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Silver Crusade

Hi all!

So I have a question about the Triceratops animal companion's gore attack. For it's 7th level advancement it's gore attack does 2d6, while the natural attacks table states that it should only be 1d8 for a large animal. So my question is, after dipping a level into Mammoth Rider to make the companion huge, does its gore damage increase, and if so by how much?

Shadow Lodge

I would increase it by one step according to this FAQ, to 3d6.

The table is a guideline and it shouldn't overrule the fact that (1) triceratops have higher-than-average gore damage and (2) damage dice increase when size increases.

The actual triceratops is huge with 4d10. Odd.

Shadow Lodge

Stronger animals get nerfed to make them balanced companions. That means stats don't always line up, even after taking size into account.


Vengeful Triceratops wrote:
the natural attacks table states that it should only be 1d8 for a large animal

If you thumb through the Bestiary you'll find quite a few critters that don't line up with that table. It's just a general guideline, and there are many specific exceptions.

Go with what's printed in the Animal Companion entry, and advance it as per the FAQ that was linked up above.

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