What’s your favorite change from Pathfinder?

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So far, I’m rather liking the 3 action system. It allows for a lot of variety in what you can do on your turn and doesn’t create the issues of having so many different action types, that sometimes convert to other action types in weird ways.

Action system and unified proficiency system.

Overall higher preset character creation.

Simply put, stuff like background, anathemas that set classes more in line and so on.

Background itself is something im +- about, since until there are tons of them it is a bit iff and ofc, even then some will always be missing, but it shouldnt be hard for a GM to make on the fly for his players anyway.

Anathemas i quite like. It was abhorrent to me how clerics could follow a god, but quite literally not at all represent said god in PF1. So this is a big plus.

Class locked stuff. This needs change here and there, but the direction is great. Simply put, being a class should matter quite a bit to me, so each having unique and powerful tools that set them appart is a great direction to follow. Ofc, right now this needs work, but im considering the thought.

Action economy and "you don't have to deliberately invest in things in order in order to get better at them as you gain experience."

the White Dragon on the cover looks nice

New action economy.

All the changes from PF1 to Starfinder. Please keep all those, e.g., narrowed skill list, almost no distinction between Small and Medium characters, Bulk, no need to confirm crits, etc.

Goblin & Alchemist core.

Character Backgrounds replacing Traits.

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Crit fail / fail / success / crit success.

It gives so much more scope for varied outcomes versus the binary of fail / succeed.

I'm also loving Seen > concealed > sensed > unseen.

That and the hundreds of tiny fixes and quality of life improvements, I keep finding more of them. Like scry > teleport, no more reach donut.

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