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Bidmaron wrote:
Anyone know why they went away from the term power? I like that better and it risks less confusion from those new to RPGs

So all things that are spells are called "____ spell".

Multiclass archetypes are where the 'middle ground' resides now.

Paizo's never been one to review their own products well - I've always thought they need to hire a technical writer to review their stuff. there's no reason nearly every one of the charge actions in the bestiary couldn't be made with one or two defined traits instead of every one being unique. They are creative writers, and as such, have a natural desire to change how something is written every time it is written. That's not how rulebooks should be looked at.

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I'd agree - which is now rolled into the 'Jousting' ability (which added some handedness abilities to enable using a lance in one hand (with a lesser damage die) when mounted.

But that still has another question it brings up:

Does a Sudden Charge trigger the Charge/Jousting damage boost? In the case of the Sudden Charge, there may not be an action preceding it, as it's part of the same action. Common sense would imply it does, but the words are ambiguous (Action is a very specific word with specific meaning, I believe).

What does the Barbarian Animal Instinct "Deer" do? The 'CHARGE' weapon trait is not defined anywhere in Core Rulebook or Bestiary.

$80 for my deluxe CRB and it's already obsolete needing errata? :-(

I since went through the bestiary, looking for some clue. For starters, there is no deer like animal IN the bestiary, to even draw inspiration from. Additionally, there are at least 10 completely different charge actions spread throughout the bestiary, it seems no two creature charges the same.

Pretty disappointing when they were touting the 'rule consistency' of the new system, and I come across this on my first character build.

Barbarian, Animal Instinct, Deer has an antler attack, which is 1d8 P, with the CHARGE and the UNARMED traits - I can find nothing that says what the CHARGE trait does.

Any clues?

hmm.. how about fixing the 'resolution problem' on that character sheet - or maybe simpler, just a pdf of said sheet...

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
Efreeti Bloodline wrote:
Efreeti Form (Su): At 9th level, you gain the ability to assume the form of an efreeti once per day. This acts like the spell giant form I, except you only use it to become an efreeti and its duration is 1 round per level. While in this form, you also gain an efreeti's heat ability.

That last bit looks to me like they actually did think about "Which other efreeti abilities should they get that aren't granted in giant form?" So I wouldn't call the omission of flight an oversight.

Maybe they didn't want to infringe on Djinni bloodline territory?

Perhaps, or they made the incorrect assumption that flight would come with the form. The Djinni bloodline's 9th shape change doesn't provide flight either, and just turns you into an actual whirlwind (without really even defining what that actually means).

To me, the problem isn't that it makes the sorcerer a melee monster - I'm okay with abilities that let you cast fist - but that's not what an Efreeti is all about. If an Efreeti is down to punching, he's already lost. This would be an even worse transition if I was a human, because I would get even slower with the change. That flight is so very important to what they do.

So, I am becoming a bit disappointed with the Efreeti bloodline, as I'm approaching a the 9th level Efreeti Form ability. It seems a bit of a disappointment, that it won't really grant all that much, as a gnome sorcerer with high dex. As far as I can tell, it will:

drop dex (which is used for targeted spells)
boost str (would only be used if using the genie's slam)
base speed would be 'changed' to 20 ft
boosted con and natural armor
fire resist 20

The efreeti is a flying outsider. With the ability based on Giant Form I, however, i would not get the great Fly 40 ft. (perfect), because Giant Form, rightly so, doesn't grant flight (as there aren't generally any flying giants). So, this essentially lets the sorcerer, with little to no armor - go from little accurate blaster, to big front-line puncher, and worse at blasting (due to lower attack modifiers from size AND dex changes).

Am I missing something in this assessment? I was really looking forward to popping into genie form and buzzing about blasting - but that just doesn't seem near as capable as swapping it out for Blood Piercing, and just leaning more and more into burning fools.

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The issue with the 'no XP unless you show up' is that its a cascading penalty. Missing one or two nights and the player's character is now forever behind the others, thus his fun when he DOES show up becomes negatively impacted, making it far less likely he'll show up in the future. In general, just a bad practice.

Roswynn wrote:

Wait, you're talking about Ultimate Campaign now, aren't you? In the playtest there weren't rules involving abstract "goods" iirc, and moreover, we don't know if and how those rules changed for the final version of 2e.

I mean, I agree with your critique of the system, more or less (although 6 barrels of fine wine can be sold for the services of a crew of carpenters and stonemasons who will build the wizard's tower I suppose), but I don't think we'll get that deep into downtime with the core book already. Rules for building houses... maybe that's not a priority yet.

As I said, i don't really have experience with the playtest downtime mechanics. Was just voicing my concerns with the previous ruleset that they called 'Downtime'. I feel my fears of "Downtime-2e" also being TOO abstracted is sort of verified in that it is considered a 'mode of play', where it is quite likely designed to take up less table time than if they just kept things flowing as normal.

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Being honest, I haven't looked much into the mechanics as presented in the playtest - but I am very familiar with the ultimate campaign versions - and while I do like the concept, I think they were created with the wrong emphasis in mind. They were made as a way to 'have' these concepts in the game, without taking much table-time to deal with them. As such, they tend to abstract things out WAY too much. The way the resource management is in downtime, for instance, I think is too simplistic, and makes it hard to give out treasure rewards in a meaningful way. Sure, you can have the party discover 6 barrels of fine wine, and simply call that '3 goods' - but then when the party gets back to town, they end up using those 'goods' to help build their wizard's tower. I would much rather goods like this be treated as what they are, and provide a benefit for a specific thing (use it to have an event that raises Influence capital if managed right). Sure, I can do that on my own - but if I'm going to do that anyway, then why use the written system?

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PFS will always see mixed level tables, so there will be SOME form of guidance there, I'm certain.

As I see it, there would not BE an oath for every distinct alignment combination - but just the 4 axis ends (Good, Evil, Law, Chaos). A Champion of Law can just as easily be LG, LN, or LE - and each would take actions for their oath in very different ways. Regarding things like the TN Champion, I believe that's where oats to a deity or to an order would come in. Pharasma could very easily have her Champions - but they would not be sworn to an alignment ideal, they'd be sworn to her ideals.

While I haven't had a chance to watch ANY of the 2e streams - I can say that MY PERSONAL PREFERENCE is that there be oaths available for a wide variety of things, eventually. Ideally, the Champion would be able to be a Champion of an alignment, of a Deity, or of an Order. This is the type of thing that can lead to a huge variety of characters from a singular versatile class. And of course, this is also the type of thing that can be spread about through many publications over many years, with the CRB containing just some basics.

Erik Mona wrote:

We're talking about Aroden, here. Understood that there's a bit of a conflict with Pharasma. Let's chalk it up to "poetic license."

Not a fan of poetic license in the main campaign setting book.... That's the sort of thing that needs to be clear.

A shame how poorly this is worded. Especially when a 1st level fighter who stumbles across this would gain an amazing benefit, while a 4th level inquisitor would gain no benefit. Additionally, an inquisitor that trades out bane via archetype would not gain anything from this even at 20th level.

Neat idea - poorly executed.

Set wrote:
CraziFuzzy wrote:
Wait a second - why in the world does the Rimesoul Undine variant get Chill Touch as an SLA? Methinks an author doesn't get what that spell is beyond it's name...

I vaguely recall back in 3.5 it showing up on lists of 'cold' or 'winter' related spells as well, so much so that I made a version that did Cold damage (and Dex damage instead of Str damage) instead of negative energy damage (and was an evocation [cold] spell instead of necromancy).

I was too lazy to make a 1st level cold / ice spell like 'throwing icicles' or 'snowflake shuriken' or whatever to put in that role. :)

Ice Dagger is already a thing.

Wait a second - why in the world does the Rimesoul Undine variant get Chill Touch as an SLA? Methinks an author doesn't get what that spell is beyond it's name...

How is needing thicker, and heavier, plastic sheets to hold a few boons each, in addition to other half or third sized chronicles (not as common a sleeve), better than just a single full sized chronicle sheet that has the boon on it, that don't require any sort of extra accessory over a project folder for the entire character?

I'm not sure I get how the boon card ideas being floated about would work, in practice. When I compare my practice of having a report folder for each character, with his/her series of chronicles in chronological order, all letter sized, and neatly bound, to a stack of cards, kept separate from my letter sized character sheets, my head hurts.

Y'know, we as a society have iterated and optimize on the practice of hard-copy record keeping for centuries, and we've landed on the letter/A4 sized paper being the most common - I see no reason to move away from that.

My personal preference is that any time a character is interacted with, it has a record - this is to make a history of the character, and make it clear to whoever decides to look at it what has happened to that character over its life. To me, the gap in that is the period BETWEEN sessions (which, frankly, I spend almost as much time on as in the session it seems). Equipment purchases/upgrades, level advancement, retraining, etc. All the things I spend hours at my desk mulling over - and they have no real place in the character's current records. The sale/purchases/notes sections of the chronicles should, in my mind, be limited to what is done during the session. I don't think I should be spending a ton of time writing all over a chronicle sheet that has already been signed by a gm, and it doesn't make sense to wait until AFTER the next session to record those things that were done before the session on the next chronicle sheet.

I know many here are adverse to 'more paper', but I honestly can't imagine a better way to track it than to have a sheet that a player CAN use between sessions, if for no other reason than it is just easier for them to do in their leisure, and it makes the chronicle given out AT the session limited in scope to the session itself.

CraziFuzzy's Downtime Tracking Sheet

Something like this would be able to be printed at home, BY THE PLAYER (for those concerned about chronicle printing costs), and at their leisure. They would not be compulsory, but the purchases/retraining need to be recorded somewhere, so it's up to them to use it or keep it in some form that can then be recorded on the next chronicle. And of course, there are times when nothing is done between sessions, in which case, no downtime sheet would be needed.

So, I just took the Chronicle Survey on the Playtest page - and it looks like they have some ideas to make chronicles worse. Part of the survey was inquiring about chronicles being made 1/2 or 1/3 sheet sized. I don't know if they've gotten complaints about how much paper is involved, or what, but I honestly can't imagine chronicle sheets, especially for some of the wordier boons, being smaller, ESPECIALLY in regards to the purchases.

I'm just saying, there's a huge cost we would all pay for a more 'paper-light' system - and I'm not sure it's worth it just to save some paper.

Of course, I did plug my Downtime Tracking Sheet in the comments of the survey - don't know if it will be seen or not.

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So, digging this thread up - I'm looking for some experience after a year or so of this class being out there. I have a Magus (Kapenia Dancer) 5 in PFS, and am seriously thinking of throwing a level of Inquisitor (Living Grimiore) on her for skill/utility reasons. She's at 20 int right now, so her canny defense is already at it's max at +5 Dodge. I'm looking to get her some armor proficiency anyway (Kapenia Dancer gives it up). What I see getting from this:

- Cure Light Wounds on her spell list (spam them CLW wands)
- Use Intelligence for Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate (from conversion inquisition)
- Light and Medium Armor proficiency (she'd still suffer ASF if wearing medium until magus 7, but light alone would be a huge boon for her)
- 3 more 1st level spell slots - with a few spells that overlap on the magus list (true strike), and as such, can be used with spell combat without taking broad study.
- a bump on fort and will saves

What I'd give up, would of course be magus spell progression, some BAB, and a magus arcana.

RP wise, she's a devout shelynite, and I've been wanting to give her a bit of divine anyway, just didn't see anything that worked mechanically (meaning int based) until stumbling upon this weird archetype.

Auke Teeninga wrote:
I'm assuming you mean Silken Ceremonial Armor?

HA! yes, of course I do.

Auke Teeninga wrote:
I'd go ask the regional people.

Looking into it, but pretty much agree with the above - it seems the rebuild options are more about changes that screw a character over, than they are about mitigating missed opportunities. In that light, I suppose retraining would be required.

So I have a character (my -1, actually) that I made back in mid 2016. Kapenia Dancer. Sometime after she was made, the campaign clarifications were altered and the armor proficiency/arcane spell failure issues were dealt with. Does this type of change allow a free rebuild? specifically, she's been wearing Silken Celestial Armor for years, because of the lack of proficiency and spellcasting ability - had I known about the clarified rule at the time, she probably would have spent a feat early on to pick up light armor proficiency. Is this something she can rebuild for free (swapping out a feat for her armor proficiency, and selling her current armor at full price and buying new), or would she have to spend the prestige to swap the feat and sell her armor for half?

I've read through the blurbs on rebuilding at the end of Ch 2 in the PFS guide, and this situation doesn't really fit any of the listed situations. Is this something I just need to take up with the regional guys, or is it expected that this type of thing falls under the intent of the guide's rebuilding rules?

wait.. Kobold Boon?

So, I guess a related question (since I too am a kapenia dancer lover)... when a campaign clarification comes out and affects a character so significantly as this, is there a way to rebuild the character that doesn't involve burning a ton of prestige and gold via Ultimate Campaign retraining? I'd gladly give up one of my earlier feats on my Magus (Kapenia Dancer) 5 to take Armor Proficiency (light) and get something better than my +1 Silken Ceremonial Armor.

Long overdue for a bump on this - since still the reported 'errata fix' has never happened. And when investigating elsewhere, I did find that they put a campaign clarification in PFS on how to deal with this. It reads as such:

PFS Campaign Clarification wrote:
A kapenia dancer is not proficient with armor or shields. He does not have the magus's ability to ignore arcane spell failure from armor; however, if he becomes proficient in light armor, he automatically gains the magus's ability to ignore the arcane spell failure chance from light armor. If he becomes proficient in medium armor, at 7th level he ignores medium armor's chance of arcane spell failure. If he becomes proficient in heavy armor, at 13th level he ignores heavy armor's chance of arcane spell failure. This replaces the magus's normal armor proficiencies, including those gained at 7th and 13th level.

Not exactly errata, but it seems to be at least a source of an 'official' fix for this.

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I'll be incredibly disappointed if they move away from half-race heritages. I thought this was a very innovative method of character customization, that offered far too many benefits going forward (plane-touched races, half-xxx templates, etc).

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MaxAstro wrote:
Considering that all you have to do to get rid of wounded is survive the fight, I'm overall okay with this.

More than just survive the fight - you've got to remove the condition, which CAN be difficult, depending on someone having a good Medicine skill, or a lot of magical healing.

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Edge93 wrote:
Something worth noting, the update mentions you might use different DCs for certain conditions. The examples given were increases for cursed wounds or inimical conditions but there's no reason not to take that and lower the DC if it was light wounds or a weaker character you're healing. It only makes sense for the DC to be representative of the difficulty of the task like most other DCs here.

I'm not a fan of paying for a 'rulebook' that just says 'do what you want'.

I don't think i really like the new treat wounds. For starters, the DC is a problem, as mentioned here. If you can successfully treat 3 hp of wounds on a buddy at level 3, it shouldn't be HARDER to treat 3 hp of wounds on that same buddy at level 12. Currently, that appears to be the case.

More importantly, I don't like the unlimited nature of it. Unless you are at risk of critical failures, then it is unlimited healing, with just the (unlimited use) healer's tools and time as the "resource". That is far too unlimited, and frankly, really breaks disbelief. I would much rather the mundane healing be a representation of 'patching you up' to get you moving again, but not something that can get you to full strength. I would personally love the new wounded mechanic to be reversed - and it be something that you GAIN when you receive mundane healing. The 'patch you up' mechanic would get you some hit points, at the expense of some effectiveness, and would result in magical healing still being better than mundane.

Perhaps, make the Critical Success provide the same amount of healing, WITHOUT adding to the wounded condition.

I'm not sure removing dice has the granularity required at low levels. I mean, what would be the difference between plate armor and scale armor? If there's only one dice to deal with, then the effect of the armor would be identical.

I often wonder what process the devs went through when determining what optional rules from pf1e to make core in the playtest. The action economy from unchained is great and I do very much enjoy it - but I really wish they had built the new system with a version of Armor as DR from Ultimate Combat. A system that differentiates 'hitting' the target, and 'damaging' the target. By keeping Touch AC in the new system, this differentiation is still happening, just not in an intuitive way. I'd love to see something where the modified Attack roll is compared to the target's Defense score. Defense would be Dex + Deflection (shield if raised and/or parry if active) + Stance (defensive and/or dodging) + Circumstance (Cover, Screening, etc). If it hits, then the damage roll is compared to the target's Protection score. This could be Con + Armor + Shield (if taking the block).

I know I've read criticisms of the armor as dr rules before, in that sometimes it ends up with the complete inability to damage the opponent - I think that could certainly be avoided - especially if an 'absorbed' hit still did a minimum of 1 hp per damage dice rolled. A thousand cuts could still take down the armored brute in this case, and it's an easy minimum to determine.

Caster Level is not a variable of the spell, it is of the caster.

Nah, my point on the 'workaround' is that it sort of makes more sense if the non-chosen of the two would be suppressed, so when the short duration spell is gone, the spell that remains takes effect again. I certainly understand why only a single polymorph 'effect' can be active at a time, but it doesn't make sense that single casting of 1st level Aspect of the Nightengale can essentially dispel a permanent 8th level Polymorph any Object spell.

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Val'bryn2 wrote:
Another good point. I just see it as unlikely for a drow to cast it on themself. That's what they have minions for, and minions are not to be trusted with important decisions.

It can only be cast ON a drow, per the target description. There is a drow feat called 'Surface Scout' that grants this as an SLA. Pretty sure it was intended to be for casting on oneself for long term infiltration. I have talked to the author since posting this, and his intention of the nondismissible spell was so the Drow would have to fully buy in to the persona, and not be able to switch in and out of the ignoble persona at will - his fear was the spell being too powerful if it was easily dismissed. Unfortunately, there was already a comparable spell of a lower level, ancestral regression from the ARG, that is dismissible, that did essentially the same thing but to a full elf instead of half-elf, so the 'over powered' reasoning sort of falls flat.

It's also sadly easy to "dismiss" a polymorph spell by simply casting a lower level, short duration polymorph spell and letting it expire. A wand of Aspect of the Nightingale will allow the Drow to come out of his 24 hour non-dismissible Ignoble Form very easily. Something that is so easily circumvented through convoluted means probably shouldn't be that way in the first place, and self cast polymorphs should all be dismissible. I mean, if you have a choice of whether a spell even effects you (see the rules on multiple polymorph effects), you should probably be able to stop it at will as well.

I think the alchemist is going to be the quickest start - just not really doing 'cold' until level 2. But level 1 is when he was just a run of the mill thief with some quirky ideas.

Also, try to move away from the magic aspect - doesn't seem right.

Try this on:
Alchemist (Gun Chemist / Inspired Chemist)

Gun Chemist grants you the firearm, and the ability to infuse your ammunition with the effects of what would have been your alchemist's bombs. Take the Frost Bomb discovery at level 2, and you can fling frost bullets that stagger the victims.

Inspired Chemist replaces Mutagens with Cognatogen's and can choose investigator talents instead of discoveries - making a much better 'Captain Cold' type character.

Captain cold is also a master thief - don't forget that part of his persona. I also would not get hung up on being able to do everything at 1st level - I can guarantee you he wasn't as you see him now when he was 15.

Then it makes more sense to just let the original spell be dismissed by the target. Silly PITA workarounds aren't good game design.

SO strange - so a 4th level spell that is not dismissible (like Ignoble Form), can be ended early by a 1st level casting of Aspect of the Falcon, Face of the Devourer, or Aspect of the Nightingale.

Creature has a long duration (24 hour) polymorph spell on them. An hour into that spell, they have a short duration (2 minutes) spell cast on them.

What happens when the short duration spell ends? Do they change back to their original, natural, form, or to the long duration polymorph form? The Polymorph rules do not state that it dismisses or ends the previous polymorph effect, just that the creature can choose which effect to take effect.

Does anyone else find it incredibly cumbersome that Ignoble Form (spell from Blood of Shadows that makes a drow appear as a half-elf) cannot be dismissed? I understand the spell is designed for Drow living among surface folk, so it's likely a 'cast every day' type spell, especially with it's 24 hour duration, and the granting of a bonus to a craft or profession skill - but it seems to be seriously missing the ability for that dramatic reveal of the drow's true form if it cannot be turned off short of a dispel magic.

pretty sure it just means you can't make shadowcraft firearms or tech weapons. Any other 'legal' pfs weapons should be viable.

Why is the practice for online games different?

The ideal system, in my mind, would be to have the sale and purchase lines restored to the scenario chronicles, which should be enough to track purchases made IN that chronicle's session, as well as the use of the 'downtime' chronicle I posted to track the, often more extensive, between-session purchases. This means GM's aren't touching another GM's chronicle sheets; they are handling just their own, plus the player's downtime generated sheets.

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