Interest Check : Kobold Survival in a Homebrew setting


So, I want to run a Kingmaker style game in my Custom setting Aeos. Here's the catch, All the Pc's are Kobolds...

Kobolds in this setting are generally good or neutral aligned.

The idea is that a few kobolds from the various tribes have been sent out to adventure in and out of the lands of the Nine Kingdoms to establish a city created by Kobolds.

Feel free to ask questions and remember this is just an Interest Check for now

Below is all the information a Pc should need to be an Aeosian Kobold,

Homebrew Setting Information: Aeos:

*The Elemental-kin, Tiefling and aasimar are different due to only demi planes existing.

Tieflings in short are those whose family has a history of corruption or evil, though aren't necessarily evil themselves. Aasimar are born of heroes, paladins or those connected with justice, goodness and kindness. These standards applies to bloodlines and the like as well.

Where as The elemental children are all blessed by one of the four gods.

*Kobold Tribes can be found in any of the nine kingdoms, but are more prevalent where listed

The Land of the Nine Kingdoms

* Humans can be found in any of the nine Kingdoms but aren't are prevalent as in other settings.

*Halfling do not exist

* Orcs are nomadic small tribes and can be found in any of the Nine.


Rolling grasslands in the center most of the continent. It started off small during the reign of it's original emperor Archae-Nym a dusk elf, he was generally an unknown figure despite being emperor. liittle is known about him . It's now ruled by his Daughter.

Illyasviel Nym, who seemingly came out of nowhere, Slew him and took over. She's regarded as one of the strongest People in the world of Aeos. Having slain dragons, eldritch horrors and shown political competence enough to turn Rivalain into a large kingdom made of pieces of the other 8 Kingdoms.

She's now the High Queen and makes laws and watches over the other 8 Kingdoms and their rulers.

She established Pit, A miles deep inescapable prison where most Criminals in the nation are kept. it's guarded by what seems to be a scaleless dragon and it's depths are rumored to be infinite and holding worse and worse things the further one goes down.

The Great Colliseum- A place of combat where annual tourneys and gladiatorial combat is held. The Tourney celebrates the Coronation of the Empress and allows the prisoner who wins freedom from the Pit. This Competition attracts merchants from all over to sell wares and marks the beginning of the Annual Culture festival during the time War between the 9 kingdoms is deemed illegal. The Celebration occurs for exactly 1 week at the beginning of the year

Populated mainly by Kitsune, Skinwalkers Catfolk and Tengu.


A massive forest of almost never ending rain, it's floor is almost always foggy and teeming with dangerous living plants and predators. The run off from this massive jungle leads into The Black Fens.

The Vanara and Ratfolk often work together to build Settlements in the safety of the tree tops.

The practice of Alchemy is deeply rooted here, so many alchemists come here to study from the masters

It's main inhabitants are the Vanara, Ratfolk Though Many Tribes of Grippli live around the rivers on the border between Greywood and The Black Fens

The Black Fens

The Fens are a Dangerous Swamp cloaked in dark magics and containing many eldritch abominations, Giant insects and Poisonous plants. Few have explored beyond the borders enough to document whats inside.

A dangerous swamp inhabited by very few people at all, Those who do live here however claim that the only way to survive is with the protection of the Witches of the swamp.

The Fang Mountains

A large mountain set covering the North eastern section of The Nine Kingdoms, The the western section of the mountains is warm and has many under mountain Dwarven cities, while the further east sections are snowy and filled with abandoned tunnels and dragons

The Dwarves of the fang mountains have been fighting dragon incursions for many years, keeping them from invading the rest of Rivalain.

Within the Fang mountains is the Mage's College known as the Spire. A massive Skyscraper of a tower constructed from a seemingly impossible amount of Marble. Since The High Queen took over she established a law forcing Mages in Rivalain to get licenses for tracking or be sent to the Pit

Between the two Factions, Mages and Dwarves. they have some of the best Craftsman in the World Rivaled only by the Unique builds of The Underland Craftsmen

The Underland

A huge underground Cavern underneath the Nine Kingdoms, they're inhabitant have developed some of the most advanced Technologies in the world Basically Steam punk, guns and Other fantasical technology

The people of The Underland have been at war with the Goblinoids of Nar'Voth, Though from their perspective it's not much of a war.

The Underland is inhabited By Drow, Gnomes, Kobolds and other races that might be found underground.

* Drow in this setting are not evil but rather more Lawful and view themselves as Superior beings. Drow Nobles only exit through taking the feats and not as a natural born race.

* Kobolds Are different as seen in the spoiler Below


Nar'Voth is all Badlands and mines, it's only inhabitants being Goblinoid races and the Nomadic Orc Tribes though the two don't associate usually.

The Goblinoids usually set up around what few sources of water they can find and build massive mines that they have slaves taken from war or raids work in.

The Goblinoids tame Acid spitting Insectoid mounts known as Ankhegs

They're generally Organized bands of Goblinoids all part of several houses lead by a chief. Usually they either fall into the categories of Military Settlements or Mercantile Settlements and it's rare for the two categories to intermingle, One starting wars and the other trying to improve the land they have.

The Western Expanse

A Vast Desert with many tombs both recent and ancient. Most Cities are built along The Great river of Ur, a massive river that flows through the desert and into the badlands of Nar'voth.

The Western Expanse is odd in that an Election is held between the two Noble houses, one run by Elves and the other Gnolls. Who so ever wins runs the city until the election on the following year.

The Expanse has seen it's share of Necromancy issues, and stands as both the best place to learn about undead, both to raise and to hunt...

Shira' Kor

An couple Volcanic Islands among an entire Archipelago of uninhabited islands.

Most are fishermen, farmers, Herbalists, Alchemist.

The inhabitants are Mostly Lizardfolk,Skinwalkers, Nagaji, Grippli, some tribes of surface kobolds

Windswept Valley

A Isolated Valley far beyond the Fang mountains. Few have ever seen what lies inside but it's rumored to be the home of the gods.

The Four Supreme Deities
The four supreme Deities are draconic gods who created the world of Aeos and many of the beings that inhabit it.

They each come together to control the cycle of life and death

Typical depictions of them show only Aki'lan and Yue have wings, suggesting they are female and Zyan'mu and Kol are male.

Zyan'mu the Essence

Mentioned as the eldest of the four, Zyan'mu is typically depicted as a blue sea serpent like dragon with white fur along the back side and deep blue scales.

Zyan'mu created the soul and represents Good, Healing, Water, Repose, Protection, Community

Humans born with his blessing become Undines

He is typically worshiped by doctors, commoners, and sailors

his symbol is a dew drop rolling off a Lotus.

Kol the Architect

Kol is The youngest and most moody of the four. He is a bronze colored dragon with a metallic sheen, with hand like claws.

He is known to create the physical form of mortals and the world.

Typically arcane magic is associated with him, he is known to be the greatest blacksmith and mage to exist in Aeos though he rarely works with metal even going so far as to forbid nature mages (Druids) from wearing metal armor.

Earth, Magic, Knowledge, Rune , Artifice, Plants and Animals fall under his per view

Humans blessed by him become Oreads

He view necromancy in a neutral light, seeing raising the dead as the worst offense and a corruption of the nature he created. but it's other spells worthy of study.

He is typically worshiped by Smiths, mages of all colors, artists and those who love nature.

His symbol is an eye surrounded by various rune work

Aki'Lan the Judge

The most Worshiped of the four deities, She appears as a typical red dragon though significantly bigger with large ruby like growths across the scales that are both armor and spike like.

Aki'Lan Judges the souls of the dead, deciding if they are worthy to pass onto new life or not. She gave mortals a mind and the ability to think and learn.

She is typically associated with formal society, tradition, order, honor, As well as Fire, the sun, Law, Nobility Glory and Knowledge, combat and Metal.

After a argument between herself and Kol the two formed a Rivalry. during which he refused to use metal which is associated with her.

She is followed mainly by knights, merchants and tradesmen, and many others

Humans blessed by her become Ifrits

Her symbol is a Shield with a sun

Yue the World Eater

The least worshiped though surprisingly the strongest of the four deities. She is a light green dragon with massive feathered wings and several smaller tufts going along the body and tail. Unlike the other deities she is known to have a human form though as a god it changes appearance frequently with the exception she always has her wings

Known far and wide as the World Eater, Her duty is to carry mortal souls to be judged. At the Worlds end she will eat it and create a new one.

She is not usually worshiped but is oddly the most likely god to walk among mortals and interfere. She gave mortals free will and the ability to choose and make their own decisions.

While representing destruction and Chaos, she also represents freedom and stands against dictatorship and corrupt rulers. Things such as Air, Liberation, Travel, Luck, Death and Trickery fall under her per view

She is rarely followed by anyone as a result of her World eater legend, but more than one rebellion has flown her flag.

Humans blessed by her are Sylphs, Due to this Sylphs unfortunately are seen as bad fortune and discriminated against

Her symbol is two intertwining swirls

Kobold Changes:

Kobolds of Aeos are known as "the First Children" Mainly due to the oldest known documentation (Their own) claims that historically they came first. They typically have short life spans but bare many offspring and large families. These small proud reptilians, mastered the written language draconic and take pride in their minds and draconic heritage.

Physical description
Kobolds are a more Crocodilian species of reptile in appearance, being scaly and taking on similar colors to dragons. They're typically born with either a long prehensile tail or a short stubby tail with gliding wings.

typically they are short only growing to around 2 - 2'8 on average with outliers growing up to 3'5. Usually weighing around 30-40 pounds.

They can also have a horns and spikes across the body or colorful feathers.

Most Kobolds have similar colors in relation to their family but clans are often mixed.


Kobolds live in any area they can grab, though prefer places where they can get frequent building materials like Forests or caves. Their warrens are organized and frequently added on too, families of kobolds live together whiles hatchlings and eggs are brought to the hatchery for safety.

Kobold Hatcheries are considered the most important part of the clan and where most of their protection goes. A hatchery is an area where eggs can be incubated and young hatchlings raised and taught by the clan elders until they mature.

Kobolds are one of Aeos most clever races, being taught building, mining and engineering from a young age as it helps with the clan, and everyone helps in the clan. That is because everyone from the lowest janitor is taught the importance of their job.

Kobolds often follow a clan of three, consisting of a clan elected leader, a military leader and the religious leader. Though they'll bend to a different race or ruler if they find their leader more competent than them.


Kobolds are an organized and populated group that work well together, they're cautious and precise.

Kobolds share frequent rivalry with Ratfolk and Gnomes who they see as competition. Gnomes specifically, they live with in the Underland. The clans around their, it's well known the Engineering corp argue over whose technology is more useful, The Kobolds practical tech, or the Gnomes experimental.

They dislike war and pointless fighting and as such don't get along with more war prone races like dwarves and orcs. This is likely due to their history of losing wars, their pride and jealousy.

Alignment and Religion

Kobolds range from cunning and conniving to organized and lawful.

They follow any of the four supreme deities and typically allow that to influence their alignment. but typically they don't tend toward good or evil, they keep a degree of neutrality as that's what they view as most beneficial and practical


Kobold adventurers aren't uncommon, usually it happens when some decide to venture out to explore the lands, learn a trade, skill or form their own clan.

Racial Traits

Ability Score: +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence or +2 Charisma, -2 Strength. Kobolds are fast and typically clever in some manner but they're physically weak.

Kobolds are humanoids with the reptilian subtype.

Size: Kobolds are Small creatures and thus gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a –1 penalty on their combat maneuver checks and to Combat Maneuver Defense, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.

Base speed: 30 ft

Languages: Kobolds begin speaking The Common language of their area and Draconic. Kobolds with a high intelligence can choose from the following: Gnome, Undercommon, Dwarven, Auran, Ignan, Terran or Aquan.
Defense Racial traits
Armor: Kobolds naturally scaly skin grants them a +1 natural armor bonus.


Dragon-Scaled Some kobolds are hatched with scales of such vivid color that their connection to a particular sort of dragon seem undeniable . These Kobolds gain a 5 resistance to Fire, Electricity, Acid or Cold. This bonus stacks with other sources.
Crafty: Kobolds gain knowledge (Engineering and history), a Craft or profession skill as class skills. They also gain a plus two to these skills.

DarkVision: 60 feet
Gliding Wings Some kobolds are born with wings that, while too weak for actual flying, do allow them to fall at a very slow and safe pace. A kobold with wings can use them to glide. It can make a DC 15 Fly check to fall safely from any height without taking falling damage, as if using feather fall. When falling safely, it may make an additional DC 15 Fly check to glide, moving 5 feet laterally for every 20 feet it falls


Prehensile Tail Your tail is especially flexible and strong, so you’ve learned to use it for both movement and simple tricks. You gain a +2 racial bonus on Acrobatics and Climb checks, and you can use your tail to draw a hidden weapon as a move action instead of as a standard action.

Hi Zero,

Is it supposed to be PF1? I built a cold-casting "winter witch"-like kobold months ago but never got the chance to play it... Maybe this would be the game!

On the story/RP side first: you mentioned Kingmaker, but I assume it's only for the style, right? No problems if someone already played it? Also, is the story supposed to be around dragons and the draconic inheritance of kobolds (maybe with all "different-colored" kobolds? Do the different color of kobolds have different tribes/reactions to other races/etc.)?

On the technical side: would you allow this kobold to get the "Irrisen Icemage" feat, as a witch? This feat requires sorcerer (but Winter Witch is a witch archetype...), and it requires Irrisen affinity (but since it's a homebrew, I'd assume it'd have to be another custom region)?


Oh, yeah PF1. I forgot 2 existed briefly

it's only kingmaker esq, as in the whole travel and city building parts, i just added a few dashes of survival.

on the Story side: it really depends on the pc's and what they take interest in. it's not immediately about the dragons, more the kobolds as a race in a new world.

The Kobolds themselves are all from various tribes and clans of different colored. In setting kobolds are a more intelligent noble people befitting the first race (In their own words)

Typically though they dislike or even hate the more war prone races like orcs and Goblinoids.

they dislike dwarves but respect their smithing and craft

This is all for the civilized kobolds, which pc's will most likely be playing.

AS for Irrisen ice mage with the witch, i can see it working with Winter witch exclusively, so go ahead

This looks interesting. I'd probably submit a sorcerer (draconic bloodline) with the goal of becoming a dragon disciple.

Interesting concept. I would definitely consider empire building as a wee little kobold. How are you thinking about generating statistics? Are you going to use the "Elephant in the Room" Feat Tax rules?


Grand Lodge

I think I might have an idea for a druid, hunter or cavalier style with a big lizard or weasel mount of.somekind

Ability scores will be 20 point buy

As for the feat tax rule, I'm gonna say no for now

With those rules, I think I'd try playing a kobold alchemist from the underland. A natural attack build with the vivisectionist archetype sounds new and fresh for me. I wanna look into the cryptbreaker too.

Grand Lodge

Cavalier Kobold with a Vermintamer Archtype

Grand Lodge

Do we get background skills?

Absolutely i love the background skills system.

Grand Lodge

So my concept so far is a White skinned kobold Cavalier with a prehensile tail that rides a giant spider into battle. He is of the order that uses the darkness.

A Cavalier Vermin Tamer/Emissary Order of the Eclipse.

Hi Zero,

I'm very much interested with my winter witch kobold :) will just wait for the recruitment to open.


Dot for interest. :)

I may also be interested. I rather love kingdom building.

I'm intrigued. I'll keep an eye out for the actual Recruitment post, and knock around some concepts.

Recruitment Starts here

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