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You are the emperor of last year.

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Ravingdork wrote:
It still takes me hours and hours. What character creator are you using?

In the Google store I recomend pathbuilder 2, obviously every new sourcebook will add time and consideration but it's a great tool set.

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I picked up a pdf of the main book and a character creator for my tablet and tried to make a character, two minutes later I had a character and was like "no, it can't that easy!" It really really was.

The answer is of course is to use rule #1 and ask your dm to fudge it when you have a decent case for being faster. Making a blanket could take weeks (weaving a blanket with an complex pattern) or hours (pounding a pile of wool into felt) or minutes (cutting a blanket out of a larger blanket).

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Can I make a confession that will reveal me to be a crazy person? I really really liked ultimate campaign, I wanted to manage properties, I loved the idea of putting my hard earned gold into investments and min maxing proffesion skills and magic items that look like things I would be delighted to own in real life like the expedition pavilion and the campfire bead.

My ideal character is one who eventually builds a flying city and is really good at party buffing and right now I am having trouble picturing that character but as material comes out my desires might get realized

The system does however look very interesting and well built, it's just that the first draft had a path to my desires and this one does not have ityet.

Centreville here, interested in finding a group.

I should know the answer to this question and have searched for 30 minutes for the answer and can't find it so i'm asking you people.

Does a brawler who does not meet the dexterity requirements of two weapon fighting benefit from brawlers flurry and the other progressions of that class ability?

And now 5 .pdfs, $7,500 from a chapter on true rituals! Fingers crossed!

$40K baby! Mythic stuff!

Now I just need another $2500 to get me a copy of Termania, fingers crossed for more ritual magic...

I posted elsewhere about this kickstarter but I am glad you had the presence of mind to post about it RAdeMorris. I'm 70$ deep for a physical copy and the relics and rituals books on .pdf!

Sniper Goggles allow you to add sneak attack damage at any range. So a Rogue or a Slayer or possibly a Investigator with sniper goggles for the massive damage win.

We are at $34,078, that means 12 Wise and the Wicked characters updated, and three .pdfs you want with your book and the dead god trilogy on .pdf! We are $3500 away from our next free .pdf.

we just passed $27,500 which means anyone who gets the book gets two previous scarred lands pdfs and 7 of the The Wise & The Wicked characters are being updated!

GM Hands of Fate wrote:
saw this a couple days and backed it.

Yup, and we are 2000$ bucks away from another free scarred lands .pdf if we get more backers so it behooves us to spread the word a bit.

Thanks for your support!

The Kickstarter for a new edition of Scarred Lands is now live!

Born at the advent of 3e, the Scarred Lands fantasy roleplaying setting returns in not just one, but two new forms! More than a decade after the setting was created, we want to share this classic setting with fans of both Pathfinder and 5th Edition by creating two different versions of the core book.

We want to put this new version of the Scarred Lands into the hands of the thousands of players of the original 3e OGL version, but we also want to introduce new players to this large and detailed world. We hope to accomplish this directly to those backing our project and also by funding an offset press print run of the two versions of the book to sell to game stores.

So far the project is funded and we have hit out first two stretch goals.

First off, a suit of plate mail literally represents 1000s of man hours in the real world, and when working a material that is twice as hard and requires a fire twice as hot just increases the man hours exponentially.

Using just one helper is pants on head retarded, use the piece mail armor making rules to have one team working on the arms, one team working on the legs and one working on the body.

As for using fabricate, how many people out there capable of casting the spell do you think there are? In Inner Sea Magic there is a list of the magical luminaries of Golarion and maybe 6 of them can cast the spell. Of those how many genuinely have the skill ranks to fill in the specialized knowledge required to make weapons and armor of quality? Combine this with the fact that guilds exist to protect their members interests and Wizards suck at fort saves and soaking sneak attacks and you have a pretty clear picture why half the commoners in the world are not out of work.

I should say that Theurge Buff Monkey and Monk is an unusually good combination: Mage Armor, Enlarge Person and Bulls strength are all available quickly and boost you considerably before we start talking about cleric spells.

Caster level and spellcraft skill defines your character's ability to craft so use practiced spellcaster or Magical Knack and magic items to boost it. I should also point out that in pathfinder you don't actually need to cast the spell to create an item so MT despite being a great support class is not as vital to item creation. (I still would not make a MT without craft misc but thats me.)

Jokem wrote:
Tapkill wrote:
So i just lvld into mystic theurge and was wondering what feats are available to give me the abilities of a cleric like more channeling healing and is there a way to increase the wizards school spec abilities while in the theurge class?

Traits -

Sacred Touch (obviate the need for a stabilize spell, but without range)
Magical Talent (Not much different than the above)
Sacred Conduit - Better Channel DC

Feats -
Demon Hunter - Cuts through SR on Demons
Extra Channel - More channel energy per day (but not more dice)
Spell Penetration (and Greater Spell Penetration)cut through SR
Improved Channel - Harder DC for Chanel to harm.
Theurgy - Harder DC for spell.
Piercing Spell - Cuts through SR better.
Intensified Spell - Higher Caster level (not higher than Character level)

I think there is also a feat to add to the number of channel dice, but I don't have that book.

Magic items
Phylactery of Positive Channeling - +2d6 to channel dice
Candle of Invocation - Spells as if a higher Cleric level

Are we being productive now instead of telling people to treat their character like a spreadsheet? OK.

Orange Prism Ioun Stone - +1 caster level, for both of your caster levels.
Robes of the Summit - Kind of an endgame item but still superior in nearly every aspect than a Robe of the Arch Magi.

Varsian Tattoo Feat - Conjuring works pretty well for a theurge who deals in healing spells regularly.

Country Human Fighter spending 5th, 6th and 7th level feats on Master Craftsman, Craft magical arms and armor and Leadership respectively.

This gives you a racial bonus from Heart of the fields, a skill focus bonus from Focused Study and an assistant with the necessary teamwork feats to boost your skill up as much as possible.

Throw in prodigy and tools of amazing manufacture as well as masterwork tools and you can make pretty much of any of a narrow scope of magic items possible.

Human fighter with an actual intelligence score at 8th level could look something like this:

Craft weapon smithing: 8 ranks, +1 (Int), +3 (class skill), +4 Heart of the fields, +3 Skill focus, +2 Prodigy, +4 Tools of amazing manufacture, +2 master craftsman, +2 Cooperative crafting = an easy +29 craft skill.

At tenth level that is a +37 skill with incredibly fast crafting speed.

Drinking horn of Bottomless Valor

Walls might be the most glaring lack in a witches spell book.

use it as a strength weapon but have it enchanted with Dueling.

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Sure so long as you're cool with lowering strength bonuses to damage by a third, using 3.5's power attack and using a incredibly byzantine set of rules to dictate if you can or cannot add precision damage.

Walter Leeuwen wrote:

I think Communal spells are overpowered. Degrades a lot of monsters,

Oh we see a red dragon, poff everyone communal prot vs fire, bye dragon

Or yikes undead poff everyone Death ward....

And thats why alter self is one of my favorite spells for a dragon to have handy: Why is that white dragon breathing fire!!! OMGWTFBBQ!!!

If you are rebuilding and that allows attribute reassignment go wizard or witch/cleric or druid, sorcerers and oracles are not good seed classes for a theurge.

So lets say for a moment that Paizo decides that the trophy hunter gets Firearm Proficiency and Gunsmithing, I was playing around with a Switch hitting Ranger that holds a polearm in one hand and a pistol in the other, ready to drop it at any point and hack away with the two hander. In this case I am thinking a ranger of Sheyln with a Glaive-guisarme and a brace of double barreled pistols for ranged shooting. Because the strategy is Shoot, shoot, drop, engage being able to clear guns quickly is not all that necessary.

So using the elite array here is my theoretical build:
Str 15+2 (human)
dex 13
con 10
int 12
wis 14
cha 08

level 1: Improved initiative, Power attack
Level 2: Deadeye deed
level 3: Quick Draw
level 4: +1 str
Level 5: Deadly Aim
Level 6: Gunslinger Initiative
Level 7: Heavy Armor Proficiency
level 8: +1 dex
Level 9: Extra Grit
level 10: Dead Shot

any thoughts?

Torger Miltenberger wrote:
rat_ bastard wrote:
The main reason I can think of to lead druid is if you are going for a "Faster Mr Snuggles! Kill Kill!" build where you are investing in the full animal companion. In that build your ability to buff your pet is more important than your ability to debuff your opponents and witches kinda suck at that IIRC.

I feel like the big animal companion buff spell is animal growth which as a 5th level druid spell I'll get access to with any build. Are there higher level druid, animal companion buffs I'm failing to consider? I suppose greater magic fang won't scale as well and that's something to think about.

Still I feel like most of the good witch spells out there are save spells. That's my main rationale for going primary witch.

- Torger

I like aspect of the bear with a wolf companion for its boosting of AC and CMB, that makes the tripping bite ability that much more awesome and makes the martials happier.

Also I would not make plans based on your 5th level spells, make them based on your 1st-3rd level spells because 5th level is a loooooong way down the road.

Cure Moderate Wounds is a spell.

When a Bard, Wizard, Witch, Sorcerer or Magus casts it as one of their Bard, Wizard, Witch, Sorcerer, or Magus spells it is a arcane spell.

When a Cleric, Oracle, Druid, Inquisitor, Paladin or Ranger casts it as one of their Cleric, Oracle, Druid, Inquisitor, Paladin or Ranger spells it is a divine spell.

when it shows up as a spell like ability it defaults to a divine spell unless the text specifically lists it as arcane.

Torger Miltenberger wrote:

@ rat_ bastard

I feel like the SR bonus that elves get make them at bare minimum a hard green/soft blue as a race contender. Especialy when you consider their stat modifiers are one very good +2 (INT), one very bad -2 (CON) and one good +2 (DEX) which to me is net gain in the stats department.

I'm playing a samsaran in our current game so while I recognize how good they are mechanically I probably won't go here.

SLAs as prestige class prereqs doesn't fly at our table so Teiflings/Assimar are green at best.

I'll probably be focusing on being best at witch spells (debuffs, curses, enchantments, emergency blasting etc) and have my less good druid spells for terrain management, utility, buffing etc.

If someone shows me a reason it would be better to focus on druid spells that could change at any time though.

The main reason I can think of to lead druid is if you are going for a "Faster Mr Snuggles! Kill Kill!" build where you are investing in the full animal companion. In that build your ability to buff your pet is more important than your ability to debuff your opponents and witches kinda suck at that IIRC.

Apocalypso wrote:

So this is giving me all sorts of crazy ideas.

I have a character bard 4/sorcerer 1.

Does this character now qualify for Mystic Theurge?

(bard casts cure moderate wounds.)

Could I now advance bard as my "divine class" and sorcerer as my "arcane class"?

nope, when cure spells are on bard spell lists thay are arcane spells. Also spontaneous casters make the worst theurges.

The Blue contenders for race on a MT are: Human (Of course), Half Elf, Samsarans.

Depending on where your group stands on early entrance to MT Asamir and Teifling are ultra blue or green.

My advice is decide which class to be most awesome with and run with it, focus primarily on your casting stat for that class and use magic items to keep your secondary class cast-able.

Well the issue you are going to have is that MT is a pure casting class, the pleasure of playing a MT is having two whole spell lists at your disposal and a pile of spells per day that you can choke a dire goat with.

Both the witch and the druid are full casters + toys class, meaning that their class abilities are almost as important as their spell casting abilities. Both the witch and the druid have a pile of class abilities that do not translate into Theurgy and so they sacrifice more to become theurges than say the traditional Wizard/Cleric.

There are things you can do however.

First off you can go half elf, this gives you multi talented (which sadly does not work with PRCs but at least can give you three more hit points) and access to the Bonded Witch, having a bonded item instead of a familiar does help as all of the abilities the item give you scale with your casting ability. You can use your skill focus to take Knowledge Nature and Eldritch bloodline to keep your Druid pet scaling with you (you need boon companion to keep it at your level, but a build based around buffing mr snuggles has a lot to recommend it to.

You can go Half Orc, which gives you the con based witch which is undeniably awesome and once again not familiar dependent, Also they have that neat Tattoo of awesome racial ability that cannot be denied.

For your Druid half I cannot recommend Menhir Savant enough, +1 caster level is simply too good to pass up even if it is only for a few spells a day. If you do not feel like making the feat investment for a full animal companion then the wind sub-domain is pretty cool, the wind blast power very clearly scales with your caster level and not your class level and the spells are pretty nice to have.

ecw1701 wrote:

More to the point though, I don't understand the heartburn people are feeling now that builds that were universally once considered useless or worst than useless, are now at least viable. If a player is willing to put in the legwork to climb that hill, why punish them for making it to the top?

1: Its BS rules bending and treating the game like a spreadsheet at best.

2: it biases players towards playing a Asamir (which is a poorly written race) or a Teifling.

3: It takes away one of the appeals of the class, the challenge and the sense of accomplishment when one finally climbs the mountain and achieves theurgedom.

Yeah no,

the ability to cast a 2nd level spell is not the ability to cast second level spells.

VRMH wrote:
A mathematician, or a foreman.
Vod Canockers wrote:

You want a Civil Engineer, so he can tell you that your beautiful building can't be built because it violates the laws of physics.

Or a carpenter so he can tell you the same thing, but because it isn't physically possible for corporeal being to attach the parts together in the way you designed.

OK, the two of you are just shouting out profession skills. Thats cool, I know I need those guys, However, I am looking for a guy who's purpose is to make my minions better at using their skills. Particularly their craft and profession skills.

JKalts wrote:
A Bard specialized into extending the duration of their performances would be a good start. Their spells could be geared toward illusion and enchantment, assuming "avoiding combat" = "defending followers". Otherwise, they can still buff your followers--hopefully buying you enough time to arrive and save the day?

I've been looking into that and the problem is it seems that the bard has to play for the entire duration of the skill use, which with a skill like stone-masonry or carpentry is impossible.

So I have a character who is built to be one of the world's greatest architects, and will be taking leadership in order to have a clan of followers who are built to have the necessary skills to build the things my character dreams up. But I am stuck on the concept of a Cohort, I am in that rare position of actually being more interested in my followers than my actual Cohort.

What I want in a Cohort is someone who is well equipped to manage and defend my followers while I am busy and who has a class ability that allows them to improve on the skill checks of others while they do extended actions like crafting, profession and perform checks. Actual combat ability is secondary and I do not want or need an actual magic item crafting monkey.

I can cast Crafters Blessing and a Lords Banner of Victory is already going to be a part of any construction site I manage.

JTibbs wrote:

ugh i hate the retraining rules.

really, forgetting how t do something in such a short period of time? what are they, robots with limited hard disk space?

In this case ist a musket with two barrels being for some reason more complicated to load than a musket with one barrel. So the silliness stands.

MrRetsej wrote:
Remember that you will have to take Rapid Reload a second time to let it benefit double barreled muskets.

Just retrain the feat, it only takes five days.

Introduce your fellow players to the downtime rules and tell them you need X amount of time. Building a Expedition pavilion and turning the main room into a workshop using bags of holding to carry the tools/workbench you need to craft with allows you to work anywhere.

There is no reason why a Cohort would not charge full book price on a crafted magic item. They are people and need money just like anyone else. The advantage of having a crafting Cohort is to have the undivided attention of a rare craftsman, which is frankly worth the feat.

The only time I would assume the Cohort charges half is if the magic item is a vital plot magguffin that affects the Cohort or if it is a item for the exclusive use of a cohort or a follower.

zefig wrote:
rat_ bastard wrote:
zefig wrote:

What are you planning on using for the Arcane Bond? If you go with Improved Familiar and take one with telepathy, that could help offset at least some of the RP-aspects of being deaf

Which class are you putting magical knack in?

Doesn't look like you put Cure Serious/Critical on the oracle list, but you got the free cure light/mod.

Lantzkev is right so far as Paragon Surge goes, since that applies to everything from the ARG. It's not a blanket rule for other sources though, like a few feats from the APG.

It is at bare minimum a two to three feat investment for a Mystic theurge to have an improved familiar meanwhile a arcane bond is as good at first level as it is at 20th.
How so? You get a normal familiar with your first level of wizard or sorcerer, and then you can pick up an improved familiar when you have an arcane spellcasting level (sorc/wiz + mt) high enough for whichever familiar you want. Sure, mystic theurge won't advance the special abilities, intelligence, or natural armor..but that's not what the Improved Familiar prerequisites are.

Familiar is bound to class level, not caster level for a Sorcerer/Oracle theurge the character has a class level of 4. There are a few feats that can raise that but in order to make it match your character level you need to get the Eldridge bloodline feat.

Edit: Interesting, it appears that Improved Familiar is bound to caster level, not class level. Your pet would still be the equivalent of a 4th level sorcerer's familiar but you can get an improved familiar.

zefig wrote:

What are you planning on using for the Arcane Bond? If you go with Improved Familiar and take one with telepathy, that could help offset at least some of the RP-aspects of being deaf

Which class are you putting magical knack in?

Doesn't look like you put Cure Serious/Critical on the oracle list, but you got the free cure light/mod.

Lantzkev is right so far as Paragon Surge goes, since that applies to everything from the ARG. It's not a blanket rule for other sources though, like a few feats from the APG.

It is at bare minimum a two to three feat investment for a Mystic theurge to have an improved familiar meanwhile a arcane bond is as good at first level as it is at 20th.

What is wrong with paying Food & Lodging (aka Monthly Cost of Living)?

leo1925 wrote:

There is a chance that yuor DM has an asthetic problem with the gunslinger and he trying to find excuses to make you play another class. There are a lot of people who don't like firearms (myself included) but if that's the case with him then he should have said so in the beggining.

This is not specifically being directed at you but here goes:

Cannons, primitive guns, rockets, flamethrowers, grenades and grenade launchers all started to see use in the 13th century. People need to get the f over themselves and accept that medieval people could have had guns and in a world with plentiful glass, vast trade and travel networks, plate armor and giant freaking flying lizards that firearms seeing use is not unrealistic or even unusual.

Flak wrote:
I don't think the idea is to make them better at combat. I think the idea is just to make them more fun to play :)

A fighter is the ultimate in custom ass kicker building, you can build pretty much any type of hero with nearly any details you want. I fail to see how near absolute freedom to build the hero you want is not fun for people.

Honestly I think the retraining rules in Ultimate Campaign handle this quite nicely with a good sense of verisimilitude and it gives you something interesting and useful to do during your downtime. I do support Paladins and Fighters getting a two skill point bump and have that as a house rule at my table, but otherwise halfway competently built Fighters are already kings of combat and don't need much love.

Harark wrote:
I've always been a fan of the full body suit and mask style. Can also add an extra level of creepy if done right. Since none of the vampire's body is exposed to the light then sunlight won't burn them up. It would suck if someone decided to start tearing chunks of the clothing off though.

Um, how does the vampire see?

Considering your DM is handling you with kid gloves I would try to get the Improved Caster Level Feat at first level, or taking Practiced Spellcaster twice. My advice is to lead with one class then follow up with the other till 6th level. Feats that provide a static bonus like toughness, Improved Initiative, or Warrior Priest are more your friend than most feats, but item creation is a good racket.

Having a familiar is generally a feat hole but since your gm is insisting on spoiling you you might be able to have one anyway, otherwise I recommend a bonded object, either a dagger or a ring.

My advice is stay in the rear and cover your party with buffs, it makes the Martials feel like rockstars and I think its pretty fun to do usually. Palm a fun looking circumstantial spell and have fun with cantrips because what you have more than anything else is variety, not power or direct utility.

It appears you have an investment in a quarry, the GM assigns a value to your quarry and you get a percentage with a chance of disaster or breakout year. [url] tments[/url]

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