Age categories for a half-orc with elf / dwarf father?


What age categories would you give to a half-orc whose father was an elf/a dwarf?

As written, the lineage of the half-orc is irrelevant in the determination of their age category.

Obviously a GM can create their our alternate age category based on the lineage though.

It doesn't matter what the character's background is. What matters is the character's actual race. If you choose half-orc you get everything that comes with the package. Your story might involve some interesting parents, but as long as you are a half-orc, you get their everything.

If you want to change that, you have to spend feats and traits to change what you are allowed to. Age category is not one of the things on the table. If you really want to live as long as dwarf or elf, then make a dwarf/elf and take some orcish traits and/or feats. Boom, your a half whatever with some orc blood who has a strong blood connection to their non-orc ancestry.

*sigh* Look, I'm well aware about what RAW says. The race(s) I'm talking about don't actually exist (half-orc/half-dwarf and half-orc/half-elf) since technically all half-orcs are always half-human, so RAW doesn't really concern me or this thread. I'm simply asking what age categories would you give to a hypotetical homebrew race of orc/dwarf and orc/elf (preferably borrowing from an existing race).

With elven parent I'd go slightly shorter age than half-elves. Maybe three quarters? I don't remember orc age categories but I think they are slightly lower than humans. For dwarf parentage even less, maybe one half of half-elf.

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I would go one category lower than the non-orc parent race -- so half-elf or halfling aging would be about right.

Half-elf, it would be easy to Math:
(orc age)/(human age) ≈ (orc-elf age) / (human-elf age)

For dwarf, it would be tougher, since comparing to human-dwarf age ratio would be off (since half-races seem to exhibit closer to the short-lived parent)

Do you intend to have a campaign last multiple in game years? Most campaigns don't operate on that timeline.

If you don't, does it really matter what the age categories are?

Largely age categories just aren't particularly important to use.

If you want to be old just be "old" descriptively and unless you intend for the campaign to last long enough that a character should die of natural causes then you can ignore it.

I wouldn't be asking if it wasn't important.

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