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We noticed in the bestiary, that several humanoid monsters have shield block as a reaction, and get the benefit of a raised shield. However, we think that there should be an action listed in the available actions that actually says "Raise Shield".

just to be consistent.

At the very least, there should be a comment in the intro section states that it should be implied whenever the Raise Shield Reaction is there.

We don't want monsters getting more actions against us because they don't have to spend one to raise their we?

Are you saying it should be an action instead of a reaction because its what the pc's do? That is what I am reading but I am tired and may be wrong.

Point 1- Npc's and monsters dont follow the exact same rules as PC's.

Point 2- rase shield is a reaction for fighters.


I think Eliphas means, like PCs, if an opponent wants to use Shield Block reaction, they also need to have the requisite "Raise Shield" Action on their sheet. The Shield Block reaction should also say it can only be used if the Raise Shield action has been used this turn. Otherwise, they get a free action every turn.

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I think I'm missing something.

I'm looking at the Drow Noble Cleric. Its AC and TAC both note the default and ACs with shield raised, and the reaction references "Shield Block." If you look up "Shield Block" in the Ability Glossary the requirements state that the shield has to be raised, and the "Raise a Shield" action is a standard action available to anyone that has a shield according to the core book.

Hmmm I didn't have access to the Bestiary when I replied, but as I look at it now, every creature with a Shield Block does have in their AC Block two separate ACs, one with and one without shield ac bonuses.

And while having Rasie Shield listed in the Actions might be a good reminder, the face that there is an AC listing (X with Raised Shield) should be a good reminder that, if they want that they need to use the action.

But, a cheat sheet with all the actions anyone can take might be a good idea.

I do agree that even if they are NOT going to list the Raise Shield action (which would be fine), they should probably still list the Shield Raised prerequisite on the Shield Block reaction if that action IS going to be listed. right?

The description of the Shield Block in the Ability Glossary does say you need to have a Shield Raised.

It would be smart to put the Raise Shield in the Actions of any creature with a Shield. The put Shield Block in there, which anyone with a shield can do, so why not put in the Raise Shield? They do it like Shield Block, list it as an action, and then detail it in the Ability Glossary.

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The question really is do the monsters automatically have their shields raised without having to take an action. I see in the AC stats where it has a shield buff but nothing stating they take an action to do it. We would house rule it, but shouldn't have to be a question

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The raise shield action is granted by having a shield - it's in the shield rules and I guess it is assumed that GMs know the basic rules.

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I believe no monster entry lists any common actions. They do noit list Raise shield, Stride, Step, Assist etc, they can just do it as any creature that meets requirements for the action.

The monster entries list only special actions, available to this particular monster and not everyone else (like specific Strikes with listed damage and special effects)

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