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Welcome to the round-up thread! As I mentioned in the welcome thread, this thread is only for links to new playtest results or analyses. I will be deleting any other post to this thread so we can keep it as a repository to find things and engage with the playtest together.


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Verzen's level 1 PFS playtest experience

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Falgaia's Level 10 Extreme Homebrew experience: Party of 5 vs 2 Interlocutors and 2 Nabasu.

Verzen wrote:

Verzen's level 1 PFS playtest experience

My feedback for level 1 play

Level 1 Playtest Feedback

Dark Archive

Level 3 PFS Playtest Feedback

Invictus Novo wrote:
Level 3 PFS Playtest Feedback

I added my feedback to this thread as it was largely the same information with a few twists.

Martialmasters wrote:
My feedback for level 1 play

Playtest Feedback Level 10

Playest feedback for level 1-2 play

Level 3 playtest: First Impressions

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Condensed Fall of Plaguestone Playtest

My daughter built Arkus, a 7th-level playtest inventor for my 7th-level Ironfang Invasion campaign. She played him in two game sessions so far, but the January 8th session was downtime and exploration with no combat.

Level 10 Playtest and Personal opinion

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level 3 playtest armor innovation:
Played 1-14 as third level armor inventor. Half-orc, 16,12,12,18,10,10.

I wanted to go for a heavily armored berserker play style and took orc weapon familiarity and orc ferocity.

Feats were tamper and searing restoration. Tamper never got used since we only faced beasts, but searing restoration got some between fight use as a kind of lay on hands with possible 10 minute breaks when I failed my flat check.

I overdrive every fight to start. Pulled a nat 20 in the second fight that which was a lot of fun. In the boss fight my character took a real beating and went down, at which point we had some questions about whether overdrive was still in effect when I was restored. It says the innovation and my gear are what give me the bonus for a minute, so would me falling unconscious have any effect on that?

I didn't like that my AC was not affected by being an armor innovation. I felt like I'd passed up a cool weapon and cooler construct for a damage resistance that never got used. (Sidenote, would thermal insulation block the damage from failed unstable actions? If so then the other options are trash by comparison) Weapon and construct innovation don't have nearly the same circumstantial gamble. If I were to continue play with this build I would be using Reconfigure every adventure trying to guess what might be in the next adventure and if I guess wrong my characters core feature is just a breastplate with gears on it.

I wanted to be a nerdy half orc that used his amazing armor as a way to become an orc berserker like his forefathers, the armor soaking updamage rather than his health bar.

Level 7 Weapon Inventor and Armor Inventor Playtest

Brief level 7 playtest with Inventor and Gunslinger

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A pair of Gunslingers and Inventors vs. We Be Zombies

Was an encounter that we did and I tried to get notes on. Definitely made a couple mistakes, but hopefully it might be helpful to see some things other might also make mistakes on?

Prisoner301 has had a playtest thread up over a week but hasn't posted in this master thread yet. I hope I'm not being presumptuous in linking for him.

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