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I do like the potency / propriety rune system, and it is not such a problem in itself because it allows you to customize your weapons and armor as you see fit through the adventure.

For example if you have an heirloom weapon that is very dear to your character, you can just extract the potency rune from the amazing +3 greatsword you found and apply it to your beloved weapon.

The stat boost items are the only problem imo. These items are a real pain because you have to get them somehow. If you don't or your GM doesn't drop you one, you are screwed until the end of the adventure.

The solution I propose is to completely remove these overpowered items and transform their effect into a sort of "rune" that you can apply to any magic item. That way you can now keep the dancing scarf that you found and wanted to sell in order to buy your belt of strength, and you can even improve it to make it really unique and very important to your character.


Hi everyone!

I'm posting this message to give my opinion on the playtest of Pathfinder 2.0. I have not been very vocal on this forum because I really wanted to have an opinion of my own and not influenced whatsoever.

My experience in the game

Before I start, I have to tell you what I played and how I played it so you know where my experience comes from. Here are the characters I have theory crafted (to the 10th level minimum) and sometimes actually played:

- Sorcerer full spell caster: This build was more oriented towards blast even though I quickly realized it’s not very efficient…
- Sorcerer / Fighter: This is the build I have read about lately in the forum, it is oriented towards casting spells then attacking with a weapon. That was my main character for chapters 1 ; 4 and 7
- Rogue Dual Wield melee : I played it for chapter 2
- Druid melee with Animal companion: The build was oriented towards having an animal companion that was more of a support to my melee damage than a true damage dealer.
- Cleric / Fighter / Healer: The idea is to make a combatant capable of surviving almost anything while still doing a lot of damage to the monsters. I’m playing it for chapter 3
- Warrior Tank (weapon and shield): This build is more oriented towards the group; the idea is to stop any enemy from approaching my allies with “reach” and with the attack of opportunity. I play it for chapter 4
- Wizard Versatile: This build was created to really reproduce the wizard we are all used to. It was revolving around having the correct spell at the correct time either in combat or out of combat.
- Paladin: This build was created as a level 4 character. I did not have time to make it level 10 but it was very similar to the one above “Cleric / Fighter / healer”. The idea was to create the perfectly balanced combatant. I turned to the cleric pretty quickly

My Feedback

So now to the interesting part: my conclusions on this playtest will be organized in the three following sections:

I. Feedback on the character creation

Overall, I liked the character creation, I find that for a new system, taking in consideration that it only includes a part of what the final rulebook will be, it allows for amazing combinations. And, even if many options from Pathfinder 1.0 are, understandably, not here, this playtest satisfied me enough to keep going. I heard the ancestry system is a subject of discordance, but I found it refreshing. The way it is done lets you play almost any race with any class, you can even create a gnome barbarian! How awesome is that! ^^ The way characteristics work is great because now you don’t have to create a smelly asocial to be effective in combat. Moreover, the background is tied to your score now, you are even more encouraged to think through your roleplay while building your character.

The character creation is, however, hindered by a big problem in my opinion: the class balance. Overall, every class is playable and can be useful to a group of player, but my problem with the balance as it is right now is that many classes only allow for ONE possible option to be played effectively. Some class have been well done in this new system, I enjoyed playing the rogue and the fighter, I saw the monk in action as well and they each have their own flavour and style. But, some other classes just lack the options and the flavour like the wizard, the sorcerer, the druid and the ranger for instance. Arcane spellcasters are globally bad in the current state of the game, they serve nothing and the only way to optimise them right now is to multiclass Fighter. I think the problem can be solved easily and there are multiple ways to improve them. For example, just giving them more spell slots per day would be sufficient to give them the versatility they cruelly lack right now. I have not been exploring every class but the worst probably is the alchemist: I don’t even know what it can be used for and that is sad… I hope the devs have some ideas to make it right.

Another bad thing about character creation in my opinion is the loot system. I just have to put my most ugly thumb down on this, it is horrible and frustrating. The loot tables (from which we are supposed to buy our starting equipment) are unbalanced and not thought through. Some items just feel like they have been squeezed here for the sake of making the list bigger. So every Magic Item level you have a list of mostly worthless items. So for example on the level 6 list you have the choice between a superb dancing scarf allowing you to dance better and be stealthier! Yay! Alternatively, you might choose the Ring of Lies with its magnificent +2 bonus on deception and a very situational 1rst level spell… Of course I’m not going to extend on every item in the least and I’m not saying that all items are useless in the treasure tables, far from it, but seriously, just get everything useless out of it and there is way too few interesting or badass items. I like that you have to choose only one characteristic enhancement item though.

Last but not least about character creation, the skill feats. I just find them too situational, and some skills are just forgotten in the process. Why become master / legendary in arcana, nature, religion or society except for a little +1/+2 bonus on the skill. Additionally, Skill feats are a pain to choose each time I create a character. Maybe improve the way the table reads with a column concisely resuming what the feat does because searching in the book a specific feat and ending up disappointed by the effect repeatedly is frustrating!

II. Feedback on the game’s systems

I think the game’s system are fine right now. Sure, there are some balance that needs to be done, and I won’t repeat everything people already say on the forums. I find that the action economy is action-oriented and dynamic, which is good. The only thing I would say about the game’s systems is that it uses “the DC is dependent on the GM appreciation” too many times, A rule should be simple, written and understood by everyone in the same manner. So either the devs should state exactly the type of DC everything refers to compared to the table page 336 (table 10-2 Skills DCS by level and difficulty), or they should just put an arbitrary DC for every action in the game.

III. Feedback on the module

The module felt pretty good. I like the difficulty of the game even though sometimes it was pretty hard. I like that players now have to think to win a fight, and yes, hot-headed players might die quickly. I especially like the fact that the current difficulty forces you to think of the consumables and actually use them more often.

The current dying system is very weak though because if players just play in team, it is almost impossible to really die. The only thing this system encourages is that players stay on the ground longer and play less… Oh and it is even more random than before!^^ I expect the devs to have 3rd system we can test rather quickly and that will prove more solid.

The module lacks opportunities for roleplay but that was to be expected in a playtest module. Overall the story is interesting and it feels good to play many different characters to test the system and its limits.


Overall I am mitigated about this new system. I like what they did with the martial classes, but the spellcasters feel pretty useless and boring right now. they are generally just cantrip spammers and if you optimize a little bit you will often find yourself just attacking monsters in melee with every class. But what I like about this system is many little improvments that make the game flow much better. I think if I have to go back to Pathfinder 1.0 to find the balance I liked so much, I will miss all these little improvements they’ve made in Pathfinder 2.0.
Creating a character has never been so much fun ! Moreover, combat has never been so rythmic and demanding ; I don’t feel like Fighter combat can be summarized by “I… move and I hit hard!” anymore. I just hope they correct the imbalances and the problems related to character progression.


Just added an animal companion sheet, tell me if you encounter any problem ;)

Character Sheet.xls


Just a quick message to inform you that the character sheet has been updated multiple times since its release. A lot of little errors have been corrected.

If you make characters for the next chapters in the playtest, I would advise you to take the new version to avoid a lot of inconvenients.

Here is the link : Character Sheet 1.0

Still working on improving it, so any feedback is most appreciated :)

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Thank you for your feedback doktor, I'll change the background right away, do not hesitate to give me any other feedback you might have !

Yes that's a good one ! I seached for something like this before creating mine but I couldn't find it :p

Anyway I just think it's 2 possible options for creating a character, depends on what people prefer :p

If you use the excel sheet, do not hesitate reporting me any remark you may have, making it better is fun for me :p

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I just finished adapting the file to be compatible with older versions of excel.

The file is now .xls.

Here is the link : Character Sheet 1.0.xls

Oh and BTW, do not try to modify it via dropbox, just download it with the top right button of the screen when the link is opened.

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Hi !

If you're interested, I just created an excel character sheet because personnally I couldn't see myself writing down all the information needed for a level 17 in the playtest on the character sheet they gave us^^

here is the Original Post

here is the download link : Character Sheet 1.0

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Hey guys,

I don't know for you, but I really can't read myself back when writing down my character sheet with pen and paper...

So here is an excel character sheet that I just created to use during the playtest. I just wanted to share for those of you that are like me :p

Here is the link to download it :

Link for the Character sheet 1.0 (Pathfinder 2.0 Playtest)

You'll probably need a recent version of excel to run it. I'm sorry for those that only have openoffice or such, I don't think it's gonna work properly :s

If you have trouble with the way I locked the sheet, the password to unlock is : "123". Do not to touch anything that is supposed to be locked unless necessary to avoid problems.

Here's the new version : Character Sheet v3.2.


- New character Background Sheet

No problem ;) Don't hesitate to ask me if you see any other feature I could add to this sheet :)

Here is the new version of the sheet : Character Sheet 3.1


- Compatibility changed, the document should be compatible with more softwares
- An option to change the character sheet language from english to french has been added on the top left corner of the first page
- A new Hex sheet had been created

I integrated the Hex sheet so I decided to release this new version earlier ;)

I usually search on google image for character arts.

The kineticist sheet was a lot of work for a very complicated class^^ I'm not sure if it's actually working, I did it just for the fun of it.

I'm not sure I will include any other class specific sheet like that in the future because it requires me to refresh the database every book Paizo releases. That's actually why I deleted the spell database that was previously included. For example, on the kineticist alone, there are new elements that have been released recently and including them requires a lot of efforts for few actual results.

Right now I'm going more on a semi-automated Character Sheet with a maximum adaptability, but I will probably make a Hex sheet where it will be easier to keep track of hexes chosen each level and their effects. It won't be automated though...

Thank you for your support Bitter, I'm always happy to see people using this character sheet :p

I just made the correction on "feets" and made it "feet". Was it the error you pinpointed or did I just understand it wrong?^^

I didn't include any easy way to use Witch Hexes, I guess it wouldn't be too hard, I will see what I can do. In the meantime, you can use the "class abilities" table.

Actually, if you or anyone sees any other improvements to bring to this sheet, do not hesitate to tell me so I can correct and include new features.

About the pictures on the sheet, you can normally select it and delete it. To put another picture on the sheet, you can insert it directly with excel.

If that's not clear, or if it doesn't work, do not hesitate to tell me so I can imagine an easier way to use this function.

Cool :) Don't hesitate to give me your feedback, I'm sure there still is a lot of work on this sheet :)

Hi guys,

I'm sorry, I didn't remark that the link was broken until now.

Here is a new link with the new version of the sheet, I hope you'll enjoy it ;)

Character Sheet 3.0. Do not mind the preview that will open on your screen, simply download the sheet and open it on Excel.


- Moved Favored Class option box from character sheet two to character sheet one
- Moved Energy pool box from Spell list page to character sheet two
- Changed Speed box and also included an option to change units in which distances are calculated
- Removed the Background Box, replaced it with a much larger Class Abilities table (I plan on adding a much more complete Background sheet)
- Modified character sheet 1 and 2 to fit the new layout
- Corrected an error occuring on the CMB and CMD formulas
- Corrected a flaw in the carried weight section
- Syntax and font corrections
- Added a "remove skill" table on the character sheet 2 to allow class skill removal in case something that modifies class skills is taken (i.e. an archetype)
- Armor Check penalty is now automatically substracted from physical skills
- Reworked that armor table for it to include the long forgotten Max DEX bonus
- Vigilante Class is now available
- Total skills should be calculated automatically by the sheet
- Carried weight unit can be choosen between "lbs" and "kg"

I will modify the compatibility of this sheet in later versions in order to make it compatible with earlier versions of excel and openoffice.

Hello everyone, it's been a really long time since I updated my character sheet, and there was many problems.

I hope I corrected most of them, here is the changelog :


- Added a table to keep track of class pools in the spell sheet (e.g. Arcanist's Arcane Pool)
- Added a CMD formula on the left of CMB bonus on the main sheet


- Inspiration pool can now be selected in the spell sheet
- Added Energy resistance and damage resistance to the main character sheet, companion sheet and eidolon sheet
- Improvements on the spell sheet which was FULL of problems
- Added a missing magic item slot on the character sheet 2 : Feets
- Changed the way spells are referenced by players : Now there are two pages for spell, one that references all spells that are known by the character and one other which summarizes spells that can be cast each day by the character. It should be especially useful to prepared spellcasters and to users of metamagic to repertoriate which spell slot is used for each spell prepared
- Eidolon sheet base saves weren't correct. It should be ok now
- On the Eidolon Sheet, the evolutions weren't correctly accounted
- Updated the fonts for the sheet to have a better look
- Warpriest saves weren't correct
- Corrected and error that was occuring on class skills
- Numerous fonts that weren't in accordance to the style of the sheet were changed
- New blank skills have been added
- Spells known sheet has been modified, it does not include automated spell list anymore, it will give the user more freedom to organize its spells

Here is the download link

Pathfinder Character Sheet 2.3.

Updated :


- New feature on the spell list to repertoriate spells prepared per day and spells used per day.
- A new table on the Character Sheet 2 allows you to artificially add class skills to your character
- Other bonuses to attack should now be taken in account and automatically calculated by the sheet
- Added a Kinetic blast sheet with auto completion of blasts and their burn cost. The sheet should also automatically calculate the adjustments of burn cost as the Kineticist levels up. Additionally, the Kineticist can now create blasts that she uses the most in order to access quickly to the information
- Improvements of lisibility throughout the character sheet
- Correction of little errors and bugs in formulas (as usual :p)

Pathfinder Character Sheet by Kadulu (V2.2)

Well seeing from your point of you I have to say that I can only agree on all this, I'll try to build my kineticist with a little more utility than it currently has :)

Like I said on the previous post it may be unfair to compare the class to the wizard or to the sorcerer since they are much better at doing those things with their abilities.

I'll try this new build :D

Catharsis wrote:
You're missing the fact that Gather Power can compensate for Empower and later (with Supercharge) for Composite.

Yes that is true but I feel like it isn't enough to compensate all the effects that you could add in order to get damage scalled compared to other classes.

Around lvl 15 for example a blast sorcerer or wizard will have quicken spell to do 2 fireballs with spell perfection and everything. The Kineticist does have metakinesis but getting a quicken on your blast is really expansive and it would probably be the only thing you Would apply to your blast in order to keep some resources for later combats. Added to that the wizard and sorcerer would do area damage, and additionally, the wizard has all the utilitarian spells that Kineticist can at best reproduce.

And let's not forget the non lethal damage...

But it is probably unfair to compare the kineticist to the tier 1 class. When compared to the ranger for example, it has strenghts that ranger doesn't have and vice versa. That's what I discovered from reading very carefully this class. That means, at least the class can be playable oppositly to what I said earlier :)

I looked back at the Kineticist and I saw the infusion specialization class feature that changes a lot the way the class is actually working.

Now I see that it is possible to have multiple attacks per day with many effects combining with each other I can see the interest of taking this class.

I still feel the Kineticist is missing something since most of other classes in Pathfinder can do better in what Kineticist is supposed to be good at.

In my opinion, composite blasts are coming a little bit too late, they should have come around lvl 5-6 because the class is too weak early levels.

Same for composite specialization because if a kineticist must stay competitive in terms of damage, it must use the metakinesis ability. The problem about this ability is that it has a fixed cost which can't be reduced, and it's cost is directly taken from the burn pool which can't really be increased as the character levels up.

It may just be an impression, that is why I am discussing it here, because I'm not totally mastering the class as you guys do. I didn't even participate to the playtest so I don't have the experience about this class that other players may have


I'm posting here because I don't see anywhere else to ask my questions. If I posted on the wrong place, feel free to move my post to the correct section ;)

I have tried to build 2 different characters with the mechanics of the Kineticist that is, in my opinion very refreshing, but I couldn't get any build which was worth taking at the end.

Let me show you one build that I did to give you an example of the troubles I have with this class :

the idea of this build seems to be in par with how the class was built : bursting with maximum damage. When I built my character I quickly understood how CON was important so I maxed it out. I calculated what the character would look like at lvl 10 in order to have a good idea of how the class would evolve. I also maxed dexterity cause it seems to be the secondary caracteristic of the class and it allowed me to have initiative and a correct AC bonus.

Here are my maths : my character would have an average of 100 HP (with a +5 modifer on CON) with a burn pool/day of 10-11. It would also have a burn pool per round of 3 and an internal buffer of 1 or 2 with the correct race.

If I want to make the build I imagined, I would try burst with maximum damage, that means that I would do a composite blast of air and fire in order to have range if needed and to boost damage. That would approximatly do 15d6 (extended = 1 burn) + 14 (elemental overflow bonus damage * 2 because of Fire's fury. Here is suppose I already have 3 burns on me in order to give you the maximum potential of the class) + 1 (point blank range) + 7 (CON mod). That means an average damage of 74.5 per round. The damage seems comparable with those of the ranger making a full round attack.

To do these damage that are pretty good I would need to focus with one move action and attack with a standard action, nothing to complain about on this, and I would spend 2 burns and take 20 non lethal damage.

So here is the problem, if my math is correct, that means that my character only has 5 attacks per day since it has a maximum burn pool per day of 10 or 11. It would also mean that my character if he does all of his attacks has to take 100 non lethal damage. It also means that my character cannot move when he attacks and if he wants to do anything else like maybe one crowd control from time to time, in order to change a little from attack, it would take him one of his attacks of the day.

I don't know if I interpret the class well but I currently don't find it playable at all, 5 attacks per DAY is really low and it doesn't even bring to the class any versatility or really good damage in exchange. You can do almost as good with a blast wizard or sorcerer except for the fact that those classes have everything else to play with outside combat with their spells and abilities and their damage is area of effect. And I'm not comparing it to the ranger which is far more effecient when talking about damage and utility...

I hope my analysis is wrong and I hope you can shed some light to this because this class is built exactly how I like a class to be. It is complicated and it offers lots of possibilities and great potential.

If you could help me see what I didn't understand in the rules , I would be really glad :)

Hey Guys!

Here is the version 2.0, it includes

- The addition of the brand new Paizo classes (from occult adventures rules book)
- The addition of the skill knowledge (local) that was missing
- Some corrections concerning problems with some formulas

Pathfinder Character Sheet 2.0.

Updated :

Minor changes on the fonts and police
AC bonuses now include Shield bonus to AC
Inherent modifications due to the change mentionned above

Download the Version 1.0

Download version 1.0 (mirror 2)

Updated :

Advanced class support
Modification and deletion of images is now authorized
Correction of bugs and formula errors

Click here to Download the New Version

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Hey guys!

Well I didn't find any character sheet which was satisfying for me so I decided to be stubborn and to create one of my own^^

So here it is, I plan on implementing advanced classes. For now, only basic classes are implemented.

The character sheet includes an animal companion sheet, an eidolon sheet and a spellbook.

Let me know if you see anything wrong :)

Click here to get the Character Sheet