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Ravingdork wrote:

I'm imagining a kingdom where the parasites have come to live with humanity in mutual harmony; only infesting those who have committed grave crimes against the kingdom. Parasites are taught all their lives that it is morally depraved to infest a non-evil or unwilling host.

But then the heroes come along and uncover the terrible and inconvenient truth: there are not enough criminals to support the parasite species in the long term.

A select few parasites have also secretly taken over the Kingdom's nobility and are using moralistic propaganda to keep both parasites and non-parasites perpetually under their control. They consider themselves above the very laws they set, secretly infesting whoever they wish.

The heroes must find a way to remove the corrupt dictators and free the kingdom from corruption while also avoiding bringing about the doom of an entire ancestry.
Edit: Cool. My idea got the 1,000th post. lol.

Hmm. Sounds like rich people in societies infected with capitalism.

Aristophanes wrote:

You forgot that Metal is the only element with the "Power cord" trait.

Correction: The power cord trait is clearly from the Lightning element.

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”retluBmiJ, retluBmiJ, retluBmiJ

[waits patiently]

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
If anyone needs a T1 or T2 download code and can't donate, I already have everything in those, so mine are unused.

Dangit! I can donate*, so not for me thx TOZ…

* just need to actually, yanno, get around to it….

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Umm, that wasn’t “little”.

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Kangaroo beastkin probably need tail support, but they shouldn’t…

@XXSUPERHEROXX: I think you might need to rephrase your first paragraph like so:

Revised quote on drow wrote:
Ok so just a few things Drow are full blooded elves the Drow, or dark elves, are some of the descendants of (the) elves who refused to abandon Golarion when it was discovered that the Starstone would hit the world. Unlike some of their cousins, they did not escape through a dimensional portal, but rather hid themselves in the Darklands below.

Otherwise it does indeed seem like you are saying that apart from the drow, all the others, their cousins, left to outer space.

And yes, GM’s can do whatever they like in their game, but Paizo has redefined, redacted, retracted and basically changed all sorts of history, mythology and lore between editions. That is their right to do so, and is about as justified as any GM changing it to fit their campaign.

I applaud your dedication to the dark elves. From my understanding trow is both an old English word for trust/faith/belief and a malignant fairy of the the Orkneys/Shetlands and may derive from Scandinavian draugr. Which makes trow somewhat older than just the 18th Century.

Dark elves, the ban-sidhe, bad fairies etc call them what you will, but currently on Golarion Drow have purple skin, don’t particularly revere spiders and aren’t all evil and hopefully aren’t cavern elves particularly. That’s history for you.

Pink orcs against the bomb!

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scipion wrote:
I hate this crap, dont ever mix sci fi with fantasy or include any sci fi elemnts in fantasy worlds

So lemme get this straight: you aren’t a fan of Pathfinder’s Sci-Fi elements?

Ok: can you please list all the ones you a) actually know about and b) list them from least to super-least favorite. Please provide your reasons on a separate sheet for verification and analysis. You have… [checks stopwatch]… two years…

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
… So I get the love (there’s also an awesome old Dragon magazine cover in a kind of cartoon style that has a well-armored centaur knight taking on a dragon on a perilous precipice) but…the rope thing. The rope…it burns!!!

[Emphasis mine] It’s clearly a collapsing bridge, not a precipice, but yes, perilous. Man, your memory is funny.

TheRabidOgre wrote:
Here's the thing, while a centaur's whole body might be large (though that can vary massively depending on the breed of horse you're using for reference) every practical way they interact with the world is based on their "human" half.

Umm, ladders just called and said they wanted a word. Also there’s a missed call from dinghies. And ropes left a message.

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The new movie looks absolutely terrible. Precisely the kind of endeavour people who don’t understand the genre or the fanbase would…cook up in a backyard lab to satisfy their goonbossez.

LordeAlvenaharr wrote:
Natural Ambition in all ancestries already!

Yes, for without this, it’s a return to the bad old days replete with the perils of biological essentialism all over again!

Sanityfaerie wrote:

Just a thread for tossing out silly ideas within a rough Pathfinder 2e scope. They don't have to be good ideas - just silly.

Halflings, gnomes and dwarves.

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Break Pharasma’s grip on dying and death. Bonus points if you are all undead.

Resurrect the Runelord system and take over.

Take the war to the aboleth. Bonus points if you poop on every arrogant Azlanti along the way.

Permanently blot out every mention of Aroden ever, or failing that, take the aeon orbs he stole back to the Darklands (if any survive) and regenerate them/reinstall them.

Make gnomes, halflings and dwarves fun or interesting.

Adventure in the land of Sarusan, breaking the 4th Wall at all times to ask the devs “WTF is even in here?!?”

Actually make it to the bottom of the Emerald Spire, then back again, twice. Bonus points if you only use your fists. (To fight, or walk - your choice.)

Split the party.

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aobst128 wrote:
Onkonk wrote:

Comparision with AoE and multi-target will always be off, focusing damage is much better than spreading it out.

Like you can take the most optimized Fighter build vs a single fireball in a bunch of weenies and the total damage of the fireball will probably be much more impressive.

I'd like to petition the community to change the term "mook" to "weenie".

Seconded. Extra points if you use Stunning Fiat on the GM’s favorite weenies (apologies to Captain Morgan in the monk thread*). GM fiat can now be matched, and their weenies are no longer safe!


Captain Morgan wrote:
Monks can be pretty darn good for group support. Manuevers help ranged characters who can't flank. Stunning Fiat can shave off actions. Whirling Throw might be the best positioning tool in the game. And I can't tell you how many times I've seen a monk grab a teammate in a bad position and run them to safety.

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Prediction: Numeria LO Book. Four new classes. Obvs with the staffing issues it will be tricky. But I have faith.

I on the other hand won’t read your guides unless the phrase “ticky-tacky” appears at least three times.

Wottt! You folx are a bunch of smurf smurfing smurfs that wouldn’t know a smurfing smurf-smurf if it smurfed you in the smurf.

Ha. I love using my enhanced vocabulary to make incredibly gratuitously visceral replacements for regulah convasation because not doing so makes me dumm.

Look I get that folx think swear words are crass, or lazy (and had a Romanian friend who went to school in Texas and was told that swearing was just shorthand for using a range of other, more applicable and more specific words, and fully understand and support that stance) but sometimes, you want the added vehemence and power a beautifully launched epithet gives you.


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Aaron Shanks wrote:

To set expectations, this will be a near reprint with very few changes. This is a product that will appeal to players who are looking to play the AP for the first time, not an expansion for those looking to replay this hit Pathfinder Adventure Path.

Likewise, there will not be a PDF update of the existing individual volume PDFs.

Not every AP will get a complication. This is a victory lap for the AP. Future compilations are decided on a case by case basis. Subscribers to the AP line still have the best value: high quality without the wait.

That’s a relief!!! I am however happy that this one is so complicated, and look forward to purchasing it in this more complex format.

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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

And which page would that be, for clarity's sake?


And the Moderation could be played by the Metaverse, but Squid Game’d.

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Damn rogues stole the point of the thread….Wizards, fumble around with your not-slings and cudgel these beweapon’d churls into paste!

Don’t split the Party! We don’t wanna see the Paizo Workers Union or the Workers Union of Paizo taking the steam from the UPW!!!

You Pee Dub, You Pee Dub!!!

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WatersLethe wrote:
Perpdepog wrote:
Leon Aquilla wrote:
I give it 2 days before someone makes Carrot from Guards, Guards or a 5 foot tall gnome.
Show of hands, has anybody *not* made Carrot Ironfoundersson as a Adopted Ancestry-based human probably fighter in PF2E yet?
*keeps hand firmly down*

The whole Adopted trait/Adopted Ancestry thing from PF1 and PF2 smells horribly of cheese…dwarven cheese.

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What happened where?

Or as the Symbionese Liberation Front said, books, once read, make great bulletproofing. Though you probably don’t need to read them for them to be bulletproofing later. Nor, if you have read them, do you need to agree with or even understand the contents. Nor agree with or even understand the Symbionese Liberation Front.

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Starts memorising quote incendiary comments…looks upthread for trolls…

1014) With a stroke of a finger, the playtest was amended. Gone were the options and stacking exploits removed. The Pathfinding Scrollmaturge was defeated.

Oh. Wrong thread. But very nice finds. Perhaps they’ll survive the final version. ;p

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“Doom Doom Doom
Let’s go back to The Tomb*
You can drink blood all night
And I’ll dance with my wight…”

*Not very notorious Ustalav underground (literally the entrance is a decrepit mausoleum) dance hall/twerkshop. Alluded to in Yamnottabagh’s Book of the Dirge, Dancehalls of Golarion III: The Grim(e).

WWHsmackdown wrote:
The mantaur is the superior specimen. The upper torso of a man coming out of the collar of a larger man running on all fours. Truly a beautiful creature

Yep, even has a book for it...

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... I’m not going to harp on about it.

Gah. I’d hate to see you really let loose...

Aaron Shanks wrote:
SeriousSydney wrote:
I believe it'll probably one of the "Five new species never before seen in Starfinder." Maybe this will be the product that brings in some more legacy races?
I'll find out what the 5 new playable species are and hype them on email and social media.

If you just list them on this thread or the Product Description you could make some of us enlightened too!

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Scare to Death: the Playtest.

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Where is the edge of the envelope for a joke to slip over into being a dad joke?

Just a bit father.

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Wait no-one yet has wanted to fire the ooze at the enemy? Huh, must be an Inventor/Gunslinger hybrid class. Or Inventor ranged-weapon innovation. Cause that’s what I call packing an oozy.

Martialmasters wrote:
My feedback for level 1 play

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Perpdepog wrote:
What traits will swordchucks have?

[Wielder-Fatal] [Ridonkulous] [Yo-able]

Verzen wrote:

Verzen's level 1 PFS playtest experience

Cardamom: Part Harrow, all hugs.
Cerebite: Brain eating psychic class.
Muppetyr: Froud meets Henson. Again.
Gravitas: Undead speaker.
Aracnist: Not quite a spider Arcanist.
Anarcist: Revolutionary Arcanist.
Endlesst: Undying mnemonicist.
Pyrelock: Nuff said.

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Titleist. Pugilist beyond compare.
Domn8rix. Non-gender specific too!
Waitress. Able to juggle ten plates, four cups, salt from that other table, your order and tips!
Knspir8r. No-one can know the truth, except them.
Flinbard. Part uber-gnoll, part exotic weapon, all yip. Feline too for the catfolk vibe.

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So is Upthread.

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What’s wrong with a bunch of extra vowels and consonants between friends. English is bad enough!

Dragonne. I'm not lion.

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Octogoon. Eight letters. Eight sides. All awesome.
Fgurnadt. Eight letters, random order. Come at me brah.
Grognard. Oldies but a goody.
Snowfury. Hell hath snow fury.
Furryist. Cosplay? Lifestyle.
Sacreder. Than anything!!!
Lowcquat. Fruity.

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Cabbager. By Michael Sayre.

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Xenocrat wrote:
Tiefling Elf priestess of Desna says what?

“Keep me away from bogs, marshes and sewers - it takes a lot of prestidigitation to keep these long flowing robes clean!

pixierose wrote:
Gaulin wrote:

You know what, no one cares about what I'm going to say but I'm going to say it anyway; I actually think just posting the teaser of the playtest was a good idea. It really gives people (me for sure anyway, as someone who works in retail) something to look forward to after a stressful holiday season. And not saying which class it is gives me hope that it'll be my favorite. I'll be happy with whatever class it is, to be clear, but if it's kineticist I'll be euphoric for a month.

So thank you paizo for helping me get through the holidays.

I Agree I think the tease is a nice enticing way to generate discussion and excitement.

No, really, in the history of the Internet, or hey, the moving picture industry, or human agency, teasers have been shown to increase human comfort by a factor of 5.7. Who knew keeping information from folks by giving them “teasers” and omitting information precisely to build hype and unfortunately having the unforeseen side effect time and time again because human nature which generates controversy which happily builds newsworthiness and moar hype would leave people feeling so fulfilled! Yay!!! Tell me more things I can’t know about yet are coming!!!

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Halflings and gnomes usually come in convenient snack-size. As do appropriately shape-changed kitsune...

We can always hope for something completely new. If we want. Or you. Me. Someone. Maybe.


Come on! Entertain us! Eh. Wotevs.

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