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Russ Brown

About Rusty Ironpants

My name is Russ Brown and I have been playing and running Roleplaying Games since grade school, which is about 35 years now. Mostly I have played Dungeons & Dragons and later Pathfinder, but I have tried many other systems at least a few times. I also enjoy board games and especially tabletop miniatures games.

Professionally I am a computer programmer and analyst and since December 2000 I have worked at a major food distribution company. I live in Denver, Colorado.

I have been a fan of Paizo and Pathfinder since Wizards of the Coast released 4th Edition D&D and I found it was not the game for me. I went looking for alternatives and I found Paizo still releasing OGL products. I have been involved with Pathfinder Society since 2010 as a player and event organizer at my friendly local game store. In mid-2014 I became become a Venture Lieutenant for the Denver area. In January 2016 I became the Venture Captain for Colorado–Denver. In May 2016 I GMed my 150th table and became a 5 Star GM for Pathfinder Society.

Around January 2015 I was fortunate enough to make the Top 16 in Paizo's RPG Superstar 2015 contest. Participating in that contest was a great learning experience and has spurred my interest in roleplaying game design. In February 2017 I resigned as Venture Captain in order to concentrate on freelance game design and 3rd Party Publishing.

RPG Superstar Early Entries
I entered RPG Superstar several times in the early years before the public voting. I still have a couple of the items saved off. Bear in mind these are some of my first design attempts and not that great. :) Neither of these made Top 32.
RPG Superstar 2008 Weaponcharm Bracelet
RPG Superstar 2009 Faces of Drama

RPG Superstar 2015 (Season 8) Entries
Round 1: Ice Fang Ice Fang is now also available in the magic item appendix of Down the Blighted Path.
Round 2: Lost Water Gardens of Jalmeray
Round 3: Stonevine Stalker

RPG Superstar Season 9 Entries
Round 1: Vudrani Fighting Rope (Didn't make Top 32)
Round 2: Tomb of the Sand Pharaoh (My would–have–been round 2 map). There is also an updated version

Rusted Iron Games
In April 2015 I released my first Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible Products under the name Rusted Iron Games.

Visit Rusted Iron Games at the R.I.G.Website, our Facebook Page or the R.I.G. Product Page here on Paizo.com. R.I.G. is also on Twitter at @rustedirongames.

Deadly Gardens Series (25 Volumes)
Deadly Gardens Collection
Deadly Gardens: Blood Root by Russ Brown, Joe Kondrak & Andrew Umphrey
Deadly Gardens: Blood Rose Swarm by Russ Brown
Deadly Gardens: Catchweed by Russ Brown & Matthew Carroll
Deadly Gardens: Cinder-Heart Treant by Russ Brown & Kim Frandsen
Deadly Gardens: Deathcap Fungus by Russ Brown
Deadly Gardens: Dream Weed by Jacob W. Michaels, Kim Frandsen & Joe Konkrak
Deadly Gardens: Faerie Circle Stalker by Jacob W. Michaels, Isaac Volynskiy, & Mike Welham
Deadly Gardens: Ghost Spore Swarm by Mike Welham, Joe Kondrak & Andrew Umphrey
Deadly Gardens: Green Man by Jacob W. Michaels
Deadly Gardens: Greeenscream Trumpet by Sam Kaplan, Matthew Carroll & Mike Welham.
Deadly Gardens: Grovemaker by Mike Welham
Deadly Gardens: Hungry Pit by Russ Brown, Kim Frandsen & Joe Kondrak
Deadly Gardens: Hydra Vine by Russ Brown & Isaac Volynskiy
Deadly Gardens: Hypno-Lotus by Stephan Stack
Deadly Gardens: Mulch Stalker by Stephen Stack & Russ Brown
Deadly Gardens: Ophidian Vine by Russ Brown
Deadly Gardens: Petrified Plants by Joe Kondrak
Deadly Gardens: Phoenix Lily by Russ Brown
Deadly Gardens: Razorleaf Swarm by Chris Hunt, Jeff Gomez & Mike Welham
Deadly Gardens: Scorpion Cactus by Russ Brown
Deadly Gardens: Star Blossom by Mike Welham, Joe Kondrak & Andrew Umphrey
Deadly Gardens: Stiletto Palm by Joe Kondrak, Matthew Carroll & Mike Welham
Deadly Gardens: Swarmhive by Russ Brown
Deadly Gardens: Verdaxag, King of Trees by Mike Welham
Deadly Gardens: Wandering Sundew by Russ Brown, Joe Kondrak & Kim Frandsen

Deadly Gardens Specials
Deadly Gardens Extra: Natural Items by Russ Brown
Spooky Gardens Autumn Special by Jacob W. Michaels and Russ Brown
Frozen Gardens Winter Special by Jan Willem van den Brink, Jesse Winter, Ismael Alvarez & Russ Brown
Sunken Gardens: Aquatic Plants (upcoming)
Spooky Gardens 2 (upcoming)

Deadly Gardens Player Companions
Deadly Gardens Player Companion: Forest Shadows by Mike Welham
Deadly Gardens Player Companion: Verids by Jacob W. Michaels
Deadly Gardens Player Companion: Plant Magic (upcoming)
Deadly Gardens Player Companion: The Ygg by Russ Brown (upcoming)

Deadly Gardens Series 5E
Deadly Gardens: Phoenix Lily 5E by Ismael Alvarez & Russ Brown
Deadly Gardens: Swarm of Blood Roses 5E by Ismael Alvarez & Russ Brown
Deadly Gardens Extra: Natural Items 5E by Ismael Alvarez & Russ Brown

Character Options Series
Character Option: Oracles by Maria Smolina
Character Options: Witches by Russ Brown
Character Options: Fighters by Russ Brown (upcoming)
Character Options: Magus (upcoming)
Character Options: Vigilantes (upcoming)
Character Options: Cavaliers (upcoming)
Character Options: Paladins (upcoming)

Fearsome Foes Series
Fearsome Foes: Smiling Bastard by Russ Brown
Fearsome Foes: The Ravenous by Russ Brown
Fearsome Foes: Blackmane by Russ Brown (upcoming)
Fearsome Foes: Black Hounds by Vanessa Hoskins (upcoming)
Fearsome Foes: Crimson Cannibal by Vanessa Hoskins (upcoming)

Race Options Series
Race Options: Dwarves by Kim Fransen
Race Options: Gillmen by Joshua Hennington
Race Options: Svirfneblin by Mike Welham
Template Races: Half-Humans by Russ Brown

Roll With It! Series of Free GM Aids
Roll With It! Books by Russ Brown
Roll With It! Potions by Russ Brown
Roll With It! Ship Names by Caio Schmidt
Roll With It! Tavern Names by Russ Brown
Roll With It! Villager Names by Russ Brown
Roll With It! Wands by Russ Brown

Paizo, Inc.
Divine Anthology - Majestic Book of the Prime Ascended section.

Other Third Party Publishers
Paizo Fans United
Wayfinder #15: River Kraken
Wayfinder #17 Golden Scarab Swarm and Sand Scorpion

Purple Duck Games
Ruined Monster Contest, 1st place Mandrillus entry #4

Pyromaniac Press
Five monsters for the What Lies Beyond Reason? AP.
Ignorance Is Bliss - Dough Boy, page 43.
From the Ashes - Lonely One, page 60.
Campaign Guide - Dough Boy, Lonely One, Magma Crawler, Shadow Revenant, Vixxzetiflux