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"He's More Machine Than Man Now..."
Augments, or “augs”, are those who modify their body for the sake of improving their capacity for violence. Some do it through extensive cybernetics, others though chemical tampering, integrated weapon systems, or permanent magical “upgrades”.

Augments want to turn themselves into huge killer kill-bots, humans who undergo radical super-soldier transformation programs, emotionless living weapons who go as far as replacing most of their body to be more efficient, or even chem-guzzling mammoth mutants.

Tranformation Types:
-Super Soldier: Better living though chemicals! A tatical ace engineered by the military to be a living weapon.
Mutant: Deformed, hulking, massive, radioactive beasts who cling to their humanity!
-Killbot: "The flesh is weak" so embrace your inner murder-bot and cleanse the universe of those unworthy meat-sacks.
Spelljacker: Runic tattoos, implanted spells, and magical addictions!
-Gear Head: Transform and roll out! You can turn into a vehicle.

Also Included:
-Builds: Done for "Star Marines", "Termination Unit 0403", "Runic Soldier", and "Go Force"
-10 New Augmentations! Including the Tarrasque Stomach, Remote Limb, and Grappling Rocket Fist!
-5 New Armor Upgrades! Including Chameleon Coating, Reactive Armor, and one that allows you to turn your armor into a suitcase.

-Page Count: 18 pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 2 OGL, 14 content)
-PDF Optimized

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Scott: Is this a "race", a base class or something else?

This is a full base class.

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