinking Cloud; Strangling Hair; Summon Monster 3; Sundered Serpent Coil; Swarm of Fangs; Trial of Fire and Acid; Water Walk; Weapon of Nightmares;
4th Level Spells = 4
Black Tentacles; Confusion; Cure Serious Wounds; Dimension Door; Enervation; Fear; Fey Form 1; Foozle; Ice Storm; Minor Creation; Neutralize Poison; Nixie’s Lure; Petrify; Poison; Retaliatory Missile; Ride the Waves; Secure Shelter; Skeleton Crew; Summon Monster 4; Tongues Communal; Wall of Blindness/Deafness;
5th Level Spells = 4
Brimstone Storm; Cloud Kill; Cure Critical Wounds; Cure Far Wounds; Curse of Unexpected Death; Dominate Person; Hold Monster; Imbue Hex; Major Creation; Major Curse; Mind Fog; Remove Condition; Teleport;
6th Level Spells = 3
Banshee Blast; Dispel Magic Greater; Dust Form; Eyebite; Fey Form 2; Flesh to Stone; Hellfire Ray; Heroism Greater; Ice Crystal Teleport; Kinslayer; Living Lightning; Plague Storm; Raise Dead; Sadistic Summons; Slay Living; Stone to Flesh; Suggestion, Mass; Summon Monster 4

Agony 12 rounds Dc 23 (Su); Cauldron (Ex); Cackle (Su); Evil Eye -4 (10 Rounds DC 23) (Su); Feral Speech (Su) (Mammals); Flight (Su); Healing (2d8+10) (Su); IcePlant SU; Misfortune (Su) (2 Rounds DC 24); Prehensile Hair (Su) (12/Day); Slumber (12 Rounds, DC 23) (Su); Retribution (7 Rounds DC 23) (SU); Tongues
Other things she has:
Blouse, Cackling Hag’s; Corset of Dire Witchcraft; Headband of Vast Intelligence +4; Belt of Incredible Dexterity +4

Part of her madness, she talks about her Identical Twin Brother a lot and claims she and her brother were captured by a witch in the woods and she and the witch ate her brother. She also claims she is an orphan even after the party met her mother and father and sisters and brothers. To her they do not exist. Her mind is MC Escher artwork as interpreted by Salvador Dali.

So I should not plan on it being that helpful and stick with the Misfortune Hex, Evil Eye Hex and cackle.

I have been trying to make my Witch even more of a bad ass in the game and thought the Ill Omen was more powerful.

Thanks for the info...

OK thanks. That clears it up. So the three attacks are or can be spread over 13 rounds. Cool. So any D20 roll so hit him with that and then Misdortune withing 3 D20 rolls and make his life suck.

I picked the spell "Ill Omen" for my 12th level witch Hexela. It was fine up until I read the part "For every five caster levels you have, the target must roll twice on an additional d20 roll (to a maximum of five rolls at 20th level)."

My DM got confused trying to figure this out and he came up with it only working for 3 rounds since it was the initial roll and the two more dice rolls. I think it means that there are extra rolls or something. The wording sucks and is very vague. According to the spell it should last for 1 round/level which means 12 rounds in my case.

Please can someone give a more detailed, less vague explanation for the spell and how it works. And use my 12th level witch as an example to explain it.

Temperans wrote:

Phase Step

Sunsilk special material, just scroll down to it.

OK Cool. Now just have to figure out where they are in Herolab. Ran into another problem my Witch needs have light armor proficiency to wear the silken ceremonial armor and don't have a listing for the Sunsilk, it does have sunsilver but that is weapons.

And I am going to have to find the Potions and poisons package to download for Herolab.

VoodistMonk wrote:

If you don't already have a mithral buckler, that is absolutely the cheapest and easiest way to quickly add a bonus that you will notice. At ~1000gp, you should have already had one of these a long time ago. Lol.

Sunsilk Ceremonial Armor costs ~6000gp to buy... that's less than 10% of your expected WBL at level 10, and should be pretty much immediately affordable for you if you want it. Unfortunately, it will only provide you with the DR2/bludgeoning, unless you further enchant it as armor. Your corset provides a higher armor bonus, and also has no limit to the amount of Dexterity bonus you can apply... it just cannot be enchanted as armor. It takes +3 Sunsilk Ceremonial Armor to match your corset's armor bonus, which costs like 15000gp, for reference.

At 16000gp, a +4 belt of incredible Dexterity should probably still be within budget, and would also help Initiative.

One of my favorites, although a bit expensive at 24000gp, is the minor Cloak of Displacement for a constant 20% miss chance.

I cannot find the Sunsilk Ceremonial armor anywhere. Even when I do a search online it comes up with Silken Ceremonial armor and says nothing about Sunsilk. I am using the HeroLab program to create and update my character and it doesn't have it either.

For some reason I cannot find Phase Step either.

VoodistMonk wrote:

Did you go into this campaign knowing it was going to be filled with golems, and still chose to be a Witch? A campaign set up around an established BBEG that makes constructs should probably come with some sort of disclaimer or warning to the players that the road ahead is filled with constructs. They are a menace to spellcasters, and demand a certain level of preparation when designing a character for such a campaign.

Or is the campaign filled with golems specifically because you're a Witch? The game should not be adjusting specifically to remove a player's effectiveness. Hopefully, you aren't playing with the sort of DM that is purposefully changing what they throw at you specifically to make your character irrelevant. That is just poor GM'ing, and I hope it's not the case.

Actually, no he isn't trying to mess with us, at least not much. Sure, we had the fight with constructs in the beginning, but this was the first time we have had to face her again since then. Most of our fights have been with a Hobgoblin Kingdom that has been at war with the kingdom we live in so there were no golems or constructs after the first few weeks when we started. This is all new to us. Our GM created his own world. we are now actually doing pretty well against the Golems and constructs. Once we finish off (Hopefully) our nemesis we will be on to other things. We are essentially trouble shooters for the kingdom so whatever is bothering the kingdom, we get stuck...er the privilege to go and fix it. So, since we are 10th level, the GM is making things harder for us. Since I posted the original question, we have gotten a lot better at dealing with the problem. It was a bit of a surprise when he sprung them on us, but we have risen to the challenge and are doing OK. I am going to be doing some major changes when we level up in the next week or so. I am going to use as many of the suggestions I got here as I can.

Mark Hoover 330 wrote:
So, IDK what construct with guns you are talking about here but constructs in general are difficult for spellcasters to deal with. Not having many directly offensive options is pretty common. Also DD'ing INTO their line of fire is likely not the best combat tactic, regardless of your AC....

I probably should have given you an idea of what we are against. The villain is a recurring villain that we keep running into every so often. She started out making clay and wax golems of people and using them to take the places of important people. She also was creating strange constructs like panthers and wolves with scorpion tails and other weird creations. This was back when we were low level. As we got up in level she did also and now she is making various metal constructs/golems and also turning people into her constructs (think BORG with multiple arms and legs) and lately metal spiders with gun turrets on the top.

Since most of my Hexes are mind affecting, they will not work on mindless automatons, at least that is what the DM has figured. We just had a big battle yesterday against some metal Minotaur constructs she made. Thank heavens they only used battle axes. With fire spells, magic missiles, and my lightning bolts we got them down. I managed to catch them lined up when they attacked and shot 4 lightning bolts down the line and eventually took out two of them. The rest of the party kept them occupied so they didn't have a chance to turn on me.
The DM was nice, and we found a Kukri that has rust, corrosion and acid and that helped take down the other two. My Far Healing spell kept the fighter alive and going.
We have yet to meet the woman who is making the constructs, so we have no idea what we are up against other than a lot of constructs and metal golems.

Basically, I just want to keep my Witch alive. She is the "Wizard" of the party and like all Wizards, she is squishy. Her main attack spell is Lightning Bolt. She really doesn't have any good offensive spells. She has other spells but these are her offensive ones. Most are useless against Golems.

Burning Hands (Need to get close)
Icicle Dagger (Mostly useless)
Ray of Enfeeblement (Useless)
Summon Monster 1,2,3,4 (No real good damage monsters)
Blindness/Deafness and Wall of Blindness (Have never had it work)
Burning Gaze (Limited damage)
Flurry of Snowballs (Bludgeoning damage useless, damage limited)
Rolling Boulder (mostly useless)
Web (Useless)
Lightning Bolt (Works well)
Gloomblind Bolts (Useless)
Silver Darts (Useless)
Stinking Cloud (Useless)
Sundered Serpent Coil
strangling Hair
Swarm of Fangs (useless)
Trial of Fire and Acid (Works but limited damage)
Black Tentacles
Ice Storm (Bludgeoning Damage useless)
Brimstone (Marginal damage)
Cloudkill (useless)

I wish now I had taken the Elemental Patron so I could have gotten Fireball and the fire spells.

She Dimension Doors to a spot where she can cast Lightning Bolt down the line of the bag guys. This puts her in their sights and makes her a target. The Sorcerer/Rogue casts a ball of water that wets the powder of the muzzleloaders so they have to physically attacks.

Cool thanks for all the replies. Man I have a lot of shopping to do LOL. Can't wait to get next level.

Trokarr wrote:
Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone gives a +1 insight bonus to AC (5k gp).

Just wanted to pass on, one of my old D&D characters from back in the 1980's, is named "Trokaar". He is a Cleric and has a bit of a interesting history. After one battle he was the only one standing. He had used all his healing spells and so he sacrificed a bunch of jewels to his god for healing and got silence. He got mad and so he dug out the jewels to save them. This the god noticed and Trokaar got hit by lightning, resurrected and hit over and raised over and over until he was a blackened scarred shell of himself with no hair on his body. On the bright side, the party was healed. After that, there was 50/50 chance that any spell he cast, would turn out the reverse of what he cast (Harm instead of Heal).

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VoodistMonk wrote:

What's your Dex?

Sunsilk Ceremonial Armor has 0 ACP and 0 ASF chance... gives you +1 armor with no Dex limit... and DR2/bludgeoning... without needing proficiency.

I guess I should have mentioned stats in original post.

Str: 10
Dex: 16
Con: 14
INT: 20
WIS: 8
CHA: 7

I do know one thing I really messed up on when I made my witch. I should have taken Elemental instead of Insanity. With Elemental I could have gotten fireball as a spell. Oh well that will be my next witch. I have learned to love them LOL

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Awesome suggestions. I am going to copy them and talk to the DM and tell him I have some great ideas I got from you all. Thanks for all the suggestions and help.

Now just got to survive this dungeon to do it all LOL

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I found the name of the spell I was trying to remember. Retaliatory Missile. It gives me 10 damage reduction and then sends a magic missile spell at whomever shot me. That 10 damage reduction had helped but when they are doing up to 20 points damage it still hurts.

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The Corset of Dire Witchcraft gives a +4 AC bonus, so it would cancel out the Mage Armor spell, before I got the corset, I was using Mage Armor. The corset replaced that. I like the corset because it gives me a Hex benefit. I also have a Cackle Overblouse.
I also have Careful Combatant. The problem is, once I dimension door'd the golems pummeled the heck out of me with their rifles before it was my turn to do anything again like get the heck out of Dodge. I will have to check out the Ioun Stone and use that. The DM found a thing where you can have Ioun stones implanted inside you so they are not flying around your head.

Here is a question, Sunsilk Ceremonial Armor, if I am wearing the Corset, does that mess up wearing the Sunsilk Armor since the Corset has a higher AC. And I will have to get a buckler. Unfortunately, that and other spells are going to have to wait until I can get where I can get them. Right now we are in a dungeon, neck deep in Golems.

I will have to check out the other ideas you all gave me. Thanks

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Our gaming group is comprised of a female Tiefling rogue/Sorcerer, a male Asimar Battle Cleric, a Half elf fighter and my character a female witch. (We also have an occasional female halfing bard player when the 10 year old niece comes with her Uncle when school is out). We are all 10th level, but the Tiefling Sorcerer is split level so lower level.

What I need to know is how to improve the AC of my witch. Hexela has the Corset of Dire witchcraft for armor. Also, a ring of protection +2 and an amulet of natural armor +3. I know witches are normally not combat monsters and are supposed to be back behind as a support character, but with the party the way it is, I have found that I have ended up in combat way more than I like. Her modus operandi is to grab the Fighter and dimension door behind the enemies and sick the half elf on them. The Half elf is a combat monster and does awesome damage when she is in hand to hand. Since my witch is suddenly there beside her, things can get ugly for her real quick. Recently we have been fighting Golems which are not affected by most hex's so she has to use her lightning bolt spell and she is awesome with it dealing on average 25 to 30 points each spell (or more - 10d6) but that makes her a target for them. I have far healing and I also have the healing hex so I go around healing the party. She has saved the party many times with her misfortune and other hexes. The golems we are fighting use primitive guns and they shoot the crap out of her even with the spell that gives her a +10 protection from missiles and sends a magic missile spell back at the shooter (I forget what it is called).

Is there a spell like protection from normal missiles or something? She makes potions of healing for the party and scrolls which tend to eat up her money quite quickly so affording higher level amulets and rings is a problem.
Any suggestions, the mage armor does not work with the corset since both are armor and +4.

Thanks for the Replies.
Our Warpriest is the craft magical items guy so I will get with him for some wands. Is there a spell level cap on wands? I know some items have a "no higher level than X" limit on spells that can be put in them.

The non-combat spells are what I plan on using the scrolls for. I have found that "Dimension Door" spell has saved our party a number of times, putting Hexela, my lvl 10 witch, in a spot where she can cast "Lighting Bolt" down a row of enemies. By using scrolls for non-combat spells, I can use her spell slots for offensive spells.

I love the Witch class. Those hexes are nasty. Plus, I just helped the crafter create a Corset of Dire Witchcraft. I used the Misfortune Hex for the Corset. it gives the Hex a DC 21 Will save. Plus it raises my A/C.

Thanks for the info. I took the feat just so I could scribe scrolls. I found that there were times that even with my 20 intelligence, I needed a lot more spells than I had. Our party has a Rogue Sorcerer, a Warpriest, a Fighter, and a bard. My hexes have kept us alive many times but sometimes I needed those extra spells.

Looking at the chart, would a Witch create spells in the Cleric/Druid/Wizard list or the Sorcerer list? The witch is kind of a strange class so need to know.

I have a 10th level witch and want to have scrolls as backup to use when things get bad. What is the price to scribe a scroll?

I have been a fan of The Outpost and would love to create a 1st edition Pathfinder PC based on the Talon character. She is a kick booty fighter and would make an awesome PC. I have no idea how to go about creating her stats though.

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Cool thanks for the suggestions. We are on break now till this virus crap gets over. Finally decided to be safe than sorry.. It gives me lots of time to study up on witches...

We use Herolab to create characters. The DM had us do a 20 point buy for abilities... I dropped the heck out of my Witch's charisma and wisdom to 9. It sucks for my Will save but I put all the extra points in Int (18) and dex 16.

LOL So far the worst thing the DM has thrown at us is a Necrophidius and a whole bunch of Troglodytes. And a huge spider which the Swash totally freaked out over and was pretty much useless (extreme phobia fear of bugs). I took extra Hex for my Feat so I have "Evil Eye", "Cauldron" and "Fortune". I haven't decided what my next hex will be, looking at "Misfortune" "Cackle" and possibly "Sleep".

At least the SB has pretty fair dex and strength so he and the Rogue do all the climbing and then toss ropes down to the rest of us and haul us up. Out all of us my Witch has the best dex at 16 (just no strength). The Sorcerer with 8 strength had a big minus on climb...

Right now we just made 3rd level. I guess I should have mentioned our rogue has 13 strength which makes her the strongest in the party. The sorcerer has 8 strength and my character (witch) has 10. Swashbuckler has 11. Bard has 10. The Rogue does the most damage with her rapier when in combat due to the wee bit higher strength. The Swashbuckler is the next best fighter but both rogue and SB are limited as far as armor goes; so far we haven't been able to get much GP to buy anything but light armor. IF it wasn't for my Witch and her Lightning Sand cantrip the party would be totally screwed. The bard helps some with her songs but only +1.

I am just used to playing in parties where there is always a combat machine. In our last game I played a War Priest who between spells and buffs was a killing machine in full plate. Even at lower levels with lighter armor he was still a good fighter.

Senko wrote:
I've seena few posts lately that made me wonder this. How vital do you consider each of the 4 traditional roles (fighter, mage, priest or rogue)? Could you make a viable party for an uknown campaign where you dropped one or more of these roles e.g. no full or partial arcane caster or no full attack martial class (fighter, barbarian, etc). Would you need at least a hybrid of the lost role e.g. magus?...

Usually the 5 of us get to talk to each other and make sure all the various roles are filled or at least somewhat filled. This time the DM talked to each of us separately and took the character we chose not knowing what the others took.

The Dm gave us some rules for his next game, no elves or dwarves but we could pick one of the Elemental races for a half breed PC. He let us run with what each of us wanted to play no matter what. So we ended up with a Swashbuckler Human (with a phobia of insects), a Sylph Witch (my character who is also the healer of the party), an Undine Unchained Rogue, an Ifrit Sorcerer, and a Archanist/Bard. Our rogue has the highest strength and is the tank in the party...The Swashbuckler is next best but not really a super fighter. My witch has saved the party's butts quite a few times with one of her cantrips, "Lightning Sand". It works great on the lower level mob and allows the Rogue and the Swashbuckler to handle only a couple at a time.

Right now we are all 3rd level. If we can ever get enough gold together my witch can start brewing potions, hopefully healing potions.

This is the first time I have played where we didn't have a killer fighter in the party... It is interesting and we have to watch what we do. And if we have to fight bugs the Swashbuckler runs away LOL...

Just wanted to post about our current game. The Dm gave us some rules for his next game, no elves or dwarves but we could pick one of the Elemental races for a half breed PC. He let us run with what each of us wanted to play no matter what. So we ended up with a Swashbuckler Human (with a phobia of insects), a Sylph Witch (my character who is also the healer of the party), an Undine Unchained Rogue, an Ifrit Sorcerer, and a Archanist/Bard. Our rogue has the highest strength and is the tank in the party...The Swashbuckler is next best but not really a super fighter. My witch has saved the party's butts quite a few times with one of her cantrips, "Lightning Sand". It works great on the lower level mob and allows the Rogue and the Swashbuckler to handle only a couple at a time.

Right now we are all 3rd level. If we can ever get enough gold together my witch can start brewing potions, hopefully healing potions.

This is the first time I have played where we didn't have a killer fighter in the party... It is interesting and we have to watch what we do. And if we have to fight bugs the Swashbuckler runs away LOL...

I am running a Sylph Witch in our pathfinder game. I am confused about Hexes. How many can I cast at first level? I have looked through everything I can find on the Witch online and don't see where it says "at level one the witch can cast x number of hexes per level..."

I have been running her as being able to only cast one Hex (at level 1; "Evil Eye"). Unfortunately this makes her weak as a regular mage (except for the additional Hex), shoot her two spells (18 INT) and one Hex and run... Of her two spells "Mage Armor" is mandatory in order to stay alive which only leaves one other offensive spell.

Her list of spells is severely limited. "Sleep" and "Web Bolt" are the only two real offensive spells/ Both of which are pretty limited.

Any suggestions on helping me play a better witch would be helpful. I know at higher levels she will be a lot better, I just need to keep her alive till then.

Thanks for the suggestions.

This may have already asked but cannot find it. My wife and I have been watching the Netflix show "Witcher". My wife wants to run a PC Witcher in a Pathfinder game. So any suggestions on how this might be done? We belong to a gaming group that has been playing together since the very early 2000's.

I have been thinking possibly some sort of Slayer character as a starting idea.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Pathfinder 1st Edition:
Very recently (two weeks ago) we were fighting a big battle and my Dwarf War Priest got killed. Anyway due to events a dragon god resurrected my character and one of the "side effects" was turning him into a Half Dragon. (Gotta love a dragon with a sense of humor).

Anyway in going through the Half Dragon info, my Dwarf has a breath weapon. We are trying to figure out how strong the breath weapon is. Our St/DM/Guy running the game says it is only 1 d6. I would like to hear if this is right.

My Dwarf is a 12th level, War Priest, Con: 18 and xenophobic, (Or as he says, "I don't have to like ya to fight along side of ya." In other words the typical grumpy Dwarf.)

What is the racial hit die?

Anyway need to know what you all think about the breath weapon.

Our gaming group still plays first edition. Unlike those who rush to grab the latest game system, electronics, etc. we are slow to change. We have been together since the early 2000's with only a few changes in personnel. Our present game is a home brew world of our DM/St/Guy who loves almost all forms of D&D and Pathfinder up to 3.5 and 1st edition Pathfinder. We have an elf unchained Rogue, a Hunter who switches between sludge or whatever and elf, an Asimar Magus, and my character who is a Dwarf Battlemage and just turned into a Half-Dragon (It sucks when you die and the only deity around is a dragon God). Although becoming half Dragon makes my character a kick butt fighter.

Maybe somewhere down the road, we might switch to 2nd edition but now we are waiting till all the bugs get removed. Mostly we hate buying books and then have to buy all new books.

OK Thanks for the info

I am running a Dwarven War Priest. I would like for him to be able to use a weapon that has a war axe on one side and a hammer on the other side, The Urgosh is close but the two weapons are on opposite ends of the weapon. I want BOTH blade and hammer to be on the top of the weapon so that all he has to do is turn the weapon in his hand to the blade side or the hammer side. I am using Hero Lab to create the character and cannot find anything that would fit. Our DM said it would probably be along the lines of take half the GP for a double blade battle axe and half the GP for the battle hammer and use that amount to spend on the weapon. As for damage it would do a d8 damage no matter which side my dwarf used.
Any suggestions on how to deal with this?