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JGBouchard wrote:
I've just got the big $25 pack, and plugged in the redeem codes, but I get no confirmations, and see no PDFs/digital content anywhere in my account. What am I doing wrong?

So I am assuming that you went to:
and logged into the Paizo website with your userid and password. Then entered your code you got from the HumbleBundle website in the box there, and clicked on the redeem button. It should come back and then show a redeemed code in a box below. Go through that for each code you want to redeem to that account.
Inside the box below after you submit is should say somethin like:

this olde code here Redeemed date 11, 1111, 11:11am Some designated bundle name for that code:......... 11 digital assets

I would expect that with the $25 bundle you will have 3 codes you will get and need to enter each of the three in. One will grant you 10 items, another will have 11 items and the last one will probably have 7 items.

If you see the codes listed in the box below, then you should be able to hover over My Account at the top, and select Digital Content. This should be where you see your given items. These codes stay in this page, so you can go back to look to see which codes/bundles you have gotten/used.

Humblebundles are a great way to get a PDF copy of something you missed when it came out, but might have picked up a physical copy of from a local shop, but are questioning paying full price for a digital copy of it.

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TCopes wrote:
If you have a flip-mat PDF, can you take it to a local Staples (etc.?) to have it printed off, or will they believe that's a copyright violation?

I can tell you that I have done just this.

Specifically I uploaded the image to:
In at least one case I think I added some flip tiles to the edge of the map digitally to make it take up the whole sheet. I'm fairly certain in a couple of other cases I just sent the image as is.

Note the paper on blueprint is thinner stock. So if you want stronger stock do the poster print. But I've found the blueprint paper works ok for my use. But obviously it isn't laminated cardstock tough. :)

Somewhere I recall finding in the forums where some exec for Paizo said.... yes... one of the reason we give you a print quality image of the digital picture is so you can have one made. (they didn't' say print tons of them to hand out to all your friends however) I was at least aware of where that post was the first time I sent them to staples... but as I've done it now a few times for a few different maps to use, I no longer remember where it is, since I've never been asked to prove it.

The site does make you click a box saying you assert that you do have the right to have it printed.

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I think the feat would have been better suited to simply allow the possessor the ability to use their religion modifier instead of intimidation modifier (irrespective if higher or lower) and affect undead, while losing the emotion/mental traits to the action.

If you have a really high intimidation, but poor religion, the feat would let you use what you have in religion against undead, which you probably otherwise would have been unable to do.

I don't think making use of the feat contingent on religion being higher is really needed, or helpful to the game play. I'd be tempted to ignore that limitation. I think they incorporated it thinking they wouldn't want a feat to lower ones modifier for a skill being used. But the purpose is largely opening up the number of valid target you can intimidate by including target that would have been unaffected.

I might have even been willing to allow it to work using the higher of religion or intimidation, but I can see having it limited to religion.

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I was going to say that was where I got my first Play-by-Post experience, and it is a good community. However, I do recall (and I don't think it is just exclusive of RPOL) that one potentially frustrating part of Play-by-Post is that the combination of potentially slow rate, and how people's lives change over time, that sometimes games start, and then die before they get to far, which can be a frustration for people, especially if they are staring out depressed and feel like it is something tied to them, rather than the medium of the game.

Games naturally last longer when you actually have built up a connection/relationship with the other players. it is easier to commit the time to make posts when you feel something for your fellow participant than when they are just a screenname you read a few times a week.

You are in a Pathfinder forum, but if it is primarily RPG like interaction, there is a Starfinder Amazon Alexa solo adventure that might be at least something you could dip your feet into. Don't know it would fulfill all of your yearning, but it might be something that at least might be a fun thing you can do as you look for games on a discord, like has been recommended.

I think the Discord idea is probably best for you at this point, and although trying to get into a game would of course be great, but I think an important part would be getting to know some people interactively in the discord... even if it is getting help to understand the differences between 5e and Pathfinder second edition. I think after getting to know people, and them learning what sorts of interests you have in gaming, they may end up knowing people who are starting a game, or who are needing to replace a character that might have dropped from a game someone is running.

You can watch some actual play videos from YouTube to get used to some of the aspects of play, and they can be fun stories too. Some of them such as Knights of Everflame, Oblivion Oath, and Quest, Band of Bravos. All of which have the benefit of the fact that I don't believe any of them spoil any AP that you might be likely to find the opportunity to play in.

Some other Actual Play of actual published Adventure Paths might spoil some of the fun of playing in the actual story if the opportunity comes up. (although keep in mind that if you do, just because something happens in the video, doesn't mean the GM didn't do something different for any number of reasons, so don't assume everything in the video is in the actual adventure)

Some other things to keep in mind is that Paizo like to occasionally support some charities by putting up some HumbleBundles ( and those are almost always good opportunities to boost your library of electronic copies of past Paizo published material. So if you save up some 20-30 dollars up for charity every so often, you can often turn that into quite a few items you likely don't have yet. They sometimes offer the highest tier including one of their print books. You donate on humblebundle for that highest tier and it comes with a code that activates a free order of the book via the Paizo site. While the book is technically free (the money you spent was to donation), you do need to pay for shipping for the book, so I want to make sure you know that and that doesn't surprise you.

after you get more used to the game, you might also look at some of what is offered at as free download or PayWhatYouWant product in there. You might also keep your eyes open, as with the controversy brewing about OGL, I've learned of others who played RPG games that I didn't know played, and have heard my daughter mention she learned of some teachers who played at her school, because they were discussing the controversy. So now it a good time to keep eyes open for others who might express an awareness of the controversy and potentially learn of some others who might play, that you didn't know that they did.

You might also be able to 'catch' other people's attention by getting a Pathfinder Tales novel and carrying it around to periodically read during breaks as would/could be appropriate, or wear some clothing item, shirt, hat, etc. that has something about Pathfinder or other roleplaying connection. (don't do something inappropriate for your work however, obviously) This might work to sort of fish for others with similar interests. If you have a desk, if you can bring in a character miniature and put it on your monitor stand, it could be a conversation starter, for instance.

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Wide availability of races/species/ancestries for the game. People have mentioned the Cantina feel, which Starfinder definitely delivered. I think the familiarity with P1 and the ease of making races contributed well to this wonderful flavor for the game. These races could range from ones that are mostly just flavored humanoids, to truly alien species, with true mechanical differences, and so many of them could easily be made into playable choices.

People mention Stamina, and I liked it for quick refresh healing. What I didn't necessarily care for was the degree to which things that could heal couldn't do 'anything' to help stamina. That seemed unnecessary prohibition. (either making extra healing allow stamina restoration as long as HP was healed, or have extra HP healing provide 1/2 the extra restore stamina, so using HP healing to boost stamina would be inefficient, but not prohibited) There is some concern about resolve points needing to be kept to keep alive, as well as drive class abilities. But overall Stamina was a nice concept.

Love the entwining of magic and technology.

Also, having the somewhat loose tie into the past world of Golarion was a bonus as well. Easy to image it as an extension of the Pathfinder universe those of us familiar with it know.

I appreciated that they tried to give everyone in the party something to do in Space Combat was a definite plus. Actual result in the end was not delivering as balanced a distribution of fun from what exactly it seemed they they were intending however. (but I did want to point out the attempt as a plus)

I actually liked that character level impacted damage for weapons you were good at. It seemed a viable part of contributing extra damage at higher levels.

Archetype rules: an interesting attempt, and I loved and appreciated that they tried to make universal archetypes, but what they made had way too many issues, and seems like it needs to have some rules to allow lost class abilities to be bought back with feats as many abilities are really way too weak, and never capable of being able to replace some core abilities that your core class allowed to be swapped out was too damaging. In the end I think it could easily simply be replace with something akin to the Second Edition Pathfinder archetypes system.

Spaceship combat being a bit clunky. I read through it several times and realized several pieces didn't play the way I thought they did. I don't know how much of that was my fault, and how much of it was the rules fault. But even if it was my fault a part of it falls on the rules. I know I'm not the only person who found the starship rules frustrating. Starship building rules seemed to stretch acceptable disbelief with implied sense that expansion bays don't change in size in larger vessels. For instance the # of bays for a vessel don't seem to increase enough between size category changes to believe they are intended to be the same size as implied, for me. Which impacted the feel for the spacecraft rules for me a bit.

The Economy aspects where you only get 10% return on sold/upgrading items was/is frustrating. It makes being able to use what has specifically arbitrarily dropped becoming a key factor in character efficiency. If you need, or want to use something specific you have to sell what you got and buy what you want and doing so you take a significant hit to power.

While I _loved_ the _variety_ weapons that Starfinder had, especially including the variety of damage types, dice arrays, and various critical effects tied to them. I also understand peoples concern of the treadmill feel, or concern over gaps in some specific families in weapons potentially making one feel inefficient at doing damage (again compounded by potential issue with sellback/trade-in values of equipment needing upgrades)

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They are trying to be hinging on the word 'Authorized'.

However, I am pretty sure that word Authorized is there to say... hey, I just wrote a OGL 1.0b and it says that people can use their IP and everyone has to pay Me (not them) 10% royalties. And in the license it says everyone can immediately begin using the new license.

I can't say that, since that is an updated OGL license with higher number, people can use it and they now owe me money. They can't do that... or they could try, but it wouldn't hold muster, as it doesn't grant them rights to use the WotC Content, it would fail. WotC never Authorized that license, it isn't valid. However, 1.0 and 1.0a were both Authorized licenses. And even if WotC wishes to say they are going to label it as no longer a currently Authorized license. They would have to admit the answer, of the question 'was this an Authorized license' is Yes. By consideration of the use of the license, as long as it was an authorized license, the mentioned content is usable within the confines of the license. So if it was an Authorized License, it makes the license valid as long as the entity utilizing the license has not superseded it with a different one that withdrew their prior gained rights. (or potentially failed to comply with the original requirements)

It might simply be a scare tactic one their part to try to scare what they perceive as competition out of the market, if they can. The question will be will they scare away partners by showing that they are willing to overtly preform what really isn't hard to describe as bad faith actions. Nothing like telling a potential partner that you are more than willing to try to utilize a loophole you think you found in a contract that they themselves wrote, to literally steal access to their partner's property and hold it for ransom.

Glad to see Paizo standing up and forming the ORC with some partners, I think it is an Appropriate response to what appears to be the direction they are going.

I'm sorry that management at WotC thought this was an appropriate direction for them to go. I honestly am going to have to consider changing how I view their new products.

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It would have Ancestries instead of Races, Jobs instead of Classes, four to 8 values that would probably be named something other than Attributes or Abilities.

Interesting question would it keep a d20 or is that risking too much similarity?

It would likely drop hit points and so would you have stamina much like HP or would it need to have some mechanics other than damage reduces 'this value' until you get zero and you become unconscious.

How much can you make similar and how much do you have to change. Is it important that its predecessor came from d20 origins, so using a very similar mechanic might have been ok if developed independently, but as it 'came' from d20 you're still using d20 by using that mechanic by any name?

Having Attack Rolls and Saves. I think you might be able to get away with attack rolls... as so many games effectively have this. But having distinctly the combination of Attack Rolls and Saves might be problematic. They might need to drop the saves mechanic, or potentially involve another mechanic in it to show it being a different dynamic.

Armor Class, and DC terms will probably need to be revisited and renamed if not ideally restructured.

Also, potentially any species that Paizo might have had access to through OGL that were treated as part of their core, they might have to go through renaming and acquiring some unique and identifying aspects to them separating them from any past association with OGL species. That could affect the campaign setting information a little bit.

In the end however, I find it hard to believe that this OGL thing will be able to be found in WotC's favor save for anyone(publishers) who willingly (or unwittingly) signs in to join the new license agreement they create.

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I will say I don't think as some others have said, it really makes that big of a difference since it just changes your base scores, and then you have a bunch of points to spend over the top of it, you don't have a limited number of combination of arrangements of boosts like you do in pathfinder, it is just a pool of points for you to allocate. This just sets a baseline, and that is helpful to set a 'basic' flavor for the species.

I hope they don't... in part because I think a big part of Science Fiction/Science Fantasy such as what for me StarFinder fits, is the Niche that there are people out there that are NOT-HUMAN. (Spoiler here: I a the current author is Human[-ish]) People, that are different, and Alien, not just in the 'not from around here definition', but with drastically different base axiomatic natures, whether that is from cultural aspects, or physiological aspects (like being aquatic, amphibious, or even capable of flight, or incapable of normal sight as a species)

I don't want a player to have to advance multiple levels into their adventuring career to differentiate themselves and their nature from the human in the party. I think that if someone chooses to play an alien similar to a Dralasite, they shouldn't just be just like a human with the ability to squeeze in small place if need be at first level. If they are aquatic they should need a space suit/or armor with environmental protection to be in air. (which that's fine if for many things might be that easy to remedy) But I don't see a problem with sometimes having options of requiring an aquatic squid race to actually need a powered armor to operate on land as they don't normally 'stand'.

Obviously, if some ancestry provides a stronger weakness, it will probably be balanced with something else granted to them being stronger. The given squid-like species may have faster swim speed or other ability. But my hope is that StarFinder doesn't constrain the starting points of their ancestries like we have seen largely happen with Pathfinder.

I will say for me... StarFinder is the example of the game where inclusivity needs to present that two people who are ABSOLUTELY and UNDENIABLY very different can still be treated and consider as fundamentally equal within the game even though their abilities in various things are NOT the same.

I think they aren't likely to make a similar 'default' attribute array for all Ancestries in StarFinder however, as some of effectively pay attribute points for other abilities as I recall so might either absolutely gimp an ancestry, or potentially make it overpowered by activating a similar everything can pick + 2 to any two attributes as a default.

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I don't know if we honestly know enough information to truly judge the contest. It seems we were only given an initial, explanation of what the GM requested from the players upfront for the contest. We don't know what value the strength checks conclusions brought about.

If each day was an 8 hour hike and to make progress required everyone making a successful strength check to make an hour's progress and thus requiring 56 successful strength checks to achieve the 1 weeks hike. (missed checks requiring additional checks at penalty potentially from fatigue or having them fall behind) Yes that seems really harsh if success it based on all or at least one of them making it all the way.

HOWEVER.... if they are required to make the athletics check, and if they fail it, they drop, or repeatedly drop the cross, but move along with them.

Perhaps, the mage who critical failed 2 check, failed 50 of them and got 4 successes might actually 'IMPRESS' the elders because they simply continued to do it without complaint. Where the hulking fighter carrying the large load got 50 consecutives successes, including 5 critical successes, but basically drops the cross and then stops as if he has failed and then criticizes the challenge as being unreasonable might give the elders a bad impression. Maybe the elders are looking at the interaction of the folks, and looking to see if the stronger members subject themselves to penalties to make the checks for the weaker players easier.

We don't know what the victory conditions of the challenge were necessarily.

The checks the GM asks you make for a challenge are that. The things you are prompted to do. What you do in response to them... is what you do. If you only take the initiative to do only what is asked, you may miss the 'right' answers. GMs, should however keep their ears open for those players reaching out to see what their available responses are, and if there are ones that might not be 'visible' on the table yet.

Ok, I'm probably going to fail my STR check, but can I minimize how bad it looks that I'm failing.
GM says: Absolutely, as a reaction give me a Deception check, on a success you cause them to not notice your failure.

Can two of us stand close together so we can occasionally lean upon a stronger character.
GM says: Absolutely, this will allow when you fail a check, the other individual may as a reaction attempt a Aid other to provide you a bonus to your roll.

Ideally, unless a campaign was crafted to specifically cater to the abilities of the players given, challenges should generally have multiple ways to resolve them, and have ways to fail forward through them as a viable course as well. While the task given, as presented doesn't appear to have that, we don't really know if that was completely true or not.

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With Starfinder Infinite, anyone could produce a StarFinder novel for people to consume. Granted... that doesn't guarantee quality and may make some buyers leary, and I suppose the % of income from sales may not be high enough to attract too established of writers.

But the potential could be there. Might be a great niche of someone could feel inspired to put out some great Starfinder Novels, they might be able to make a name for themselves and help expand the Starfinder brand.

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It is clear that forced movement CAN send someone where they would be immediate detrimental effects, but it is also clear that such situations push it into GM territory for adjudication, if it fits the particular ability. So assuming that is the intent of all abilities is the case seems obviously incorrect.

I get the impression that abilities that don't give the attacking character lots of choices... pushes the enemy 10' back from you... the instigator doesn't' get to make them move to any number of spaces, it becomes a here or don't use the ability. (you might have the choice to only push back 5' maybe) but the destination isn't purely your instigator's choice. Same for a pull.. it moves you 5 feet directly closer to you. The choice is, use the ability... the space is likely determined for you. Again both of these seem likely to fall into the allow it to pull or push them into a dangerous place. The ones where it moves them any direction, the choice of the instigator, there is far more choice on the instigators' part, and unless the ability indicates that it allows forcing them into a dangerous space, I'd probably rule the space is only available if no safe spaces exist.

So I would say, in the case of the polearm critical effect, it might be reasonable to consider the range of available squares they can push someone into, be only ones that don't cause immediate harm. So if there was an unoccupied square behind them or ahead of them that would not be impossible or immediate repercussion, they might be limited to that square. But if there was no safe choice, I wouldn't make the ability have no effect. (which could occur if no other squares were physically viable, such as in a tunnel where people or solid areas surround you, leaving you nowhere you can go. If the only viable place for you to move with forced movement takes you off a ledge, or pushes you into the campfire. (both difficult, and damaging terrain) then as a GM I'd allow it.

Otherwise, I'd be examining the circumstance and determining how much it helped the story feel. Is the party over-matched and it helps even the playing field, I might let the first such attempt at it work... but afterwards (and let the players know this fact at the time) the opponents would be more careful not to not be so easily tossed off.

Part of my thought process would be, would the Players be upset if I used the same ability against them consistently. If the answer were yes, I'd probably tone it down some. Something as simple as if a safe space is available, attempting to force them to a non-safe space might grant them an appropriate saving throw against the ability, if there is any question about it.

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I think the primary flaw with ABP is that it takes the premise that those bonuses that you enable granting via ABP need to be completely removed from the magic system and the treasure needs to be likewise reduced.

I'm fairly certain the original playtest survey question was something on the line of "Should magic items be able to be significant power increases." Or something like that.

The two options we have are... these things progress the same for everyone the same despite equipment... or these thing primarily progress only by means of the value of their equipment investments. It precludes a situation that I think many people out there might have been expecting. That magic items help push them into the next power curve, ahead of schedule. A relatively simple adjustment to the ABP, reducing perhaps the quantity of fundamental runes, but not removing them completely. But making a point to indicate that ABP and magic bonuses do not stack. So if you get a striking rune at level 2, you are ahead of your curve until you get to the level where it becomes standard by way of ABP.

There is also the somewhat unfortunate (although it does add flavor, which does add value) fact that most casters do not depend on fundamental runes or magic items for their damage progression, so the suggested changes to loot value has a different impact on them (in reduced flexibility) without giving them very real bonuses to their damage output they would utilize. I also don't necessarily see the need for a typical mage to be doing striking damage right at 4th level.

In a way, the existing rules for Striking runes might be comparable to if casters had to have some sort of item (or rune to be placed on an item) to enable them to cast spells of 3rd or higher level from their 3rd or higher spell slots. (and then perhaps likewise a greater item for 6th and 9th level spell casting) It actually is not a horrible sounding idea, if one liked the flavor of it. But is is rather impactful, and is a dividing line in how the martial and caster classes are being treated differently within this system.

I strongly suggest anyone with question about the impact and requirement of striking runes, absolutely examine and strongly consider using the ABP rules... but also consider if you really want to eliminate the ability for magic to interact with this scope. You almost assuredly would not want them to be able to stack, but I don't think eliminating them completely is really always the best choice for story, flavor and fun.

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breithauptclan wrote:
Bigdaddyjug wrote:
Do they decide which spells are in their repertoire every day during daily prep?
Generally (without any feats, features, or other abilities that say otherwise), you can only change your Repertoire when you level up or through a week of downtime.

Thanks for mentioning the one week of downtime for changing a spell in your spell Repertoire. Since I'm fairly certain that must have been added in a errata/update since I seem to recall investigating that timeframe and finding it wasn't mentioned anywhere and initial suggested timeframes in the past were, I believe significantly longer.

Retraining Class Feature

The primary issue I have with the cost to add spells to your spellbook for wizards is that you get the free spells... so does experience produce a reservoir of expensive ink as you progress automatically? Or only spells you don't spontaneously come to understand require the spell be written with special inks? From an understanding of the world perspective it doesn't make sense. Yes from a game standpoint and method of controlling spell availability sprawl, it does make sense. But it is nice if you can find things that fit both perspecitves.

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Interesting random thought...

So if an Astrazoan saw a creature, it would be able to reproduce the look of the creature. Now does the prior statement change if said creature they saw, was not a real creature, but a creature produced by illusion magic?

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In theory, all you have to do it get an author to commit to writing a novel via Pathfinder Infinite channel, but I don't know that the terms/conditions would be a big draw to most established authors. But it might if someone always wanted to tell a particular story that contained Paizo IP.

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I agree that only 2 players is a distinct situation where Dual-class might do well. But it wouldn't take care of things due to the action issue mentioned. The adding 2 levels may help this, but it still leaves situations that cause a stun, or other incapacitation on one player, ending up having a greater impact than probably intended.

Something to consider, might be rather than having each player playing a second player, instead have your 2 PCs with dual-class, and add one NPC, whom the two players will cooperatively be responsible for their actions. This would sort of be combining a partial #2 with #4 (which you might consider dropping to just 1 level, but for reasons I might mention later, I'd suggest keeping it at 2).

That way full responsibility doesn't fall solely on them (as individuals).

Another option would be to give them a 'Party' animal companion that will basically repeat actions if not given new orders. Giving the players an option to use their third actions to give direction and a couple actions to the 'extra'. Then a metagame rule would allow any completely incapacitated player, would get to run the companion each round as if an action had been spent to direct it. there would be a slight onus to keep the Animal Companion behaving animal-like, or at least animal like in the sense of Lassie was an 'animal' that seemed to always figure out how the help her Humans.

Also keep in mind, some of the APs have a history of being hard even for intended levels, so you might need more than 2 levels lead to be safe. This is one reason I'd suggest you keep your boost to +2 levels.

Might think about bumping number of spell slots per level by 1 to reduce the tendency to run out of daily resources. That might not be as much a problem if they double up on different spell casting classes.

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Well... one thing that might add to one's desire to stay in a city, even at higher levels would be if the city were placed magically.

What stops you from potentially having a single city that might touch down in more than one distinct physical location on a world. In fact... what is to stop it from potentially spanning worlds and including public (or semi-public) planes that it might intersect with.

Some planes might be constrained sub-plains that are effectively within, only part of the city. For other planes, maybe there is agate to the local plane of shadow, flame or earth, etc. Such city gates might be located in specific districts and there might be restricted portions of such districts that effectively require someone be higher level to successfully get into those areas, either metaphysically, or by way of sociopolitical clout.

But just imagine how much a city would be in the center of trade if it was but a days travel from multiple points in a world that would otherwise be weeks or months apart, by other paths.

You could also have different edge-points of the city kind of act as separate cities, but whom magically share magical edges, and so while in some senses may seem to some like separate cities, but from other perspectives might appear like separate districts of a singular greater city. Imagine if the city had 5 cities spread across the world so that at least a part of the city at all times would be in nighttime at the same time that another part of the city would be in daytime. A new meaning for a City that never sleeps.

(ok of one portion is in the plane of shadow, potentially it would never reach daytime)

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Environmental Field(Magic) Item Description wrote:

You can activate an environmental field as a swift action to gain the benefits of a life bubble spell until you spend another

swift action to deactivate it or it runs out of charges.

Note the Environmental Field is the name of the device/upgrade.

You activate the upgrade and get the benefit of the Spell. Which allows you to create at least one (often more) life bubble around someone within 100+ feet of you. When you can do multiple bubbles, all bubbles have to be within 30' of one another.

You get the benefit of the spell... when you activate the upgrade, which is called an Environmental Field.

You clearly by the text of the usage example, use it to project environmental fields (which is what the spell does) to other individuals. The only question I have have, is how many people can you affect with a single charge, and how long does it last. Not that it can or can't do what the flavor text says it can do.

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To someone without Arcane/Occult/Primal/Divine proficiencies, Technology would/should probably be perceived as 'magic'/'magical'. It may have some common traits that often include odd metallic or strange feeling materials that seem alien... will include a myriad of seemingly unnecessary components such as nobs, gears, buttons, switches... and may typically generate eerie hums, buzzes, clicks, dings and other sounds. But they otherwise will seem very magical.

Someone with a magical background frame of reference, will look at technology as something magical... but completely WRONG. It would be magic, as in how a someone not familiar with magic views magic. They will feel that it behaves as if magic, but does it completely wrong.
They after all know the basics of how magic works, they can likely sense the flow of magic to a degree, and technology defies this knowledge. They find the strange materials and extra design components with strange sounds, unnecessarily complicated and unfathomable from a design perspective. They defy most magic users understanding of logic and sense of the universe. It is magic to them... but wrong magic... magic that doesn't make sense... not necessarily magic that more powerful than them, so they can't control it. It is just magic, as in it doesn't make sense of it, or predict what it is, or how it could be that way. It just is, and that doesn't makes sense from their perspective.

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The ability gives you the armor wearer the ability to grant a 1-inch field of breathable atmosphere and environmental protections to someone else who may very well be dying without such protections.

Looks like the duration of each granting is at least 1 day. So one person with this upgrade could potentially protect a party of 10 others for a day.

Actually, viewing it as 8th level gear, it is possible to interpret the benefit to include the level of the item, meaning each charge may protect up to 8 individuals, and last 8 days. Which might mean you might be able to protect up to potentially 80 people the first day, with charges refreshing each day and potentially lasting 8 days, which could get you up to potentially640 people. Which that seems likely a bit over what was intended.

If it provides that ability to do one bubble for 1 charge per round. That would limit you to it only functioning for about a minute. That seems like it might have been potentially what was intended, but seems rather short lived, unless it is intended to be able to support up to 8 individuals within 30' of one another, based on the item level. (and it still seems short, from a time standpoint given the 1st level spell lasts a day)

A lower level item that any such emergency staff might have along with them on recovery missions would be an Portable Emergency Environmental Protection, aka Mobile Hotelier Tent.

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78: Animatronic Babelfish toy. Small manufactured toy looks like an extremely rare fish-type and fits in most humanoids ears. The natural movements of the fish when you hold it makes quiet odd noises as it seems to swish back and forth. When placed in ones ear it seems to modify the sounds you hear. Those who roll a 1 on a d20 will check the first time they place the faux-fish in their ear, will believe that the changes to the sound are a result of the toy translating a language and the individual will be fully convinced that they understand any language. Such individuals seem to think the valid transitions tend to relate to questions, complements, or insults relating to the individuals family for some reason. In worst cases translations appear to be extremely bad poetry readings. While such vivid hallucinations would seem to require magic, these toy fish do not appear to have any form of magical aura.

While generally considered near worthless, in certain rare circumstances one truly fascinated by the fish toy, might be willing to trade something actually of value for one of these fish toys.

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As I recalled, my suggestion in the playtest was that there be a low level feat (I think I suggested 2nd level) that allowed the Kineticist to pick an alternate\versatile damage for their blasts so that they could choose swap their physical damage out for an elemental one.

Yes I intertidally suggested it being something higher than a 1st level feat. However, I also indicated that as a way to 'enable' the concept of a single element non-physical kineticist I suggested that one choice of benefit that a single gate kineticist would start with would be the ability to start with that 2nd level feat as a bonus feat at first level. (I also imagined a fire kineticist having the option of choosing versatile Bludgeoning if the wanted with this ability)

So you want a Acid thrower, you could do it even starting at 1st level if you choose that. However, on the other hand you wouldn't be able to start out first level tossing around multiple elements as pure elemental damage.

At first I had had an issue thinking about how it seemed unfair that fire got elemental damage and the other didn't. However, the more I thought about it, fire has always been the easiest energy to produce damage via mundane means... be it torch, flaming oil, alchemist fire, all as simple mundane examples. I realized that explained to me how fire made sense to be the easiest element to have produce elemental damage from the start. (making physical choice a future potential investment option) The others I saw as being options to move into elemental energy damages, but had reasonable concepts for doing physical damage as their entry damage.

Honestly I wouldn't have the problem with there being a feat tree where first feat you gain one alternate (normally) elemental damage type associated with an element you have access to, with an association level equal to or less than you level. Higher feat level have the lower as a prerequisiste, but increas teh number of additional damage choices you get to select, and your level effects all your choices, not just the additional one. Also as I imagine it, if you have chosen an alternate damage from the list below, you can replace swap it on your elemental blast for any element you have that you have the appropriate listed level. So if you have chosen Piercing as your alternate, and you have both water and earth, you could replace either your Water or Earth blasts damage as piercing.

So you could have:

Bludgeoning: Fire(2nd)-Concussion
Piercing: Water(10th)-Ice Shards; Earth(10th)-Rock Shards
Electricity: Air(2nd)-Ionic Movement; Fire(10th)-Plasma
Radiation: Fire(18th)-Solar emanation; Metal(18th)-Radioactive elements
Sonic: Air(10th)-Rapid Vibration
Cold: Water(2nd)-Ice; Air(18th)-Vacuum/Pressure loss
Fire: Water(18th)-Steam
Acid: Earth(2nd)-desolidification/disintegration
Piercing w/silver: Metal(2nd)-Silvering
Piercing w/cold iron: Metal(2nd)-Ironed
Piercing w/penetrating*: Metal (10th)-HyperHardened
Poison: Wood(2nd)-Poisonous sap/resin

Penetrating*: treat hardness of items whose hardness less than the Kineticists level as having half their normal hardness.

Looking from the other direction:
2nd (Bludgeoning) i.e. Concussions
10th (Electricity) i.e. Plasma
18th (Radiation) i.e. Solar

2nd (Electricity) i.e. ionic movement
10th (Sonic) i.e. rapid movement
18th (Cold) i.e. vacuum/pressure loss

2nd (Cold) i.e. Chill
10th (Piercing) i.e. Shards
18th (Fire) i.e. Steam

2nd (Acid) i.e. desolidification/disintegration
10th (

2nd (Piercing w/Cold Iron) or (Piercing w/Cold Iron)
10th (piercing w/penetrating*)
18th (Radiation) Radioactive elements

2nd (Poison)

My above example I just used 2/10/18 as levels to associate things, I honestly feel like piercing for water and earth should be available at a lower level, as I think they aren't that powerful of choices, but they make sense to exist. The above is primarily to help give an idea/picture of the framework. I think that the variety/number of different alternate damage types, and the levels they show up as available would help to provide 'control/balancing' knobs to help balance the different elements as choices.

And again, my suggestion is that single gate Kineticists would have the option to pick the alternate damage feat at first level and choose a single 2nd level damage type, even at 1st level.

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So the fact that failing the extra save causes them a stronger version and it has a lasting effect with a specific duration, I would agree that the condition probably is supposed to be able to be removed when leaving the area of effect.

If that doesn't feel right, I'd suggest it might have an intended duration of 'Encounter' meaning that using a duration of 1 minute or potentially 10 minutes would not be too hard to believe. (Yes, as far as I know, there is no such defined duration as encounter, but it seems the easiest way to define the probably scope of the effect)

I think that the higher effect finally listing a duration is a strong enough indicator that timeframe applies to the lower effect.

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Michael Sayre wrote:
D3stro 2119 wrote:

This. "MOAR BIGGATONS/MOAR POWERS" is one facet of mythic, but it seems to me that there's far too much emphasis on this facet, when in fact we should be looking to the actual origins of the word in terms of actual "mythology."

"Mythical acts" in mythology aren't all about "who can output more firepower," they're about sometimes abstract, sometimes nonsensical actions that inspire the life philosophies and stories of entire countries. Things like Ra's sun boat, or heck, Pecos Bill lassoing the rain clouds from California. They involve as much creation and alteration of things as blowing things up.

Word. I've always thought there could be some sweet mythic stories where the adventure is a cross between something like R.A. Salvatore's War of the Spider Queen and Prometheus giving mankind fire, or Raven stealing the sun, moon, and stars from Naas-sháki Yéil.

Like, what if Groetus disappeared and that was actually a Really Bad Thing, so the mythic heroes have to deal with some utterly folkloric BS as they travel through the realms of demigods, fey, and witchly patrons where, yes, there are some crazy fights, but they also have to deal with the kinds of enemies who get to write and rewrite some of reality's rules within their dominions? And what if being mythic is having a little bit of the power necessary to rewrite, or at least influence, those rules yourselves?

Yes, something about Mythic characters make them rise above and beyond the basic normal 'level' of things. Frequently meaning that individual mythic participants are 'bound' to the story. There is something integral about who they are that makes them the Key to unlocking a certain part of the story.

To me, honestly I see this potentially best handled by 'Mythic Boons' being something tied to the adventure, and being something akin to a cross between PFS Boons, and PF1 Traits. Certain boons might reveal a potential 'resolution' to an encounter via a card, that has some 'trigger' that has to be achieved to overcome the encounter. In the party, there might be more than one mythic boon that might be relevant, giving the party the potential chance to choose which way they want to resolve it. But such solutions would be exceptional and of note. But that ability wouldn't be something the character Always have. It is something triggered by the mythic circumstances.

So a Mythic Adventure would be set for characters of certain level, and would include a set of Mythic Boons that would likely be sorted in part by some traits that might include various mythic paths, or could be linked to mythic patrons, or just tied to various otherwise seemingly mundane character links (family heritages, friendships, etc.)

Maybe the boon could manifest as a card that has a top story, and on the back, which stays hidden until activated by an encounter, the GM tells them to turn it over and it explains an encounter ability they get for that encounter.

These sorts of Mythic encounters might take place in post 20 play with epic levels, but it wouldn't have to be limited to it.

You could have (although yes, it might seems a little Trope-like), having champions/children/demi-gods representing Pharasma, Torag, Sarenrae, and Asmodeus finding themselves forced into working together to try to stop some splintered avatar child of Rovagug that is trying sow destruction with a goal to eventually release its parent..

AP "StarStone High"... looking down in shame... as I realize that I actually wrote that down.

Ok, more seriously, such stories wouldn't have to be as seriously cartoonish, to utilize such mythic elements with things that tie specific heroes to specific encounters enabling them to play extreme roles in specific encounters. Such mythic boons being present might also enable the characters to overcome more extreme encounters, as their mythic boon would likely provide an extreme buff or extreme debuff once the triggering situation is achieved.

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I think when I had read 2nd editions heal spell, I had actually interpreted their intent as the one put forth by Breithauptclan. The statement that it could do Positive Healing or Positive Damage since they explicitly chose to use the word OR, since if they wanted to be able to do positive damage and positive healing, I would have expected them to use the word AND as the conjunction.

I will admit that I can see someone could imply that the emanation line saying that it targets all living and undead creatures in the burst, one might be inclined to believe it could effect both types at the same time. However, it also could have been future-proofing knowing there would be exceptions where a living creature could be targeted by positive damage and treated like an undead, thus taking damage, despite being considered living.

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Well, I second the many people calling for some form of the Inquisitor to come back as a Divine striker. It recently occurred to me that it solves several of my past character concepts that simply don't translate well in 2nd edition from their 1st edition Paladin concepts. But in retrospect, they most important part of them were being Divine Strikers. (as opposed to the Champion which is a Divine defender) As far as I can recall only the first Paladin I ever made, ever wore anything heavier than light armor.

I recall otherwise trying to come up with niches that are completely unavailable and really came up short for a while. However, reading the requests for an 'Unchained' version of the summoner not held back by balancing constraints that held the current ones. However, I don't want 2nd edition to go far down the path of Level of creature = approximate match of power, as if it loses that it loses a key central framework.

Things like free archetype and dual-class modify it, generating a change to the style and sometimes affecting power in some ways, and I appreciate those, and so would welcome options to introduce some optional rules to allow a Mythic play style that could potentially give the feel to level 1-20, and importantly extend play up into the 21+ levels.

So I hope they try to stay generally with their base concept of keeping balance in mind, so I hope they don't make a summoner that is is just an overpowered class, and tag it Rare saying... this is more powerful... allow only with care.

However, it occurred to me that there is still room for a solution that still could fit in the existing balance constraints. The current Summoner is limited in its power because it has be be scaled to be equivalent to another character. My potential solution... make a 'CHAINED Summoner' who's abilities involve magic helping to buff their Eidolon and defending them and themselves. However, they don't spend budget for having their Eidolon. Why because there is a separate class, the 'CHAINED Eidolon' which is a separate character, who's ability focus on being a martial combatant with some magical abilities for battle flavor.

By having two people play the two halves of the 'character team' you double the balance space for these individuals, opening up lots of room for more specialized abilities.

This premise even opens up some additional options for two more classes. 'Chained Companion' and 'Chained Familiar' options which would introduce options to have a player play the role of some other classes 'Animal/* Companion' or 'Familiar'. The original class would presumably take a class archetype that would swap out much of the 'cost/balance' of the the Companion/Familiar out and replace it with some other options/choices. The player playing the Familiar/Companion then has their own feats to spend on gathering abilities to benefit themselves and/or their pairs ability to work together.

There might also be an interesting option for a Class that could represent a 'unit' or 'squad' as a single unit. This could absolutely be very viable in a military campaign type story, where you could have a hero represent the 'lieutenant' and another hero representing the unit's mage, while two other characters could represent a melee unit, and a second representing more of a stealthy guerrilla unit. Such could expand the game to include more small scale mass combats getting played out with the rules.

Moving past the Classes I'd like to see, I'd also agree there are some Large sized ancestries I'd like to see. Things like Centaurs and Minotaur's come to mind. I also have to say there will always be a part of me that would like to see a Worg ancestry.

I'd like to see the re-introduction of something mechanically between magic items and normal weapons and armor. I personally miss masterwork items, and it feels like there is a spot missing without them. I would also welcome some rules for dealing with more fragile materials used in weapons and armor and potential ramifications of such usage. Useful if representing a campaign where cultures conflicting with another have different tiers\levels of equipment.

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20: Secure Pocket-Dimensional Maze a recreational maze area. However, by completing a specific path-circuit through the the maze the path opens it up to a pocket dimensional room overlaid over the maze space.

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You could dive into the old stories.

A prince of a kingdom falls for the daughter of a king of and undersea kingdom. The undersea kind does NOT like grounders/airbreathers.

Your job if you choose to accept it is to un-kidnap the princess from her father and deliver her to the prince.

There might be call or need for some combats to be non-lethal, because there is hope to turn the marriage into an alliance, so you can't just go killing all the sea-king's population in order to take possession of the princess again.

Note I use the potentially -improper- references with regards to treating the princess on purpose... because maybe not everything is completely aboveboard on everything that is happening. Perhaps the Prince isn't actually the one the princess fell in love with, but instead the Prince's non-publicized twin brother. But the brother/prince found out and wants to leverage this to expand his realm into the sea? Or maybe it is true love for the Prince, but the prince is young and is being manipulated by a Regent who plans to eventually take the kingdom away from the prince before he has his 21st birthday.

Or... reverse the roles/genders, and have the prince be the undersea prince, being woo'd by a terrestrial princess. (The undersea can still be the dad... they always are the bad guy in these stories, although you could swap genders there too, if you want to make it a jealous mother unwilling to let their son lower themselves to consort with the grounders.

Alternate plot:
Adventurers hired to recover family heirloom, relic, or other important item (maybe even the bodies of a family) which were lost at sea, because of their importance. This means they get sent out to last place the ship was seen and track it down to where the ship went down.

The investigation could lead them to the creature responsible, which might be one or more Avarek. There could be giant sharks or eels guarding the site of the wreckage. Perhaps there could be signs of some Azarketi having looted the wreckage of some of the items being searched for. And that could lead to a trail with a Giant Squid or Jellyfish guardian, and some NPC Azarketi which might be able to be negotiated with if you help them with some other encounter/creature in the area, causing them issues.

I'd suggest using a mix of natural-ish animals, (eels, sharkes, squids) beasts/abominations/aberrations such as Ahuizotl, Alghollthu, or Chuul, as well as potentially something like Azarketi or other amphibious NPC race that might be able to interact with to ask questions, and gather information via diplomatic channels. You could also surprise them with an encounter in an enclosed air pocket, where they aren't swimming around in that encounter.

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75: Emergency Mask. A small convenient masked designed to cover an individual's face, it has the ability to if donned to cover the wearer in a simple force field that keeps atmospheric pressure high enough to survive in a vacuum for an hour. It prevents taking damage from vacuum environments and provides breathable atmosphere for that time. It does not however count as armor so provides no bonus to armor class or damage reduction. It also does not block toxic substances or radiation from penetrating the force field. These are sometimes known to fall from the ceiling of short haul intra-craft transports in emergencies. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from tiny to huge.

76: Personal Video Drone. If activated, this tiny device hovers around 5 feet from you and videos everything you do. Its battery lasts for 1 hour. As the drone flies around trying to get the best action shot, it sometimes gets in the way. Any melee or ranged attack has a 5% concealment. Any attack that misses due to concealment should do its damage to the drone instead, which will count as having 10HP. Every 15 minutes it temporarily turns into a HOLO-Projector and displays a HOLO-Advertisement that covers the normal subject, and all squares in 5' radius with concealment, which grants everything in those squares a 20% miss chance. attacks missing due to this, will not normally do damage to the drone. The activator does not have control of when the advertisements kick in, that is determined solely by the GM (or if they prefer they can roll a d20 and on a NAT 20, roll a d6 and the value of the d6 indicates the round the advertisement will begin playing.)

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I agree, and suspect by intent perfect is supposed to be as good as it gets. The 0 turn distance means you get to turn twice per 1 hex moved, as this is explicitly defined. This clarifies the intent pretty clearly, and the word choice of Perfect implies there isn't any way to make it any better as well. So I think the Intent is, the Maneuver action wouldn't do anything for you. Choose a different action.

On the other hand, it isn't unreasonable to consider a rule-0 option, if it makes the game more fun, to allow an improvement. And being able to do one turn before and one after the movement seems like a viable option if you wanted to allow for it. I honestly would have probably instead had a different thought, allowing 3 facing changes instead of 2 for the improvement (effectively allowing them to turn around on a dime, within a single hex, instead of turning around a single hex).

So rule-wise, I don't think you do improve. If giving them an option to make better-than-perfect maneuverability makes the game more fun, you may have an reasonable option if you all agree on it. But it would be good for them to understand it would be seen as a house-rule, so shouldn't expect to see others doing likewise.

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CorvusMask wrote:

I decided to make thread on most evil factions on setting that aren't cultists, genocidal xenophobes, murderhobos or have inherent lack of free will (such as fiends by being literal manifestation of concept of evil into physical form made out of quintessence aka literal stuff experiences, ideas and alignment is made out of).

The twist here? Speculating on why these factions became evil and whether they have non evil PC potential ;D This might be caused by my annoyance at people assuming this setting is running out of evil, so I'm kinda running with that idea "Okay, let's theorycraft this, could you make non evil PC". After all, as gm, even without making up homebrew setting lore, you can justify anything. Forewarning: Yeah most of these are aberrations, who would have thunk it.

** spoiler omitted **...


A Psycopathic Uderfhan who loves meeting all variety of children for the pure glee of seeing their diversity and the way they seem to innately burn with positive energy. The others are really worried about them.... no... not really, they are just really mad that everytime they try to kill the children being watched, they fly in to a rage and kill all the Uderfhan in sight that are endangering the children.

All that written, I don't know what a Uderfhan looks like... that is my next step... because you got me interested.

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Few things can strictly speaking damage objects. You can cause damage trying to fix an object using the repair action from Crafting. Otherwise, shields easily take damage from the shield block action.

Otherwise, the general rule is that things only cause damage to objects only if they explicitly say they do, or allow them to target such objects (and normally when they do, only do for unattended objects) There are I believe special abilities of attacks that may cause damage to subjects, such as the Rust Monster's attack.

Generally, HP is determined by the material, and potentially its thickness. If you want to see where the basics for this is covered, it should be: Core Rulebook pg. 577 3.0

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Honestly, when they said they had decided to try moving away from Resonance back in the the playtest, I had kind of hoped that Potions would have gotten limited in how many could be taken in a given amount of time.

I'd contemplated having it influenced by the Con of the drinker, or the level of the item, or the spell level the item reproduced, etc.

Although not the direction I want to go in. But originally, if you drank a potion when you were still under the effects of a potion, you had to roll for a potential interaction effect/problem.

I know people talk about CLW wand issue, and they were the issue because they were more affordable than potions, economically. But if the wands didn't exist, they might have resorted to portions.

If you were to make taking a potion bolster you to the effect of other potions while you are under its effect (and/or for a given amount of time for permanent effects like healing) it then has a viable effect on higher level individuals. They don't want to take one potion an hour for the next six hours to heal up, the time concern is enough that they will be likely willing to pay the higher cost to simply take the higher level healing option so they can take it when they need it and not have to wait.

In my concept, alchemists (class, and even probably multiclass) would have the benefit of being excluded from this usage limitation for any items they have personally made. That their bodies will not reject their elixirs nor cause mix issues.

I can imagine a potential concern I'd want to make sure certain reaction/based items, such as anti-toxin/antidotes would be exempted from the general rule, at least in respect to redressing current/impending conditions. (i.e. I wouldn't want someone to be unable to have an antitoxin/antidote administered, because they had recently imbibed a potion of invisibility... although if they are unconscious, finding them to administer it might be difficult. I just wouldn't want the ability to counter the poison to be 'canceled' by their recent use of a potion.

I don't necessarily have a problem with a fighter being unable to both quaff a potion of invisibility and one that polymorphs them into an elephant. Do I have a problem with the recently invisible person from having a healing potion administered to save their life? Good question, maybe allow it to stop they dying condition and restore them to 1 HP, but potentially delay any further healing until after the invisibility wears off?

I agree that having a 1 use item cost so close to the cost of a unlimited use item, makes it really hard to justify the expenditure. I've been tempted as some have suggested, to make the potions cost listed price per batch of 4 instead of per individual one. I have to admit, I have also wanted to consider the potential to be perishable consumables. What if you could buy some cheaper healing potions, but they would become inert within a few days. Adventurers could want to have some long term ones, but if you are in a local town, and know you're going into a fight, picking up some potions for 10% the price, but each one may have around a 50% chance of going inert every day, if you know you'll have the opportunity to use an handful, it might be worth
buying several of them.

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Captain J.T. Kirk wrote:

An adventure with AbadarCorp and thus the Church of Abadar as the Antagonist.

SciFi games with Mega Corporations as an antogonist is a common theme in a lot of SciFi

RoboCop, Cyberpunk Red & Cyberpunk 2077 well known examples, but even Pixar's Wall-e shows Mega Corporations being EVIL.

So having an adventure with THE MegaCorp as an antagonist just makes sense.

Well technically, EJ Corp is supposed to be the MegaCorp that is a big bad almost outright evil.

Abadar is supposed to, while not outright Good, is not supposed to fall in the truly Evil camp. While I wouldn't think it would be hard to potentially find a circumstance in an AP like you mention where you could arrange for AbadarCorp to fall into the scope of a minor antagonist for playing a big roll in say a single volume, (perhaps the player have to hit EJ corp where it hurst in some sector, but it is somewhere that they have contracts with AbadarCorp on, so taking out EJ Corp on those particular things pit you against AbadarCorp resources as well) but I think making it (AbadarCorp) 'THE' primary antagonist for he whole AP pushes the intent behind AbadarCorp. (unless maybe we are talking an Evil AP, or an Anarchist AP).

Revisiting EJ Corp with another AP doesn't sound bad. I just don't know if the first AP, after the players presumably win, if that was somehow supposed to bring about the end of EJ Corp. However, given the nature, I thought the answer was no. That primarily the players had a conflict with a particular leader in EJ Corp. So one of the goals was to unseat an executive of EJ Corp, not necessarily destroy all of the megacorporation.

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If I may say, I'd recommend that if you have a group of 5 people that you look inward, and see if one or more of you would be willing to take up the hat and run a session.

I'd suggest starting with something simple, leaning towards one of the FreeRPG Day adventures (like SkitterShot, SkitterCrash, SkitterHome, etc.) which uses premade characters. You could also look at the One-Shot adventures, or the Bounties.

These help minimize the 'load' on the GM in my opinion, and would allow you to potentially trade who is the GM between each different game. One or more of you might find you enjoy GMing sometimes. Others might find they don't care for it. But they would at least know then.

To Terevalis, I would like to introduce you to, Terevalis. I think they may be able to help you out. :) Try not to let the idea of being the GM stress you out. And focus on the purpose of the game, to have fun. If you are new to the rules, and you get them wrong, or you aren't sure about something. Keep going and go with whatever will bring everyone the most fun at the moment. You can always go look up, or check with others what the 'strictly right' way to handle it later.

There is of course also the Beginner box, which pretty much walks you through starting the process. It is a good resource. Admittedly, the rules kind of change between the beginner box and the core rules, because they simplified things in ways that were strictly different than the way the core rules normally work. So it is worth noting it has different rules, so if you don't like learning one way, and then having some core things change later, it might work to simply start with a simple adventure, like I suggest above.

Free-RPG Day Adventures

Starfinder Bounties

Starfinder One-Shot Adventures

Some other options, you can watch some actual play streams for an adventure together that you don't plan to run. Or if you are going to run, you can actually watch a stream where they play the adventure you may be running to see how other players played it out, to have a better feel for it.

Just don't expect your players to react the same way as the players on the stream. Invariably the hardest, but perhaps in other ways, most fun part of GMing is seeing how other players will think of the oddest directions and options to go through an adventure.

Since you are going to be a new GM, you should be able to tell your players if they go so far off the path, you can simply tell them. Hey, we're all here to have fun, and I love this, but I don't know where to take this, the adventure doesn't go this way, can we have you go more the direction it has material so we can get through this? The other players should appreciate you being the GM and being new and so SHOULD work with you.

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GM Numbat wrote:
theLegend76 wrote:
My AP this month has gotten side-carted(that damn goblin, is more gremlin). Sent CS an e-mail, hopefully it all works itself out.

I saw the same with mine. I sent to CS immediately and made sure to put the subscription month in the subject line (I'm slowly learning). Tonya replied fairly quickly saying she had kicked the kobold (in my case) back to the sidecart and the subscription was set to process.

The previous month CS acknowledged they are trying to track down the system bug that is allowing this to happen.

Wish I'd seen this earlier... I think that is what happened to my subscriptions this month too.

Of course I was more focused on the pending Kingmaker things coming in so I didn't really pay as much attention to how long this order stayed pending. I'll have to send in a message asking about the order and mentioning the subscription month.

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I would say that it probably is an error. As they intentionally tried not to change anything fundamentally (i.e. allow something in beginner box tha is not normally allowed) instead the beginner box, when rules differ, it is due to their having simplified the rules and presumed a selection, leaving some other option. Or bundling together a couple choices that don't have to be bundled, but gave a more simplified set of choices for building the beginner box character.

Now because the standard pregen characters use varied optoins from the core rulebooks, when they re-made the pregens, the beginner box pregens do not necessarily match the Core pregens. So in that sense, yes the characters are different depending on which rules you are using. But they are just template/base starting spots allowing players to play quickly without having to build something, or giving them a starting part to build off of or change based on their own inspiration.

If it had been true that they had had all spells be two actions, I'd be willing to consider it a simplification of the rules (that the going to the core rules just gets you a bit better version/option). However, given that on Ezren's sheet it shows magic missle as being variable action. That gets rid of that.

Actually, looking at the Heroes Handbook, Force Bolt is listed as a Single action spell. So it looks like it is an error on the pregen character sheet. I would say you should be good to mark out the second action requirement on the pregen player sheet if you use Ezren with the beginner box.

In theory, the pregen's from the beginner box, should be legitimate builds in the core rules, they just used fewer choices to get there. (and even though they may differ from the core pregens) That said, I don't think beginner box is PFS approved, so you probably can't use BB pregens in a PFS scenario for PFS credit as a pregen.

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I’ve had it ask me before to verify with a phone number. As I recall they send you a code and confirm. I’m not sure why the do it on some and not all. This time it did not do it for me. But it seems like recently it did more often than not.

I got the impression it was to avoid fraudulent use of card numbers. Since it is eDelivery I think it might be a target of such use. I thought it might have been tied to when doing a bundle as a gift. But that hasn’t been proved true.

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I believe they have included Core Rulebook, and I'm thinking one might have included the first Bestiary at one point. Also as already mentioned they have done the Beginner Box. They have also done a couple Starfinder physical rewards, including their Beginner Box, as well as Pact Worlds, and seems like something else but I can't recall for sure.

However, they have been at a top tier reward, and just one physical book for that particular humble-bundle. So I doubt they would do a whole physical library. That isn't really Humble-bundle's bread and bundle they do digital content, but sometimes throw in something Physical on the top tier (books, comics, miniatures) to encourage someone to pick the topmost tier set.

If you keep your eyes peeled, they may choose to do another physical reward again in the future. However it may be something you already have one of though, as I think the pick things that they think are likely to be helpful for bringing in the players.

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Rare class potentially designed to be an option for a specific monstrous ancestry. We've seen an example of a prominent 3rd party with a Rare ancestry, that has access to a couple of Archetypes to help members of this ancestry lean into their ancestry further and involve a greater percentage of their abilities in the ancestry, even though they stick with a normal class. But one might like the idea of being a 'stereotypical' dragon, more than specifically a wizard, fighter, or cleric than happens to be a dragon.

It opens up a more full exploration of monstrous ancestral powers, and they can instead dip into other 'jobs/stereotypes' by way of Archetypes. It would be easy to imagine such a class being Rare. (it involves having an exceptional ancestry, and on top of that moving away from they typical classes)

Other examples of potential Rare classes.
Things that break expected norms... but may not be inherently unbalanced outside of the games/stories they would exist.

A SkyCaptain class...
They have an exceptional ability to control and pilot magical ships that can fly through the air between Cloud islands... Just for the sake of throwing a concept out, it otherwise is a Mixed Martial, but has some access to some Cantrip magic, and natural ability and affinity to invest the helm of these ships and control them. (there might also be an Class Archetype that can get you some of their abilities to control the ship)

This Class 'presupposes the existence and availability of these SkyShips' which is something one should not 'pre-suppose'. But once that assumption has been made, the class itself isn't necessarily any more powerful than other classes. Such a change of baseline would both make long term flying less specifically valuable, while might make short term flying or long range jumping even more valuable, to the campaign. But these aspect warrants it being called RARE, but doesn't mean the class itself isn't necessarily Balanced.

Other things that might trigger rarity would some sort of class that presumes unlocking/being a part of some other genre that might otherwise be level locked. Be that Underwater, or even multi-planer. If some class allowed jumping between planes, even at a lower level, it might enable some sort of multi-planer adventure for low level characters.

Perhaps one might have a set of classes designed to run a Fantasy (non-technological) story of Privateers in the Diaspora. Granting abilities to have them navigate between boulders/islands with various isolated atmospheres. (potentially something like the SkyCaptain class above?

I agree that generally speaking, rarity should not be designed to change the power level inherently, but it might be intended for situations where something typically higher level/power becomes more common, available and thus feel like it would have a that effect. (or if utilized without that change in assumptions it might grant something with more power). If you have a rare feat that unlocks easy flight at low levels, without any other changes... might make the ancestry with access to it notably more powerful during the lower levels. (however, once at the higher levels that advantage may well vanish)

Anyway, I see some potential for Rare classes, but I also see it less likely to be in a lot of rulebooks. It would probably be a class that was needed to unlock some type of new play that isn't otherwise viable in currently existing settings we generally see. There are probably normally easier ways to unlock such play with magic items or ancestry availability. However, a new class might be a viable option in some cases.

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My suggestion would be to not make Ancient items become just a way more powerful, and regenerated every day.

Instead I'd suggest that wands or talismans don't get destroyed and you can continue to invest their 'burnt-out' item. and after a set time longer than a day, or allow it be a once-per-day upon being invested, they make a DC15 flat check allowing it to be used again. Any roll of a natural 1 on its recovery check, the wand stops being eligible for recovery rolls for 1 week, and may seem to stop radiating magic.

You can adjust the DC to reflect how quickly you want them to start working again, and the DC might be modified by the level of the item, for instance. It might also get reduced by 1 per day in a row that the item has been invested, making it more and more likely to resume working. It might also be modified by if the investing individual is a higher level than the item. (although of course these items make them feel less flat of checks)

The idea is kind of neat that ancient items might appear to be broken/burnt out, but someone giving them some care may discover they are actually coming back to life and potentially better than modern items.

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They have put out free adventures every year for FreeRPG day for years. If what you are saying is having the free adventure in printed form and stocked in most store, i imagine that would be an expensive proposition in the long run.

I know I have been willing to pay for the physical printed copy ordered afterwards to have a physical copy to hold, even though I’ve already gotten the electronic version for free.

Maybe increased awareness of the availability of the free downloadable adventure with maybe a QR code on adversement signs or maybe free playing card sized handouts, maybe a discount code offering a few dollars off beginner box and/or core rulebook?

Might just be a heightened awareness and simplification of people being able to see what is already available.

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A couple things... what if Melee Elemental Blasts had the stipulation that the manipulate trait is removed (or probably cleaner remove it from Elemental Blasts as a main-line and have them add the Manipulate trait to the Elemental Blast to make it a ranged strike) This would make them comparable to other ranged attacks.

Also I don't mind the idea of having Elemental Blasts be their own category of attacks.. that actually seems to be the potentially cleanest way to have them work.

For Archetypes, have an 8th level archetype feat that gives them expert proficiency in blasts and a 6th level impulse. 14th level Archetype feat would grant Master proficiency in blasts and up to a 12th level impulse. Basically, advancing your proficiency in blasts would require investment, but that investment would still grant you some other flexible, and likely needed benefits and not limited to simply advancing your existing ability to updated expectations.

What if a Kineticist Diadem allowed you to apply the rune (up to a power level of the diadem) or set of runes coming from one wielded/worn weapon with which they are proficient to their Elemental Blasts. I.e. allow them to be able to leverage a rune applied to hand wraps, or some other simple weapon for instance. I'd suggest they cost less than a doubling ring. (alternately, you simply use the ABP rules for them otherwise to insure they can get their expected striking bonuses)

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I think it is a 'Line' decision. I think Special Editions of 'Rules' are Red, Special Editions of 'Lost Omens' are Blue, and I'm guessing special editions of 'Adventures' may be Black.

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interesting... a 6gp monthly payment for a small cottage would eat up 100% of a skilled workers income for a month (30 days work) I gave them one day off about every other month. :)

The old Ultimate Campaign definitely had pricing for building/owning rooms for buildings, so the setting of Golarion has allowed for 'ownership' of property in general. Although you are right certain areas, there might be valid cultural aspects that might prevent even wealthy non-nobles from having land itself, and such. However in some cases the noble may officially possess/own the land, but the peasant or free-man may own the 'LEASE' to use the land for whatever given purpose (be it residential, or business, or both). The effect becoming similar, if not effectively the same for game purposes in different nations. However sales might be more effected when it is just a lease, but it might still be very possible to effectively sell your lease, as long as you don't sell it to the nobles family nemesis.

I have to admit I'm a bit surprised at the difference between rent and payments for the house being 6gp vs 20gp as that seems like that it would become a quick turn around for profit unless it is missing an expenses component. But then that makes me wonder if expenses would be an additional component that a home owner/borrower would need to factor in as well.

Or maybe a rent of 20gp would be only for a furnished cottage that was move in ready for people traveling through? (thus requiring additional capital investment for furniture and similar provided items) a 300gp investment having a 20gp/month recoup seems like way too good to be true without any expenses.

Certainly there is always the risk of losing your investment to bandits/deceit/fraud/war/famine/monsters/legal actions. (not to mention Acts of God).

Just as an example, to own a 300gp home, based on lump sum values, would place a 300gp valued cottage in the realm of a 5th level character. Earn income for an expert 5th level entity would run around 1gp/day, so I guess up to a 30gp income might be understandable if a building/capital investment has similar income potential for an individual with a similar economic basis/investment. I guess if you make it a passive income only yielding 2/3rds income that would get you 20gp. But that still seems like a lot for passive income. If the 2/3rds was viewed as a good target, you might look at have passive income investments drop level by potentially one level and potentially 1 skill tier. (Level 5 -1, Expert->Trained(1 rank down) = 7 sp/day x30 =210sp or about 21gp.

It really seems like while that income might be potentially reasonable, it would seem like it should have expenses associated with it if being treated as a passive income. Someone collecting the rent, and making sure the renter is happy with the accommodations and not going elsewhere. Maintaining and fixing things about the property and such, including potentially paying any taxes or dealing with other intrusions, natural or political.

That could drive down the profit from a 300gp investment from 240gp a year down to something closer to the 72gp per per year in payments, leaving a difference of 168gp a year. So if it yielded some 138gp in expenses a year that would still leave a 30gp profit per year, which would net a 10% annual yield on investment. However that expense almost seems like it would be equivalent to close to 2 FTE of 1st level workers to care for a cottage(if all expenses were service related). Maybe if half were materials and half service that might be easier to conceptualize but even having a single dedicated 1st level person taking care of each cottage seems like much.

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I have page 21, looking at the extra image, it is a 'star pattern' and circle that is the clue to match it to a Dark Archive page.

In this case, page 21 is a match for page 97 of the Dark Archive (p98 of PDF)

The other mark reveals the portion of the page that had the hidden message, in this case, "hiding in Absalom." is the secret message in page 21.

In this case I guess I'm a knight of knowledge, not of secrets... since I'm revealing knowledge, rather than guarding secrets. I'll have to keep my eyes on my back in the coming days.

Looking, I think 10 appears to map to page 136 (137 in pdf) But I think the dagger would match up and the paragraphs relating to Asmo... and Iomedae seem to match up. I'm not positive if the match comes over "Malevolence" perhaps. The harder part is there is no word on the top half to reveal. But it might be revealing the patch worn by the central Tengu that looks like a flame.

Or it might mean I'm matching it wrong.

edit: I don't really use Twitter, but just figured out how to see the thread for the above post. Looks like they already had the pages I had matched.

Twiter Thread

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Do does that mean that if a character is wearing a disguise, or is a doppelganger, and they impersonate a spell caster, and cast a spell that they both know, then someone could identify that the caster's spell is not the caster they are used to casting the spell before them?

It seems like this, even if generally said as being a fluff, would have mechanical impact. (even if it would be, after casting a spell you have to re-roll your bluff check for your disguise) For instance.

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Ok, somehow I have identified myself as being confused. Somehow I had gotten noted the gunner as +8 instead of +6 that would have helped a little save that I think most of the die rolls were falling on the extremes. Again that will sometimes just happen. But at least when it looked like it was so much easier for them to succeed at the roll it made the string of bad rolls feel like a compounded issue.

We finished the encounter tonight and I got to see some of my own mistakes when we restarted. They managed to take the goblins out after they turned tail and ran due in part to one player remembering the option to do an eldrich shot option to extend their weapons range far enough to get an extra shot off after the goblins thought they would be out of range.

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I'm running this for my family, but I am trying to make sure I'm not missing anything.

They had fun in the first part, but the starship combat has been much rougher.

Some notes being, it seems like only one of the characters had piloting... sort of trapping one player into having to be the pilot. The engineer has done really well, but the gunner is having horrible luck with almost always missing. None of them have great Dex, so the gunner only has a +3 to hit... vs an AC14, so is needing an 11 or higher to hit, which he consistently is failing to get. (he's hit twice in 10 to 12 attacks)

The Nova Witch's gunnery officer having +8 doesn't help a whole lot to the feeling of the situation.

Am I wrong in calculating the players Gunnery modifier. (BAB or Piloting ranks + DEX) Correct?

I've encouraged them to try shifting things around a bit. I let one of the non-pilot Skittermanders turn over the flying to another one and let them make a Dex check as long as they are just doing the Fly maneuver. That let them try being captain and doing an Aide to help the Gunner, but it still wasn't producing hits.

I can tell the PCs ship has more HP, so it is probably expected to get hit more often. I guess looking closer, the Goblins hit I believe on an 8 and the PCs would hit generally on an 11. really that isn't a 'giant' difference. But it has in practice be a drastic difference.

Yes, they have gotten hit a couple times and they have had trouble doing too much damage, so I could have the goblins make a run for it and end the encounter. However, I want to make sure I'm doing things right, and want to figure out what the players are expected to be doing.

I also leaned it was no fun realizing the only character with piloting, was being played by the player that gets choice paralysis. I'd say that is worth noting as a very real factor in who should play the pilot in starship combat.

[And yes I know Starship Combat is often considered a weaker part of the game, fun-wise. But I want to understand how it should/could work.]

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Something really big but not the complete loss of deities or magic.

What if all of a sudden all undead ceased to be undead.

Pharasma and Sarenrae win! Yay... (kind of impactful for Geb... sort of takes care of they Whispering Tyrant for everyone)

So with an idea back to Drift Crisis... there could be a few 'resolutions' of the Undeath Crisis. One might re-enable magics that could make undead... but only new ones... ones from before the 'point' are destroyed and don't come back.

Another resolution could reveal it was only a pause on the magics and existences of undead. Those undead where were able to/strong enough/lucky enough to survive through the 'pause' find themselves existing again, but potentially weaker in cases. This might be a Infinity Wars level event for them... potentially wiping out half or even 4/5th of their sentient populations out.

(might even explain the existence of the Corpse Fleet in the future... they blame some unknown group of the living for their near permanent extinction)

However, whatever stopped undead from existing, might also have impacted the ability to do certain other planar magics dealing with the souls of others... so magics such as speak with dead and such might be impacted.

I'd say with all the setup for the Whispering Tyrant, this wouldn't be something they would want to do this year however, for instance right after a Book of the Dead.

Trying to think through other options... trying another options less impactful to recent publications... What if Golarion was struck by magic that caused there to cease to be Humans. (or pick a different choice) The Human Ancestry ceases to be an option... rather than having nations vanish... my suggestion being that existing humans on the world find themselves mystically changing overnight to an alternate ancestry. [adopted ancestry can be taken by former humans to unlock memories and powers tied to their former human ancestry they have not lost]

Again... resolution of the Human Crisis... everyone shifts back to becoming humans like they used to when resolved... or maybe people have a choice to revert or not as it resolves at the moment it is resolved. Maybe all affected have the ability to eventually revert back, should they choose at some point in their future.

And another option... what if somehow there is a shattering of the separation of the Shadow Plane and the Material Plane and a giant cloud forms over the Arcadian Ocean and as a result timeless shadow replica Golarion's ancient Azlant Continent somehow manifests. Armies of shadow creatures begin to emerge from the continent. Ranging from fetchling refugees... to armies. How does the Golarion deal with opening of a second front in their war against 'evil'. And how do they deal with the Plane of Shadow overtaking part of the material plane? (the implication being that the new continent may behave much like one expects being on the plane of shadow, instead of being on the normal material plane) Can they convince the new forces to aid them against the whispering Tyrant? There would even be the option to have a party have been sailing in the Arcadian Ocean when a storm comes and when they sail back, they find the rest of Golarion is now appearing to be from the plane of Shadow?

Does solving the Shadow Crisis cause the re-raised continent of Azlant to disappear or does it once again sink down back into the sea a second time in history... or does it potentially leave it there for re-colonization by the survivors?

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