Sovereign Court Faction Status Report - Year of the Sky Key

Sovereign Court

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Arodus, 4714

My Comrade in Arms,

With the Horn of Aroden in hand, our army more than doubled in size in the final month of the campaign. I sent our Army of Exploration north to join the Pathfinder Society, where I have already heard reports of our soldiers' success on the field of battle. News travels quickly in Taldor, and word of our success has drawn all eyes to the north—at long last. Even though the aristocracy is late to the party, they are already arranging parties to celebrate their supposedly pivotal roles in out expedition's success. It is preposterous, really.

For millennia Taldor's nobility led the Inner Sea region in war and in peace, and the model of the enlightened, even-handed aristocrat is the ideal form of rule for most nations; however, we must accept that Taldor's elite are no longer the shining example. In your mind's eye, remove them from that sacred pedestal. As other lands have grown in strength and prominence, so too have they developed their respective noble classes. In my travels this past year, I met with many of these leaders. Some are bold innovators with justice, virtue, and industriousness to spare. Others—including an uncomfortable number of monarchs—have lost sight of the bigger picture and settled into a life of luxury, indolence, and vice.

Nonetheless, with your help I have built a growing network of right-minded nobles across eastern Avistan, many who have the ear of their head of state. Rather than try to dredge Taldor from the stagnant harbor in which it has scuttled itself, we will effect change through the lesser nobility. As the nations we foster thrive, others shall open their doors to our vision. Perhaps—I hope—one day Taldor will deign to do the same.

The Pathfinder Society is our ally in this regard. You and its many other agents travel far and wide and speak to many powerful people in the course of your work. Use these opportunities wisely to find like-minded aristocrats to join us, but exercise caution; if we move too openly, those uninterested in change may try to stop us. My next goal is greater recognition in Absalom, which has long been my home and hosts a plethora of like-minded elite.

Our goal is worth the wait,
Lady Gloriana Morilla

The Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign begins the Year of the Sky Key, its sixth season of Pathfinder RPG adventures. Keep the words of Lady Morilla in mind, and be on the lookout for opportunities to help the new Sovereign Court faction succeed in its objectives. When the time comes, endeavor to participate in Pathfinder Society Scenario #6-05: Slave Ships of Absalom.

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<mumble, mumble, court, mumble> "For Taldor!!!"

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I came to you because I heard you needed an army. I'm an army. Now all you seem to want is people who talk fancy, look fancy, and smell like a god-awful flower shop. Well, that ain't me...

Sovereign Court

Rodrik the Blunt wrote:
I came to you because I heard you needed an army. I'm an army. Now all you seem to want is people who talk fancy, look fancy, and smell like a god-awful flower shop. Well, that ain't me...

*frowns* I think my cologne is quite fetching.

The time for martial prowess has passed. Now the real work begins.

Sovereign Court


I too see the potential in our recent alliances, and agree that there is great potential we can indeed foster. However, I have not given up hope on our fair Taldor; it may yet rise to lead the nations of the Inner Sea to a new age.

I will pledge my sword to this new endeavor and stand ready to heed the call to arms and adventure.


(sigh) And so will my faithful companion, Sparkles the Wonder Puppy, also pledge her...fangs, I suppose.


Lord Bedevar Nox
Earl of Torchwood

and his faithful Royal Taldoran Warhound,
Sparkles the Wonder Puppy

Sovereign Court

Boss Lady still want report? Me had fun this year breaking things.

Sovereign Court

Ah, a most welcome change! Sadly, my umbral heritage (and the deficiency of facial hair it entails) has cost me many opportunities among the nobility of Taldor, so I fully support this move. It is time to promote the ideals of nobility and proper governance, even if it means partially severing my allegiance to a homeland that has often been unwelcoming to me.

Grand Lodge

Kaylee receives this note from a courier in the middle of a crowded bar, where she has been flirting with a handsome young man and several of his friends. As she was handed the letter, she was about to start into the story of Venture Captain Nalshene, her mentor in the Pathfinder Society, who saved Kaylee during a major battle in Absalom several months ago.

"Ooh, we get to meet more nobles! Yay! Maybe I'll find myself a handsome prince to sweep me off my feet! I bet I will! I mean, just look at me! *SQUEE!!!*"

Kaylee jumps up and down, shaking the cat-o-nine whips that she has cut down into makeshift pom-poms. Her cut-off leather armor is little more than a corset with a leather skirt, leaving little to the imagination, and you get the feeling that it really isn't going to be that useful in combat. She twirls in a circle, dancing with excitement, and you see on her lower back a tattoo of an androgynous figure dancing with colorful ribbons flying around him/her.

"I'll be the best Pathfinder ever! Okay okay, now let me tell you all about the brave Venture Captain Nalshene and her cute, cuddly spiney-saurus companion!"

Sovereign Court

While I am content to call Taldor my home away from home (the theater is of decent quality, though I despair that I will never understand what passes for comedy among humans) I am pleased that you have seen the wisdom of forming a broader alliance of nobility. It is indeed a heavy burden that we must bear, representing the Pathfinders with dignity and decorum, whilst so many murderous thugs seek to drag the Society's reputation through the gutters.

Sovereign Court

Up Taldor!

It pleases me to no end that the Taldan–Gebite Joint Expeditionary Regiment was able to serve so well in this recent unpleasantness! But Lady Gloriana is right when she says that the celebratory parties are both late and preposterous. Here's hoping that the rewards for our noble efforts flow more freely in the future.

The Right Honorable Lady Lillebryst MacFaileas, Visbaronetess of Bordell-on-Jalrune, Corvette Captain of His Majesty's Zimar Corsairs, Colonel of the Taldan–Gebite Joint Expeditionary Regiment, Gythia of the Sacred Sting, Dragonslayer, Husmær of the Ulfen Guard, Member of the Lion Blades, Companion of House Avenstar

I see committees of correspondence; the best and brightest aristocrats of the Age of Enlightenment forming a new trans-national league of forward thinkers. Looks good!

Sovereign Court

A small gnome with greyish skin and brown hair looks on, his eyes wide with wonder and excited grin on his face.

"Oooh. Interesting changes. This is why I like being in on all this noble stuff."

He suddenly stands up straighter and takes on a more serious expression and tone of voice.

"As a noble of Taldor, I, Yzarctishtab, Lord Baron Garblenarf, do wholeheartedly approve of Lady Gloriana's leadership, and the new direction in which she's leading us."

"Rodrik, old man, we're going to need your strength. While some of us are making deals with nobles of faraway lands, others will have to contend with more physical threats. This is no time to abandon us!"

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (4) + 15 = 19

Sense Motive:
He's bluffing. While he really does hold the title of baron, he really doesn't care about the nobility or making sure Rodrik sticks around. He's just excited to watch everything unfold, and be in the middle of it.

The gnome gives a curt nod, then wanders off, switching back to his excited demeanor as soon as he thinks nobody's watching.

Sovereign Court

M. Scaramanga - As a landholder and noble of Nimrathas it makes me shine to separate myself from the clutching foppery of my Taldan kin. Im sure they are still aghast at my will bequeathing my estate to my manservant.

Knick - Yes when you die good lord its all mine.

M. S. - keep sending the assassins dear lad, I do enjoy the practice.

Sovereign Court

You have shown that when needed you can pull together an army, strengthening my belief that you can provide the aide I need. You may count on my blade as long as our arrangement remains strong.

Aleksandr Talov Aldori

Sovereign Court

My Lady, while I am a relative newcomer to your banner, I dearly hope that time will enable me to prove my devotion to your cause. When I first heard of your efforts to raise an Army of Exploration, I found myself drawn into your service. While most think of Mendev when they hear of the crusade against the Worldwound, my own homeland of Ustalav also shares a border with that blighted land. Long ago an Army of Exploration freed my ancestral lands from the grip of a grim monster, as such I felt honor bound to join your forces to free another land from a similar fate.

When the fighting up here settles down, I had helped for a chance to rest at my family estate, but I see now that you will need my services soon again. Might I be as bold to suggest that when the opportunity presents itself, you might be able to find a strong ally in my liege Count Galdana.

You shall always have use of my sword and shield whenever they are needed.

Sincerely Yours,
Baron Randulf von Braun

Sovereign Court

I, Gen. Goldfrapp the Naked Taldoran Halfling Trebuchet of the Taldoran Trebuchet Army in Absalom, have always felt that the Armies of Exploration were the way to bring Glory to Taldor. I have used the Pathfinder Society in the past to plant the Banner of the Taldoran Trebuchet Army across the Inner Sea and beyond. I've even managed to convince a dragon that while the Banner of the Taldoran Trebuchet Army might not a worthwhile object, my personal Red Faced Panties were indeed an object of desire. With the power of a true faction, we might be able to scry upon them and find where the dragon placed them in his hoard. When we do that, I'm certain that we will be able to finance another Army of Exploration to conquer said Dragon, ridding the world of another vile beast and using his hoard to bring the nobles of the various lands into greatness.
Thus, I, Gen. Goldfrapp the Naked Taldoran Halfling Trebuchet of the Taldoran Trebuchet Army in Absalom do pledge my Trebuchet Army, my Shaft of Taldor and my Titles to the Sovereign Court.

Sovereign Court

Like Amroth, I have often thought 'noble' as a character trait is more significant than 'Noble' as inheritance. Bearded or not, I have met many noble people in Absalom and across Golarion.

My family has been blessed to have the ear of the nobles since Galdur III crafted the crown that still sits on our prince's head. May we be able to provide such service to many nobles in as many lands. For returning nobility to the Nobility, I pledge my beard, my gems, and my hammer.

On a personal note. May I add that this idea once again justly marks supporting your 'promotion' over the Baron Dalsine as the correct choice?

Sovereign Court

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Galdur XXI wrote:
On a personal note. May I add that this idea once again justly marks supporting your 'promotion' over the Baron Dalsine as the correct choice?

"Yeah, Lady Gloriana's much better at this than the Baron. No matter how bad the pressure gets, she never loses her head."

Sovereign Court

Hear, Hear!

The Right Honorable Lady Lillebryst MacFaileas, Visbaronetess of Bordell-on-Jalrune, Corvette Captain of His Majesty's Zimar Corsairs, Colonel of the Taldan–Gebite Joint Expeditionary Regiment, Gythia of the Sacred Sting, Dragonslayer, Husmær of the Ulfen Guard, Member of the Lion Blades, Companion of House Avenstar

Sovereign Court

Lady Gloriana Morilla,

I must say that I am quite interested in this Sovereign Court that you are putting together. While I have for some time worked diligently for Paracountess Zarta Dralneen, I feel that my talents are no longer needed in her service. I have long sought to bring honor to the name of my house, and raise its esteem in the eyes of House Thrune. I feel that my goals will be better met by working with fellow nobles rather than in a Dark Archive. I am very skilled in courtly speech, and quite influential with my country-folk and fellow hellknights. I believe that my skills might serve you quite well.

Marquise D'Railford Lady Jasmine Henderthane
Hellknight of the Order of the Chain
Commander of Fangwood Keep
Favored of House Thrune
Respected by the Nail
Student of Scrolls
Savior of the Master of Blades
Scholar of the Gates Ajar
The Evenhanded Investigator
Captor of Tancred Desmire
Captor of the Spider
Honored by the Twilight Talons
Eagle Knight
Bearer of a Mendevian Commendation
Exemplar of Falcon's Hollow
Hero of the Five Kings
Hero of the Fey
Honorable Member of the Order of the Cockatrice
Pathfinder Society Field Agent

Sovereign Court

Having seen what happens when people run around all pel mel trying to do their own thing, I'm starting to consider some serious life choices and whether a group such as this could provide a little more much needed organization to Avistivan.

Sovereign Court


I look forward to working towards greater goals on behalf of the Sovereign Court, and hope to make the Veskel name known to the nobles of Taldor, if not all of Golarion.

With all regards,

Mirana Veskel, Daughter of Inspel Veskel, and heir to the Veskel Laurals

Sovereign Court

I supported The Empire, their decadence was good for business. Now this arrogant empty headed twit has to go and ruin a good deal with her talk of "virtue," and "justice." Ah well, all good things must come to an end. Perhaps it is time to cut my ties with the society and strike out on my own once more.

Thebethia the Pirate Queen, Hag of Abendego

Grand Lodge

A Top hatted Gnome wearing robes covered in arcane symbols smiles and bows looking up at the lady "I cannot speak for my fellow Griswolds but I am sure we will all continue to support you and the Court." he bows again backing up back into the crowd.

Sovereign Court

Wait! does this mean no more blowing up spice factories?!? Well I am all for charming noble <wink>

The Marque de Sard

Sovereign Court

Now would not be the time for a Taldan power play for control of Absalom. While we raised an army, recovered the Horn, and arrived late to the battle, the Demonic Hordes were not defeated by Taldan forces alone. We should be looking to annex the River Kingdoms. More banditry than nobility there, but the people could use a good steady influence.

There was a time I supported working toward reunification with Andoran. Seeing as how the Andorans just locked up several corrupt senators, I feel that we should leave the great experiment in democracy to their own problems.


If your goals involve tearing every settlement in Taldor to the ground and salting the ashes I might just rejoin you.

Sovereign Court


How are we supposed to be bring true culture and enlightenment to the world, if we no longer represent Taldor? As the one bastion of civilization in this world filled with asinine idealists and diabolical sycophants, is it not our duty, our burden, to spread the glory of Taldor?

- The Grand Viscount Jacob Von Semaphore III, of the Cassomier Semaphores, formerly of the Blades, currently of the Society, Brother of the Snowmask Clan

Sovereign Court

Perhaps we should be more concerned with spreading the ideas of what Taldor stood for in its glory than worrying about political boundaries.

Sovereign Court

Scaramanga - I for one am glad that sordid affair in Mendev and Sarkosis is over. I went through a half dozen good pairs of boots and my wallet strained under the cost of properly outfitting my regiment in the field (51 field uniforms, 51 dress uniforms, and 10 dinner jackets for my valued officers. I almost had to roast my porter as the field rations were such a poor state of affairs.

Knick Knak - I am glad you didn't boss.

Scaramanga - Sacrifices must be made, luckily we won quickly and we need not have you for dinner. Righto on to the next endeavor!

Sovereign Court

A young, well-dressed lady approaches Lady Gloriana Morilla in the Grand Lodge,
"My Lady, I'm glad someone realizes the state that the Inner Sea Region is in and that it requires a strong network of nobility. You have my support, as well as that of my friends, both my current and those I make along the way. Through this support you shall be kept well informed, not caught short of any items that are required, and find certain obstacles removed."
She turns to leave. Lady Gloriana asks,
"And just who are you"

"A messenger for the Eleventh." was the whispered reply.

The Exchange

My only connection to Taldor was the accident of birth. I am not certain where to go now. I have no great love for nobility, nor do I loathe the idea, as the Andorans seem to do.

Silver Crusade

Bold Lady Morilla,

Though I may no longer be of the blood in the eyes of my carnal family, it is my sincere hope that my familiarity with the ways and means of the nobility shall play some minor role in this scheme of grand redemption. After all, the Lady to Whom I now devote myself seems quite fond of making silk purses from sow's ears, so to speak, and there are few greater collections of sow's ears in all Avistan than that found in the courts of Taldor.

Forgive my levity at your countrymen's expense, my Lady; the lands of my birth would be improved by Taldorian decadence, and I know well upon what precarious ground I stand when I engage in such mockery. In sincerity, I see a potential in Taldor that, were it to come to fruition, would be a betterment to this wicked old world beyond measure. I will be honored to attempt to bring this fruit to harvest.

Yet I also see a darker path, one which my countrymen have already trod, led to their accursed destination by arrogance, pride, and expansion of empire - traits I see now among the self-satisfied lords of Taldor. Without chivalry, honor, noblesse oblige and enlightenment, military success such as that which your Army of Exploration wins may only give rise to a hard-hearted patriotism that leaves no room for mercy and compassion, and no music but that of the fife and drum. May I serve as a guide, then, bearing a haloran lit by Her illuminating fire and warning them away from this well-traveled and seemingly easy highway.

Enough with metaphor! This missive has become a sermon, and I begin to bore even myself. Let me then be blunt: I had a mind to join the Silver Crusade, for in them I saw much to admire; but I am wary of those who carry their faith upon their battle-banners, for I have seen how easily such faith can be twisted into cruelty and murder, where those who claim to be on the side of celestials are instead doing the bidding of devils, and worse, feeling no remorse for their murderous deeds because they think it blessed by the gods.

Contrariwise, I feel a calling to your cause. After having spent some numerous mornings in prayer and contemplation, I feel confident that the Dawnflower would see your people's faith in their lords restored, and your reigning lords brought to a heartfelt repentance. Though, indeed, it sounds as though that repentance may come as a result of jealousy when they witness more valiant deeds performed by scions lesser than they! Let it be so, if that be how their redemption comes to pass! Such a thought brings a smile to this scarred old face.

May Her Light shine upon this noble endeavor; so shall be my constant prayer. I am for you, my lady.

In Her service,
Brother Eagelric of Sarenrae
Late of House Angcrist, Infernal Lords of Vira Ashengrail, etc., etc., of Cheliax

Sovereign Court

A young woman whose skin shows a tinge of green in places speaks with a look of frustration on her face. Golden hair covers her shoulders and yet pointed ears protrude a little. She is dressed in beautiful Taldan style with a fine falcata by her side and bears an exotic charm.
She is plainly of part-Orc blood and speaks with a Korvosan accent

"Greetings Lady Morilla. I hear your words, but I feel that the words you speak against Taldor are in haste. I am no politician, and nor are you."
"Lady Gloriana, the nobility of Taldor may not be all that you would like them to be, but through them you found you army. Some fat-arsed fools may have claimed a great part in the success of the expedition. So what? Let them. They betray themselves by their own stupidity. I might ask where you were when the army of exploration headed north?"
"If you are disillusioned with Taldan nobility, be careful of those you look to as replacements. I'm sure that many nobles of Taldor seek to join your Sovereign Court. In fact I suspect that more Taldan nobility will join than those of other nations. My lady, take care with what you say or find yourself a new food-taster"
"Through the support of many brave men and women of Taldor you have gained your position. Do not bite the hand that feeds you. You are too critical of Taldor. That same stagnant harbour you speak of is the port from which much of this organisation's greatness comes."
"So, I will support your like-minded nobles, but I will join because the cause is one I would support, not for a love of you. You must rise above this cynicism and see the world with open eyes - nothing in this world is perfect. You say that you have hopes for Taldor, I say the nobility of the nation of Taldor is Eternal."
"Good day!"

Sovereign Court

My apologies my lady, but it was only through working around the nobility that we were able to raise as much of an army that we did. The nobility offered no assistance, at all. We were forced to cobble together a hodge podge, disparate group of troops. Brave, noble, and courage troops it is true, but still only a handful of troops. It was nothing compared to what our glorious empire could have fielded. I fear many of us will pay the price for that.

Sovereign Court

Baebiana's nostrils flare with annoyance as she addresses Reynard de'Bonaire.
perhaps her slightly oversized incisors show also, for those who care to notice

"Be careful about what you say Reynard de'Bonaire, I know of one nobleman of Taldor at least who was in the Worldwound in person."
"The Glorious Empire is not what it was, and our expectations of the nobility cannot be what they once were. If you say that some of the nobility shirked their responsibility to provide soldiers to fight in the Worldwound, then no doubt you are right. But do not be so careless as to say that none of the nobility of Taldor offered assistance."
"There are many brave Taldan men and women in this world. Some are nobility and some are commoners. This matters little to me. What matters is that we should rejoice in the fact that the spirit of Taldor is alive. If there is a price to pay, then believe me I will pay it along with you sir."

Sovereign Court

Reynards rather delicate looking sharp pointy teeth can't help but be seen every time he opens his mouth

Yes, one nobleman. A brave, hearty soul shining a light into the world.. but ultimately alone. Where were his retainers, his Peasant levies? The items and artifacts mouldering away in private musuems and sitting over the fireplaces? The ulfen guard acting as vanguard to a glorious charge?

Taldans may have helped but TaldOR did nothing.

Sovereign Court

You're right. Taldor did nothing. But that does not mean we can abandon her in her time of need.

The aristocracy has forgotten their duty, and the Grand Prince's inaction has cost the lives of hundreds of brave men and women. However, tragic as those events may be, they present us with a golden opportunity, an opportunity to restore Taldor to her former glory.

Through their cowardice and inaction, those who are unworthy of being called true Taldans have revealed themselves, and given us the leverage to cast them out.

And yet, this opportunity being squandered in exchange for what, I ask you?

- The Grand Viscount Jacob Von Semaphore III, of the Cassomier Semaphores, formerly of the Blades, currently of the Society, Brother of the Snowmask Clan

Sovereign Court

A small gnome with greyish skin and brown hair, dressed in overly colorful versions of fine Taldan nobleman's outfit and an excessively large hat, stands on a chair and stands up straight to make himself as tall as possible.

"As a Baron of Taldor, I can assure you that I was right there at Lady Gloriana's side, helping to raise the necessary army. And I saw other, stubborn nobles who refused to help! Yes, there were some who were helpful, but the majority were not. We cannot stand by and let the Taldan nobles shirk their responsibilities any longer! This is why I fully support our fine Lady in this endeavor, and the rest of you should, too!"

Bluff: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (12) + 15 = 27

Sense Motive:
Yzarctihstab seems to enjoy grandstanding in front of the crowd, but doesn't seem to really care about the situations or issues being discussed.

Sovereign Court

A halfling lord in gaudy clothing also stands, after fixing his collar, and sliding his holy symbol of Sarenrae out of sight.

"Aye, this new Sovereign Court indeed does suit my purposes. Taldor must continue to be represented in my own not so humble opinion, yet the smaller nobles, such as myself, a mere Marquis, should also have a voice in the way this world moves forward."

Sovereign Court

A halfling wearing a dark green hooded cloak and a mask in the style of Brigh walks into the hall. He spots a location to sit down and eat at banquet.

"I, Brixt von Doum, have arrived. Not just to talk politics, but to forge my own country through arduous work. I seek to make a homeland for all halflings, so we can have one place where we fear not being trampled or used to set off traps. To that end do I work with this 'Sovereign Court.'"

Sovereign Court

A tall light featured taldane woman in exquisitely tailored court garb with a preference towards black and burgundy strides in. Those who know the faiths spot a subtly hidden motif of the holy symbol of Pharasma.

"I would argue that Taldor did step forth, Reynard, the true forgotten Taldor. I agree that the 'cream' of Taldor's nobility did little or nothing, but there were some of us who did." She flicks open a fan to cool herself. "I raised levies, aided others in finding what was needed, prepared staging areas in the North and negotiated treaties with the Kellid tribes. Taldor sleeps my dear fox, and it is up to us..those who recall the obligation of nobility to be shining example to all. Lady Morilla raised an army, and with our aid, forged alliances with many groups." She paused to let that sink in.

"She is the sort we need to bring the responsibility of power, not merely the benefits, up and into the light of day." She snapped her fan closed as she looked around. "I recall the hubris of Jacquo Dalsine quite clearly. It is time to see to the duties of position and title, not merely the benefits." Her elegant gown shifts, taking on the form of her well tended mithril breast plate, as she turns to head to the door. A morning star, well crafted but used, hangs from her hip as she waited for a retort.

Sovereign Court

I miss Baron Jaquo Dalsine. Oh the simple joys of burn this, steal that, etc. Sigh.

Sovereign Court

Lady Morilla,

It pleases me greatly to receive your invitation to join your cause. I had the pleasure of seeing your Army of Exploration in action and while I was otherwise engaged at the time, I'm led to believe they fought valiantly.

Obviously, you're aware that until recently I have laregly supported my homeland of Cheliax and the actions of Zarta Dralneen within the Society. But given my former benefactors newfound interest in resigning herself to a position as little more than an overstated librarian, I'm inclined to accept your request to join your venture. Your no doubt aware of my reputation as something of a socialite and my mastery of the 'enchantment' discipline of wizardry is no doubt a reason for your interest in recruiting me.

My only request is that you use your noteworthy influence to see that my previously unrecognised position as Chelish nobility is rightfully acknowledged. I look forward to seeing this request made a reality upon my return from my current assignment in Osirion.

I greatly look forward to our future work together.

Ardisen Greymore,
Paragon of the Society, Sky Citadel Reclaimer

Sovereign Court

A young Taldan enters the room, looking perhaps a little lost amidst the more powerful members of the nobility. He stand at a lean, muscular 5'11" with the wavy, brunette hair common to his Taldan ancestry. His eyes a rare hue of amber and have an intelligent gleam, indicating he is much more than the simple warrior he portrays. His gear appears worn, yet comfortable, and unassuming. The one item that stands out amongst it all is the khopesh he carries.

He clears his throat to introduce himself. "I am Theon of the noble house d'Malheur and new to the Society. My uncle, a retired Pathfinder, urged me to seek out you, Lady Morilla. He served you for many years, milady." He bows deeply to their patron and when he straightens, he appears to have gathered some courage. "If I may, milady. While I am the youngest of my brothers and of a minor house, I tire of seeing the nobility of Golarion being viewed as the foppish fools that besmirch our reputation. I would seek to bring back the image of the responsible noble class." He looks around at those gathered. "If you would have me."

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