I know of only two ways to get regeneration...

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After some consideration, I don't think regenerate should any spell level less than 3. The spell Remove Blindness/Deafness is at that level and has the ability restore vision and hearing. Since I don't think regenerate should compete with that spell, it can do more than restore vision and hearing, I think the regenerate spell should be a 4th level spell. Since it would no longer be a 7th level spell, I think it should more limited, maybe restoring only 1 limb or organ per casting.

Any thoughts?

I don't think regeneration fixes those conditions if not due to losing and eye/eardrum so I'm not sure it would really compete with that spell at all.

Sam Phelan wrote:

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OmniMage wrote:

As of late, I've been thinking about the spell regenerate. The more I think about it, the more I'm left wondering if the spell regenerate should be a 7th level spell. Looking back at 2nd edition, it was a 7th level priest spell. Back then, priest spells only went up to 7th level so it was essentially a max level spell. Is this the reason its a 7th level spell? Because it was a 7th level spell in 2nd edition?

Considering that there are no rules for losing limbs and organs, does regenerate need to be a 7th level spell? The spell, restoration got lesser and greater versions. Not only that, but restoration used to be a 7th level spell. Greater restoration took that spot, letting restoration to become a 4th level spell, and lesser restoration took the 2nd level spell spot.

Generally speaking, most remedy spells get introduced (to clerics) around the level the affliction it cures is introduced. The only common mechanic that removes limbs is a sword of sharpness, which doesn't even exist in Pathfinder.

A few creatures exist that give effects that need regeneration to cure. Honestly, lowering the level wouldn't hurt but it also wouldn't make a significant difference in use.

You can always sell your soul via the Devilbound template.
Gives you Regen 5/Good spells or weapons.
Makes you very hard to kill, which is useful since death becomes a likely career ending injury once you get this template.

It's Fast Healing, but the a Fire-Element Kineticist can gain access to basically permanent Blessing of the Salamander at 10th level if you take the feat Kinetic Invocation at 9th (or before).

I certainly plan to take it with the one I'm playing.

kinetic invocation wrote:
Each has a burn cost of 1 unless otherwise noted
blessing of the salamander wrote:
Duration 1 round/level

No, not basically permanent. Not even close. You'd get it up for about 10 minutes per day maximum, likely less.

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