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VoodistMonk wrote:

An item that can be worn that allows the wearer to damage swarms. Lol.

On a more serious note:
I would like to see items with increasingly potent effects if you have multiple pieces belonging to the same "set"...

The item that damages swarms is called a flame thrower!

Thorjn wrote:

After a bunch of research, I couldn't find any reasonably powered and flavorful Jedi for the pathfinder playing system. A bit of creativity and a week later, I hope i have found a way to find a good, balanced blend of flavor and practicality. The information is almost complete, so I would like to submit it to the general public to see what you think and if you have any tips. Please and thank you for any advice. :D

First, A bit of general info: The Jedi, as some sort of monk/psion/magus...thing... I made it exactly that. The Jedi knows a number of force abilities that draw a Force pool, has a lightsaber (A Magical thingy that runs off a gem infused with your force points), Can flurry with the use of force points, and many other cool stuffs.

Class details and technical stuffs
** spoiler omitted **...

I know I am 7 years late on this thread. But I have a question or 3 to ask you about your jedi thread at this location on the Paizo Forums:

One thing first I'd like to make you aware of.

Your Jedi level advancement chart st this location on photo bucket( )

is very blurry! If you have a copy of the level chart in word format. Please send it to me. I might like to tweak a few things so it fits into my campaign. Other questions I can send to you here or on our email. Up to you how you'd like to communicate. Thanks ahead OC time!


moon glum wrote:
Majuba wrote:

You could start with a serpentfolk or yuan-ti and add some arms to get something that looks the same. Just skip all the magical abilities.

As for level adjustment equivalency... pretty high. Extra hands can do *a lot*.

A six armed race of serpent folk would be cool as heck.

I know I'm coming tho this conversation almost a decade too late. But there IS a race of serpent folk that has 6+ arms. It is called a

"MARL". It is a creature from 2nd edition. It's original stats caen be found here:

I myself have been toying around with it myself for quite some time. Who knows someone out there "MAY" have converted this creature to 3.5 or 1st ed pathfinder. Though I have not found it as of yet. So IF anyone knows the link to an updated version of the creature. Please send me the link. Also, IF someone wants to look over mine let me know as well.

I hope it helps someone in the future. If not this problem, as it had certainly passed into oblivion by now!

I hope you are in better shape. If so, I ask for a copy of KotB, please.


I just notice your symbiote Homebrew. If you could put it in a word document and send to me at my email address so I can cut and paste it to a word doc. As it is now. The link you have set up is being difficult for me when I try to cut and paste it. Even when I download it. Thank you ahead of time.