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why would u go sorc into DD? bloodrager is far far better.

skinwalkers do not have ANY favored class bonuses for ANY class.

yes, you count as a human for all purposes does include feats.

Phoebus Alexandros wrote:


With respect, I'd argue that this is another one of those instances where reducing an answer to RAW isn't just not helpful, but probably isn't even what the developers would focus on. I know, I know, it's the Rules Questions forum, and RAW is king.

if you don't want to know the rules then don't ask in the rules forum, just ask for DM to allow it, simple.

you get fatigued, then must make the save or lose the spell.
then next cast you become exhausted, then must make a save or lose the spell.

it advances whatever bloodline you have, for a bloodrager it does the dragon bloodline of the bloodrager.

grace stops AOO, why would you still provoke AOO the opposite of what the spell says it does?

polymorph in pathfinder doesn't change your types at all.

zza ni wrote:

yes. that is what i said.

any of the 3 can flank with any of the 4. OR any of the 5 can flank with any of the 6.
a 3 can't flank with anyone beside a 4 (that include not flanking with 5 or 6)

misread that the last part was a NOT because you only said not with the first sentence.

3 for anything but a 4 (and 4 to anything other then a 3)

zza ni wrote:


1 to anything but the other 1 is not a flank.
same for 2 at anything but a 2.
3 for anything but a 4 (and 4 to anything other then a 3)


-all of the above does not including creatures with reach!

he has it backwards on 3 and 4. the 3's flank with only the 4's and the 5's flank with only the 6's not what he said.

ignore anyone that said this is flanking, its not flanking. bascically corner to opposite corner or 1 of the 2 side squares to the opposite 2 side squares all 4 of these flank each other.

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normally animals don't attack monsters like undead or abberations they run away, you need to train it the attack trick twice, this is bascially all the combat trained is. along with the fluff that they won't spook and run away during fights. its basically a package of tricks rolled into a term. so its basically combat riding with the second attack trick like you said.

The animal attacks apparent enemies. You may point to a particular creature that you wish the animal to attack, and it will comply if able. Normally, an animal will attack only humanoids, monstrous humanoids, giants, or other animals. Teaching an animal to attack all creatures (including such unnatural creatures as undead and aberrations) counts as two tricks.

Combat Riding (DC 20)

An animal trained to bear a rider into combat knows the tricks attack, come, defend, down, guard, and heel. Training an animal for combat riding takes 6 weeks. You may also “upgrade” an animal trained for riding to one trained for combat by spending 3 weeks and making a successful DC 20 Handle Animal check. The new general purpose and tricks completely replace the animal’s previous purpose and any tricks it once knew. Many horses and riding dogs are trained in this way.

Java Man wrote:

The other reading I can see is that it lasts for one hour, or one shot if you don't use it within the hour. The price looks way to low for that however.

that's some weird english your using friend. that is clearly not what is written. 1hour OR first shot. that literally means whichever comes first.

what in the world is an anti-magic shell??

in my groups we only level up when we rest for the night.

Courtly hunters companion are also magical beasts and not animals, although they count as animals for all effects and feats and stuff.

how are they at 7 int? needs more info. there are archetypes that make animal companions smarter and change their types. 7 is really high to get with just the leveling boost

i would just have everyone's init under the stealther, simple. change his init so they can't beat it, he started the combat and has the drop on you he should be first and its not a big deal since that makes logical sense for the stealth to be faster.

Mechanical Pear wrote:

I dunno where yall are getting this "Hard cap" thing, where not even Arcane Pools can boost it. It may be there, I just haven't seen it. And if that's the case, does it specify that a Furious weapon can go above the +5? Or bring it above the +10 hard cap?

I've always assumed a magus can add abilities to a weapon, even if it has a +10 total.

its from something called the "core rule book" "magic weapons" section third paragraph, right at the top, easiest thing to find in the world. might be third party tho can't be sure

Some magic weapons have special abilities. Special abilities count as additional bonuses for determining the market value of the item, but do not modify attack or damage bonuses (except where specifically noted). A single weapon cannot have a modified bonus (enhancement bonus plus special ability bonus equivalents, including those from character abilities and spells) higher than +10. A weapon with a special ability must also have at least a +1 enhancement bonus. Weapons cannot possess the same special ability more than once.

Nimor Starseeker wrote:
vhok wrote:
Natural attacks are light weapons
But are natural attacks melee weapons?

are you throwing your arm at them to attack?

Natural attacks are light weapons

traits that don't say their type should be trait bonuses.

A trait bonus is a bonus granted via a character trait. Character traits are an optional additional character defining feature like feats but less powerful (typically about half as strong as a feat.) As with other named bonuses, trait bonuses do not “stack” with other trait bonuses.


TxSam88 wrote:
That's pretty much what we thought. the question arose because the text on charging says that the mount spends it's turn moving, and therefore doesn't get an attack. We didn't know if this also meant it couldn't threaten, and thusly not qualify for the Pack Flank feat.

threatening has to do with what squares your able to attack into and has nothing to do with if you did or did not attack on your turn.

Chell Raighn wrote:
vhok wrote:
i swear i read somewhere that bloodline arcanas always apply to bloodline powers if possible, but i can't find it. now thinking about it more it was when i was playing a bloodrager but i also can't find it there...
If it was with Bloodrager then you might be thinking about the Rageshaper archetypes Bestial Aspect ability that talks about affecting Transmutation Spells and then states at the end that it also applies to bloodline powers… this seems especially likely when you consider the simple fact that Bloodrager bloodlines have no bloodline arcana…

that is what i was thinking of thanks.

i swear i read somewhere that bloodline arcanas always apply to bloodline powers if possible, but i can't find it. now thinking about it more it was when i was playing a bloodrager but i also can't find it there...

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the metamagic's Target is just using target to refer to people who are bing affected by the force spell. which other word could they use instead of target that is just as simple to understand? i don't believe the metamagic means "Target" as in the spell has to have "target/targets" or the metamagic would specify that.
its just unfortunate that whoever wrote it used "target" but it seems pretty clear and easy to understand to me. i would 100% allow people hit by an unarmed attack by someone with telekinetic strike toppling spell on them to to be tripped

after a quick google most of the people agree that kobold tail attachments are manufactured weapons and no longer a natural attack which means the answer to all your questions is yes.

it will keep attacking until you use a move action to change it or LOS is lost at which time it comes back to you and waits for a new command.

Chell Raighn wrote:
vhok wrote:
reincarnation druid is the most immortal you can get. automatically reincarnate anytime you die(even old age) as long as you don't die twice in a 7day peroid.
20th level Phoenix Bloodline Sorcerer… automatic true resurrection after 1 minute any time you die so long as you don’t die twice in a 24hr period… I’d call that more immortal.

Even true resurrection can’t restore to life a creature who has died of old age. phoenix bloodline does not stop your aging, so phoenix bloodline is actually one of the weakest and 100% not immortal as you will still die after 100ish years? depending on race of course.

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zza ni wrote:
vhok wrote:
reincarnation druid is the most immortal you can get. automatically reincarnate anytime you die(even old age) as long as you don't die twice in a 7day period.

or by death effects.

and as stated in other threads clever enemies might just keep you down and not kill you until they can make sure you stay down (kill you out in a place where they can find your 'respawn' or use a death effect etc.

sure but death effect will take out just about anything even if you stopped aging. and at level 9 they get extra stuff vs death effects.

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reincarnation druid is the most immortal you can get. automatically reincarnate anytime you die(even old age) as long as you don't die twice in a 7day peroid.

Java Man wrote:
There is an faq response, for the Advanced Class Guide I believe, that states you cannot benefit from more than one type of rage at a time.

i think hes asking about the number of rounds of rage you can do per day?

AwesomenessDog wrote:
Yes, but my question is in the fact that (at least if you know) you can simply choose the damage type as suits the DR. That combined with I guess select oozes winds up making the supposedly better (according to the custom weapon rules) "and" option actually worse than the or.

if your character knows what DR he needs then he can choose that damage type yes. make your knowledge checks or have a party member let you know what to do.

Mysterious Stranger wrote:
Haste only gives an extra attack when making a full attack action. Since making a touch attack after the free action for casting the spell cannot be used with a full attack action that means they do not get the extra attack from haste, unless they have some ability that allows them to make a full attack action. So, without spell combat you do not get the extra attack at all. If you do have spell combat using it is using the two weapon fighting rules.

it feels like you didn't even read the OP's full post. the attacking happened in the round after he had already moved. your posts are misleading and incorrect. please try and read more before posting so much false information your causing unnecessary confusion to people who come here for help.

what archetype and templates??

by raw? no

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SheepishEidolon wrote:
Advanced Race Guide, page 5 wrote:
But races are not all about racial traits and favored class rewards. Each of the core races comes from a vibrant culture with its own history, norms, and adventuring outlooks. To represent this, each race’s entry presents a number of new character options, such as race-specific archetypes, adventuring equipment, feats, magic items, and spells.
Race-specific archetypes, not type-specific. So by RAW duergar can't take dwarf archetypes.

not true at all. half elves/orcs count as human and elf/orc for archetype requirements.

Onestep wrote:

If you're attacking a monster with a ridiculously high AC, such that it can only hit on a natural 20, do abilities/spells (such as Weapon Mastery/Bless Weapon) that automatically confirm crits still function, or does the fact that you couldn't confirm a crit mean that they don't?

That is, unless a crit confirmation roll counts as an attack roll and another natural 20 would auto-crit? I'm honestly not sure if that is the case though.

yes they still auto confrim


it replaces the one it says it replaces.

no. it only affects you no matter what you cast. thats the downside of swift casting. magic circle and archon's aura would only affect the WP. which makes them pretty useless to cast this way.

Mysterious Stranger wrote:
The requirement is to present you holy symbol, not to have your holy symbol present.

i'll repeat my question then. how do you present a birthmark on your face?

YogoZuno wrote:
Anguish wrote:

To me, a cleric who's got a holy symbol on a necklace would be enough. Basically so long as it's visible, it's presented.

If that's the case, wouldn't the ability be triggering constantly as the cleric walks down the street?

what ability? presenting your holy symbol? that's not an ability.

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YogoZuno wrote:
vhok wrote:
yes you can channel while paralyzed as long as you can present your holy symbol. birthmark on the face is popular for this.

It depends on whether or not you believe 'presenting' an item can be done without moving. I personally don't believe you could, regardless of where the holy symbol is. Never really had a definitive answer.

Also had a real shock of dejavu when I saw the thread title. Had a laugh when I saw I started it :)

how do you present a birthmark on your face?

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yes you can channel while paralyzed as long as you can present your holy symbol. birthmark on the face is popular for this.

items in an extradimensional space(any extradimensional space) are not in your possession and would not change size with you, the bag/quiver would get bigger but at the same time the amount they hold does not change because the space inside is unaffected by your spell. large/small bag/quivers hold the same amount of arrows or anything else. so obviously the items inside do not enlarge/reduce with you.

long story short yeah it would work if you carry large arrows around in your extradimensional space for enlarge.

1 last thing is, if people are saying the items inside a bag of holding enlarge with you then does everyone's bags explode anytime they enlarge person because they are now too full?

yes you can still parry natural 20's.

the class ability gives the ac 6int.

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long arms, enlarge person, lunge, 2 bloodrager bloodlines give 5ft reach, grab a whip, get whirlwind attack. 35 foot reach full bab. costs a lot of feats but its fun.

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