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Level will effect the percentage, but party size will effect the odds much more. In a party of 3, you’ll have lots of chances to full attack. In a party of 7, you may only rarely have a chance

Shaman really is a mess. It has many options that are so lackluster, but then has specific options that are probably overpowered. It feels like the whole thing could be redesigned from the ground up. How often do you see a shaman who isn't using life or lore spirits? All those other options and they are largely wasted space.

And the human favored class bonus is so good, I wonder if it was originally just a typo.

It's not that you can't make a decent archer who's a cleric. It just isn't super satisfying for most people.

You might try using the separatist archetype to get the eagle domain from druids. Really, with a hawk familiar, the eagle domain fits Ketephys pretty well.

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Being that Rovagug's prison is in the molten core, I wouldn't advise travel there.

Now if this is a home brew world, then I guess it's just up to you to do whatever you enjoy.

It’s a copy paste error from 3.5 where caster level was basically a prerequisite. But also, you didn’t pay for the item in gold cost, but with your own xp. So a certain level being required made more sense in 3.5.

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You may not get a lot of constructive comments on this. Archery in Pathfinder is very powerful but also very feet intensive. But also, cleric spell casting scales up pretty fast on its own. The result is that you pour a lot of your resources into archery just to find you do little else than cast spells every round of combat, making your investment into archery feel bad.

If archery is important to you and you don’t need to be full cleric, warpriests are pretty good archers. It should give you similar flavor, but with mechanics to let you take advantage of some of both.

Wrath is particularly bad for lightning, because of all the demons. And for some unknown reason, demons are immune to electricity

I like the idea that some classes are so focused on their non-skill skills that they don’t have time for regular skills. But if you want more skills, then maybe just use the unchained background skills rules.

The lack of skill diversification is a weird translation change from 3.5, where at level 1 you got 4 times the number of skills your class usually has and could have ranks up to 3+level. It’s why you get that +3 to a trained skill for class skills in pathfinder.

Well, I'm still here, but that does seem like it should have been its own new question.

I don't think there is an official answer to how it works with tumor familiars. The easy answer may be that it just instantly detaches the familiar. Actually I guess the really easy answer is that a tumor isn't actually an animal of that type so doesn't qualify, but that's also a killjoy answer.

Claxon wrote:
I would advise you not to assume a GM would allow you truefrost elixirs, since those are an AP specific item. It's not to say you wont be allowed to have some, but I wouldn't build around that expectation.

It is PFS legal, so I'd expect it to be at more tables than not. But ultimately, you can't exactly assume anything other than the core book.

I'm not sure what the best options are for magic holy symbols. Most of those are specific to a deity.

If you choose to treat it as a neck slot, I imagine most people just go with an amulet of natural armor, since that's what the slot is usually used for.

I guess the advantage of going with treating it as a holy symbol is that most of those items are slotless.

Mysterious Stranger wrote:
What I said was that a wizard is powerful enough that if you want to gain something you need to give up something.

I think the wizard really could use an early level buff. By level 5 it catches up and by level 7 it’s above par. But in those early levels, it really is too short on resources to be relevant. I wouldn’t go so far as saying it’s hard to survive these levels, but it’s not very exciting to let the group carry you. I’d probably take the damaging school powers and let their damage dice scale to a cap at level 5.

Also the universal school could use a small buff. Maybe an extra bonus spell like you get from having a bonded item.

It used to be pretty rare, but I've had a good run lately. It's hard to find that mythical GM that really enjoys GMing, at least as much as they enjoy being a PC. Personally, I really enjoy GMing, but find I don't have the time and energy I once had to do it.

I don’t think the wizard needs more class abilities. Its spells are already a pretty good class ability. The wizard has two complimentary issues. First, the wizard is a bit too weak at very low levels, basically 1-4. Second, many of the school powers are underwhelming and also scale badly. Seems like just buffing the school powers a bit, especially at level 1-4, is all that’s needed.

Only core classes, but are archetypes and other expanded options allowed?

Wonderstell wrote:
But the Ranger is overshadowed by the Slayer and Hunter, to the point that when people ask about advice for a Ranger the common sentiment is "what about this other class instead?"

My experience has been the reverse. Unless it's an explicitly urban campaign, I see way more rangers than slayers. And Hunters are so rare, I've never actually played with one.

The ranger's instant enemy spell is just way too good.

There are classes I find lacking but their needs are minor, not really worth a whole new class.

Brawler flurry is a mess, that really doesn’t even work without making guesses based on the core monk. It could really use the unchained monk version of flurry.

Fighter just needed the advanced weapon and armor training printed in a core book.

Swashbuckler should have had a good fort save.

Warpriest sacred weapon should have worked more like the arsenal chaplain.

Standard action summon monster should be limited to summoning only a single creature at a time.

Magus should start with medium armor so going dex based isn’t so tempting.

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I think the magus issue is that they start with light armor, so without going dex they are a little squishy for a melee class.

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I mean, I have personal experience with all of the other full casters, and I've played beside most of them too. But I think psychic magic is just really unpopular. And the psychic's spell list just feels very blah, while not having strong class features to make up for it. Like, the witch spell list is pretty blah too, but you have those amazing hexes, so it doesn't really matter.

It doesn't help that psychic seems to be more based on binary save or suck spells while the class wants you to be reliant on a non casting stat of wisdom or charisma. The whole thing just feels really bad to me. And judging by the lack of representation, it must feel bad to a lot of people.

Psychic is one of the few classes I’ve never even seen in actual play. At the same time, nothing in the class entices me enough to want try it myself. Any class fantasy I’d want out of it, I think I could do better with the mesmerist.

Mightypion wrote:
My main problem with shield and board on 6 casters is getting a hand free for spells with somatic components.

It's a bit wonky, but it works fine with a light shield.

A light steel shield’s weight lets you carry other items in that hand, although you cannot use weapons with it.

So you can move your weapon to your shield hand as a free action, then cast your spell and then move the weapon to your free hand as another free action.

It's a good healer, but I think the life Oracle still outperforms. The big thing the Chirurgeon is missing is damage redistribution. Shield other can change a deadly attack to a minor inconvenience. Life Link can pile the damage all into one place to be more efficiently healed from medium range.

The oracle has 2 powerful archetypes to make this even more extreme. You can use sprit guide to get 2 sets of channel and life link. Or you can use pei zin practitioner to get lay on hands with easy status removal. Note that lay on hands is way better when combined with life link, because you can slowly heal other people from medium range, while only needing to use lay on hands on themselves as a free action.

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You could have a strength investigator using a rapier. Almost no one ever actually does that, but it's not really a bad idea.

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I doubt there would ever be 100% agreement on such a list, but you've clearly put a lot of work into it and it looks good.

There are many ways to be proficient in a long sword. But you’re a cleric. In 7 levels you’d never get around wanting to swing the thing anyway. Iomedae doesn’t care about such petty things. She only wants you to be honorable.

I like combining an elf with the nature fang druid and the eagle domain. You can be surprisingly good at archery, while still having the perks of being a 9th tier caster.

Eagle domain gives you some good flying options, and you can also access some decent flight with the druid early access to the Fey Form spells.

I had some time, so I looked at the domain options. The sun domain is a pretty good primary domain, giving you access to some decent non-cleric spells for your spell list.

For secondary domain, I think the Glory domain's Touch of Glory is a good thematic fit for the ecclesitheurge's Blessing of the Faithful. What you use for your secondary domain spells will be up the situation you expect to find yourself in.

Mechanically or thematically? Mechanically, I'd need to analyze the domains and see if there are any good combos, but it surely isn't unplayable. Thematically, I don't see any conflict with Iomadae. She has priesty types like almost every deity. As long as you are behaving honorably, you should be good.

graystone wrote:
Melkiador wrote:
For instance, if the cowboy Sentai had been wearing a fat suit, then it'd be mean, instead of fun.
Well, it could be mean either way. You wouldn't want to fat shame the overweigh Sentai or have less representation by either removing one or writing one out. I mean, sumo sentai deserve rights too!

Lol. I meant representing the obvious American-inspired character by wearing a fat suit would be mean. That’s the equivalent of the awful Asian makeup in that other picture.

I found it interesting that the d20 monk weapons were so very Okinawan: bo, sai, nunchaku, kama. It really wasn't till later books of Pathfinder that traditionally Chinese weapons really got into the mix.

S.L.Acker wrote:
So a white guy doing a rain dance would be fine with you as long as native groups had enough media presence to put their stories and culture in front of a mass non-native audience?

Theoretically. You ever watch the Super Sentai where one of the guys is a cowboy with a cheeseburger morpher? That's hilarious.

TheRabidOgre wrote:
The problem is that it treats Chinese culture not as a culture you might have yourself and thus see the whole game through the lens of, but as something special to a specific and singular class.

That I see it repeated over and over in asian media makes it seem fine to me. Seriously, almost every isekai story in a medieval inspired fantasy setting has a monk class these days. Ninja too

I do think monk weapons were unnecessary though. Should have just been a feat to treat a weapon as a monk weapon.

I don't believe Pathfinder is meant to be a historical game though. It's high fantasy. People grew up with these archetypes through lots of media, especially JRPGs, like Final Fantasy.

A typical fantasy ninja has magical/supernatural powers, where a typical fantasy rogue doesn't.



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There really should have never been monk weapons. Monks should have just had a feat to turn chosen weapons into what is effectively monk weapons. An elven monk might use long swords. A dwarven monk might use axes.

What we got was just legacy ideas from 3.5.

From Brittanica:

As its etymology implies, the term applies in the strictest sense only to the religious systems and phenomena of the peoples of northern Asia and the Ural-Altaic, such as the Khanty and Mansi, Samoyed, Tungus, Yukaghir, Chukchi, and Koryak. However, shamanism is also used more generally to describe indigenous groups in which roles such as healer, religious leader, counselor, and councillor are combined. In this sense, shamans are particularly common among other Arctic peoples, American Indians, Australian Aborigines, and those African groups, such as the San, that retained their traditional cultures well into the 20th century.

Monk is the really weird one to compare for me. It’s a clear upgrade over base core monk, but is locked out of a lot of archetypes, so without just ignoring that limitation as a house rule, the core monk can often be better at a lot of things with its archetypes.

I do like the unchained flurry a lot more than core flurry. It’s only a tiny bit stronger but both easier to run and more satisfying to use.

The Unicorn is also 10 feet faster. It also has a permanent circle of protection. The Unicorn can also speak. It also has druid wild empathy combined with a rather high charisma.

The Unicorn is absolutely superior to a horse, both in combat and out of combat.

VoodistMonk wrote:
There is no power struggle or balance issues...

I think you should clarify. You think giving someone a unicorn is just as good as giving someone a horse? The unicorn is better across pretty much every metric.

The OP has surely moved on by now. Apparently people still find this thread by searching though. I still don't know of a great way to have a unicorn mount. It's not covered by monstrous mount or monstrous companion.

You could combine a heightened mount spell with the summon good monster feat and the alter summoned monster spell. But that's still not a permanent unicorn mount.

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Temperans wrote:
Also note that uSummoner is nerfed as far as the spell list is concerned. But it opens up a lot of interesting ways to build the eidolon that were not possible with cSummoner. So it ends up being a trade of power for versatility. They also didn't touch the biggest issue which was the Summon Monster ability, in fact they doubled down on it by giving other classes the same ability.

The eidolon was less nerfed and more just "shackled". Sure you get some new options from the old version, but also things get oddly locked out for no reason. Like, why can't I have an angel quadruped? A holy winged unicorn sounds amazaing and should have been an option. Also, evolutions were tied to subtype for no good reason or benefit, which led to later problems like the Shadow subtype was later published and had access to no natural attack evolutions, despite the subtype giving them base natural attacks. Ultimately, the eidolon subtypes should have just been archetypes, with the base eidolon having fewer relative evolution points than what could be granted by those archetypes.

I do find it funny that Summon Monster was left untouched. It's such an amazing ability. And since it can be used to summon multiples it can seriously clog up the game with multiple attacks multiplied by multiple monsters. If I were to limit this ability, I'd take away its ability to summon multiple creatures. The ability is still fairly strong if you are limited to summoning only 1 creature per use.

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Unchained barbarian is mostly just for easier math and to remove the chance of instantly dying when knocked to negative hitpoints. Other perks of the change were already discussed

I was reading Two-Weapon Grace and couldn't help but notice that it works with the Magus' Spell Combat

Two-Weapon Grace wrote:

Prerequisites: Dex 15; Fencing GraceUI, Slashing GraceACG, or Starry GraceUI; Two-Weapon Fighting; Weapon Finesse.

Benefit: You can gain the benefit of the Fencing GraceUI, Slashing GraceACG, or Starry GraceUI feats while fighting with two weapons. Your penalties from two-weapon fighting increase by 2 on all attack rolls you make when doing so, and you can’t decrease the penalties to less than –2 even if other abilities would reduce the penalties further. Add 1/2 your Dexterity bonus to damage with your off-hand weapon instead of 1/2 your Strength modifier. If you attack without using your off-hand weapon, you can use the aforementioned feats despite your other hand being occupied.

In addition, Two-Weapon Grace counts as Double Slice for the purposes of qualifying for the Two-Weapon Rend feat.

Normal: You gain no benefit from the listed feats if you don’t have a free hand.

Having a feat tax of two-weapon fighting is terrible for a magus, so I doubt anyone would ever actually do this in anything other than a meme build. But I thought it was funny.

Derklord wrote:
Chell Raighn wrote:
The Unchained Barbarian excels with multiple weapons, is statistically unchanged with natural weapons, and is weaker with two-handed weapons.
This is so overrated it honestly doesn't even need to be mentioned. TWF gains one damage, 2H loses one damage, that's so incredibly minor it should not be the focus point of any comparison. Most importantly, with no bonus feats or ability to ignore dex-prereqs, unBarb certainly doesn't "excel with multiple weapons".

I believe the point of it is that it can be dex based. And once you are dex based, you can meet the twf prerequisites pretty easily. Not that those prerequisites are that hard to meet anyway.

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Bardess wrote:
Melkiador wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
I'm guessing that's dead in the water, considering recent events.
Yeah... Was already pretty low probability of getting new PF1 stuff, but now it's nearly impossible
Am I the only one who thinks MAYBE they could be enough crazy and caring to try saving the First Edition from being swallowed whole?

Not sure exactly what you mean. I think Paizo is going to send their lawyers after the OGL 1.0a being deauthorized regardless. That's assuming that WotC doesn't try to pivot, but I think their heels are pretty planted in deauthorizing, so it will need to be settled in court.

Alignment can change during play as a character’s beliefs change, or as you realize that your character’s actions reflect a different alignment than the one on your character sheet. In most cases, you can just change their alignment and continue playing.

There is no time table for this. If your character is doing some evil stuff for his own benefit, then he's evil. If he only does that evil stuff rarely, then he'd probably be neutral most of the time, with occasional dips into evil.

Unless you have class abilities tied to alignment, it doesn't really matter.

This should have been in the 3rd party forum, and will probably get moved eventually

I'm not familiar with that source, but I have to wonder some things:

1) Why are you interested in using these rules?
2) Will your players have good access to this information, or will they each need to borrow your book?
3) Have your players expressed interest in running magic differently?

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Mysterious Stranger wrote:
I am not really all that combat trained, but I used to play around with some stick fighting when I was younger and never put anyone in the hospital or even knocked anyone out. If I could do that a teenage messing around with his friends with no combat training I would imagine that someone who was actually trained could easily do the same.

Your stick fighting training was based in not hurting people while "scoring points". It's not like you'd been training how to cause the most damage with every strike.

I'm just saying, holding back in a life or death situation isn't that easy. In that situation, you're all adrenaline and reflexes, which is why soldiers are trained so rigorously.

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You aren’t in a life or death situation when “fighting” children. It’s not the same thing. And it’s not like a black belt fights children, he instructs them.

We do have the rules for dealing nonlethal damage though.

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