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I got an email saying they were ready, but they aren't :(

zayzayem wrote:
yamasaki wrote:

If Harsk is at the Waterfront and decides to help a player in another location with their combat check by recharging a card, does that check now incur the Waterfront's penalty?

What if Harsk is in another location and wants to help a player at the Waterfront -- say Seoni is using a spell for a combat check -- will Seoni now incur the penalty for using weapons because of Harsk's assistance?

Situation A: Yes. *ALL* the dice. See Vic above.

Situation B: No. Seoni is not at the Waterfront - So the "At this location..." doesn't apply.

I do not know how I managed to misread the question and phrase my reply so incorrectly - now I cannot find how to delete/edit my comment away and hide under a rock

yamasaki wrote:

If Harsk is at the Waterfront and decides to help a player in another location with their combat check by recharging a card, does that check now incur the Waterfront's penalty?

What if Harsk is in another location and wants to help a player at the Waterfront -- say Seoni is using a spell for a combat check -- will Seoni now incur the penalty for using weapons because of Harsk's assistance?

Situation A: Yes. *ALL* the dice. See Vic above.

Situation B: No. Seoni is not at the Waterfront - So the "At this location..." doesn't apply.

There are quite a few character who have something like:

"When attempting a check with the Finesse trait you gain the skill Melee: Dexterity +2"

or such to represent dex-based melee finesse fighters

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Arcaneumkiller wrote:

Also, the 3rd power is that if you run out of card , you don't die. Which is cool but at the same time really lame, because 95% of the time you are not dying, out decking out.

It never happened to any of us to deck out, it was close once or twice, but we use cure, and heal each others.

It's going to happen more if you are banishing a bunch of cards.

It also allow Nyctessa to use a very different playstyle. Particularly when she gets that reset from your discard pile power

Shouldn't a power be phrased in the way such as "Recharge to (do) X"

E.g. "Recharge to reduce damage dealt to you by 3"

This recharging is not a power, just something that can be done with the card if criteria is met.

MorningstarZero wrote:
Is there an ETA on when the Class Deck Character Sheets download will be updated to include the Magus Deck Characters?

Did this happen yet?

Am I the only one with no problems viewing the images at all?

Vic Wertz wrote:

Yep—if the villain were in the Middle of Nowhere, and all other locations were closed, returning him to the Middle of Nowhere would make the game unwinnable.

How so?

Wouldn't the game be won when encountering the villain and then defeating them.

The problem was what to do when the villain wasn't defeated.

KS_brkfst wrote:
Am I missing something about Yoon? No melee, ranged, arcane, or divine skill that helps her in combat. I guess she is just adding her first power (recharge a blessing to add fortitude and fire to combat check) to strength or dexterity rolls? I feel like I'm not getting the whole story on this character

Are you people missing it adds the Fortitude skill not trait (well trait as well)?

That's d6+d10+2 at the cost of a recharged blessing, plus the extra traits, and the potential for boosting. And that's only if you're kinetic punching with strength.

She's better than Balazar and his attack chicken (forgive me), because she can be using attack spells or weapons for her base combat check too!

Unfortunately while the check to defeat the demon is indeed in order to defeat a barrier, the check itself is still a check against a monster, not a barrier.

zeroth_hour2 wrote:
Diurgez Bloodlord also unchecks a skill or power feat if you die while encountering him.

As if dying wasn't already enough...

My interpretation was the same.

When you get a feat on one role, you get a feat on the other.

KS_brkfst wrote:

Just to make sure I'm understanding -

If you encounter a monster/henchman/villain that requires a check to play attack spells (Blood Demon) you must succeed at the check to be able to play any card with the attack trait that says "this counts as playing a spell"

Or a spell card with attack trait. A spell card will not have the line "this counts as playing a spell" because it is a spell card already.


Playing a card means using a power on that card by revealing, displaying, discarding, recharging, burying, or banishing that card or by performing another action specified by that card. Activating a power on a displayed card also counts as playing it.

If a power says using it counts as playing a boon, it counts as playing a card.

elcoderdude wrote:

Since characters are listed in the Golden Rule hierarchy of card types, character and role cards are definitely cards.

I don't think you every "play" these cards though. That doesn't make sense to me, given the rules of the game.

If you are activating the text on a card you are playing it

Talonius wrote:

I know the rules about casting spells and using items per encounter, but I find my Varril with a spell called Divine Fortune which states "Display. While displayed add 1d6 to checks by characters at your location. Discard/Recharge at the start of your turn."

I just pulled a spell, Steal Soul reads "Display this card next to your deck to add 1d4 to your checks while displayed." It stays displayed until the scenario ends.

So would playing Divine Fortune while Steal Soul is already displayed count as using two spells at once? My theory is that Steal Soul is a persistent buff and doesn't count as multi-casting unless I tried to cast both on the same encounter, but I may be suffering from power-hungry bias. o.O

YOu can use the effects of two spells at once.

You just can't cast two spells at the same time.

You may be under the effect of two spells if:

*two different characters cast spells at the same time
*a spell was cast earlier and is still in effect at the same time

RhinoKneel wrote:
Only concern would be his second power potentially allowing you to cycle through spells in the box until you get one you'd like (<3 Augury/Scrying). I suppose you'd at least want to make sure to shuffle the box supply after banishing...

Plus it only happens when he uses the first power (or something else that banishes spells not for their power). So he only does it on combat checks mostly.

Setver wrote:

It was dangerous, as the henchmen when we finally encountered this card were the ones that made you recharge/reset your hand before taking damage. I was lucky he wasn't next, but I could have took 5 fire damage, lost my whole hand. fought him, and then lost all my hand again, then drawn and died from a very healthy state.

How do you lose your hand twice in the same turn?

You don't reset your hand until the very end of your turn.

The beauty of having a hand wipe is that generally you are impervious to further harm that turn.

Longshot11 wrote:

So, a bug was reported today on the Obsidian forums, that made me realize something - in RotR, the barriers Skinsaw Ritual, Skeleton Horde and Goblin raid don't have a specified 'defeated' condition. I couldn't find anything on the matter here and neither are they FAQ'ed as far as I can tell.

This matters in conjunction with the Swallowtail Festival closing condition. So, 'defeated' only if you defeat all summons, I guess?

Those barriers are banished after completion.

There is no check to defeat.

Not sure how this interacts with Swallowtail Festival.
I believe it would either be:

A) Run the barrier and then it is defeated.

B) It cannot be defeated. You do not close Swallowtail.

I'm leaning towards B.

Are yuo sure you calculated the final roll total correctly.

I'm noticing Seelah's dice go funny. But then so do the target numbers and the name of the check she is making (like she was doing a cure recharge 8, but it says she is doing a combat 7, but rolling the correct dice for the recharge check)

It usually seems to pass based on the original accurate test she should be doing. Or I'm not sure.

Definitely bugged. Hope it gets fixed.

The power in this case says:

"*When* a character at your location is dealt damage you may reveal an armor to reduce that damage by 1;"

As mentioned by others "When..." powers trigger every time that event happens, so yes you can protect everyone from the acid splash by revealing a single armor (even the same one) for each character.

If its more than 1 damage however, you're going to need more armors.

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Was trying out the new card creator.

Made this from a 3rd level character I had in my first (and quickly abandonned) Pathfinder campaign.

Nokk was the last survivor of gnomes kidnapped by giants. He was rescued by a hermit wizard and trained in arcane arts. He had immense power but lacked most social skills.

Character Front
Character Back (ignore the cohort)

His powers represent:
*Force punching, he summons telekinetic fists to attack enemies from afar (he was part Willow, part Yoda for inspiration)
*Illusion resistance and/or an arcane ward
*Talk with animals innate ability (It's a less versatile form of Ekkie's innate bonus, mostly to make up for his low wisdom/survival)

Tall Stalker role
This is Nokk in his wild, nomad, giant killer form.
*Stronger force punch
*Better talk with animals
*Enlarge himself
*Shrink giants
*An ambush technique, but you have to find a way to evade those banes first (great team up with Merisel)

Keymaster role
This Nokk is true to his name, and can use his magic to open up doors and get the party in safely
*Can use his telekinesis to disable traps
*Can shield others
*"Knock" spell and other tricks
*Shrink yourself and the party to sneak in

Related to this - how do you feel about Adowyn character using teh power printed on the Leryn cohort card multiple times at the end of a turn to recharge their hand before drawing up.

While displayed recharge another card to put this card in your hand.

In action:
Recharge to withdraw Leryn.
Display to scout.
Recharge to withdraw.
Display to scout.

Obviously you are scouting teh same card over and over - but you can recharge your hand to get a "better" one, maybe one with a weapon.

I ruled this violated the playing a card more than once during a step/phase rule. What does the community think?

Anyone know if Quests are working yet?

James McKendrew wrote:
Those graphics glitches with the card disappearing aren't the emulator. That happens on my tablet, too.

Yep. Happens to spells too on cancel.

elcoderdude wrote:

Does anyone think the dice roll much more poorly than they do in real life?

I've learned to always add to an important check. Think you can roll a 3 on a d12? Don't assume that.

I just nearly killed Harsk when Lini rolled an 8 against a Slashing Blade with 3d6 + d4 + 1.

I admit that I remember the bad rolls more than the good ones. In my first scenario, Kyra beat the villain on the last turn by making a 10 combat check on 2d6+2.

Maybe these dice are actually more mathematically random than your actual physical dice (which might actually be better than you assume).

JGray wrote:
Is quest mode hanging in the load screen for anyone else?


Longshot11 wrote:
Syrilian wrote:
So I downloaded the app for Pathfinder and noticed that when you play a blessing, it adds the skill dice whether or not it was the highest die in the check.

From this, I understand your question differently than the other replies assume, so let's see if I got it right:

Are you referring to the case where you need to defeat a card with two alternative checks - for example, let's say the barrier Locked Passage (Dexterity/Disable 8 OR Strength/Melee 16).
So you encounter it with Merisiel (Disable d12+2 , Strength d8) nad you want to boost your chances so you play a Blessing of Thorag (or a BotG while Torag is the top blessing discard - then the game will also assume you're trying to duplicate Thorag).

So suddenly, on your screen you will have 3d8 instead of the 2d12+2 which are better and which you probably expected. This doesn't have anything to do with rules for Blessings, but rather with Obsidian's imlementation of their working. - What you need to do is tap on the drop-down menu below the check and MANUALLY select the skill to use for the check (Disable, in this example). Otherwise, the game will always assume you're trying to apply the blessing to any relevant skill (in this example, it assumes you're trying to use Thorag to get 2 Strength dice, even though this is not your best option). Hope this helps.

I've found its mostly going for the statistically best option (which may not be the maximally best option).

Like that 4d6 is better than 2d10+d4

4d6 avg = 14
2d10+d4 avg = 13

w w 379 wrote:
Hawkmoon269 wrote:
It isn't defeated until you get to the "resolve the encounter" step (which is after "after you act"). That makes the power a bit problematic perhaps.
This sounds like a positive thing in the case where the character has no cards after "while you act" so the after you act does no damage, the enemy is defeated, and then they the card draw option.

I agree.

AYA Damage is dealt before you defeat it. The drawn card would not need to be discarded.

cosined wrote:
Steve Geddes wrote:

Hmm. Quite frustrating. It keeps telling me to log in but the log in button doesn't do anything. I hope it's going to remember that I bought the Rise of the Runelord pack.

Computers. Who needs 'em. :(

Log into Game Center on the iPad

This had me frustrated for a good 10 minutes too.

An easier "cheaty" way is to have any new characters come in with the same level of feats as existing characters.

This won't work for OP. But its just like running a proper RPG, having a new person join in with a character at a level greater than one.

They'll start of with a poor "basics" only deck (or current scenario -2 if you like) - and if you really want to have an additional penalty, maybe they get one less feat than the rest of the party.

Eliandra Giltessan wrote:
UPDATE: Just realized that with a power feat, she can make a knowledge check to recharge blessings, cuz divine trait.

Except its a When you would banish trigger - it's clearly there for spells.

Most blessings are "discard to" effects.
EDIT: Just noticed she can upgrade to a "discard" trigger. That will be powerful. But at least she doesn't start with it.

Brendthomas wrote:
I added them as they came with their decks. But I added them to the current mix not when the deck became available.


The Promo cards are deck 0, so added them as soon as I got them.

I have yet to venture past deck 1.

The rules are there because you need to avoid infinite loops.

With the spite demon you could still end up with quite a lot of summoned Spite demons, even if not technically infinite.

I play with many people dropping in and out. We have had to resort to collapsing class decks and rebuilding them each time.

For the reasons Hawk mentioned.

If our ranger goes away for 4 sessions, we don't need him taking that +1 Heavy Crossbow Adowyn could be using away with them.

Where does it say you can't use P cards in adventure 0?

Steve Geddes wrote:
How does it work to play a card on someone else's turn?

I assume this is one of their big hurdles in working out how to do network play.

Pass & Play will be simple enough (I predict open hands).

Maybe some kind of request system (will bog down the game a bit).

The only way you get the loot again is if someone had the loot and then returned it to the box before you were rewarded again with "a scale of your choice"

Andrew L Klein wrote:
Bad rolls happen. So does BYA / AYA damage that isn't worth skipping a whole encounter over. So does At This Location damage. Evading at logical times isn't going to avoid even 1/4 of the damage someone would take.

BYA/AYA are avoided when evading.

elcoderdude wrote:

I question this. The damage isn't being dealt to player B before he/she acts. It is being dealt to player B before player A acts.

Even though every player can be affected by the before you act step of the player encountering a card, only the player encountering the card has a before you act step.

I would play that player B can't use the Ring of Forcefangs to reduce the damage.

Player B has not yet acted during the Scientist encounter.

It is Before You Act damage.

(Player B could provide some sort of support action in the encounter, which would be an action)

sardonespa wrote:

4) what is the point of Balazar the summoner? I dont understand what he does.

The other questions look answered.

Most of the rules and "Can I do this?" can be answered by looking at reading the cards (and rules) carefully.

Cards do what they say, they don't do what they don't say.

Balazar is pretty neat. He has a Padrig the attack chicken who lets him ace at strength checks (and by proxy combat checks).

He can't play weapons or attack spells and use padrig, but he does get to roll his strength die as normal AND then add his arcane skill (which at base gets him d6+d10+2 - not bad at all for a squishy wizard)

The other power that sort of ties to his Summoner class is that when he defeats and then banishes monsters, they go to his hand, and then he can use them to power Padrig even more (read Padrig's card). This doesn't work on summoned monsters (yet) or cards that tell you put them somewhere else rather than banishing them (I'm looking at you, Giant Fly).

The downside is he banishes attack spells when he casts them (most arcane spellcasters can recharge them).

Balazar is very good on Base scenario 5 (the last one) - cos those Unfettered Eidolon's become his meal.

Frencois wrote:
Thanks for the confirmation Hawk.

Which means it will screw with your recharging and/or examining orders.

Brother Tyler wrote:

No blessings are drawn because he's undefeated and shuffled back into the same location deck.

Page 11 of the rulebook:

"if you don’t succeed [at all of the checks required to defeat a bane] it is undefeated — shuffle the card back into its location deck."

Villains work a little differently.

More on spell piggy-backing:

1. Can you cast a stat-boosting spell during the start of turn, and then combine that with an attack spell during an encounter.

2. Can you cast a stat-boosting spell during your first encounter, and then use it in combination with an attack spell in your next one.

(Essentially, as long as you aren't casting them in the same encounter, can you be under the effect of 2+ spells cast by the same player in the same encounter?)

I'm using p10 WOTR

"Each player may play no more
than 1 card of each type during each step;"

This in the section Encountering a Card. It says to me clearly that it is per step, not per encounter.

Thank you.

Was using p10.
And the back of the book which both refer to each step, not check.

Was getting confused by p13 which also states that can't use two spells at different steps of the same check.

Looks like I'll have to scale back my uber-spell combos.

elcoderdude wrote:
zayzayem wrote:

Play attack spell (Frigid Blast) during the "determine which skill you are using" step.

Play stat-boosting spell (Glibness) during the "play cards that affect the check" step.

(I do want clarification on this)

These are two steps of the same check. Each player may only play one card of each type on a given check. So no, you can't play both Frigid Blast and Glibness on the same check.

Is it per check or step, or just step?

Last time I checked about this, the rules reference I was given only refers to step, not check.

Can you give me the rules reference where it says one card per check not step.

elcoderdude wrote:
zayzayem wrote:
Also AFAIK you can cast a spell that boosts your casting stat earlier in the turn, and then still use, say, an attack spell for your combat check later in the same turn - gaining the benefits from both spells during the same check.
But note, you can only play a spell when a character encounters a card if the spell says it is playable at such a time. There isn't an "anytime window" that lets you play any spell when you encounter a card.

Play attack spell (Frigid Blast) during the "determine which skill you are using" step.

Play stat-boosting spell (Glibness) during the "play cards that affect the check" step.

(I do want clarification on this)

Irgy wrote:
jones314 wrote:
4) one per check or one per step of an encounter. So like one for the "when encountered", one for "before you act" ("before the encounter" in Rise of the Runelords), etc.
To answer the other part of (4), one per check for each player, so there could be up to 6 spells on the check if you have 6 players.

Also AFAIK you can cast a spell that boosts your casting stat earlier in the turn, and then still use, say, an attack spell for your combat check later in the same turn - gaining the benefits from both spells during the same check.

Note: You don't need to buy the Character add on deck to play with those monks.

They are free to download as pdfs from this site.

You won't have the monk-geared boons, but you can expand your character choices to over 40 different pathfinders now.

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