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Would the Unscathed Trait stack with the resistance gained by the Resist Energy spell?

Here is the wording for Unscathed: You are amazingly resistant to energy attacks because of either your upbringing or magical experimentation. Each type of energy resistance you have (if any) increases by 2 points.

To me, that strongly suggests you must possess the resistance (be it via innate ability, class ability, or possibly a magic item like a Ring of Resist Energy).

What are your thoughts on this?

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The text of the Resist Energy spell - too complex to create links for now as I am on a cell phone - spells out that its target gains « energy resistance » which is a defined rules locution.
As such, the Unscathed trait applies.

Side note: when deciding how and whether such and such rules applies to a given situation, concentrate on the congruent part, putting the flavour text aside. Here, only the last sentence matters.
- there has been an example of how a rule is made, going through several rounds of editing by different people with the flavour text put in by the initial author left untouched even though at the end of the process, it wasn't relevant to what the rule ended up being -

Agénor wrote:
As such, the Unscathed trait applies.


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