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(Fun part of the character, every time she throws a bomb she rolls a d20 to see if she accidentally drops the bomb at her feet from sheer clumsiness, which was her own idea.)

You may want to talk to her about that. In a custom game where the GM controls the difficulty, they can compensate to enable fun ideas like this so it doesn't cripple the party at an inopportune moment.

Plaguestone is a preset module. One that is swiftly developing a reputation for being unusually deadly and causing many TPKs. This is usually blamed on Plaguestone being written concurrently with the rules before the math and encounter building guidelines were finalized and ending up deadlier than its designers intended.

I would think long and hard about adding anything that could cause additional difficulty.

In the same vein, you need to think carefully about where and when to add your assassin encounter because chances are high that the PCs will already be pushed to the limit by the preexisting encounters.

WIRED video on Disco Clam vs. Mantis Shrimp

So I was inspired by the above video to try out the monster creation rules.

Giant Disco Clam Creature 8
N Large Animal
Perception + 13 Blindsense (Motion/Water Displacement) 10 ft.
Str + 4 Con + 6 Dex + 3 Int - 5 Wis + 3 Cha + 0
Skills Acrobatics + 14 Athletics + 16 Stealth + 14
AC 27 Fort + 19 Ref + 13 Will + 16
HP 105 Resistances Cold 6 Piercing 11 Slashing 11
Disco Flashing (Aura, Visual) 30 ft. When a creature ends its turn in the aura, it must attempt a DC 26 Will Save. If the creature fails the saving throw it becomes Dazzled for 1 minute. If the creature critically fails it is Stunned 1. The Giant Disco Clam can activate or deactivate this aura as a free action by opening or closing its shell.
Speed Swim 20 ft.
Melee Shell Clamp (1 Action) + 18 Damage 2d8 + 8 Bludgeoning Improved Grab

I based the Flasing Aura on the Medusa's Gaze but with different Conditions.

Any notable mistakes?

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Daemoro wrote:
Along with others here I'm hoping for a Neutral Champion Order... other than one with "Druish" tendencies I can't think of another neutral champion other than maybe a "Knight of Meh".

Given that far more people play Neutral characters than Evil characters the fact that Paizo is doing Evil Champions first really shows how hard it is to come up with a compelling narrative focus for the Neutrals.

Strill wrote:
RAW, animal companions suffer a -4 penalty to Intimidate at all times, due to not sharing a language, even if they take the Bully specialization, or are trained in Intimidate. This also applies to any monsters that do not speak any language. This is both unintuitive, and easily overlooked. Is this intended?

To add page numbers the Demoralize rule in question is on Page 247. The Bear animal companion which is trained in Intimidate is on Page 215 and Bully is on Page 217

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One thing to consider is that Paizo already knows how to make and balance combat feats quite well and so could have left them out of the playtest on purpose since it's so short. It's already been noted by some that the Investigator feats we did get are a lot more open and narrative-based than most existing PF2 feats. Since they're so different from what they've already done they are most likely the ones Paizo wanted to focus on.

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Oracular Clarity Page 17 wrote:

You don’t gain more

10th-level spells as you level up, unlike other spell slots,
and you can’t use 10th-level slots with abilities that give
you more spell slots or that let you cast spells without
expending spell slots.

I just double-checked Archive of Nethys and none of the other 10th level spell class features have wording like that.

I think we know what's showing up in Errata 2 now.

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Core Rule Book pages 80 and 81

True Debilitating Bomb says:

" If you instead apply one of the effects listed in Debilitating Bomb, the target avoids the effect only if the result of its saving throw is a critical success."

Perfect Debilitation says:

" When you use Debilitating Bomb, your target avoids the condition the bomb imposes only if it critically succeeds at its saving throw."

That looks redundant and confusing to me.

Nethys Links:

True Debilitating Bomb

Perfect Debilitation

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Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
I thought Sarenrae started as an angel and got upgraded to deity for leading her fellows in the fight against Rovagug.

That makes the assumption that the First Eight were all major deities just because they were first.

Achaekek is also one of the Eight and he has a killable statblock. Of course, this origin also contradicts the one in said statblock's description so who knows?

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tivadar27 wrote:
Kicking off a thread to re-raise typos or clarifications still needed in the CRB specifically. If people want to discuss other books, I think separate threads are a good way to go.

3Doubloons is one who is maintaining the compilation of all the errors.

It would probably be polite to ask them what their preference is for errata threads because they're doing the most work for it.

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Core Rule Book pages 80 and 81

True Debilitating Bomb says:

" If you instead apply one of the effects listed in Debilitating Bomb, the target avoids the effect only if the result of its saving throw is a critical success."

Perfect Debilitation says:

" When you use Debilitating Bomb, your target avoids the condition the bomb imposes only if it critically succeeds at its saving throw."

That looks redundant and confusing to me.

Nethys Links:

True Debilitating Bomb

Perfect Debilitation

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The thing that's nuts isn't Geb's brainwashing of Arzani given enough time anyone will break/roll a 1 on their will save. It's that he was able to snatch a soul that had been in the afterlife for centuries against its will to subject it to said brainwashing in the first place.

My understanding is that souls are vulnerable as they travel the astral plane to the Boneyard and need to be protected by Psychopomps from things like Night Hags. But once they reach the Boneyard they're under Pharasma's jurisdiction and spells like Ressurection don't work unless she allows it. Then after she judges the soul and sends it on to the appropriate divine realm the god of that realm takes jurisdiction and again nothing can happen to that soul unless the god allows it.

I'm unfamiliar with the exact timing of Geb's stealing of Arzani's soul. I could see there being a narrow window of chaos just after Aroden's death and before Ioemdae took control of his realm where the souls in it could be vulnerable. But if he did it before Aroden died or after Iomedae settled into her role as the Inheritor it means he somehow defied the power of a major deity and overcame the defenses of a divine realm. That's an act that has major implications for the setting's entire cosmology. Honestly, it should have been treated as a much bigger deal than it appears to have been. If Geb can take a soul from Aroden/Ioemdae that means he can take any soul from any plane he wants. I don't see any of the deities of any alignment taking that revelation well.

Deadmanwalking wrote:
The Gold Sovereign wrote:
Geb is a monstrously powerful character, and I would dare to say he is more powerful than The Tyrant himself.

This is pretty unambiguously true. Arazni is CR 26, as is the Tyrant. She's a fair fight for the Whispering Tyrant, and shows no real reluctance to fight or trick him (even though he killed her).

Meanwhile, at no point during her long slavery did she even consider confronting Geb directly he's that much more powerful than her.

I their CRs mentioned often when either comes up. Is there more context? Because my understanding is that in the lore Arazni as a Lich was much weaker than she was as Aroden's Herald, and Tar-Baphon didn't just defeat her but performed a humiliating one-sided curbstomp when she was a Herald.

So Tar-Baphon is only just as strong as the inferior version of a foe he defeated utterly?

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I assume the picture is how Golarion artists interpret the battle.

Because my understanding is that Desna didn't adopt a humanoid form until she encountered and came to love humanoid mortals. Who didn't exist back then.

Lost Omens Character Guide Page 45

The halfling ancestry feat Incredible Luck has the line "if you have Helpful Halfling, you can still use Halfling Luck on an ally instead of yourself only once per day."

Helpful Halfling is an Aid feat and has nothing to do with luck. The actual feat it is probably referring to is Shared Luck.

A follow up to my previous post.

Apparently people who have received the Lost Omens Character Guide PDF through their subscriptions have reported that "spellcasting class feature," has appeared as a prerequisite again. This time for Hellknight Signifier Dedication.

So I guess my post should be shifted in the compilation from errata to FAQ.

What counts as a spellcasting class feature? Do multiclass archetypes grant it? Do archetypes that aren't based on classes but do grant some spellcasting ability grant it?

It needs clarification.

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There's a reason I used "well-defined game term," rather than just defined. For example, Hellknight Armiger Dedication's prerequisite of Heavy Armor Proficiency appears similar at first glance. But Proficiency is a strict game term you with a specific interpretation for game purposes. Class Feature is a far more vague term that can create confusion. It's very unlike any other kind of prerequisite in the game.

Core Rulebook page 57

The human ancestry feat Adapted Cantrip has the prerequisite "spellcasting class feature." As far as I can tell this isn't a properly defined game term and looks to me like a carryover from an earlier draft.

Perhaps "cast a spell activity," is the proper prerequisite under the current rules philosophy.

Well, it does appear that there's enough confusion to warrant a post on the Errata thread. So I'll do that now.

The human ancestry feat Adapted Cantrip has that as its prerequisite.

I've seen it recommended for human Champions and Monks to take a divine or occult caster multiclass dedication and then take the feat to pick up Electric Arc or Telekinetic Projectile for a strong dex independent ranged attack.

But does that even work RAW? Are the couple of cantrips you get from a multiclass dedication feat a "spellcasting class feature?"

Do other people think this prerequisite is confusing enough that it should be put in the errata and FAQ thread?

Archive of Nethys has the rules:

Essentially you take a vanilla animal companion from the core book and just say it's a megafauna version of that. Then when you receive access to an advanced animal companion you have another option to choose from to upgrade it. Just one for all megafauna though.