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So I see that there will be two difficulty levels for the adventure, Soldier (you're more likely than normal to die) and Champion (you will very possibly die).

Any info on the potential rewards vs the risk? i.e. 'If you survive Champion Mode you can expect double the usual Gold and a couple of really interesting Chronicle abilities" vs "You'll get the same Gold per tier regardless of which mode you play"...

Also, how much of a disability will I be at if I don't have multiple high-level "Aid Characters" and have to rely on pregens?

I've only been playing Pathfinder for a couple of years and have *just* achieved a 5th level character. While I'd love to take part in the Final Episode At Gencon, I'm concerned that it's set up to cater to players who have been playing forever and have multiple high-level characters and that I'll get massacred in the process, which doesn't help me *or* the table...

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If you have just reached level 5, maybe consider signing up for Soldier just in case.

Unless I am misinformed, they are going to offer the preview version of 10-98 at Paizocon so we can expect some feedback to come from there, but for someone who does not literally have 1000s of hours of PFS experience hard mode is likely not a great fit.

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I suspect hard mode won't have (significant) extra rewards. The reward for people with really powerful characters is having a game where they feel challenged, instead of "too easy" crushing everything.


There's an existing con boon that refreshes when people play "hard mode" on scenarios with that option.

Otherwise, it would surprise me if there was a distinction between rewards (beyond bragging rights. :) )


Roger that - Soldier mode it is. Thanks for the feedback!!

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I Will prefer solider but my wishlist does include champion just in case.

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