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Sam Phelan wrote:

Removed a return to the previous tangent.

You can discuss concerns with moderation with us by using the community(at) email address. Addressing moderation within threads often leads directly to the digression that happened here, and meta arguments are no more an improvement to the content of the thread.

cool, done with you guys

What about spotting a river while flying over head? basically, what can be easily assumed to be seen

A few of my players have started exploration.

I feel like spotting rivers and such is pretty simple and obvious, - level perception stuff.

Does kingdom builder or anything else have rules for finding rivers or other such features?

I would have agree'd with quixotes first post, but raw is raw and if there are rules written saying that they do stack then there you have it.

This is kind of a RAI question.

So, someone is trying to craft scrolls and alter them using on cast alterations.

Now, this doesnt seem like it should work but the more I think about it the more it makes sense.

You write a scroll based on your understanding of the spell.... theoretically. this is how you can add metamagics, right?

so if you have the ability to, say, extend a spell while in a specific terrain (sorcerer thing). then you have a specific understanding of a spell and how to make it work in a specific way in a specific terrain... no?

if yes, couldnt they write that into the spell when making a scroll?

Elf (Horror Adventures pg. 39): Choose a terrain type from the ranger’s favored terrain list. When casting sorcerer spells in the chosen terrain, add 1/3 to the effective caster level of the spell, for the purpose of determining the spells’ duration.

not arguing with you, it just occurred to me that I could probably present my opinion.
My personal interpretation is it lets you craft as if using a craft feat but at greater cost.

but yes, the wording is weird.

the reason for my interpretation is:

You can spend this boon to use the magic item creation rules to create items with the Craft skill for one day

says you use it to create items. That doesnt present a limitation. Further more, it also seems to say you use a craft skill to make the item (the standard magic item crafting method is using spell craft, right? im not 100 percent on this).

The only time it makes any possible differentiation is when it says:

"You can craft items with a cost greater than 1,000 gp by expending this boon over successive days, in the same way magic items with a cost over 1,000 gp can be crafted over multiple days."

but to me that can just be to say it still follows the same normal daily limitations for magic item crafting as normal.

Another person I asked interpreted it as such:

"the second one just allows you to craft faster but more expensively
So rather than doing a craft check and doing wonky speed based on check and DC you just craft 1k per day."

How would you interpret:

Efficient Creator (Su) You can spend this boon to use the magic item creation rules to create items with the Craft skill for one day. When doing this, your material costs are equal to half the final value of the item crafted (rather than the normal 1/3 of the cost for using the Craft skill). You can craft items with a cost greater than 1,000 gp by expending this boon over successive days, in the same way magic items with a cost over 1,000 gp can be crafted over multiple days. You otherwise follow all the rules and options for magic item creations.

Relevant previous conversation reference:


There are a few ways to get bonuses to both raw caster level and to count as a higher caster level under certain conditions.

Conservatively, I would say one can have caster level 5 at 3rd level.
With friends, you can probably get it by first or second level.

as for item caster level listed.
Unfortunately, often times, as the general blanket is pressed and pushed through into niche or nuanced specifics... you start finding anomalies and issues.
To my understanding, you will need to have the caster level listed for the item to craft it. This isnt a 100 percent rule though as, again, some exceptions probably exist for this as well.

Craft poppet, these are small constructs that can be crafted at level 1. That is there intent and in some terms this is what the rules tell us. Some people could interpret all constructs and golems require minimum caster level 5 but craft poppet is a level 1 feat that (ANYONE can take it at level 1) gives hd 1, weak, cheap, level 1 grade constructs. The clear intent for them is level 1.

Thank you kailas, that is insightful.

Java Man wrote:
Okay, think I'm on track now, in the OP I read "down time" so fixated on the downtime systems in ult campaign. If we are talking about basic uaes of perform skill as laid out in the CRB then I agree that DC is set by what the player declares they are attempting before they roll.

@ Java, Thank you for confirming.

@ Diego, no

Java, they are rolling performance. Performance presents tiers of 5 (10, 15, 20, 25, etc)

They had been getting like 27 and 29 so they put 25 as the dc.

for one roll, and this is how I realized what they were doing, they got 31 so they put the dc at 30.

I presented my understanding of dc as determined pre roll, always and period, they clearly presented their understanding as post roll for certain circumstances.

the question is as simple as "just in case, am I wrong? if yes, why and how with sources."

could you guys please try a little harder to understand what I am saying. it's frustrating me.

ah, while I appreciate the input I must say that unfortunately you have have missed the mark here... much like Kailas has.

I specifically asked about dc, not gold.

Currently, I am pissed off about this very same failure in reading from another thread leading to a nonesensical gang up attack so for here I am overcompensating for my mood by being more grateful than I normally would be. Please be mindful of all this.

Shawl of the Lingering Phantom
- Skill Focus feat in both skills determined by her phantom’s emotional focus while the phantom is manifested in ectoplasmic or incorporeal form.
(so 2 skill focus feats)

hasnt 'gang up' been found by many rule lawyers in this forum to be specific for melee? Some gm's may allow it for ranged but a hard by raw says its only melee, if my research was thorough enough.

Not being contentious, I am actually asking. never know when an errata hit and changed !everything!

thank you for the input.

Java Man wrote:
Most (all?) checks in the downtime system have results based on the total for the check, not a set DC.

Can You site that, java? because I didnt see that.

Kailas, its not about money. I am running a game using downtime with a home rule where people earn experience based on the skill dc. It seems to be good so far, except I always thought DC was set before the roll. Another player has the same interpretation as java, it seems.

As for Profession, the alt profession rule set helps bridge that. Using alt profession rules to look at parralel or equivalent skill checks we can see appropriate DC's for a profession roll.

Also, perform, Arguably the better way to gain money, has skill DC.

Yes, Yes, I know... performance isnt meant to be used over an extended period of days. Irrelevant to this discussion.

I imagine it would be like losing something that is a requirement to a feat... like a tail for tail feats. You no longer get access to the thing (in this case, the discovery). It's a fair point though.

LordAwesome wrote:

Shinoskay : Well, effectively listing everything I know about Pathfinder rules might take a while... *breaths in*

yet, you want people to post exhaustive lists of options for you? Seems rather demanding and ungrateful.

good luck with that.

I would rather it be something particularly durable and hard to dispel. flying carpets, animated objects, and the such usually have low caster levels and only double digit hp where as ships and other vessels/vehicles can have upwards to 900. perhaps I can animate object a whole ship, I guess I can look into that.

there is also the peripheral benefits of flying skiff and its larger variant. flying skiff gives planeshift ones a day and flying sled gives other neat benefits.

Also, a carpet, disk, and such cant have siege or heavy weapons on it.

One of the best benefits of flying skiff is it's weapon can be directed remotely.

I am looking at putting together a board, much like a silver surfer board, that will let a char sail through the air using something like the flying skiff but more kin to a board.

Alternatively, upgrading a sailing ship so it can do a flying skiff thing would be great too... because a flying sled cant really use heavy weapons and if I am going to use a big ship (flying skiff can use one but it's just not enough) then I'd rather use one with big weapons

No, No, White spindle ioun is most certainly regeneration, says so in its details and everything.

you did not effectively list what you already knew about.

Like, there is a pair of goggles that give you ranged sneak attack and there are two archetypes that give ranged sneak attack.

Do you know about any of these?

Theres an Ioun stone, White spindle?, that gives regeneration. I love to get the cracked ones and have them embedded.

I should have put it in the title, my bad.

Perhaps boldening it in the first post will help.

actually, it wont let me edit the first post. damn, nevermind.

Ruby Sapphire of Osh-Maru (must be held)
-Five times per day when the gem is held in one hand, a spellcaster can use this item as an additional focus component when casting a spell that deals electricity or fire damage, converting up to half the spell’s electricity damage to fire damage or vice versa, as if using the Elemental Spell metamagic feat. (does not alter casting time or spell level)

Gunman's Duster
- gunslinger Dodge Deed once per day.

Gloves of Arrow Snaring
- twice per day snatch arrow feat

Gloves of Spell Snaring
- twice per day snatch arrow feat
-expend a mythic power to use one use of the items snatch arrow to block a spell as if using parry spell guardian path ability

So, one of my players is doing a sort of improvised professions (performance) downtime activity and they have been setting their dc after they rolled... basically giving themselves a dc based on the max they can achieve.

This seemed to be their understanding of how profession worked (it's downtime system, I get most people dont really use it in their games so its not unreasonable).

well, I told them that a DC, difficulty challenge, is determined before the roll.... always... this has been my understanding of DC.

am I right or am I wrong? is profession a situation in which the dc scales with your roll? or is there some other answer entirely?


see, thats what I was asking about in the beginning, darklord.

So then yes, I was right in my original interpretation?

GotAFarmYet? wrote:

Jets actually have this problem too, and top gun is actually a bad example of what to do. You let a someone with a wand of lighting bolts near you and that would be the end of it. In a air battle you trade alt for speed and use a turn radius and pulled Gs' to get a favorable position. Truth be told most fights are at several miles with missiles.

Irrelevant to what I said, strawman fllacy, also this is magic as was presented above.

I already said that maneuverability would depend on method of flight and descriptions of how it works.

So, this is less a question and more a guide of sorts. However, I am extending it to the question realm in that I expect I dont have the full answer.

Several times now I have searched up ways to gain feats from items, 3.5 comes up a lot but the best I've gotten for pathfinder is 'ioun stones and wayfinders'.

That's cool, but after years (on and off again) of searching I have finally started to really have a grasp of what all items give feats and so felt it was time to start putting them into a proper list.

Why this is in the rules question?
"Did I miss anything?" is a solid application here.

Starting off with the best option of all: Training
- Training weapon ability
grants one combat feat to the wielder as long as the weapon is drawn and in hand.
The feat is chosen when this special ability is placed on the weapon. That feat cannot be used as a prerequisite for any other feats and functions for the wielder only if she meets its prerequisites.

- Gloves of Unexpected Violence

normal - Catch off guard feat

Greater - improved improvised weapon feat

- Shieldmarshal's Pistol
grit deed feat, pick one:
Deft Shootist DeedUC, Fabulist (Pathfinder Player Companion: Champions of Balance 19), Gun Twirling (Champions of Balance 19), Leaping Shot DeedUC, No NameUC, and Ricochet Shot DeedUC

-Helmet of the Golden General
grants its wielder three performance or teamwork feats.

- Ring of Tactical Precision
By wearing the ring for 1 hour, a creature may imbue it with a teamwork feat he knows for 24 hours. During this time, any creature wearing the ring may use that feat when cooperating with the creature that imbued it, but not with other creatures even if they possess the same teamwork feat.

- Perfectionist Shavtoosh
If wrapped around at least one limb, it grants the wearer the Improved Unarmed Strike feat.

More coming soon, I'm lazy so I will be editing them in. Feel free to post whatever is not on the list already though, maybe I havent actually found that item yet.

Java Man wrote:

The +10 bonus-equivalent limitation is a hard cap for all weapons; you can't exceed that even with class abilities or other unusual abilities.

posted March 2013"

thank you.

I've probably seen cases were it's been exceeded but those were probably cases that slipped through the cracks and shouldnt have been a thing.

I'm surprised no ones asked this before.
there's probably something obvious that I am missing.

Can gloves of improvised might make weapons enhanced to level 14?

a weapon normally can be made to up to 10 (+5 and +5 enhancement worth abilities). you can normally enhance the + number part using things like magus arcane pool and such. I'm not sure if you can stack magus arcane pool enhancement abilities on a + 5 and +5 abilities weapon though.

Or if you can use Gloves of improvised might to get a magic weapon to +5 and +9 abilities (it requires a +1, would that +1 add to the +5?)

I agree with darklords first sentence, just the title of this threads screams 'I didnt do a pre post search'

nevermind this is a common sense question too

Fly checks are really fun, pulling maneuvers in the air that you totally made yourself is most of the joy of 3d combat... and aerial combat is 3d combat.

Imagine it like jet fights, someone is chasing you and you want to reverse on them or get behind them. 'cutting the engines' is really easier here, you drop backwards to be aiming up and they are now above you... bam, take your shot... then 'turn the engines back on' and shoot up to or past them to adjust to follow.

making this about the speed itself needlessly limits that dogfight thrill and fun.

I think in cases where it doesnt say, you shouldnt consider the source. If it's a spell, look at how strong or weak it is and what it says. wind walk would probably be good maneuverability and Overland flight would probably normal since orverland flight is meant to propel you in a direction where windwalk is meant to be the same as walking.

Also, I really dislike the editors notes on paizo for overland flight... personally, I would ignore that.

Is there any way to count as a higher level alchemist for whatever reason?

Mainly, I want to get to level 10 discoveries as fast as possible.

This way I can do a dip or three in some other classes.

I know there's a monk item that helps you count as a monk 4 levels higher.

If there isnt any official or published items, could that monk item be translated to an alchemist item? how?

is this an allowed thing?

wrong place for that argument, no one is really abusing that.

he becomes a huge dragon, the pistol is sized for the dragon... but sometimes he is also a medium person. The pistol wont resize for that.

go take your fire arms size abuse argument somewhere else. Nevermind we are talking about dancing, he wont even actually be wielding it.

Also, in case it comes up.

there are lots of one handed, piercing, pistols

dagger pistol r

A freaking sword cane pistol... woof. one handed, light, slashing and piercing and bludgeoning and... just woof. -cane

and for those who want to get really crazy, a spiked buckler gun...
What DOESNT it do?

Hell, with a beneficial bandelier you can load alchemical shots (super ranged splash weapon, ;) it wont miss ;) ) and you can use spell shots (shoots spells).

some crazy stuff, powerful, you can do here.

the hardness not matching dr, and hp disparity, is a fair/good argument against what im hoping for.

pistol with a socket bayonet, -2 but you can make one that does spread shots.

Pistols do not change classifications due to sizing.

Or add the socket bayonet to a hand crossbow (sized gigantic, lol).

A yuan-tai bow can also possibly do it.

Notbruce, if you continue to pursue the option. you can use an effortless lace you can make it so it counts as one weapon size lighter when you wield it.

if you make a light bow, some other kind of self arming endless ammo ranged weapon, and have it dancing then you can have free ranged attacks with an oversized weapon most the time. Massive rays of light just buzzing out every round.

Firstly, as presented above, this is great anti fodder damage...

secondly, its also great against easier to hit enemies or obstacles because its doing heavy light damage.

thirdly, it may be worth to find out if it can be used for maneuvers (im not sure, probably not).

Finally, its a free extra attack. if you got stupid ammounts of money to waste then this is probably the thing to waste it on.




I disagree

Ok, I rethought it and actually I agree.

fair point, meirril.

would shaving all that off the top and just using the base material stats be bad?

java, not just rider, constructs in general. the gap is with construct options.

but there is gaps (there are always gaps).

for instance, making a construct out of living steel, it effectively is as powerful as an adamantium golem (fast heal and only is destroyed under specific conditions) since it now has a regen factor (recovers hp and any 'broken' condition can be healed).

I havent found anything showing what kind of construct I get when using living steel.

Irespan Basalt wording suggests one can make constructs out of other applicable material.

I agree, the whole fist thing would be janky cheese jank but its also, as you just demonstrated, not THAT big of a deal. a mith gaunt and an adam gaunt isnt at all hard to get and barely costs much extra in relation to the cost of the golem. Also, with a gaunt, if it gets sundered you more easily replace the gauntlet rather than having to replace a whole hand/arm.

Is there anything, specifically, that actually says you cant make constructs out of other materials?

doesnt matter, paizo is now an official core, spheres is not part of the official core. that is what I was asking (and thank you for those who answered).

I know some stuff gets made into official paizo core (plenty of AP's and rule supplements are started fan made or 3rd party and now are official paizo)

So, I just saw commanders tent and happen to know there are lots of enchanted banners out there.

what would happen if one decided to swap the commanders tent flag with one of these enchanted banners?

would you then be adding the commanders tent functions to one of the enchanted flags?

as a stated example, say I put a commanders banner on to a commanders tent. would this then allow the banner to act as a banner and then later be planted to act as a commanders tent?

Normally, combining magic items has a 50 more expense clause, would this be a specific case that circumvents that?

Ahh, blackbloodtroll, good times.

I am working on poppets and my google few brought me here.

Could one make shield golem poppets?

just bumping this for a final pass, to make sure.

well, its full stop at 3rd party.

widely accepted as great is cool but 3rd party is a wall.

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