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32 posts. Organized Play character for Alexander MacLeod (RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16, 2010 Top 4).

Full Name

Lady Lillebryst "Weasel" MacFaileas, Dame Grand Cross of the Most Salacious Order of the Menotherian


Human (Ulfen)


Sorcerer 10







Special Abilities

Bloodline arcana, cantrips, nighteye, shadow well, shadowstrike


Chaotic neutral






Gnome, Skald, Taldane


Proprietor of The Velvet Silhouette burlesque theater and tavern

Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 7
Charisma 22

About "Weasel"

"I wasn't naked, I was completely covered by a blue spotlight." — Gypsy Rose Lee

"People of quality must be ascendant, not democracy." — H. G. Wells

Fame 51; Prestige Points 3
Vanities: Information brokerage, noble title, seneschal, tavern, temple, theater +2, underground business +2

Shadows cling tenaciously to this tall human's pale, freckled skin. Her ostentatious darkleaf cloth outfit is cut for ease of movement if not for modesty.

On Gozran 25, 4695 AR, with Eox in the sign of The Daughter, Lillebryst was born to Lady Averil MacFaileas on the Taldan estate of Bordell-on-Jalrune. As the family's only daughter grew up, it became clear that she strongly took after the clan's founding patriarch; the shadow-stuff flowing through her veins was a direct inheritance from the fetchling necromancer-prince who had dallied with Lillebryst's great-grandmother.

Lillebryst, blessed with good looks, quickly came to depend on the fact that others found her attractive. This, coupled with her fierce sense of independence, likely played a large part in her family's acquiring the imperial court's blessing to send their adolescent daughter to study at the Grand Lodge in Absalom. A favorite of Aram Zey, Lillebryst passed her Confirmation (where she first made the acquaintance of her best friend, Louqe) with flying colors.

In addition to her Pathfinder training and her shadow magic, Lillebryst is one of the most extraordinary dancers in all of Golarion, having drawn the attentions of patrons from as far away as Kalsgard, Mechitar, and New Oppara. It is even rumored that the theater she built in Absalom's Ivy District is named in honor of the several visits she has received from Calistria's vendenopterix servant Velvet Wing. depicting a wreath of flowering gorse entwined with a ribbon of autumnal tartan, pierced with three Ulfen dirks to form the divine symbol of Calistria...

Blazon: Tenné, an ermine rampant to sinister argent, an ermine sejant affronté argent, and an ermine rampant argent, all beneath a coronet or. Coronet-of-rank or; supported by a pair of vendenopterixes; and resting on a compartment vert of flowering gorse or.

Lust Pantheon: Ardad Lili (LE), Arshea (NG), Belial (LE), Calistria (CN), Grasping Iovett (CE), The Green Mother (NE), Lymnieris (LG), Nocticula (CE), Shamira (CE), Slandrais (NE), Socothbenoth (CE)