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I know of several firefighters comparing the pressure coming off a major fire to being punched in the face. Only problem is that it is once again bludgeoning damage and people are kind of sick of that being associated with elements.

belgrath9344 wrote:
Totally Not Gorbacz wrote:
Captain Morgan wrote:
I'm confused. Why do people expect a new book to errata an old book?
The OP started with unrealistic expectations and the people latched on to that.
no pazio bas specifically stated alchemist are getting errata alongside this book we just don't know how much

We know that the research fields are getting new options for their perpetual infusions. It is 99% likely that is the only errata and absolutely nothing else is changing.

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The main issue I see is that this could easily be a nasty surprise for new groups.

When creating a spellcaster even a novice can usually figure out "magic immune monsters are a thing, I need a plan B in case I run into one."

The fact that Kineticists have such a problem requires a pretty good understanding of the rules that a novice player or GM can easily miss and only discover with their first Golem or whathaveyou encounter. Which could be a souring experience.

If nothing else is done at the very least a heads-up sidebar in the class description is probably a good idea.

Yeah it's a GM call. I can visualize a character Attacking a foe they have grappled with the Gill Hook by twisting the hook and slamming the foe around with it, attacking someone else is much harder to make sense of.

David knott 242 wrote:

But since magic tends to be costlier and more difficult than comparably mundane techniques, the very fact that magic was used to obscure a crime is often a significant clue in itself. It definitely shifts the list of suspects from nearly anyone to a limited number of spellcasters.

Though the existence of spellcasting magic items and the UMD Skill in 1E and the Trick Magic Item feat in 2E complicates things.

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You only need to gather an element a second time if you use an Impulse with the Overflow trait. Also gather element doesn't have a duration so it's analogous to drawing a weapon out of combat.

If you're expecting trouble you gather your element and hold it as long as necessary and when combat starts you can use as many non-overflow Impulses as you want immediately.

I think there needs to be a sidebar spelling this out because multiple people have missed this.

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That's pretty brave of Thaleon. Since they recognized a Rakshasa there's good chance that they know that it's almost impossible for one to permanently die. Picking a fight with a being you know will seek eternal vengeance against you because it's the right thing to do takes a lot of guts.

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My big hope is that the expanded crafting rules have a fix for: "this item is super cool and really fits my character concept, but, it has a fixed DC and will be obsolete in two levels," problem.

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IIRC a couple of designers have commented that they were looking for inspiration from the Troop mechanic for the "summons a horde of minions," character fantasy. However they weren't going to copy it word for word for PCs because they felt it was too complicated for something that would show up every combat.

Now whether that worked out like they hoped in time for Book Of The Dead to fulfill the desire for Necromancers with an undead army is yet unknown.

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Ciravel I appreciate your optimism but if you struggled against Radiation Drakes doing anything but running for your lives against a Kyokor is suicide.

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For some reason I've always associated Clerics with Mummies.

So after this Book could we build a party of a Graveknight Fighter, Lich Wizard, Mummy Cleric and Vampire Rogue? Is there a way for the Vampire Rogue to participate if the rest of the party wants to do something during the day?

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I have no horse in this race because I came to Pathfinder in 2E but from what I've read a lot of people like the Kineticist as instinctive raw power. Sure a Sorcerer's abilities come from their blood but they still have to wiggle their fingers and speak in tongues to accomplish anything. A Kineticist just points and suddenly everything is on fire.

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My understanding is that Draconic Kobolds were invented whole cloth by WOTC for 3e because they felt the 2e Kobolds were too similar to Goblins and needed something to differentiate them.

Does anybody know who those original authors were who came up with the idea?

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Another thing to consider is long-term Class Support. When Dark Archive lands there will be 22 classes in Pathfinder 2E. How many more can there be before it starts becoming unwieldy?

John Mangrum wrote:
Hard to say. We have some sources that point to it lasting millennia, others that point to it lasting a few centuries.

I have a vague memory of some material alluding to some temporal shenanigans with the Gap making its exact length impossible to pin down and it might have been different lengths for different civilizations. But, I don't remember the specific source. That could just be board speculation my brain misfiled as canon.

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No matter how hard you try there will always be tiers of power in an asymmetric game where different people use different mechanics depending on what they're playing.

The Fighting Game community has to deal with character tiers too. In the FGC there's a growing opinion that the kind of game balance that is realistically achievable is something like: No more than three character tiers, no god tier, no trash tier.

It seems to me to be a standard that's fair to class-based TTRPGS too. I'd say Pathfinder 2E is pretty close to meeting it.

Are the Fighter and Bard tier 1? Yeah, probably. Are they god tier? In my opinion not really.

Are the Alchemist and Witch bottom tier? Yeah, probably. Are they trash tier? Some people say yes quite loudly. Personally, I'm not convinced.

Will the Psychic and Thaumaturge be tier 1? Probably not, the majority of existing classes aren't after all. Will they be trash tier? Again, probably not.

Now some people just can't seem to have fun unless they're playing a tier 1 class and there is nothing wrong with that. But expecting every class to be tier 1 without being overpowered is unrealistic and would require superhuman designers.

Which of the new (to Pathfinder in general, not just 2E) creatures in the included Bestiary do you think has the coolest name?

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Page 134

The Expert Fireworks Crafter feat of the Fireworks Technician Archetype currently does nothing. Because unless I missed something fireworks do not exist as a category of alchemical items and are only available through the Archetype's Display feats.

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24) That's a lot of Dretches. Fortunately, this tuft of Hound Archon fur is something they are violently allergic to.*

*Dretch embody the Sin of Sloth. Hound Archons embody the Virtue of Diligence. They should be natural enemies even more than usual.

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19.)The currents of magic that animate an Iron Golem can be disrupted by placing a lodestone on just the right spot.

Page 213

The Terrain Shield feat doesn't have an action symbol but should probably be a Reaction.

Page 197

Under the Pride Emotion in Cathartic Magic, the Emotional Fallout Entry has "Spell: mirror image." I assume this is an artifact from an earlier version of the rules as no other emotion has a spell for Emotional Fallout.

Page 200-201

In the Crushing Ground Focus spell the Failure condition mentions a -10 ft. penalty to speed, but no duration is listed.

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Elfteiroh wrote:
Evan Tarlton wrote:
silversarcasm wrote:
I'm majorly in the "both Ragathiel and Arazni in the weirdest team up ever" camp. It just makes too much sense to me and I hope it will get confirmed one way or the other in this book!
I don't find it that weird. If there was anybody Ragathiel would rather see redeemed than smote, it would be Arazni. Besides, I suspect Iomedae might have a part to play. She would definitely rather see Arazni redeemed than smote.

The problem here is that Arazni despises ANYONE that wants to "redeem" her. So she would definitely hate and refuse to work with both if that was their intention (and it's actually canon that she hates Iomedae because of her followers only trying to "redeem" her after she was transformed, after doing nothing to save her when she needed it).

So in your merry "let's redeem Arazni" gang, the main player, Arazni herself is not only against that goal but actually hostile to it.

I could still see Arazni and Ragathiel work together, but not if Ragathiel even thought about trying redeeming her.

There's a reason Arazni, NE, gives powers to CG followers, but not NG even if it's closer in steps to her alignment.

One bit of consistent characterization for Iomedae is that she is keenly aware of her own fallibility and she always makes a sincere effort to learn from her mistakes. Previous attempts to redeem Arazni were indeed a disaster. That means Iomedae would seriously try to understand why and would then change her approach. Also previously Arazni had her negative emotions warped and amplified by undeath. Having overcome that and ascended to full godhood could have given her some new perspective.

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Page 105

Fated Confrontation

The spell's Duration is one minute but in the text of the spell it says "You isolate the two targets for 1 round." Sustaining the spell is not mentioned anywhere.

On a note to other people, Paizo staff have posted before that they do find these threads useful but what they care about is that somebody found something confusing enough to post it. Additional Discussion as to whether a particular errata is justified is irrelevant to them and just clogs the thread and makes the things the staff does care about harder to find.

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Here's something neat for you combination weapon enthusiasts. The Royal Armouries YouTube channel just posted a video on a Boarding Axe Carbine. One of a tiny handful of combination weapons considered effective enough to be mass issued by an actual military. Details in the video.

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To Michael and Mark. Since this book is going to include siege engines I thought I would bring your attention to a really cool source. Here's an in-depth easy to follow interview about Ancient Naval Artillery from the Greek through Roman periods. The only problem with it is that the interviewee is clearly using his computer's default microphone over a Skype call and the resulting audio quality isn't the best. But everything else makes it worth it. Hope you find it useful.

Prisoner301 has had a playtest thread up over a week but hasn't posted in this master thread yet. I hope I'm not being presumptuous in linking for him.

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The following people have had playtest threads up for multiple days but haven't linked to this thread yet. I hope I'm not overstepping any bounds by linking for them.



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I wasn't going to say anything but I was kind of hoping that the final version of Inventor would have a feat called "Let Me Show You Its Features."

How does he have strength 18 when the Inventor's key stat is Int? If you're using a houserule for stat generation you should probably mention that.

Remember to create a post with a link in the round up Sticky Threads.

Just add up the old containers. The Adventurer's kit came with three belt pouches that could hold 4 L each. Most people would agree that two bandoliers 1 on each shoulder are reasonable that's 8 L each. Wearing a sword and dagger in two sheathes is 1 B 1 L. Finally, either a shield or a backup ranged weapon worn on the back is 1 B. Total it all up and that's 4B 9L, 5 B if they have some arrows/bolts in a quantum quiver.

Add in armor and plenty of characters could plausibly be wearing almost their entire bulk limit under the old system anyway.

Same here I've been getting a server 500 error on chrome for the past week even after trying clearing my cookies and browser history.

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While tons of APs have a visit or a whole book in the Darklands. I'd like one set there in its entirety and really explore what makes it more than "legally distinct Underdark."

Realistically the earliest we're getting a Mythic/post-20 progression is year 4 or 5. There are so many things to do first that will be applicable to more tables given that survey supported general consensus is that the vast majority of all games played with D&D descendants are levels 1-5. That said letting Paizo know early that people want it allows them to bear it in mind when designing future products. Knowing that there's enough demand for post-20 content someday now means that it's more likely to work smoothly when it's eventually developed.

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My understanding is that the vast majority of complaints about 1E Mythic were regarding its mechanical implementation. The idea of Mythic play itself is actually reasonably popular. There's a reason Owlcat games chose Wrath Of The Righteous for their sequel after all.

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John Mangrum wrote:
OK, here's my "audit" of a wide collection of published starships so far. I'll organize them by source, but I'm not including any potentially "spoilery" ships in here. (No Azlanti Star Empire, no grays, no outsiders, no species intended to be discovered during an AP, etc.)

This post looks useful enough that if I were you I would seriously consider posting it in its own thread rather than have it buried in this one.

I keep getting this error message every other page:

Error Message wrote:

Server Error in '/' Application.

Request timed out.
Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

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Stack Trace:

[HttpException (0x80004005): Request timed out.]

Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:2.0.50727.8813; ASP.NET Version:2.0.50727.8813

I'm wondering if it's my internet or the website.

My understanding is that a spellcaster piloting a mech has no line of effect to the outside and so can't use 90% of their spells. Given that the complaints that starship combat had nothing for spellcasters to do ultimately lead to mystical weapons and the magic officer position it seems odd that mechs have nothing equivalent.

How much does the Marshal Archetype do its own thing versus cribbing from Bards?

How big is the section on skill feats? Any notables?

I realize to truly answer this question would require number crunching. But at first glance does the Superstition Barbarian look viable/competitive with the other instincts?

My thought process:

Champions are a really popular class.

Adventure Paths are designed to reach 20 and have many sessions at a high level.

Celestial Form is a really tempting feat for all champions from both a mechanics and flavor perspective.

Said feat explicitly says:

Celestial Form wrote:
You take on a celestial countenance, appearing like a type of celestial who serves your deity; for example, as an angel, you would gain a halo and feathery wings.

Hence the thread title question is soon to be quite relevant for a lot of parties.

Another thought is how do such champions fit in with the rest of the celestial host? All other celestials of comparable power to a level 18 champion slowly worked their way up the ranks over millennia. Suddenly having a peer who is from a life experience perspective practically a newborn infant by their standards seems like it would be disconcerting.

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An AP where you're proactively making Golarion a better place by fostering communication and exchange of ideas rather than reactively saving it from some big bad would be rather refreshing.

For Reference: Pantheon, Godclaw

My understanding of worshiping a Pantheon is that the worshiper picks one patron deity from it as their primary so in the case of conflict between edicts and anathema, they take priority. But if a situation arises where the patron deity has nothing to say the other gods' teachings still have equal weight. Abadar, Irori, and Torag don't care that much about the things Iomedae and Asmodeus care about while the two of their teachings come into conflict almost all the time.

For example, a follower of the Godclaw has Abadar as their patron deity. During a fight a wounded foe attempts to surrender. That's something Abadar doesn't really care about but Iomedae says fight with justice and honor which includes accepting a genuine surrender but Asmodeus says granting mercy is an insult to his creed. (They aren't an "enemy of your people," so Torag doesn't care either way). His choice of patron deity appears to be irrelevant and he's in just as much a dilemma if he didn't have one at all.

So it appears that the only way to have a functional PC who worships the Godclaw is to take Iomedae or Asmodeus as your patron.

Is there something I'm misunderstanding?

Kyrone wrote:

Caster uses Gate to a deadly place in front of the Tarrasque, Enlarged Fighter with Brutish + Powerful Shove and most likely buffed to the max and with someone giving Aid for maximum chance to hit to shove the Tarrasque through the Gate.


Death By Awesome on the Positive Energy plane should work.

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42. Ratfolk Mastermind Rogue multi-classed into Barbarian. Play Ratigan from the Great Mouse Detective
43. Orc Paladin Champion from Mwangi exploring the lore that Mwangi Orcs are demon slayers.
44. Elf Enigma Bard Loremaster with the Elven Longevity feats. Know more about everything than even the GM.

Wasn't there a small faction of Lastwall Knights who faithfully kept Arazni's original philosophy and traditions alive? Of course, since they were already a small minority of Lastwall Knights who in turn only had a minority survive Tar-Baphon's nuke. What are the odds any of them are left?

To give appropriate context first I need to set up my understanding of how you're supposed to set DCs for lore skills. As I understand it the intention from Paizo is that the more specific a Lore is the lower a DC the GM is supposed to set when a circumstance to use it comes up.

For example, a group of adventurers is in Ustalav and have learned the mastermind of the scheme they are attempting to thwart is a Vampire Noble. They aren't under any pressure at the moment forcing specific exploration activities so the GM rules they can all try to recall knowledge. The Vampire is 10th level so he sets the master check as Religion with a target DC 27. The first PC doesn't have Religion but does have Society and is from Ustalav in his backstory. He argues that since the undead nobility is such a big part of Ustalav's history there's a chance he's heard of this guy. The GM agrees but decides that using a lateral skill like this would be very hard so sets the Society DC to 32. The second PC has Undead Lore which is even more specific than Religion so the GM sets the DC for him as 25. The third PC was envisioned as a vampire hunter and has Vampire Lore. With an even more specific skill, the GM gives him a target of DC 22. The fourth PC has Clever Improviser which says it allows him to treat any untrained skill as trained. PC 4 says he wants to use it for Vampire Lore. The DCs in this example are secret but PC 4 knows more specific lore = lower DC.

RAW would appear to allow it. But a Clever PC can in principle use the most specific Lore possible in any given situation. Effectively making them as good or better than the specialists more often than not.


(Fun part of the character, every time she throws a bomb she rolls a d20 to see if she accidentally drops the bomb at her feet from sheer clumsiness, which was her own idea.)

You may want to talk to her about that. In a custom game where the GM controls the difficulty, they can compensate to enable fun ideas like this so it doesn't cripple the party at an inopportune moment.

Plaguestone is a preset module. One that is swiftly developing a reputation for being unusually deadly and causing many TPKs. This is usually blamed on Plaguestone being written concurrently with the rules before the math and encounter building guidelines were finalized and ending up deadlier than its designers intended.

I would think long and hard about adding anything that could cause additional difficulty.

In the same vein, you need to think carefully about where and when to add your assassin encounter because chances are high that the PCs will already be pushed to the limit by the preexisting encounters.

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