Recruiting one (possibly two) players for the Great (Pathfinder) Society!


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I am looking to replace a player who dropped out of this game due to RL issues. We are going to be starting the Shattered Star AP so please check out the Players Guide.

The other players are:

What I am looking for right now are just a brief synopsis of your characte, including race and class. A well fleshed background is preferred. I will be working with you to flesh out your characters BG. Keep in mind you will be a member of the Pathfinder Society

Ground Rules/Creation Guidelines

  • 2nd level.
  • No Evil characters.
  • All PF Core races and classes, plus the Featured Races in ARG (Chapter 2) on DM approval.
  • 25 pt buy
  • 2 traits
  • Average gold
  • Max HP at 1st level. Roll or use the PFS method for HP

As for the character class, I am of the opinion players should play what they want :). However, I know this group sorely lacks a melee fighter and also arcane firepower. After talking with the other players , they agreed either a melee tank (Fighter) or a melee/arcane specialist (Magus?) would be best for the group cohesion/survival. I plan on adding one, and possibly two characters to this game so feel free to throw up an interesting concept. I won't mind :)

This is NOT first come-first served. Recruitment will close on 9 pm PST Halloween.

Good Luck!

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I would like to apply with this NG Human Sorcerer (seeker, sage): Cartholus Kaddren. His background is short but I feel it covers the essentials: trait, archetype, motivation. I can fill any areas you'd like to know more about.

Hi !

Here's Ragn'Khan, a melee fighter designed (hopefully) to be a good tank, and a good enough chap of an half-orc. He dual-wields a shield and a battle-axe.

His background and stats are in his profile. I will add that I specifically designed him for the Shattered Star AP (as indicated by the Player's Guide) so he should fit right in.

I will add a description later, when I have more time.

Sovereign Court

I am applying with Falco Montajay. Male Halfling Cavalier (Honor Guard/Strategist) Order of the Shield. He is a a front line tank who at third will be able to aid other melee characters with AoO to increase their ACs.

With the choice of two traits, is that one generic trait and one campaign from the player's guide, or two generic (or either)?

I'd like to submit Travigan Frost for consideration. He's starting out as a barbarian, but will pick up a level or two of sorcerer and then shift into the Dragon Disciple prestige class.

In case it's important, I'm on the East Coast of the US (GMT -5) and am able to access the forums throughout the day in the office most days.

Best of luck to all the applicants!

I am interested in applying.

I may have to adjust some the crunch slightly for the 24 point buy and swap one of my traits for a campaign trait. Everything else should work as written.

Below is how I envision Ragn'Khan's feat progession.

Feel free to comment (or not comment) ; I tried to build a powerful character, with a tank role firmly in mind, but I'm not as system savvy as I would like to be.

Our beloved half-orc's feat (and stats) progression:

Level 1 - Improved Shield Bash, Two-weapon Fighting
Level 2 - Shield Focus
Level 3 - Power Attack
Level 4 - Combat Reflexes, +1 to Str
Level 5 - Stand Still, Weapon Training (Axes)
Level 6 - Iron Will
Level 7 - Shield Specialization
Level 8 - Shield Focus, Greater, +1 to Dex
Level 9 - Weapon Training (Shields),
Level 10 - Shield Slam
Level 11 - Shield Master
Level 12 - Shield Specialization, Greater, +1 to Str
Level 13 - Weapon Training (??), Improved Overrun (perhaps)
Level 14 - Greater Overrun (perhaps)
Level 15 - Weapon Focus (Axe)
Level 16 - Penetrating Strike, +1 to Str
Level 17 - Weapon Training (??)
Level 18 - Greater Penetrating Strike
Level 19 - Weapon Specialization (Axe)
Level 20 - Double Slice, +1 to ?

Not sure if it'll impact your feat progression plans, Ragn'Khan, but the Adventure Paths normally cap out at level 15 or so. From the looks of it though, your dude will be solidly excellent with shields! =)

Grand Lodge


I am just blown away by these character submissions :)

Let me give you my initial impressions so far:

This character is looking good.

This character looks good. I really like the BG on this one.

This character looks really good. One thing I should mention though is your wolf mount will be problematic while your in the city environs, but you will be able to stable him at the Pathfinder Lodge.

Travigan Frost:
I really like the character background for him. One note though: Your character is middle aged, so you need to apply the age category adjustments to his stats. (-1 STR, DEX, CON; +1 INT, WIS and CHA)

This character looks good. I would like to see the BG fleshed out a bit more, if that is OK with you.

DM Eric:
Right you are! I should have done more than just glance at the age table. When you pointed it out, I was initially just going to change his age, but I really like Travigan as being in his 70's. The character would loose something if I made him twenty years younger so instead of the quick fix I retooled his stats slightly to accomodate his middle aged-ness.

Sovereign Court

DM Eric:
Not a problem.He's nice to have for tripping, but I can function well without him.

Dal Selpher wrote:
Not sure if it'll impact your feat progression plans, Ragn'Khan, but the Adventure Paths normally cap out at level 15 or so. From the looks of it though, your dude will be solidly excellent with shields! =)

Yes, Ragn'Khan is the shield expert :-). I chose his feats all the way to the 20th level, for the sake of completion, but I'm aware of the AP's level cap.

Are you only looking for Fighters, or can other melee classes apply ?
(I have an Cavalier).

DM Eric:

I'm glad you appreciate the background. The fact is, I enjoy writing the background on my characters :-).

I plan to have Ragn'Khan carry around his little sister's skull and talk to it, and have her answering to him, sometimes. Not as something really magical, nor (too) morbid, but as a way of showing a bit of himself, and his love for his departed sister.

Grand Lodge

@Sir Egon: You can play whatever you want :) BTW, since there is quite a bit of dungeon crawling, Large mounts can be problematic at times. Not saying anything is wrong with them, just informing you of that fact.

@Rag'n : Sweet! That will fit righ in, methinks :)

Grand Lodge

One of my players pointed out a Kensai Magus does not have proficiency with any armor. This means you will take an additional -1 to hit and also a %15 armor check penalty due to the Studded Leather armor you are wearing.

Sir Egon:
I noticed your BG is related to Sandpoint. I was wondering if you were going to rework the BG, as the AP is based in Magnimar.

Rameth was in a shattered star that died at post 50 or so. He is an archaeologist bard, and is a melee type. Fights with a longsword and Buckler, and is a bit of a skill fiend. Obviously needs to be upped to level 2

Rameth's Pathfinder Pitch:

Why become a Pathfinder? Rameth laughs, hard. He wipes a tear of laughter from his eye before continuing.
You don't know a true friend until you have charged into a room of kobolds, or orcs, or Zombies to fight at their side. You don't know true joy until you stumble out of a ruin, almost blinded by the bright light and the sweat, ichor and blood in your eyes, clutching that long lost relic. You don't know excitement until you have that moment with your hand in a small hole trying to open a secret door, and the slightest mistake not only locks the door forever but releases poison gas into the tunnel.

Rameth pauses, fingering the clasp on his cloak, made from an ancient copper coin.

So why become a Pathfinder?...Couldn't tell ya. Rameth smiles and waves the waitress over and signals for another round for the table.

EDIT Added Rameth's Testimonial

Just posting to see if my posts are going through (some strange things have been happening on the boards, lately).

Your post is showing up just fine to my eyes, Ragn. I agree there have been some strange occurrences here and there around these boards! The poltergeists might be starting Halloween early this year.

DC Eric:
Masterwork studded leather has an ACP of 0. I'll have to live with the 15% arcane spell failure until I replace the armor at higher level but lacking proficiency won't affect me.

Grand Lodge

Charlotte: are correct. I missed the masterwork component of the studded leather. I'll be better I promise :) *wonders what the DC stands for* he he.

DM Eric:
My gear was purchased while setting up another campaign and I have yet to revisit it. Is the starting wealth for 1st level or WBL for a second level character?

Either way I am going to blank out my current gear as the values would be different.

I have also adjusted my stats for a 25 point buy and expanded slightly no my backstory, adding in details about my pathfinder recruitment.

Grand Lodge

No problem, Charlotte. Gear is standard WBL for 2nd level character (1,000gp)

DM are you giving feeback to all, or just those that you have questions about?

dotting for interest, will attempt to make something to wow you and the group with :)

Updated my character profile and expanded my backstory to include my affiliation with the Pathfinders.

Grand Lodge

@Rameth: Sorry, I did not say earlier. your charcater and BG look fine.

@Charlotte: Roger that, I also like yer BG.

@Gilthanis: Very good. Just a reminder, recruitment ends on Halloween.

quick a cleric I am proficient with shields, just not martial weapons...when doing a shield bash it is considered a martial I proficient or not with it? That will help decide what I play :)

Grand Lodge

@Gilthanis: A cleric is not proficient with a shield bash, as it is considered a martial weapon when used as such. However You could take the Martial Weapon Proficiency (Light or Heavy Shield) feat to use it that way.

thanx, figured that but doesn't hurt to ask lol...helps in forming something in my mind :)

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Would a Aasimar Angelblood be allowed ? (+2 to str, +2 cha)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Tengu Samurai Sword Saint, a full member of the order of the cockatrice looking for employment here. Possibly would retrain some of my abilities, but im kind of a rough fellow who can take some hits.

Grand Lodge

@Letha: I don't see any problem with that.

@Hayato: The concept seems ok to me. Feel free to get up a profile for me to look over.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Ok, i will add an Alias in the next two days.
It just occured to me though, that a half-orc or a hobgoblin would suit this build very well too, perhaps even better, if you are ok with that.
Human might be possible too.

Dark Archive

Blushing with inhuman health, and hardened by training, Letha can withstand many blows. This unusual Aasimar Crusader stands between the party and their "problems".

A wild-eyed woman with light eyes, that could be considered beautiful... if not for the scar on her face, and the fact that she's never seen without a suspicious or angry look on her face. Let's also forget the fact that's she is very tall and broad-shouldered for a woman. With a pale complexion, and blue eyes, Letha doesn't have the look of a typical Varisian, either.

Letha likes to sing, sometimes in common, sometimes in Celestial. Regardless of the language she sings in, these are always sad songs; dirges and hymns for the fallen.

Once upon a time, in Magnimar there lived a man and a woman. The man was a blacksmith, and his craft was renowned throughout the region. The wife was a basket-weaver.
During the great festivals in Magnimar, both of them participated in the festivities. One time , when the blacksmith was away during the festival, the woman met a handsome stranger at the fair. She was already al litte drunk, and he succeeded in seducing her with his otherwordly charms. After they lay together, the stranger left, not caring for the woman or what happened to her. The woman, not remembering what happened that night, went on with her life, until it became clear that she was pregnant. She confessed to her husband, and begged for forgiveness. The blacksmith was enraged, but could not abandon his wife.

Letha's early childhood was almost uneventful, but the first few years after puberty were lonely. For some reason, the village girls didn't like her, and talked about her behind her back. Boys didn't dare to talk to her. Her her began to take on a strange sheen, and her mother took to dying it, so Letha would stand out even more then she already did.
At this time, the nightmares also began. Horrific visions of rotting monsters and pale fiends haunted many of her dreams, and Letha would often wake up screaming. Her parents didn't know what to do , and brought her to a local temple. There, the meaning of her dreams was explained. Her celestial ancestor had been in the service of Pharasma, and she was to the heir of its duty, if she wanted the nightmares to stop. Tired and angry, Letha began her training as a cleric of the Dark Lady.

The already harsh training was even more difficult for Letha, as she showed limited aptitude for divine casting. It was decided that her education should focus more on martial aspects, and that was just the way Letha liked it.

While working as a cleric, she came to understand the benefits of the Pathfinder Society. Fighting zombies and cultists is not good enough for her: she dreams of killing liches and undead wyrms. The mighty weapons and armor that she needs for this, are not easily attainable through her church's meager resources. The Society however, is rumored to be quite wealthy. The Silver Crusade faction seemed suit her best: like-minded faiths working together.

The faction was glad to welcome an aasimar into their midst, but were doubtful if a cleric not of a good faith would be suitable. Letha knows that she is watched closely to see if she can live up to the Crusade's high standards.

the Crunch:
Crunch: Letha can take a lot of punishment, while at the same time dealing out respectable damage. She will likely end up being a party's main healer. Her club is permanently tied to her by a weapon cord.

Silver Crusade

I am also interested in applying!

My concept thus far (with the caveat that I am noobish at this and therefore may need some coaching):

Paavo Laurits has been an apprentice alchemist since he was a child. Now 26, he finds himself cast out of his apprenticeship due to his blank introversion and disinterest in others. As a human, he has many privileges non-humans in Varisia do not, but feels that risky employment with the Pathfinder Society holds the best opportunities.

Paavo is subconsciously drawn to the path of the Ragechemist. His emotions and desires refuse to be bottled up inside him. While he chooses not to acknowledge the dangerous and volatile aspects of his psyche, they are there none the less. While Paavo is presently an introvert, he will have to learn how to cope with himself and those around him as he sees the results of his alchemy.

Archetypally, I am definitely tapping into the Dr. Jekyll/Bruce Banner character theme. I believe a Ragechemist would fit in the melee/arcane slot you mentioned for the campaign.

Only out of curiosity dvh, do you see your character taking the Master Chymist prestige class or just sticking to straight ragechemist?

Grand Lodge

OK here is a compiled list of all the applicants so far:
Completed Characters:

  • Cartholus Kaddren, Male Human Sorcerer (Seeker, Wildblooded) 1 flykiller
  • Ragn'Khan, Male Half-Orc Fighter Quiche Lisp
  • Falco Montajay, Male Halfling Cavalier David James Olsen
  • Travigan Frost, Male Half-elf Barbarian John Hathaway
  • Charlotte de Berry, Female Tiefling Magus Michael Sumrall
  • Sir Egon d'Clausanne, Male Human Cavalier n o 417
  • Rameth the Delver, Male Human Bard (Archaeologist) Vuvu
  • Letha Celestborn, Female Aasimar Cleric n o 417
  • Kemal Attagob, Male Hobgoblin Samauri Hayato Ken

Expressed Interest, Characters Pending:

  • Gilthanis Cleric ?
  • |dvh| Paavo Laurits, Alchemist (Ragechemist)

Remember, recruitment closes at 9pm PST (Paizo Standard Time) on Halloween.

I have to say these character submissions are really awesome! This is gonna be REALLY tough to choose from. *Wonders if he has a dartboard somewhere...*

EDIT: Added Hayato Ken to Completed character list.

Samurai checking in, got word from the Lodge there is fame and honor to find here?

@ Falco here is hoping we get to complete this AP after all!

changing to some sore of arcane something or many cleric/fighter types made already :)

Dark Archive

How about a summoner or wizard ?

Silver Crusade

@Gared: Depends on how he develops IC at this point, but it is an option.

Next question: how does one submit a character sheet?

Dark Archive

Ah, a fellow 'crusader. I hadn't even noticed yet.

If you want to make a new alias for this character, which can be done by going to the "Account" option in the menu at the top of your screen.
Then select "create a new alias".

Just click on the name of the alias, and then on "edit character".
As you can see, there are a few default fields you can fill in, but beneath them is a space for text, and that's where you submit your character information.

You can click on my name (Letha) for an example. If you don't have a character builder, you can copy the format from somebody's alias to save time.

I hope this answers your question ?

Silver Crusade

Thank you very much! I got to the page to put information in, but is there a recommended character builder?

Grand Lodge

@|dvh|: Herolab is an excellent character generator. They have a demo you can test out and I believe they can export it in BBcode for use with Paizo's messageboards.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

I have a Halfling Summoner concept I would like to present as an option. I will post it later as I am at work right now. I didn't see a no summoner comment so I hope that would be acceptable.

Grand Lodge

@Irnk: Summoners are fine.

Posting as Paavo now because I think I actually got it now.

This is Irnk's skeleton of an idea.

Yamyra Anafa has occupied nearly her entire life among the streets & monuments of Magnimar. The daughter of former Chelaxian slaves, Yamyra was fascinated by the tales her parents & their friends told of witnessing devils & other fiendish beings and the miasma of anguish & misery which always seemed to shroud them.
Growing up in Magnimar however, Yamyra had always felt the presence of other otherworldly beings. In the shadows of monuments to such Empyreal Lords as Ashava & Soralyon, Yamyra felt the closeness of a warmer, comforting, presence. A presence that would soon make itself known to her more concretely when one day a previously unnoticed statue turned & curtsied before her. Naming this wonder 'Fancy', Yamyra discovered she could call the being to her at need. Further, she found that their link also opened up previously unknown sorcerous capabilities within herself.

Yamyra's fascination with lore of the monuments soon lead to a fascination with the history of her birth home. The more she learned of Varisia's history, the more fascinated she became. Eventually, Yamyra made the acquaintance of Sheila Heidmarch & the two shared many a snippet of gathered history. Over time, the young Halfling succeeded in impressing the Venture Captain enough that she invited Yamyra into the Pathfinder Society, an invitation Yamyra accepted with the understanding that she had no real interest in much beyond Varisia's borders.

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