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I’d probably take an existing archetype and tweak it to suit my purposes. The paladin sounds very lawful over good. So an Iroran Paladin could mostly fit, if you just drop the good requirement.

If you want to put the paladin on a path to redemption, you could throw the chosen one archetype on him and say that a god has intervened and provided him with a literal morality pet to make sure he doesn’t stray again. Almost all of the neutral good gods are super forgiving and might want to do this.

To be clear, the imp doesn’t list a stealth score but it has at will invisibility and is tiny with a +3 dex modifier. So it’s really very stealthy. You just have to do the math for its stealth yourself.

Glove of storing is expensive, but the best. Hard to beat a free action and the book is still available if you end up in an extra dimensional space.

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The improved familiar feat doesn’t limit the imp to LE spellcasters. It just has a table letting you know that the imp is LE, so you know what you need to be steps away from it.

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baggageboy wrote:

Does this change the weapon's size category? I.e., does is become a light weapon?

Can you still use it with feats such as slashing grace or others that specify a specific weapon while shrunk?

Do you get the +2 to sleight of hand that comes with being a dagger?

I would think yes, since the size changed.

It seems to still be the same weapon except for the size and damage die, so your feats with that weapon should still apply

That bonus is specific to daggers and there are weapons the size of daggers that don't get it, so I would say you don't get that bonus.

If we're doing dips, the Megaambyan Arcanist Prestige Class gets a Good Aura for use with Sacred Summons. If not PFS, combine that with Summon Guardian Spirit for a Cassisian summon with a scaling Fire/Cold breath attack and minutes per level duration. It's a long road though. Until level 6, you won't be much of a summoner.

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Hopefully Starcomet found a less terrible group in the past month.

Ryan Freire wrote:
The unchained barbarian works better with two weapon fighting, which is the highest damage fighting style, and can also gain pounce. It is a raw mechanical buff. It also doesn't drop dead at the end of close fights.

Have you actually tried this build before? Because I don’t think it works as well as you think it does.

I don’t really see what’s problematic with it though. The creature tries to hit you with a grabby attack and the attack bounces off your force ward, disrupting its follow up grapple

Sir Tain Doom wrote:

I still think grab is just a name given to this ability and the essential idea is this creature grapples when it attacks as well as dealing damage.

If that were the case then you’d get the free grapple whether the attack hits or not. But the free grapple only triggers when you hit.

Ryan Freire wrote:
If you think unchained rogue, barbarian and monk are WORSE you've got a skewed view of game balance.

Except for niche cases like a dexterity build, the unchained barbarian is slightly weaker, though it’s a lot easier to play. I’m not sure if I’d call that “worse”, but I’m sure some would.

The monk is worse in that it doesn’t natively work with most archetypes. But if you compare the base monk to the base unchained monk, the unchained version is better in almost all cases.

The unchained rogue is nothing but buffs.

If an attack deals less damage than you still have as temporary hit points from force ward, it still reduces those temporary hit points but otherwise counts as a miss for the purpose of abilities that trigger on a hit or a miss.

A grapple isn’t an ability that “triggers” on a hit or miss. But a free grapple from a grab is.

As we’ve seen here, there is no one accepted answer. In these cases, go with the option that’s the most fun, whatever that means for your party.

Btw, if you used summon monster to have that shield archon, it won’t work.

A summoned monster cannot summon or otherwise conjure another creature, nor can it use any teleportation or planar travel abilities.

You should be able to, though a few of the improvements aren't natively supported. Like the Homunculus doesn't have an actual "Construction Cost", so the hit dice modification doesn't work. Your GM could make a ruling to make that work, but it doesn't seem to work by default.

There could also be an issue with missing prerequisites, like Craft Magical Weapons and Armor. I'm not sure if that's the kind of prerequisite you can skip by raising the construction DC.

I’d say Baba Yaga is the most famous mythic character in the world.

Iomedae was most certainly mythic before taking the Starstone test.

I guess it’s up to the dm. I’d probably say the item rolls off the disk instead of falls through though. And if someone is holding an item then it is part of their weight and not counted separately.

There’s really nothing to say the disk falls to the ground, so that would just be a reasonable house rule.

I think it's more like, "Whatever, we're moving on to the next system anyway."

Sacred weapons are still sacred weapons. Daggers would be a sacred weapon for you even if you don’t have weapon focus in it. Text in parenthesis is just reminder text and doesn’t have to be complete. It would take specific text forbidding your deity’s favored weapon for it to not still count as your sacred weapon.

Synthesist is generally weaker than the base summoner, because it loses action economy. Its only real balance problem is that it breaks point buy. If your group doesn’t use point buy, it should be fine. If your group does use point buy, then you’ll need some special cases, like the synthesist is forced to use the heroic array instead.

My preferred synthesist build is a bipedal reach build. You can cast spells on your turn and get some attacks of opportunity during the enemy’s turn. Reach+push is particularly funny because you can push an enemy 5 feet back and then end a turn with a 5 foot step back, forcing the enemy to use a move action and eat another aoo just to get back into melee with you.

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Technically, the character should die. Your DM could make an easy excuse for why a character survived this though, like your prone body was covered by debris and you counted as having full cover.

Finding a good online group can be really, really difficult. I've gone through many to find the two good ones I'm in now. Sometimes it's obvious from the start, but other times people are good at hiding their toxic natures until you get to know them.

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blahpers wrote:
(Frankly, climbing with only one hand should have been a penalty to the check instead of impossible. Plenty of one-armed climbers out there that do just fine.)

That's true for many things. Using a 2 handed weapon with only one hand should be possible, but just not very effective.

Character-wise, your character would just refuse to go along with the adventure until he finds his holy symbol. So, the party is parked until it gets found or they can go ahead without their cleric. Just bring some books or games for you to play while the rest of your party finds your holy symbol. Or since it's on Roll20, just play some computer games while the party wastes time.

It's similar to the tumor familiar, which can have archetypes, so it should be fine if it qualifies.

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I’m sure elves have to take a feat to live longer in 2E.

Stacking synthesist and master summoner is way crazier than letting you take that feat. If that’s how your table rolls then I’d assume you could do it.

Have you looked at expanded summon monster?

Both synthesist and master summoner replace the eidolon ability. I probably wouldn’t allow the combo. First, because flooding the field with summons can bog the game down so I don’t usually allow master summoner anyway. But second, because you’d be way tougher while still being able to stand behind your summons. It’d be a pretty big upgrade over the master summoner as it’s eidolon was pretty weak anyway.

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A lot of people being wrong together doesn’t make them right. In combat healing is niche but very doable and useful. Channeling scales fine when combined with shield other.

Later options just make it better.

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Channeling was never really a weak ability though. It’s just that it’s part of a bigger whole.

If you do stick with the Silvanshee for your guardian spirit, then you might consider just keeping it as a 3rd level spell. It’s abilities as a scout don’t improve as much from increased levels, and it’s not very suited to combat.

There are two usual benefits to summon guardian spirit. The first is simply familiarity. It is good to know what your creature can do quickly and most players can’t memorize the abilities of all of the potential summoned creatures. The second is that it lasts for minutes per level instead of rounds per level, which is kind of huge if you don’t have that ability otherwise.

And then as a cleric you have its big benefit from stacking with sacred summons, allowing you to have a good summon for every spell level. A summon that you can cast as a standard action and have last for minutes per level. Sure, there may be times where you’d want something else bad enough to spend a round and only have it last for rounds per level, but you can still do that too. The guardian spirit is just a strong option to have.

For some, the downside of the guardian spirit will be statting it up in the first place. It's not always easy to reverse engineer a monster so you can add stats and hit dice to it. Some of the skill bonuses in particular don't always make sense, leaving you wondering if a monster has a hidden racial +1 to a skill.

The Silvanshee is a good choice for Spirit Guardian, but I think the Cassisian is generally superior. Its breath attack scales with Spirit Guardian and its small size lets it set up flanking.

Personally, I think you're focusing a little too much on combat feats that you won't get to use a lot, especially since you are starting at level 7, which is when the spellcasting has really kicked in. I'd recommend feats like Summon Good Monster and Evolved Summon Monster. Versatile Summon Monster can also be good for odd encounters, but by level 7 it's not as necessary.

In truth, the only thing that's required for a reach cleric is a reach weapon. Everything else just makes it a little better. But by level 7 the reach won't get to be used nearly as much since many of your melee threats will have their own reach.

I think the safest fix would be to just limit the remaining duration to a maximum of 1 minute per level.

The material component is butter and I expect it is around as visible as a buttered surface. For comparison, google buttered floors.

It’s fairly similar to the base investigator. You can cast buffs on your allies without having to take a talent. The poison abilities barely ever come up anyway and in its place you’re really good at identifying magic items, which can vary in usefulness depending on if your GM requires those checks to identify items.

It does swashtigator just as well as the base class so consider taking a level of inspired swashbuckler for a dexterity build.

Air elementals are fast, flying creatures made of living air. Primitive and territorial, they resent being summoned or doing the bidding of mortals

So there is a rules precedent for a creature to resent being summoned.

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doc roc wrote:
Melkiador wrote:
Blossoming Light also makes it a lot easier to dump charisma. You get so many channels, that the number granted by your charisma modifier doesn't matter as much. This could free you to invest more in dexterity or constitution, if you are worried about survival.
Big problem with that rationale is that plenty of people dump CHA on a cleric anyway.... why?.... Because channeling is pretty crap and CHA is overall the least useful stat!

Channeling isn't crap. It just requires a little investment. At the minimum, you need selective channel. As early as level 3, you just need to keep shield other on your more damage prone people and then use the area channel to heal that split damage evenly. Quick Channel is also nearly required, and the blossoming light can take good advantage of it with its extra channels.

And the Blossoming Light can both dump charisma and be a good channeler, which isn't something that can normally be done.

EDIT: Ugh. Just remembered that selective channeling is charisma dependent. So, dropping charisma isn't much of an option for the blossoming light. No more than 14 is usually needed, but that's not really dumping.

Blossoming Light also makes it a lot easier to dump charisma. You get so many channels, that the number granted by your charisma modifier doesn't matter as much. This could free you to invest more in dexterity or constitution, if you are worried about survival.

You probably can, although it’s possible you don’t count as having the “bloodline class feature”. Expect table variation.

But, it wouldn’t give you the aspects of a bloodline you don’t have like bonus spells. It would only modify the powers you do have.

Phantom steed is creation and not summoning.

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Paladin mounts are about the same and addressed in Ultimate Equipment

Sentient Companions: A sentient companion (a creature that can understand language and has an Intelligence score of at least 3) is considered your ally and obeys your suggestions and orders to the best of its ability. It won't necessarily blindly follow a suicidal order, but it has your interests at heart and does what it can to keep you alive. Paladin bonded mounts, familiars, and cohorts fall into this category, and are usually player-controlled companions.

I think ecclesitheurge gets a bad shake. Sure, it's not very tanky, but it's not really intended to get into the thick of combat. Blessing of the Faithful is pretty amazing, being a close range +2 to so many things, an unlimited number of times per day. And bonded Holy Symbol is an extra on-demand spell pulled from your domain and your entire spell list. And it gets to mix and match a domain's powers and spells to end up with something stronger than either.

If you're talking about suffering at low level, the Herald Caller has it rougher. Waiting till level 4 to get augment summoning means that for level 1 through 3 you're a cleric who gave up your medium armor, shields and a domain for spontaneous summons that can't do much or last very long while eating up a full round. Of course, it also gets 2 extra skills points which is certainly nice, but not generally helpful for combat survival. Personally, it doesn't really get going until it can get both sacred summons and summon guardian spirit, which would be level 5 at the earliest.

What happens to a tenacious vanish spell that you dismiss? For instance, say on the last round of a Tenacious Vanish you spend a standard action to dismiss it. Does it still end on the next round if you attack or does it continue keeping you invisible because of Tenacious? Can it exceed the usual 5 round duration cap of Vanish?

This ability otherwise functions as the summoner’s normal summon monster I ability.

So, it should still be a standard action.

I had forgot they got augment for free though. I've never had a group I hated enough to subject to a master summoner.

1) In a given turn, you can have a standard, move and swift action and an ambiguous number of free actions.. So, if you use a standard action to summon a monster then you can still use your move and swift action before or after your standard action.

2) A summoned creature arrives and can act as soon as the spell is finished casting. If using a standard action, then it would arrive and act on your turn. If using a 1 round casting, then it would appear and act at the beginning of your next turn, leaving you free to take all of your normally allowed actions on that next turn.

Bonus) The summoner's spell like ability already allows them to cast a summon spell as a standard action a certain number of times per day. The summoner could still use its regular spells for even more summonings, though this is not commonly done. In general, you can't use metamagic on spell like abilities, though in this case you wouldn't need to use Fast Spell on the Summon Monster spell like ability.

Advice) If you are new to playing a summoner, you need to be careful not to bog the table down with constantly looking up monster stats. You should create a sheet that has your typical stats of anything you want to summon: Attack Bonuses and Damage, AC, Saves, HP, CMB and CMD. If these values get modified by your feats, then you will only want your modified values.

Advice2) There are a lot of great feats for playing a summoning character, but the first you will want to reach for is augment summoning, which has a prerequisite of spell focus(conjuration). I wouldn't recommend going for any other feat until you get that one, and then there are many other great options, like superior summons and evolved summon monster. This assumes you are basing your summoner around the summon monster spell like ability, which you almost certainly are doing if you chose the master summoner.

I wouldn’t enjoy a school savant. It locks you out of exploits till level 5. And prohibited schools mess with your versatility. And being able to prepare an extra spell could be nice, but it doesn’t affect your spells per day like it would with a wizard.

There are a few good archetypes I would normally suggest, but you don’t seem interested in that. So my advice would be to go without an archetype.

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When the spell ends or is dispelled, a summoned creature is instantly sent back to where it came from

This implies that ending and being dispelled are different things.

this does not occur if antimagic field or a similar spell or effect suppresses or ends the spell’s effect without dispelling or dismissing it

And I feel that this text is to prevent just the sort of thing as prolonging invisibility.

The main limitation seems to be that they are only ever in one given place at a time.
Otherwise they can do almost anything as long as they aren't being opposed by another deity-level being.

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