Realm of the Fellnight Queen waterfall map Question


Does anyone know if the1 square = 5 feet scale on the Dead Man's Drop map is a mistake? The Map references 50 and 30 foot waterfalls but the map doesn't seem to even come close to depicting them as that big unless I'm just reading it all wrong somehow.

Isn't it referring to the vertical drop, while the grid is depicting horizontal space? Like the edge of a cliff, in a top down map, has no horizontal distance between it and the land at the bottom, but it could be a ten-foot drop or a hundred-foot drop without "taking up" any squares of the map grid. The vertical dimension is given in a note so you know how much falling damage someone takes if they fall off.

Or am I misunderstanding what you're asking?

I think you got what I'm saying, but I guess the sort of faux 3d art is throwing me off. I just haven't seen vertical drops depicted like this on a map very often where the art is a sort of 3/4 angle rather than straight down from above

Yeah, it's like the perspective changes from top-down to Baldur's-Gate-isometric right at the waterfalls and then back again. I assume that's to make it clear exactly where the elevation changes, but it does kind of look like a funhouse mirror at those particular spots.

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