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Minor gripe: Why does Djem So grant a benefit when fighting multiple opponents and a penalty when dueling only one? And why does it grant Weapon Finesse? It's supposed to be a slower style emphasizing brute force and effective against overpowering a single opponent.


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Resurrecting this thread.
With Occult Adventures out now, would that affect/change any of your choices for this class?

i there is a magus archytype that is just that. Mindblade

Good to have some free jedi stuff for PF out there. ;)

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Worth pointing out that Paizo's since put out their own version of the light saber in the Plasma Blade, which debuted in Adventure Path 100, A Song of Silver(Hell's Rebels book 4).

Thorjn wrote:

After a bunch of research, I couldn't find any reasonably powered and flavorful Jedi for the pathfinder playing system. A bit of creativity and a week later, I hope i have found a way to find a good, balanced blend of flavor and practicality. The information is almost complete, so I would like to submit it to the general public to see what you think and if you have any tips. Please and thank you for any advice. :D

First, A bit of general info: The Jedi, as some sort of monk/psion/magus...thing... I made it exactly that. The Jedi knows a number of force abilities that draw a Force pool, has a lightsaber (A Magical thingy that runs off a gem infused with your force points), Can flurry with the use of force points, and many other cool stuffs.

Class details and technical stuffs
** spoiler omitted **...

I know I am 7 years late on this thread. But I have a question or 3 to ask you about your jedi thread at this location on the Paizo Forums:


One thing first I'd like to make you aware of.

Your Jedi level advancement chart st this location on photo bucket( http://i1304.photobucket.com/albums/s530/Thorjn/JediTable_zpsc6053ae1.png )

is very blurry! If you have a copy of the level chart in word format. Please send it to me. I might like to tweak a few things so it fits into my campaign. Other questions I can send to you here or on our email. Up to you how you'd like to communicate. Thanks ahead OC time!


@Grymmlocke: Thorjn hasn't posted at paizo.com in the 7 years since. Taking a look at their links on google docs on the first post on this thread the level charts are just fine, try those.

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