Enlarging in tight space?

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What happens when I cast enlarge, or use the giant instinct power to enlarge myself when I’m in a tight space, or even when I’m surrounded by allies or enemies?

The spells dinosaur form, dragon form etc specify if you don't have space the spell is lost. I would guess the spell Enlarge is the same. Although they're Battle Forms, and Enlarge maybe be less restrictive. I'd go with giant instinct enlarge not working, but not being lost

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I think surrounding creatures would be pushed out of the way

diana ratcliffe wrote:
I think surrounding creatures would be pushed out of the way

This could be the opposite too.

Since there is no room, either from structures ( walls, ceilings, rock, etc... ) or creatures, the spell will be lost.

I prefer to let the spell fail, since the caster will definitely know if there's room for it.

The other spells calling out that they don’t work if there isn’t room only makes things more confusing. It implies that that isn’t the case for other effects, but leaves us wondering how it actually does work.

Perhaps it's supposed to be the same but that line got left out. Mistakes happen. It may be in the errata that should be available today.

It wasn’t in the errata this time around, but you are right, the line simply being left out is probably the most likely answer.

Just a +1 on wanting to know the answer to this.

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