Some Ideas for Legendary Skill Feats

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I'll preface this that I like the idea that the main goal of proficiency bonuses is to expand the scope of the kinds of things you can do with skills, and not just add a bunch of +1s. I do, however, feel that Legendary skill feats are not quite legendary enough. Here are some idea for the kind of things I think legendary-proficient characters should be able to do.

Titan Feller - You can use Athletics to grapple, shove, or trip enemies of any size without penalty.

Paragon of Fear - You can use the Intimidate skill against creatures which would normally be immune to fear like constructs or undead.

Hide in Plain Sight - You can stealth anywhere, anytime.

Steal Enchantment - You can make a thievery check to steal one ongoing spell effect on an enemy and apply it to yourself instead.

I feel like these are the kind of things that Legendary heroes should be able to do with their skills.

i dig it.


I like the idea.

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