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I'm looking to play a Glaive wielding Inquistor, but don't know what feats to take to help with encounters. I plan to go buff party with Knowledge and spells then resort to be the flank partner and close to the battle. So far this is what I have:

20pt Buy

Maksim Basarab
Male Dwarf Inquisitor of Shelyn
STR 14
DEX 13
CON 12 +2 Race 14 Ttl
INT 12
WIS 16 +2 Race 18 Ttl
CHA 08 -2 Race 06 Ttl
(CHA Dump based on how he is opinionated on what he feels is beauty and is gruff on how he tries to force people to his view. Not so much that he is bad looking, just his assertiveness and rudeness.)

K:Arcana 1
K:Nature 1
K:Religi 1
Percepti 1
Sense Mo 1
Spellcra 1
Survival 1


Chance Savior

Short synapse is he worked with Professor Lorrimor due to his knowledge on creatures and he is an academic of Lepidstadt. He has been on enough expeditions with the late Professor where on one occasion he saved his life and now hearing about his friends death he plans to get to the bottom of it.

I use MapTool for all my games but C&C and have been using it for a little over 4 years. I won't be starting a new game until after the new year and it will be Savage Worlds Hellfrost, not Pathfinder. If you would like to play, let me know and I will keep you in mind when I announce it.

Savage Worlds/Old School Hack/2E AD&D/Labyrinth Lord/Castles and Crusades
Savage Worlds because it is quick and lethal. Old School Hack because it is a fun pick me up game if no one shows up but a few and it has similarities with Savage Worlds and 1E/2E.

Any way we can get a filter for rulebook in the spells and feats? Some games only allow core.

Twice I have installed v1.4.3 and both times the installer jacks up the menu item. I get an error saying "Incorrect parameter" and the icon is not the red die in the menu. The file works if I go to the folder and run it by hand so it has to do with the .lnk.

Friend of the Dork wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:

What external stimuli?

Why would she not have intimate knowledge of her own powers?
Im guessing (s)he is talking about knowing if someone makes a save against the hex. In which case, it depends on if its targeted or not.

Yes, I am referring to whether it saves or not and the creature was targeted.

I am playing as a Witch in multiple campaigns(just love them as a class). I would like to know if my character would know if her Su Hexes didn't work without external stimulae.

The BBEG is a Efreeti Fighter 5 CR 17 and the PCs are 14th level. His stats are AC 34, Th 16, FF 30. 1 is the Gunslinger, another is a Air Specialist Wizard from the APG, another is a Dwarf Cleric of Desna(Travel/Liberation), another is a Shadowdancer/Rogue and the final is a Paladin. Yes, he knows all about them as they haven't tried to hide anything they have done and he has minions/henchmen that report to him.

No, just that to me Gunslingers are a very rare entity and he has been treated strangely everywhere he went due to this. So having one miraculously show up now at the end just as a mechanic to negate him is kind of a d-bag move. Also, I am not a big fan of the Gunslinger it took a lot of begging and pleading from him to get me to allow him to play one.

Thanks! All good advice. Would the Ring of Improved Invisibility work against someone with True Seeing? If I added in a Gunslinger henchmen the player would call shenanigans and be pissed, but I will try to Awesome Blow him into the lava and have his ammo destroyed.

My campaign is coming to an end and I would like to make the final BBEG a little more challenging than the norm. So the biggest threat to him is the Gunslinger in the party who basically kills everything in two rounds due to his only having to beat their Touch AC. I looked on d20PFSRD for a magic item that can either negate his damage or slow it down. Any thoughts?

Thanks! So Interactive Maps are -#ME. Did AP #49 Brinewall Legacy have a seperate map? I know there are the ones at the end bookmarked in the PDF, but I don't see a seperated PDF for them.

I am kinda anal about naming conventions on my PC. I try to keep the PZO #### designator if at all possible. Does anyone know if the interactive maps that come with Jade Regent and Skull & Shackles have a special designator?
Also, is there a way to get just the maps from future APs (not planning to keep my subscription for Shattered Stars and Winter is Coming)?

What code base being used (Flash/HTML5)? I particularly do not want to use flash. How much automation/scripting will the system allow me? I currently use MapTool and I would like to have many of the same features. If automation is just 2d10+5 then pass.

You learn something new everyday. Thanks!

Anyone know what the used fonts are on the covers of War of the River Kings and Thousand Screams and the default Kingmaker title?

Talon Moonwalker wrote:
The method works correctly, but then if you input values onto the new city, there is no update to the original sheet, the economy, loyalty and stability values don't tie up.

OK, Thanks! I know exactly what is happening. I just need to expand the list on the hidden sheet to include like 50 cities. This way it will work.

Jestem wrote:
How do I add more cities?

Right click one of the City sheets that is blank and select "Move or Copy". Then in the popup window select copy and select the sheet "Army 1". This way the City sheet will show up as the last city sheet. Then rename to City 11, 12,... This should work as I designed it this way(or at least I think I did). Let me know if it doesn't work so I can fix it.

Jestem wrote:
I attempt to load the sheet, it comes up as saying that excel cannot load the sheet as the sheet is corrupt. So I click ok and a blank workbook loads instead

Try this version here. It works on my system using Excel 2007. I am working on a version that works in LibreOffice 3.4.

RayFinkle wrote:
I do have a question though. Since I am using the Paizo content for the majority of my campaign, am I allowed to upload the maps from publications I have purchased for my groups use? I mean on the map wiki in OP. Is it not allowed, frowned upon, or okay to do? Thanks.

No you are not allowed unless it is part of the community use package and you follow the community use policy.

EpicWords is a much better site for your campaign. It is free for most of the items you need to run your campaign and the paid content adds more campaigns and storage space. It tracks your players XP, Loot, Journals, Forums, Calendar and uses BBCode instead of the crappy Textile markup language. The developers listen to their patrons both free and paid and are very quick at adding feature requests.

Apocalypso wrote:

Thanks Neo,

That's lots of helpful advice. Now to go practice with maptools a bit...

I just gave a MapTool/Framework training session the other night. If you need any help, let me know and I can set some time aside to show you how to use the program.

MapTool and Ventrilo/Mumble/Skype. MapTool handles all but the VOIP. It is free and can work on any system that supports JAVA. You can send private messages via MapTool, true individual FoW, warding(way to block tokens from oving into an area), warp points, can import any statblock to make a token(HeroLab/PC-Gen/PDF)...

WRoy wrote:
Honestly, a new Qadiran invasion of Taldor is much more likely than the opposite.

The only problem with this is I enjoy the Arabian Knight genre and think of them as the "good guys" and we all know the good guys don't invade unless provoked. Everyone thanks for the info! I will look into the Byzantium military. I didn't know Taldor had elephants though.

Andrew Betts wrote:
Similar to TokenLab?

Nope. TokenLab is a generic framework for MapTool. I use lMarkus's FW.

I am designing a campaign for my players based on Taldor invading Qadira. I have the Taldor and Qadira books, but they don't really explain the military breakouts for these countries. I am assuming Taldor is based more on a system similar to Templar Knights. Many mounted knights and supplemental regiments of archers, foot soldiers and siege weapons. Whereas Qadira would be more of a arabian flair. i.e. Mounted camel warriors, archers, assassins and elite fighters Does anyone have knowledge of what they are built up of? Is there a book out there that explains this?

Evil Lincoln wrote:
It would be annoyingly intensive to make Maptool automate combat to the extent that d20pro does...

I don't find it so. I think lMarkus's FW beats d20Pro's hands down. What do you find it can't handle?

I have used both and I gave up on d20Pro. However, it really depends on how your gaming group plays. If you want a capable VTT that looks pretty use d20Pro. If you are looking for a VTT that may not be the prettiest, but has more features than any other VTT out there, use MapTool. If you are a programmer I would go with MapTool as you can make it do so much more.

Depends on your gaming style. If you are a free and loose type gaming group, go with G+Hangouts or Skype. If you like a little more structure, but don't want too much prep go with TTopRPG(Windows only though). If you have HeroLabs and build your creatures/NPCs/Characters in it go with MapTool or d20Pro. I personally use MapTool as it is the best out there for features. Yes, it doesn't have the best UI and may have a steep learning curve, but no other VTT out there has per token FoW, Events based on token moving over a square on the map, warding...

harmor wrote:

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

NPC stat blocks?

You can download CSV files of many types of files from

My goal is to make the statblock2token macro for MapTool better. Currently it can make a token and be 85% accurate. I want to make the accuracy higher so it cuts down on my prep time. I have most of those csv files, but they are not completely helpful as the level is not a column(it has what the statblock shows like 2d6+3d10; I need 5). Same with AC and some of the other stats. So what I am looking for is something like "hp ([0-9]+).+?([0-9]+)"

I never really understood mindmapping software for writing RPG campaign outlines. Same with flowcharting software. To me it seems to disjointed and better suited for brainstorming.

OK, my very first campaign I have ran is very close to coming to an end. I have wanted to run a game similar to Red Hand of Doom but with an Arabian Nights feel well, since I have started playing Pathfinder. So, being lazy I bought a copy of Red Hand of Doom to use it as a basis to convert to Pathfinder and basically change the area, swap out monsters, update the statblocks... However, for me this seems harder than if I would just start from scratch with a over arching plot of war is imminent then explodes around the adventurers. Well, I have never done this before in my life. I use modules, PFS scenarios, 4E RPGA scenarios, whatever that has already been done to make my campaigns. So, I am a detailed oriented organizational type person and for me using a template/outline would be the way to go. Does anyone know where I can find something like this? I found some that are basic that basically have blocks you fill out, but I think this would be better suited to the second step of the process than the first. I am looking for something more along the lines of a true outline document.

P.S. I don't know if this is the correct place and if not please move to where it belongs.

I am looking for some help with regular expressions to extract data from Paizo's statblocks. If anyone has any regular expressions to do this, I would appreciate if I can have a copy. TIA!

I would suggest getting Virtual Audio Cable if you use Windows. Or figure out how your audio cards/chipset "What you hear" driver does. What VAC(Virtual Audio Cable) does is create a seperate line in/out so you can play music on WinAmp/WMP/FooBar and dump it out to Ventrilo. In Ventrilo you setup a seperate user with a sensitivty where it recognizes when music is playing and cuts in. Then in Ventrilo you set up this user so that he overrides any other user. This way you don't get the five streams problem. I do this in my games and it works well for a quick get in the mood song then mute the player. As for playing background music constantly, my players and I find this more annoying than helpful.

If you need help using MapTool, send me an email and I will go over using MapTool with the Pathfinder/3.5E Framework. I have been using it for 2+ years, I am not the developer, but I have contributed code and know my way around using the system.

I personally love MapTool as it takes care of all of the DMing chores for me(to an extent). However, there are others that I own and have used.

* Runs on any system that runs JAVA.
* Multiple systems run on it. i.e. 3.5E, Pathfinder, 4E, 2E
* Nice UI.
* Handles spells/conditions with minimal fuss.
* Cannot manipulate to fit your homebrew rules. Designed ground up to be RAW(to an extent)
* At designers mercy for new features(although developers listen to customers and are reasonably fast at providing updates)

Fantasy Grounds(never played Pathfinder using it)
* Many systems run on it.
* Great UI.
* Easy to network
* Windows only
* No true FoW (or at least the version I used was DM had to remove)

* Very lite system. Great for a OneShot or pickup game.
* Developer is very intent on making a superb VTT.
* Works extremely well with Pathfinder.
* FoW is revealed by DM
* Windows only.

* Macro system which allows any player to extend the software.
* Pathfinder/3.5E Framework takes care of 90% of rules.
* Works anywhere JAVA does.
* FoW based on each individual avatars point of view.
* Easy to implement Darkness spells now with AddOn macros.
* Pulls Paizo formatted statblocks in to make a token. i.e. PDF/PC-Gen/HeroLab
* Steep learning curve if you plan to write your own macros.
* Some have hard time with network setup.

I play online almost 100% of the time so I use MapTool to handle the mapping for me. The other 10% is with my kids and I print out the maps from the PDF. I do this using Adobe Reader 10, GIMP and PosteRazor. I use the select tool in Adobe Reader 10 and click on the image of the map. I then paste this into GIMP and resize the image to be 1" = 1 square if the scale is 5' or 1" = 1/2 square for 10' scale. Once I have all of the squares square, I save the map as a jpeg. I then open this jpeg in PosteRazor and tell it what size paper I am going to print on, how much overlap I want and the grid size. It then chops up the image into the paper size I want and keeps the grid 1" so minis can be used and saves this out into a PDF which I can then print or take to Staples/Kinkos to have them print. As for maps that are not included in the PDF, but there is an encounter, I scour the interwebs for something suitable to take it's place or my kids get a good laugh at my non-existent artistic skills on a dry-erase mat.

Nezthalak wrote:
NeoFax wrote:

blah, blah, blah

I think a few IF statements with a table of cell referencing the presences of those buildings withing the same city shouldn't be too hard. instead of a fixed number in the BP required build box, some nested IF loops that will check the values inside the building quantity boxes, then would output the adjusted values for their respective costs.

if(condition, true value, false value)
if(waterfront = 1), market BP = 24, market BP = 48)

I plan to do this, but this isn't what I was talking about. On the City Summary each city has a block labeled Major Buildings. In this block it shows you 5 different Major Buildings based off of build type. i.e. Entertainment, Religion, Government, Industry Right now what it does is check to see if let's say Castle is built display castle, if not then is Garrison, if not is Barracks. This is fine, I can do this quite easily. However, what I wanted to do is show where you were at on the build chain and what buildings in the build chain were built. So if you had built a Jail, Granary, Park and Tavern it would show "Jail/Granary --> Garrison Park/Tavern --> Theater". This way you know you had already built 2 buildings from the Garrison build chain and 2 from the Theater build chain. I don't know how useful this is though.

Jestem wrote:
In the city summary, it shows me only the minor items for the city shown in city 1. Other than that, it is a case of I need to flick through the individual cities in order to total it up by hand. Its a minor problem, but one that takes time each time that I am working on the kingdom initially to once again find the numbers.

OK, fixed the City Summary problem for all of the info as the Magic Items were not the only things showing up. I do have a problem now though as the previous iterations just showed what the designer thought was the best Major Buildings you have in the city. What I want to do is show where you are at in the build pyramid. By this I mean Castle halves cost of Garrison, Garrison halves cost of Jail. So if you bought the Jail it would show that and the next step up in the build chain.

I have deleted all of my campaigns info, so you can start from scratch. I would also like to know if a semi-automated way to do the phase process would be a good thing to add.

CalebTGordan wrote:
Can we have the spreadsheet be in a format compatible with earlier versions of excel? I am running this on an older machine, and thus Excel 2010 files won't work for me.

The file is for Excel 2007. I can try saving it as 2003, but the Optional Cathedral and Temple rules will have to go as earlier versions of Excel cannot handle the formulas and functions I used. Namely dynamic arrays.

Jestem wrote:
...The sheet doesn't come to the person downloading it as a blank sheet. Just means that it takes much longer to update the sheet for the first time because so much of the sheet has to be erased before personal kingdoms can be put in.

I apologize for that as I put in my players kingdom and didn't delete out the info.

Jestem wrote:
The other complaint is that the magic items are not compiled correctly, with no total tables for the minor, medium and major items. Other than that though, its an amazing spreadsheet.

What do you mean by this? The amount shows for each city and for the city summary.

I turned these into an Excel SS. If anyone wants a copy, let me know. I changed them up a bit though. I hope no one minds.

RotRL - Played to Book 3 and enjoyed the AP
CotCT - Played from Book 3 to finish
LoF - DMing on Book 6 and will probably finish in a month
KM - DMing just about to start Book 5
SS - Playing; Just about to finish Book 1
CC - Playing; Just about to finish Book 2

I DM 3 days and play 2 days.

Does anyone know where I can get an Excel Spreadsheet with all of the mundane items, descriptions and price?

My group of players are currently on book 6 of this adventure and so far they say they are having a good time. I enjoyed running it as I am a long time "Arabian Night/Kingdoms of Kalamar/Al'Qadim" fan. As the previous poster said you will need to make conversion changes due to LoF being a 3.5 adventure, but you would have to anyway to make the challenges appropriate for your group so to me this is a wash. My biggest complaint with the AP is book 3 and 4 with their planar travel. Book 3 has a part in it that my players enjoyed, but I thought was not necessary and if this wasn't my first time DMing a AP and for Pathfinder, I would have changed. Another aspect is a thread that works thru the whole AP that could possibly be a problem if this character gets killed. Other than those, the AP is great for keeping the arabian feel, plenty of opportunities for side quests (before on another plane), many opportunities to swap out killed players (except for one in particular and during the planar travel) and a superb plot that the characters become invested in almost from the beginning. I am planning to change up the AP to give it more of a Red Hand of Doom feel and re-run it for a different group in the future.

I used to run quite a bit of PFS online, but I do not GM or play any longer due to rules explosion and the addition of more factions. So for me it is no longer fun GMing for PFS and that to me means I don't play.

I am currently working on adding the Cathedral/Temple rules additions from Wayfinder 5 (IIRC), finishing up adding in the remainder buildings from the forums and the extra hex type buildings and terraforming from the forums. Got kinda hectic at work, but my goal is to have this done by next week and sent to Papa-DRB. Then I will port it over to LibreOffice's format so more can enjoy. I really want to ultimately move it to Google Docs so that anyone with a net connection can use it.

I've added many of the improvements that RuyanVe did for the OpenOffice/LibreOffice version into this. Who should I send it to to have it added to the list?

--Added PC/NPC sheet where DM can add all of the stats and can use drop downs to fill positions of office
--Added rules from the book to help DM run thru the phases
--Added Buildings sheet to show what each building does
--Fixed some of the Loy/Stab/Econ stats as they were wrong on the city sheets
--Fixed the Leadership to actually add the subsequent addition for rulers(wasn't adding subsequent only the first ability)
--Added a auto-calculate for unrest(although it is not 100% correct, need to figure out how to account for all possibilities)

Warforged Gardener wrote:

Reposted from another thread(this seemed a more appropriate place):

If there are any Maptool users running Kingmaker(and there would not be an issue posting them), I have been working on some macros to handle the phases of kingdom building. So far, I've automated consumption and the three kingdom checks, including generating/reducing BP and Unrest. If Paizo doesn't object to sharing macros that use their kingdom rules and there are Maptool users interested, I will post them in a separate thread.

One of the biggest hurdles to using the new rules in an online game is keeping track of all the numbers in a way that everyone can see without slowing the game to a crawl. Macros are a huge help with restoring real world speed to online kingdom building.

If you still have these macros, I would love to get a copy.

neofax99 <AT> gmail dot com

As a GM I let the players know how I intend to GM the game and if they have a problem we come to a consensus that is agreeable to all. Now here is where the previous advice from others come in; Players do not know what they want! All the time players say they want death to be a real possibility, but when it happens they are the first to cry foul or in some of my campaigns spend those Hero Points. I do not gun for the players, throw inappropriate challenges at them or play the creatures more lethal. I let the dice decide and do not fudge, play the creatures as tactical as their wisdom/intelligence states and try to make the challenges based on a four encounter day.
As a player, I want a lethal/challenging game that abides by the rules of the game and the creatures are played based on their wisdom/intelligence. i.e. Int 2/Wis 2 creatures flanking, ganging up setting ambushes... Also, I do not want the GM to make every encounter Epic. The reason is I want to play the game for the mental stimulation, sense of accomplishment and education.

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