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Am i missing something? Or have the temporary ability scores and modifiers been removed? Cuz I’m not seeing any place for them on the sheet. If so, then what about spells like “Cat’s Grace” that add temporary boosts? Do you just add that into the full score/mod? That seems kinda fishy to me.

Is there even a spell that adds temporary ability boosts?

I don't think so - I don't see any of the "Animal Attribute" spells in the playtest. I think that whole mechanic's been dropped outright. I haven't had a look at the magical items in detail yet, but I get the feeling that things like gloves of dexterity and their counterparts are going to be conspicuously absent.

EDIT: Or... those would just give item bonuses. Now I feel stupid.

Huh, even the polymorphic spells seem to be lacking new ability scores. Just read over Dragon Form and makes no mention of what your new ability scores are. Not actually too big a deal, though; non-combat uses for Strength, at least, are probably covered by that Athletics bonus, the temp HP covers the extra CON (poison or the like might still be an issue, but my knowledge is still a bit all over the place), and it's not like you're expecting to do anything dexterous while you're a 15-foot g&$@~*n dragon.

I'd have to find more of the polymorphic spells (since Polymorph itself seems to no longer exist) but I suspect that any that would involve massive changes to ability scores would be to just use the score modifiers from the bestiary.

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