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Some issues, but overall enjoyable


I had the opportunity to run through this as a player, and subsequently received it as part of the Free RPG day and have been able to review it more closely. We had 6 players and used all 6 pregens.
The comments I've heard about the impossibility of the final encounter were not an issue for our group. We defeated the succubus fairly handily, entirely because we all used our abilities with a great deal of forethought rather than playing a hack-n-slash game.
I was playing the wizard and was originally EXTREMELY annoyed that nearly his entire spell list was composed of spells that the main villain was immune to. However, by our group discussing a strategy beforehand, making some knowledge checks going in and being prepared for it, we knew what we were getting into. So we knew ahead of time there was no point saving any of those spells for the final battle, and I breezed through all the other encounters with no one getting hurt.
We had the paladin detect evil before going into the room, so her ruse was revealed without it ever harming us. We buffed the hell out of the paladin and his weapon, so none of her resistances applied, when she tried to charm someone we expected it and were ready to dispel it. And possibly most importantly, instead of running in and trying to cut her to pieces, the first thing the fighter did was disarm her wand. With the paladin using smite evil, bull's strength, bless, and a "good" weapon we took her down too quickly for her to summon the babau.
People seem really hot about most of the pregens being unable to get past her DR. So how many of you just killed the cleric in the ambush rather than interrogating them for everything about the temple? As soon as we heard the description of the creature, the first thing I asked the DM was if my wizard recognizes it. A knowledge planes roll told me it was a succubus. Knowledge planes and knowledge arcana rolls subsequently told me a lot about her immunities. So did no one else ask the watch commander that hired us if he could spare any cold iron weapons? Seriously, if people are just running in with swords swinging and no time spent talking it out first then you deserve to get wiped, that's not a problem with the module.
This adventure was very well designed and was not intended to be easy. It was also proof to me that a party of players that uses their abilities well and also uses them in concert with each other can defeat what most consider insurmountable odds.