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Bahor (Glorio Arkona)

Ganer Jitesh's page

536 posts. Alias of wolfman1911.

Full Name

Ganer Jitesh


Tiefling (Rakshasa Spawn)


Oracle 4 Passive Perception 14




6' 170lbs




Lawful Neutral






Infernal, Common, Abyssal, Halfling



Strength 14
Dexterity 10
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 20

About Ganer Jitesh


Ganer Jitesh has had an unusual life. He was born and raised in Absalom, but both his parents are Vudrani merchants that were in Absalom to help establish a trading company, and were planning to return at a later time. As it turned out, they did return to Vudra, though they left Ganer behind when they did.

Ganer was always seen as special, from an early age he seemed to know things that he shouldn't know, and seemed old beyond his years. His parents took it as a sign that he was favored by Irori, and so they began taking him to the local temple of Irori for guidence. Ganer was believed to be an Oracle, and was taken in by the temple, and his parents as well. All went well until Ganer's twelveth birthday. Strange marks began appearing on his face and over time, the marks turned into black stripes. At the same time, his skin began growing more pale, and his nose and mouth began rearranging themselves into a snout. When this transformation was complete, Ganer had facial features reminiscent of a white tiger, and skin coloration to match. He was a beastbrood, the Tiefling offspring of a rakshasa. When they saw what had become of their son, Ganer's parents fled from his sight; abandoning him at the temple while they fled Absalom in the night. The temple was no more merciful, they knew that the blame was on his parents' evil deeds and not his, but they also knew that Rakshasa spawn were often as cruel and villanous as their demonic sires. He was not killed, for risk of inviting the wrath of whoever had placed his or her mark on Ganer, instead he was exhiled out into the wilderness, The cleric even apologized as he did so.

After being cast out, Ganer wandered the Isle of Kortos, always managing to stay just far enough out of harm's way to survive, though with his limp, it wasn't always easy. He certainly didn't have it easy, he couldn't really associate with people, because his appearance was off putting, and he couldn't ever seem to pick up any survival skills, he figured that maybe the animals sensed something in him that they didn't like. It went on like this for over a year, and after a particularly bad beating, he was preparing a prayer to Achaekek, offering his soul as payment for retribution, when everything turned around. He was approached by an old man with cataracted eyes. The old man told Ganer that there were better things for him than murder and blood, and then walked past him. When Ganer turned to watch him go, the man was nowhere to be seen, with no corners to duck behind. Instead of the man, there was on the ground nearby a copy of the book Unbinding the Fetters. Ganer read the book, and decided to embrace what he believes is his destiny. He believes that the old man was an avatar of Irori, and seeing him restored his childhood faith.

He returned to Absalom not long after, his feline features hidden beneath a heavy brown cloak. He spends most of his time in the Ascendant Court, going from one temple to the next, perusing their libraries as he pleases. He survives by presenting himself as something of a holy beggar, performing minor services in return for food or money. He has come up with a theory that purity and enlightenment are what seperate Aroden, Iomedae, Cayden Calain, and Norgerber from all the others that have attempted the Test of the Starstone. Ganer has decided that he will spend as much time as it takes to achieve the same enlightenment for himself, and then will take his place among the gods.

Ganer's Code:
1. Loyalty to my friends and allies is paramount. I have found precious few that accept me as I am, and I have a lifetime to pursue my own divinity, therefore, if my allies are threatened, then any and all of these principles may be put on hold until such a time as they are safe.

2. Behave in a consistent manner: as a servant of the Master of Masters, I must be a stalwart follower of the forces of order, that others might be influenced to turn from their chaotic natures. Even so, the pursuit of perfection demands change, but those changes should be incrimental, building toward the goal, rather than quick realignments, the flailing of fools.

3. Obey the laws of the land, even if that means no law: I am to represent the pinnacle of ordered society, and therefore must not deviate from following the legitimate law of whatever place I find myself. This comes with the knowledge that if I find myself beyond the bounds of lawful society, then I must recognize that there is no greater arbiter of the law than myself, and I am free to do as I must, in keeping with the other principles to which I commit myself.

4. My opinion is no more inviolate than another's: I must leave others to reap the fruits of their actions, just as no one will save me from my own actions, I must do the same.

Combat stats:
Perception +3
Passive Perception 13
Initiative +6

-Fortitude +3
-Reflex +6
-Will +4

AC/Flatfoot AC 21/16
Touch AC 15

CMD 13

Hit Points: 33/37

BAB +3
To hit: +5
Speed 20


5 skill points per level

Acrobatics +6 (4 ranks +3 class -1ACP)
Bluff +9 (1 rank +3 class +5 charisma)
Diplomacy +10 (2 rank +3 class +5 charisma)
Knowledge (Religion) +10 (2 ranks +3 class +5 charisma)
Knowledge (Planes) +10 (2 ranks +3 class +5 charisma)
Knowledge (Nature) +9 (1 ranks +3 class +5 charisma)
Knowledge (Geography) +9 (1 ranks +3 class +5 charisma)
Linguistics +2 (1 rank +1 int)
Perception +4 (4 ranks)
Spellcraft +7 (3 ranks +3 class +1 int)

Feats and Traits:

Reactionary: +2 initiative
Wisdom in the Flesh: Use wisdom modifier for Acrobatics, and gain it in class.

Race Abilities:
Native Outsider
Darkvision 60ft
Beguiling Liar: +4 to bluff checks when lying.
Maw or Claw: 1d6 bite attack
Prehensile Tail: Tail can be used to retrieve or carry items as a swift action
Fiendish Resistance: resistance of 5 to fire, cold and electricity.

Class Abilities:
Oracle's Curse: Lame
Mystery: Lore
Sidestep Secret: Use Charisma instead of dex for AC and reflex saves
Lore Keeper: Use Charisma instead of Intelligence for knowledge skills

Improved Initiative

Level 4 ability point: Charisma


Level 0
Create Water, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Light, Stabilize
Level 1 DC: 16, 7/7 per day
Bless, Cause Fear, Cure Light Wounds, Obscuring Mist
Mystery Spell: Identify
Level 2 DC: 17, 4/4
Communal Protection From Evil
Mystery Spell: Tongues


Heavy Mace 1d8+2 x2 8lbs b
Sling 1d4+2 X2 50ft B
Alcehmical Silver Morningstar 1d8+2 X2 6lbs b or p


heavy wooden shield 7gp +2 armor check -2 10lbs
Chain Shirt (masterwork) 100gp +4 cha bonus +4 armor check -1 speed 20ft 25lbs


235 7sp

30 bullets 15lbs
Handy Haversack 200gp 5lbs
50ft silk rope 10gp 5lbs
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (26 charges) 750gp
Holy Symbol of Irori 25gp 1lb
Pathfinder Chronicle (Religion) 50gp 1lb
Pathfinder Chronicle (Planes) 50gp 1lb
Chronicler's Supplies 40gp 4 1/2lbs
Pathfinder's Kit 12gp 22lbs
backpack 2gp 2lb
Spell Component Pouch 5gp 2lbs

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