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Silver Crusade

When a character takes an Archtype like Necromancer, or Smith mage I think that the archtype should give them access to certain spells at a lower level than normal Like Smith mage should get Permanency at a lower level then a Necromancer and a Necromancer gets create undead and control undead a lower level than a Smith mage.

What would you imagine them giving up for this? Delayed or removed access to other spells? Issue with such changes is unless keyed to descriptor tags, etc, it doesn't handle future spells very well. You seem to suggest it as general approach, yet how do you discern trope-appropriate spells which aren't granted early, perhaps just synergizing with other archetype features? Seems plausible if some kind of ultra-specialization re: magic school paired to dropping other schools, type of thing. But even there I'm not convinced early access is the way to go necessarily.

Silver Crusade

choose a school that is not one of your major schools and all spells from that school come one level later than normal.

Necromancer isn't an archetype. It's an part of the Arcane School class feature.

Clerics can do this since Inner Sea Gods and it is very flavorful!
Domains also allow it in some cases.

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