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No go.




Silver Crusade



Fake Elan!!


or swim, as the case may be...


*tappy tappy tap*


*pretends to get stuck in an invisible box*

*roosts on top of invisible box*

*falls on mimes*


*attemps to mime fixing a broken leg and putting a splint on in*


*Starts rolling on the ground in pain*

*Spins around, spreading chaos energy everywhere*

*mimes death*

*shamelessly plugs Robotech Kickstarter*

I don't blame you.

*kicks mimes repeatedly*

*consumes mimes' souls and takes a nap*

Mimes don't have souls. That's why they can't speak.

Silver Crusade

Not true! Half of my best friends are mimes.

The silent voices in your head don't count.

but if they are silent, who knows how many there are?

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If you have to ask, you don't need to know.

that is one of the worst life lessons in the world.

It was good that JFK asked the russians if they had missiles in Cuba. that was kinda a good thing to know.



Silver Crusade

Totem pole?

Nah. Just random scribbles of a diseased mind.

There are many of these. Fortunately I'm always around on the Intarweb to bring things back to focus... Like this: I WIN !


Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

So many delusions on the internet. One fact remains though my victory on this thread.

Then again, maybe not.

The truth is: You will not win. I may not win either, but I do for now.

You are correct. You will not win.

You are correct, but irrelevant to my winning.

I'm a cruel WINNER !

A cruel whiner, perhaps.

Huh? I always thought you were a crual Wiener...

A dual diner?

A duel diner! Who loses.

Scarab Sages

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

I have notices less people are posting on this thread. I guess they have given up. My odds of winning are still 100%, but the winner's cup will be in my hand in a shorter amount of time.

I win?!
I'd like to thank my parents who have...
Sorry, too much emotions...
Who have always been there for me, and without whom I would'nt be there.
I'd like to thank my agent, my hairdresser and my friends.
And you,darling,this is for you!

Charles, I refute your logic. But when there is no one left, I will show up and win!

And then I'll show up after you.

No you won't.

Who called me a whiner ? I shall have to send the Gnomish Oriental Regiment of Eeriness (GORE) to punish the culprit !

In the meantime, I win. Except in the fashion arena, where none can beat Sissyl and her Insectoid Love Hat.

I did. Big deal. You wanna fight about it?

*proceeds to drink whiskey by the quart*

Silver Crusade

Yeah. Put em up!

I don't fight stick figures. It's bad for my image.

I'm not sure anything you do could be bad for your image. It's pretty bad already.

Silver Crusade

unlike my new one.

Those are big teeth...

Well, Vicious Chicken of Bristol, I can see that I've ruffled your feathers !

[whispering to the V.C. of B: "Let's pretend we fight, and I win... Here, take this purse full of gold, my good, bird !"]

[aloud] "You've defied me one last time, bird. This day will see your demise... unless my fanciful gnomish mercy stays my hand !"

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