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There's a few threads on here comparing different builds. The DPR Olympics used a 15 point array, so melee shouldn't have too many issues.

Egil Firehair wrote:

Since Kinetic Healing heals per Kinetic Blast, you gather power for a full round + move action in the second round and heal with an empowered composite blast. At 9th level that yields 10d6*1.5 + misc bonus (depending on energy or physical type of blast). For energy blasts that's 52 +2/3 hp back; for physical blasts that's 52 + 10 + 4/5/6 hp.

At minimum that's 6*(52+2)=324 hp. Just how many hp do you expect your party fighter to burn through before getting 8 hours of rest (or two hours with nap stack)?

Kinetic Healer, heals for your Kinetic Blast damage. That's the level 1 basic blast. I don't think you can use meta's or composites.

It's nice, but not that nice.

Sorceror with Razmiran Priest archtype would cover a few bases.

I know you asked for classes, but don't forget feats

Auspicious Birth

If your Reflex save is high enough, autopass.

And, while not passive, Twist Away could combo nicely with it.

The Pathfinder Chronicler prestige class can do this to 1 ally.

Could try a Gnome with Vivacious, and Magical Lineage - Infernal Healing as a trait.

high Con, 17 after racial

lvl 1 Start as an Oracle, lifelink, extend metamagic

lvl 2 then Razmiran Priest sorceror, destined bloodline.

You can now cast use lifelink to cure the party, and cast an extended Infernal Healing on yourself to cure 20 damage.

lvl 3. Endurance
lvl 4. +1 Con
lvl 5. Exotic Heritage - Diplomacy
lvl 6.
lvl 7. Eldritch Heritage - Pit-Touched
lvl 8. +1 Chr, Diehard
lvl 9. Fast Healer

Now Infernal Healing cures 60 damage. Not bad for a lvl 1 arcane spell.

And as your Con increases, so does the the amount of damage it heals

Or a Theologian Cleric with the Fire domain. Pick up Preferred Spell or Greater Spell Specialization. Helps if your party could do with some healing too.

Possessed Hand might be good

Heather 540 wrote:

Slashing Grace requires Weapon Focus just like Fencing Grace does.

Damn, I missed that

If you're prepared to skip actual swashbuckler levels

Human Fighter

1 Weapon Finesse, Possessed Hand, Slashing Grace
2 Two-Weapon Fighting
3 Hand's Autonomy
4 Two-Weapon Grace

Dex to hit and damage at lvl 1 using 1 weapon, and at level 4 using 2

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A hangover cleric, try and keep the enemy daze-locked (never tried it, probably very dull)

Human, LN, Worships Ra. Domain - Sun
Str 13, Dex 10, Con, 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Chr 16+2
Traits - Sacred Touch, + 1 other

1. Mendevian Priest Cleric. Channel negative energy. Variant channeling - rulership. Selective Channeling, Extra Channel.
2. Spirit Guide Oracle - Life mystery, Channel Revelation
3. Oracle - Improved Channel
4. Oracle - Hex. +Chr
5. Oracle - Versatile Channeler
6. Oracle -
7. Oracle - Quick Channel
8. Oracle - Spirit Ability, +Chr

Use the clerics channel pool to daze living creatures. Use the oracles pool to daze undead. At 5 the oracles pool can also be used against living. At 8 can get an additional pool using the Life Spirit.

Gear to consider - Ring of Protected Life, Amulet of the Spirits - Life, Vestments of War

Lemartes wrote:

Maybe I'm missing something but you can't wield a large two handed weapon. You can wield a large one handed weapon two handed. Therefore you need EWP Bastard sword.

Normally you can't. But the Titan Fighter and Titan Mauler archtypes both allow it. The damage is a little more (enlarged, large, impact is 6d6 vs 4d8) but the accuracy is worse. But also opens up options for Gorum worshippers.

Saw this archtype the other day. If the +2 shield bonus still works when using a two-handed weapon, it could be a good dip if you also want brawler's cunning

Mismatched could be a good alternative racial trait for a bard. It has drawbacks, but +4 initiative helps get the buffs down quick.

Zen Archer doesn't look like it's bringing much to the table.

Straight fighter looks like a better option for a dip

(But, I've never thought Zen Archer was that great)

Another for your list, Persistent Vigor

This thread and ones like it may give you ideas. Just remember that they're heavily optimised for damage within the rules of the thread, and may not work so well in an actual game. Also, there may be errata that changes how/if they work.

An option is using Advanced Versatile Performance, to get Weapon Focus at 6th level

Elf (uses elf Favored Class Bonus)
Arcanist (occultist archtype)



Str 11
Dex 12 (10 + 2 racial
Con 10 (12 - 2 racial)
Int 18 (15, +2 racial, +1 level)
Wis 10
Chr 18 (16, +2 level)

1 Spell Focus - Conjuration (Overwhelming Magic), Augment Summoning
3 Superior Summoning, Exploit - Counterspell
5 Versatile Summon Monster, Exploit - Metamagic Knowledge
7 Dispel Focus
9 Greater Dispel Focus, Exploit - Spell Disruption
11 Exploit - Greater Spell Disruption, Extra Arcanist Exploit - Siphon Spell
12 Oracle - Spellscar - Magic Penetration

Has a Suzerain Scepter (20k), and a lesser metamagic rod of quicken (35k)



round 1
Spend the arcanist points to summon D3+1 Augmented, Fiery Dire Lions (blessed by the scepter)
Use the rod to quicken Haste.

round 2
Lions charge in with pounce.
Summon another D3+1 dire lions (earlier ones are dispelled)
quicken haste.
These new lions pounce in.

average of 6 dire lions summoned total. Using haste for an extra claw attack, that's 6 bites, and 30 claws.



Bite +6 (bab) +9 (str) +1 (bless) +2 (charge) +1 (haste) = +19
d8 +9(str) +2d6 (fiery, not multiplied on crit)
vs ac30, average 10.59

Claw +6 (bab) +9 (str) +1 (bless) +2 (charge) +1 (haste) +1 (focus)= +20
d6 +9(str) +2d6 (fiery, not multiplied on crit)
vs ac30, average 11.07

6 bites + 30 claws = 395.64

Total 395.64

Improved Eldritch Heritage to get the lvl 3 power from the Solar Bloodline

Maybe a build using Rage Prophet. Adding your Con modifier has to be a good thing

I always think of butterfly sting as being intended to be used by yourself.
Like a boxer, a couple of jabs, create an opening, then lay down the pain.
It's even called butterfly sting. Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a bee.

1 Fighter, Weapon Focus - Tri-Bladed Katar, Combat Expertise, Toughness
2 Brawler,
3 Brawler, Butterfly's Sting, Weapon Focus - Waveblade
4 Fighter, Power Attack
5 Bloodrager, Extra Rage
6 Fighter,
7 Bard, Extra Performance
8 Brawler,
9 Brawler, Iron Will
10 Brawler, Improved Critical - Waveblade

Fighter (Brawler archtype), Bard (Archaeologist), Bloodrager (Urban)

1 level of Mounted Fury Barbarian

90% sure that Dervish Dance doesn't work with Spell Combat anymore

You could try the always cheesy unlimited healing duo.

1 level of Unbreakable Fighter with the Fast Healer feat.
1 level of Life Oracle with Life Link

the other starts as whatever they want, but also picks up the Oracle by level 2.

Target each other and enjoy

A Pale green cracked ioun stone is a bargain at 4k

James Risner did a round up on page 6.
But more builds have been added since, and errata may have made some builds unusable.

Kinetist for a different kind of range.

Anything you want with 4 levels of Sleepless Detective (depends on how many traps in that AP)

Hey, what's that


4x Bloodrager, Seeker Oracle (Lame curse), 4x Sleepless Detective, Bloodrager
Toughness, Power Attack, Alertness, Skill Focus - Perception, Weapon Focus

Rage cycle, crappy arcane casting, crappy divine casting. But nailing perception checks you never thought to ask about.

4 levels of bloodrager with abyssal bloodline

You could look at the DPR Summer Olympics thread, that was set at level 10.

But I'll throw another option for you. 15 point elite array

Half-Elf (Dual Minded).

Traits - Killer, Spirit Animal - Woolly Rhinoceros

Str 19 (15+race+level), Dex 13, Con 14, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 12

1 Urban Bloodrager. (abyssal) Tribal Scars - Slothjaw
2 Ninja.
3 Ninja. Ninja Trick - Combat Trick (Power Attack), Extra Ki
4 Bloodrager.
5 Bloodrager. Extra Ki
6 Bloodrager.
7 Weapon Master Fighter. Extra Ki, Weapon Focus - Greatsword
8 Fighter. Dodge
9 Fighter. Extra Ki
10 Fighter. Weapon Specialisation - Greatsword. Retrain dodge to Improved Critical

Power Attack, Rage, hit with greatsword. Spend a Ki point to hit again if needed.

This sounds interesting. Could you do the whirlwind attack as your mount moves, and hit everything that it walks past?

Lausth wrote:
Well ı never checked it realy.I thought ı wouldnt need ioun stones.I stand corrected.Hmm that +1 doesnt stack with bracers of falcon.Still a better choice.

I'm not sure those bracers are legal in pfs

Maybe some kind of Oradin.
1 level of life oracle, and Paladin with an Oath of the People's Council.

I'd had a similar idea a while back, though I was thinking of using a spiked chain. With weapon finesse and power attack, it didn't need much else to work

I don't think the cleric - crusader can take weapon focus at level 1, it doesn't meet the 1 Bab requirement.

And, if you're using a weapon, a normal monk is probably better than unchained. The unchained can't spend ki for an additional attack with a weapon.

If it gets updated, the weapon trick, Two-Handed Menace definitely needs to be mentioned.

Avenger wrote:
Shakalaka wrote:
I think the Glorious Heat + Spark combo still works after the errata, but you'd have to include Heighten Spell + Magical Lineage.
Yea, as per the dev comments in the original thread, that too would get shut down by your GM right off the bat in PFS.

Really? 2 feats and a trait to heal 1hp at level 5 as a standard action. It doesn't seem overpowered. Not sure my GM would be convinced though.

I think the Glorious Heat + Spark combo still works after the errata, but you'd have to include Heighten Spell + Magical Lineage.

You could try a Razmiran Priest,
Or a simple blaster
Or a Mystic Theurge (Using Faith Magic for easier access)
Or, an Occultist Arcanist,
Or as mentioned, a Bard (Duettist+Savage Skald could be good)
Or, anything really. It would be hard to go wrong

Maybe a giant wasp. Not sure if it's strength is high enough

I read somewhere on these boards of multiclassing Sohei Monk with Fighter to get flurry with guns. Takes a long time to work though.

A large greatsword with impact does do 4d6.
But, you were using a potion of enlarge person too. That pushes it to 6d6.

Elf Occultist Arcanist


Elf - Overwhelming Magic. Favored class to increase arcane reservoir

STR: 10 (+0)
DEX: 12 (+0) (10 base, +2 racial)
CON: 11 (+0) (13 base, -2 racial)
INT: 18 (+4) (15 base, +2 racial, +1 level)
WIS: 10 (+0)
CHA: 18 (+4) (16 base, +2 level)

1 Spell Focus - Conjuration, Augment Summoning
3 Exploit - Counterspell, Superior Summoning
5 Exploit - Metamagic Knowlege, Versatile Summon Monster (Aeriel, Fiery)
7 Dispel Focus
9 Exploit - Spell Disruption, Greater Dispel Focus
11 Exploit - Greater Spell Disruption, Extra Arcanist Exploit - Siphon Spell
12 - Oracle - Spellscar - Magic Penetration

Magic Items - Suzerain Scepter

Charge attack with d3+1 (say 3) augmented Dire Lions with the fiery template and Bless. 183 damage

Rounds 2 and 3. Let them attack 93.72, then summon more to replace, and let them charge attack

1 round damage 183.
3 round damage 736.44

Beast of the Society might help.

They're not as good as Gloves of Dueling, but not everyone gets full benefit from those, and they're cheaper. I think I like them.

Just a Mort wrote:
As a psychic sorcerer + fighter into eldritch knight.

I don't think that would work. The sorceror isn't an arcane caster anymore, so wouldn't meet the requirements for eldritch knight

If you're going to be lvl 11, with no need to play the character at earlier levels, Sleepless Detective prestige class

6 levels of Barbarian
1 level Seeker Oracle (Lame curse)
4 Levels Sleepless Detective

Hit hard, rage cycle, and pretty much auto-spot any trap you're near.

Maybe take human for the bonus skill focus option

With the Ring of Archon
Harbinger Archon can cure at SM3.
With Summon Good Monster
Unicorn can neutralize poison at SM5, Kirin can lesser restoration at SM6

That was a while ago. I think I wrote +2 for focus, when I didn't actually have greater weapon focus (my bad). But calculated it correctly (hopefully).

Maybe try it with 1 less attack bonus.

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