Dungeon Issue #106 with Polyhedron #165

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The Black Egg
The screams became overpowered by the sound of the terrible falling star--a black orb of malign energy hurled from the firmament in the dead of night. In that instant, the village of Rhale was utterly destroyed, reduced to a hollow crater of flaming decay. Now, frightened talk of a dark presence descended from above has taken root, though none can put name to the faceless fear that might reside within this terrible orb. A D&D adventure for 11th-level characters.
By Steven Montano

Tammeraut's Fate
Ten years ago, zombies arose from the foamy sea to take vengeance against the inhabitants of Firewatch Island. Now, they have risen again, just in time to welcome the visiting player characters! Will your heroes manage to escape the island with their lives (to say nothing of their delicious brains)? A D&D Greyhawk adventure for 6th-level characters.
By Greg A. Vaughan

Polyhedron #165
Star Wars RPG heroes go up against the insidious forces of Ord Vaxal, prison planet of the Empire, in a wide-ranging planetary gazetteer by Gary Astleford. We check in with the Fiend-Sage of Rel Astra in another installment of the Living Greyhawk Journal, Downer tries to put the beholder Lord Manglecramps behind him forever, and we update you on the latest and greatest news from the d20 industry and the RPGA Network.

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Hey Greg A. Vaughan's first adventure.

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