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Thought I'd create a thread where we could throw up some ideas for future APs.

What I'd like to see is an infiltration style campaign where the PCs are a different race. Maybe Drow or Serpentfolk or I guess you could flip it have standard PCs infilitrating a Drow or Serpentfolk community/city.

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With all the talk of Interplanetry Teleport on another thread a planet hopping AP appeals at present.

Also: an urban based AP where the group become movers and shakers in a single city (guild leaders; head priests; watch captains etc).


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I'd love to see a mother-of-all dungeon crawls AP with various factions to work with/against, various quests within the large scope of the crawl, fantastic locations within 30' x 30' rooms, that sort of thing.

Plot ideas (inspired by books):

-"Last chance to see" Last of their kind beings are being hunted and killed. Who is doing this and why?

-"Ant Hill" The vermin are acting strangely: aggressive, intelligent, and organized. Is something controlling them? Are they evolving? An answer must be found!

-"The Road" You meet in a tavern...wait...what happened here? It's all gone! A group of adventures set out across a desolate and blasted vista that was once a thriving city to find out what caused such devastation. The answer may shatter their beliefs and the resolution will change them forever.

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I'd also like to see a mega dungeon. I trust Paizo to do it right - I've played WLD and it got a little tedious after a while. A good mega dungeon would definitely need a decent plot, a good reason to explore, etc.

A planar hopping adventure would be fairly fun. Could use all those nifty outsiders from Bestiary 2.

I also think there could be some appeal in an AP themed around a war.

Oddly enough the ones I asked for the last time we did a thread like this actually seem to have come out in Serpants Skull (I advocated for an expedition into the dark continent to find the lost city) and Jade Regent (I wanted a caravan trip to the far east).

How about something involving true love. Maybe a series of adventures involving the PCs protecting the lovers, rescuing one or both of them, herding them from point A to B this sort of thing. It'd hinge on the lovers having interesting personalities and backgrounds to explain why they are always getting into trouble. I'd really like to see one of the adventures be a 'willing' kidnapping where one of the lovers is forced into something like a marriage that is legal and law abiding but also rotten and evil. Players need to save lover from the situation with a minimium of violence through stealth and planning.

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finish maure castle!

but since that's not likely to happen, a new megadungeon would be great.

Jim Cirillo wrote:
I'd love to see a mother-of-all dungeon crawls AP with various factions to work with/against, various quests within the large scope of the crawl, fantastic locations within 30' x 30' rooms, that sort of thing.

+1. Between Carrion Crown and Jade Regent, they're pretty much doing every future AP that I had desired up to this point. It seems like the next one should be a massive dungeon in the old-school style of the Temple of Elemental Evil or Undermountain.

I'd like to see one that was a little more "high adventure"-ish than the relatively grim stuff Pathfinder tends to do. I love Howardian/Lovecraftian sword and sorcery, but a straightforward noble-heroes-vs.-badguys story would be a breath of fresh air!

-The Gneech

My initial response to the Mega-Dungeon AP idea was, "Uh, no." But after thinking about it a little more, if the Mega-Dungeon was connected to a dwarven sort of storyline in some way and involved an excursion into the Underdark or some massive lost dwarven citadel that didn't involve drow then my objection would turn into a "Yes."

Pastiche time!

Everyone wants Epic play, psionics, and other planets.

A group of 16th level PCs are recruited to conquer a Mega-Dungeon style stronghold on Akiton that was the actual birthplace of the Tarrasque. The entrance to this dungeon is at the bottom of a massive and ancient impact crater. It is controled by a cult of Rovagug. While on this world and in the crater and accompaning dungeon, the cult members have access to very powerful psionics. This is the result of the psychic shockwave of the deaths caused by the impact thousands, if not millions of years ago. At the Center of the Dungeon? A key to awakening Rovagug? A clue helping an entire group of people make it to the Starstone at once? Who knows.

Now Paizo can give us 16th level builds for all of the iconics, or you can start the campaign with the PCs you have worked hard to build up from a previous AP.

I would love to see some sort of adventure dealing with the Land of the Linnorm Kings. Even better would be if it also involved Arcadia. Accompanying a Linnorm King on his final voyage towards Arcadia, something that sounds like it comes right out of the Epics of old, such as Beowulf, Sigurd, and even Odyssey.

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I want to see one dealing with the Lands of the Linnorm Kings and Irrisen, one for the World Wound would be cool, and one for Arcadia, I would love info about that, or maybe one set way down south below Geb and stuff.

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My top recommendations for future APs:

1. An AP focused on another one of the Runelords, or all of them. Maybe go back in time when ancient Thassilonia was just about to crumble.

2. A Taldor AP, focused on nobility, politics, and large scale battle - either a Taldoran civil war or maybe one with Qadira.

3. NO huge dungeons.....yuck!!

4. Andoran Freedom Fighters circling the Inner Sea, fighting slavers in different lands - give it a high adventure, swashbuckling, very heroic feel to it.

5. I'd go for a Land of the Linnorm Kings, Irrisen, Arcadia thing.

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i would like a pirate theme adventure path, with ships and everything

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I'd like to go back to Varisia. More Kaer Maga, please!

I'll second an actual pirate AP. Savage tides was "this has pirate elements, but a lot of the AP doesn't take place in the water" and Serpent Skull was very similar. Paizo knows people want this...so how about it gets done?

I'm cool with a mega dungeon, because I have an extreme ammount of faith in paizo. Rules for setting up camp underground, encounters that can potentially go combat, but are just as likely to go social...new and interesting abberations to devour PC internal organs by entering various orafices...that sorta thing.

One that takes place in Magnimar would be nice...isn't there a great big bridge full of spider like creatures just waiting for some attention there?

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More Chelaxian adventures! The setting is unique and the potential for adventure is great.

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What I'd like to see in a distant future:
- an urban adventure where the Characters thrives to reach the top of society and seize the power or work to place someone at the top.

- a sandboxy adventure akin to kingmaker, where players are Ulfen raiders/sailors that try to establish their community/clan as a new player to be reconned with.

And what I'd like to see sooner than later:
- a new AP around one of the Runelords that while stand alone will expand on RotRL

My recommendations for future APs. If it's already been done, well, that's the double-edged sword of not reading adventures until you've played them. I'm using the Campaign Setting map of the Inner Sea.

1.) A sequel to Rise of the Runelords, dealing with Varisia and another Runelord or two. Not a "beginner" game, but something for level 15 and up for the first RoRL players to play.

2.) More APs with the possibility of getting a duchy, a fortress to run, or a large part of land. A base of operations. Level 12+ should not just "retire" back to a house in Sandpoint or Magimar. Give a use for the Leadership feat.

3.) A "Second Wave" AP in the Storval Plains, Mwangi Expanse, Katapesh, etc. Exploration APs that follows the first APs for new characters or lets old characters go further.

4.) An AP that explains Adoden's death, the Eye of Abendego, and how Adoden might come back. This would be level 1-20 and end as a truly epic adventure.

5.) An AP that involves Promise and Hermea, ending with the PCs being invited to stay on the island as part of the overall plan.

6.) An AP that is psionic-friendly using Dreamscarred Press' Psionics Unleashed, and does not involve the Isle of Jalmeray, monks, or Vudrani! Instead it has "spontaneous" psions, psychic warriors, soulknives, and wilders coming together to fight a threat only psionics can imagine. This AP both introduces and codifies psionics in Golarion, but not absolutely. The iconics in the back are - guess what - psionic!

7.) Less APs that isolate the PCs so thoroughly that taking a Craft skill or feat is useless. Here's a wild thought: forcing the players to craft items just like forcing them to have exactly the right spell to survive an encounter.

8.) APs that re-use places seen, used, and forgotten by previous APs. Maybe the second group will get it right...following in the footsteps of the first group.

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In no particular order:

1) A pirate AP. Not pirate window-dressing - an AP that starts and stays with pirates & nautical gaming. It can have a healthy mix of other elements, but keep it grounded in the theme.

2) An intrigue-AP. Something that really engages the players in the intrigues of a city, kingdom, or region. Basically, a Pathfinder take on a Game of Thrones level of intrigue. We've seen subsystems in Kingmaker & Council of Thieves for assessing influence. Let the AP define the factions & their goals, intermix conspiracies & secret societies, mix with Golarion goodness and let the PCs be unleashed as the wild cards.

3) A sword-and-planet AP.

4) An open-ended civilization vs. barbarism AP. Sure, there's an overarching evil that's exacerbating the conflict, but make both sides of the struggle have good and bad points. Let the PCs choose a side. For example party of Cavalier, Cleric (of Abadar), Fighter, and Wizard for the pro-civ side would play much differently than the Barbarian, Ranger, Druid, Witch pro-wilderness team.

And the 2 that'll never get made:

5) An arcane-themed AP. The players are all tied to or employed by a wizard's guild. Not so much a everyone-is-a-caster but more a "AP focused on the intrigues or an event at the guild" type. Let players be deeply tied or integrated to it if/when it makes sense. More "the fate of Hogwarts" than "PCs are Potter-types".

6) A religion-themed AP. With the "Faiths of" books along with the number of available divine-powered/themed classes, the Golarion faiths should be more than just window dressing. May be it's a campaign that's a missionary equivalent to Kingmaker, maybe it's a religious war.

I like the idea of a Pirate AP maybe do it with a Pirates of Dark Water theme

Definitely a pirate-themed AP.

Ship to ship combat, tropical island chains, pirate holds, privateers, even the possibility of taking over and setting up a hold on a taken-over island.


Justin Franklin wrote:




I'd also like a few others.

1. Something set in the Crown of the World. I know that Jade Regent will be traveling accross the Crown for a bit, but I want something there the entire time. An arctic themed AP would be fun, I beleive. Dealing with the dangers of not only the monsters and enemies at hand, but also with the environment itself. Winter Witches anyone?

2. An AP where the heroes are manipulated by a higher power. It would make the PCs hate the villain all the more.

3. Jelmaray seems like a great place to have an AP. I really don't mind what it would be, but having it there would be fantastic.

Some great ideas there guys.

Pirates seem to be a popular call and I really do like Mordo's idea of a kingmaker style sea raiders type of game. Island raiding, ship to ship battles, smuggling, etc would be fun and you could throw in the odd underwater adventure/s. I think it would be good if it had options for the PCs to invest in their ship/s. Making it stronger and faster, improving the firepower and maybe adding a battering ram. Theres also the crew that could be invested in with better recruits and training.

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While I don't have an exhaustive list handy (and am a little pressed for time to make one up on the spot) I do very much agree with the idea of a Kingmaker+Pirates naval campaign.

I know that Savage Tide exists. I have every bit of it. But it just wasn't naval enough or "piratey" enough for my liking. The naval aspect to that AP seemed a very thin veneer to me. I'd prefer to see much more of a naval theme to the AP. LEss veneer, more wood, as it were.

As I see it, the PCs would essentially be Privateers in such a campaign, acting for another power in Golarion under a Letter of Marque. There should be other interested powers, other interested Privateers (both acting in concert with, competing with, and some outright acting against the PCs. And of course, some feared chaotic neutral pirates whose loyalties are doubtful and whose self-interest is unabating.

Arrr. And some ghost elements, too. Arrr. Gimme a Haunted Ship and a Haunted Fleet. Arrr. With a trip to Treasure Island and Davey Jones' Locker, too,

Island hopping, exploration above (and ultimately, below the sea) consruction of ports, fortresses, consructing and hiring a fleet, etc.. All of these things would be the "theme" of such a sandboxy campaign.

And maybe a Governor's daughter to rescue and woo, too.

I would want to see a story though. It isn't enough to just throw some islands with site based adventuring for such an AP and call it done. There needs to be some sort of story here -- and I would VASTLY prefer that it entered sooner in the AP rather than later.

It says right here that there is nothing that prevents a sandbox and a story from going together -- and that's what I would love to ssee from such an AP.

I would also suggest that I would prefer to see a Kingdom Management hardcover out first (or at least -- released concurrently with) such an AP. As I noted in another thread, such a book should be targeted at both players and GMs alike and be especially useful to play such an Adventure Path.

And at the least, a significant naval supplement to the game (I'd prefer a hardcover, but whatever) so that we aren't just trying to make all the squeaky parts of a fleet and a naval campaign come together by relying upon a dozen pages or so in an AP issue. It needs more detail than that.

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+1 to Pirates. I love pirates, and I loved Kingmaker.

Honestly it should be a mix of Kingmaker + Serpent's Skull + Savage Tide - BUT! It should really embrace Pirate movies, history and literature.

Treasure Island and Monkey Island.

Ship to Ship combat!


Voodoo curses, and hidden temples to ancient and primal volcano gods.




Horrible things rising up from the depths of the sea!

Did I mention the wenches?

Ghost ships!


A sunken city!


Rival pirates, and legitimate authorities that need taking down a peg (I'm looking at you Chelish Navy!)

Davy Jones Locker

and finally,


1. Mega-Dungeon is my one favorite. Kaer Maga seems ripe for something like this. Hard to pull off, but with Runelords? Not so hard.

2. Arcane - Link is a great one on a player level. Though would be hard to pull off, but if done well it would be one to remember.

3. Pirate - Privateers is cool. I really enjoyed some part of a book series I read where the main character went in, "took over" a pirate/thief town/island and then used the pirates/thief against the slavers freeing many people. Though knowing my players they would go "off track" and turn into raiders, or some such.

1)AP that takes place in/around water/ocean, maybe were you become pirates after becoming free men from slavery.

2)Numeria, Numeria, Numeria

3)More first world

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1. Numeria
2. Worldwound
3. Megadungeon crawl across Siege Castles of Absalom

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I second (or at this stage thirty second) a nautical/pirate themed AP. I would also like to see a religious based AP delving into the background of a particular faith. Also an AP based around a massive war between two major countries (Andoran and Taldor?) would be great.

Please no mega dungeons though, I've never seen a good one.

A cabal of rakasha and a rival aboleth clutch have individual, complex, age-spanning machinations that are at cross purposes. Hijinks ensue.

Add old Azlant, mysterious hints as to Aroden’s fate, and the Starstone - simmer and serve.

Worldwound, for sure!

And a little less humans, a lot more dragons.

I would like to see a story about a crime ring and/or slavers that is run by 3 brothers who are Oni.

Something to do with the Worldwound would be fun. Military adventures, love, betrayal, demons, blackest horror against gray-tinged light, and valor and virtue at last triumphant.

I do like the idea of a pirate campaign (combined with a good set of underwater adventures, and maybe focusing on Andoran and Absalom and Taldor; it seems like a very nice place for it), and yet... pirate campaigns are so easy they virtually write themselves. I don't need help to run a pirate campaign.

An urban campaign, definitely. (Taldor seems like a nice place to set it, decadent empire, gladiator games (maybe), lots of noble factions intriguing against each other, PCs getting a choice which one to support).

And a piece of structural advice: put the Adventure Five megadungeon somewhere around Adventure 2 instead, when you don't have to worry/plan for all the teleporting stuff. A big abandoned mine occupied by all sorts of stuff ending up with a vampire at the bottom would be a wonderful piece of adventuring.

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BQ wrote:

Thought I'd create a thread where we could throw up some ideas for future APs.

What I'd like to see is an infiltration style campaign where the PCs are a different race. Maybe Drow or Serpentfolk or I guess you could flip it have standard PCs infilitrating a Drow or Serpentfolk community/city.

Didn't Paizo try that with Second Darkness?

Liberty's Edge

+5 million to the Pirate AP idea. :D

Especially the ship combat stuff. I know Paizo are trying to introduce some new funky rules in every AP, and I think everyone would like some good ship-to-ship combat.

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+X for the pirates. But if there are to be "wenches", then I insist upon an equal number of "lads"! ;)




Osirion ... possibly something more about that Aucturn connection mentioned in J 1/Entombed with the Pharaohs and J 4/The Pact Stone Pyramid? ... maybe a Stargate-like portal leading to sword-and-planet adventure?

And to quote myself from another thread:
Maybe a planet-hopping adventure path? That would allow for _lots_ of support articles, plus the Chronicles/Campaign Setting tie-in. Dare I ask for a setting-free rules hardcover too, something like "Ultimate Planetary"?

While I enjoyed some of the ideas of the Spelljammer setting (and appreciated the real world history of the underlying "theory"), I would like to see a more science-friendly version of magical/technological space travel. If that's at all possible ...


Ooh, also a time-hopping AP. Even if it means only changing time periods once, it would be amazing to see Golarion at a time other than 4707-4711.

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A pirate idea would be awesome either being pirates or stopping those *channels piffany from Nodwick* icky bad evil doers from hurting cute bunnies and inocent puppies.

My personal prefrence would be to see a "enchanted forest" type of AP.

Think of something like the way the Moonshea isles were originally presented with fairy dragons, unicorns and men all liveing in realative peace. The elves were mysterious and their lands caused time to flow diffrently in and around them much like the legends from the classic fairy tales.
I realise this would be very impracticle but an AP incorporating more of the fairy folk and stuff you just don't see that much of like elemental weirds or Asperi from MM2. When was the last time somebody had to save vs a pixie sleep arrow or a dryads charm? all these are classic elements from previous editions that I haven't seen in awhile.

My 2 c.p.

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In no particular order, I'd love to see:

1) Irrisen / The Land of Linnorm Kings

2) Alkenstar

3) Numeria

4) Sword & Planet

I would most definitely not want a megadungeon: not what I look for from Paizo. And although I'd lean away from the Pirate theme only because it feels like old ground at this point, I wouldn't mind it if it were tied into something like the fight against slavers via Andoran.

I think the Nex vs Geb conflict has some good potential. And I wouldn't be adverse to a trip to Jalmeray.

Going to the other planets in the Golarian's solar system would be awesome, especially the one with the good looking woman on giant lizards.

On top of the 1) pirate campaign, I realize I also wouldn't mind:

2) A tight, focused campaign in the Land of the Linnorm Kings. Nowhere else - just the Land of the Linnorm Kings.

3) A tight, focused campaign in Irrisen. Nowhere else - just Irrisen.

4) As above, but Jalmeray.

5) Oriental-adventures like (NO TRAVEL - just Oriental adventures).

6) Maybe Alkenstar, but I would have to see what it's about, and what mechanics are included. (Love steampunk, but not too keen on the entire nixing of magic there...)

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Whatever future AP Paizo does, i hope at one point to see Absalom at least in one of the books. I don't recall Absalom even in any past APs. As a matter of fact, i can't think of any modules based around Absalom either. I think there's a society adventure that focuses on it, but that's about it. One would think that Golarion's largest city would be featured somewhere in an AP.

Lantern Lodge

For me, in order of preference:

1) Mana Wastes: An adventure that explores Alkenstar, the Mana Wastes, and their technology. Defending from attacks by Geb and Nex, exploring the Mana Wastes and its hidden treasure, testing experimental technology, and searching for the cause of the reason why magic does not work correctly.

2) Urban: An adventure based around the guilds of a city, their struggle for power, and an ancient evil hidden guild that attempts to return and destroy all the other guilds for sealing it away hundreds of years ago. The idea is based off of the Ravnica Block and Novels of MtG.

3) Pirates: An adventure that has the PCs as new recruits for a gang of pirates (or similar group) and having them do raids, ship battles, pirate curses, and fighting a long forgotten menace of the sea.

4) Inter Planetary: Something that takes us from planet to planet exploring and fighting for survival while working for an organization that is searching for something on the planets.

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Steven Tindall wrote:
My personal prefrence would be to see a "enchanted forest" type of AP.

Got your enchanted forest right here Dude: Tales of The Old Margreve

It's a complete setting. The best of Open Design! There are adventures by Richard Pett, Tim Connors, and Ben McFarland. I highly recommend it!

Liberty's Edge

Yup, here's another for a naval campaign with pirates and ships!

-Exploration below the waves! Sunken treasures, diplomacy with undersea civilizations, and aquatic dungeon delving!

-A mercantile trade/ship improvement mini-game! Like Kingmaker, I want to build a mercantile empire (or a corsair-piratical one), construct new ships, and improve existing ships with modifications and enchantments!

-Ship-to-ship combat! By the end of the AP I want to be able to sail my fleet of ships against a great and rising evil!

-Yes, pirates! Whether the players join them or hunt them. Having to choose should be a part of the campaign!

Jon Brazer Enterprises

Put me down for a WorldWound AP. Hell, JBE would be right there with continued support for it as well.

Something with Planescape would be amazing, but I have a feeling it's a WotC IP...

I think it would be cool investigating and mapping out one of the Nine Planes of Hell, but I guess that would be a very high level adventure. In general, devil corruption as a plot line is fairly fun (see Shadows Over Bogenhafen).

God, please no pirates! I frickin hate pirates.

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