Jackissocool's Guide to the Psychic Warrior


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Well, this was quicker than expected! I've finished up the introduction and the first two sections, Races and Paths. I'll be adding the rest over the next two or three weeks.

The Guide

Now, before you grumble at me about how this is in the wrong forum, I would at least request that this be added to the Gude to the Class Guides. If you mods think moving it is really necessary, whatevs, but just put it up in there. Third parties need some loving, too.

Back on topic! Give me any criticism you have on this here guide of mine. I'm all ears. Not guaranteeing implementation, but I will definitely consider it and keep your advice in mind.


Bumping to make sure interested people saw this - I put it up at a bad time last night.

Also, a note: Official errata says that all of the skills a psychic warrior gets bonuses to from their path are class skills. Something to keep in mind.

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I am glad that someone has done a guide to one of the psionic classes.

I was always unsure how to best utilize those classes in Pathfinder.

Know of any other guides to the psionic classes?

None of these are complete, but there is valuable information in all of them.
Someone also said they're working on a Psion guide. After I finish this one, I'll be doing the cryptic, then probably the Wilder or Aegis. Eventually I am t do any that don't have a completed guide. Right now that's all of them, but maybe someone will join me and relief me of my burden a bit. Otherwise I've got nine class guides to do.

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Great start, my one recommendation is use Green for the middle rating. Black does not stand out as a rating color.

Alright, I'll go in and change that sometime today. I'm glad you like it!

Talents and first level powers are up. I'll have at least second and third level powers done today, and maybe fourth or even fifth. I'll post here again when I put up each one. For now, let me know what you think of my judgments.

Vigor gets a bad rap? When did this happen?

While not obtainable by a PW without dumping feats into EK (which can't be done till CL7) and Obtain Psycrystal (not a useless feat otherwise anyways), Share Powers: Vigor+Share Pain is a potent combo to give yourself lots of durability and can be used on a PW (Though Psions and Vitalists can pull it off better).

I've seen people really bash on vigor before, although I can't quite remember where. It always seemed strange to me, and I just thought I'd mention that it isn't bad despite what some people say.

I'm thinking about a substantial multi-parragraph section on psicrystals. I don't know what manifesting character wouldn't take that feat. Always a great choice.

It should be noted that metaphysical weapon may not be as versatile as call weapon, but it lasts a heck of a lot longer and gives players the opportunity to buy weapon properties over straight enhancements. Combined with the transformative quality, a character can get fairly close to the versatility with a significant boost in weapon effects for his level.

Of course, your mileage may vary.

Metaphysical weapon and call weapnry have the same duration. I made sure to check on that because otherwise I would've called them even if metaphysical weapon was 1 hour/level or maybe even 10 minutes/level. And if he's using it on top of an enchanted weapon, he's definitely still spending money on that first wasted +1, and transformative is expensive until later on.

Oh I am so bookmarking this.

Glad to hear it ;)

like I said, your mileage may vary.

Also, metaphysical weapon can be augmented to one hour per level for four power points.

Ahh, I missed that augmentation. I'll mention it in the powers. Also, 2nd level powers are now up! I would expect 3rd level to be done tonight also, within an hour or two.

Third level powers done. I'll have the rest done by friday, probably, maybe a lot earlier.

I am a big advocate of Natural Weapon PsyWarriors. Something about having two 6d6 claw attacks, a 2d6 bite attack, plus 4 3d8 tentacle attacks by level 16 makes me feel like a child in a candy store.

Except I don't eat the candy, I violently murder it with more dice damage than an evoker.

And the candy is replaced with my enemies.

God this class is awesome!

Yeah, I'm a big fan of anything psionic, this included. I'm really looking forward to the cryptic guide I'm gonna do after I'm done with this.

And level 4 powers are up!

Level 5 powers completed.

Level 6 powers done. They were delayed by all this thanksgiving travel and food nonsense.

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Tagged for later. I love the psionics stuff, to bad I rarely get to use them.

I think a lot of people face that same issue, sadly.

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Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful guide. I have been reading it and have some comments/suggestions

1) For the feats section, psionic body can be a very interesting choice as lvl 1 feat for a psionic race. Since they already get wild talent for free, if they use the psi warrior feat for another psionic feat (like psionic weapon), you are talking of +6HP at level one.

It is true that on the long run this feat might be slightly sub par with respect to toughness, but it adds more HP at the early levels when you need them most

2) I respectfully disagree with your assessment of the mind knight path (at least with respect to the weapons master path).

First of all, it is a 1 round manifesting time

"A spell that takes 1 round to cast is a full-round action. It comes into effect just before the beginning of your turn in the round after you began casting the spell. You then act normally after the spell is completed."

This means that you are completely at the mercy of your enemies for a full turn in which they can disrupt the power by forcing you to make a concentration check.

On top of that, the duration of call weaponry makes it very difficult to have your weapon out ahead of time before each battle. If you don't know that an enemy is behind the door and have time to manifest, you are constantly walking into fights without a weapon at hand (though ymmv, since I admit that my DMs have a preference for surprise attacks against PCs).

I guess if you take the mind knight path you can keep spamming the ability by expending your psionic focus... But if you ever want to use the augmented version (and not fall behind other PCs with their magical weapons), you'll have to spend the first round of every important battle summoning your weapon as a full round action.

On the other hand, metaphysical weapon is only a standard action and, as mentioned before, it can even be extended to hours/lvl (though I'm still a bit unclear if spending 5points on the power gets you +1 and hrs/lvl or +2 and hrs/lvl)

It is true that call weaponry adds versatility and that the mind knight path is probably the best, but I'm just not sure it compensates for the long manifesting time/short duration

3) As for weapon choices/equipment/builds section, I have been considering the idea of a reach weapon psiwar with combat reflexes. Expand for 10' reach, add 5 from weapon (add another 5 when you can go huge and another 5 from feat lunge at level 9). If enemy attacks, use all AoOs except one as damage, use last one to trip. In your turn, attack expending psionic weapon and use move to recover psionic focus.

I'll write more if I can think of any... Thanks again!

I liked where this guide was going, any chance the OP will be coming back to it and finishing it?

Later on,

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