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So here's how I see it:

Can WoTC do this? No, probably not, it's on very shaky ground.
Should they do this? No, this is a terrible idea that will wreck their IP's standing.
Is it right to do this? God no, they have no moral standing in doing this.
Will they do this? Well it's a terrible business decision, legally a gray area, it will trash what little good will they have left after a year of substandard books and some high profile scandals in the gaming industry. So yeah, this is absolutely going to happen because the people who run Hasbro are greedy jerks.

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keftiu wrote:
Albatoonoe wrote:
I want some extraplanar love next. I want some more information on the Shadow Plane and First World and how their "deep space" is.
I want a planar scion for the Drift.


Medium Outsiders with the Native Subtype

"Few creatures are native to the strange demi-plane known as the Drift but the ones that do exist within the endless static of Triune's creation are so bizarre and alien that they simply can't exist within the boundaries of physical reality. But sometimes a piece of that Plane can survive forever inside of real space.

Billions of creatures across the galaxy have traveled through the Drift without incident but a rare number of pregnant sentients have been affected by drift travel due to the extremely chaotic energies that surround the ships they journey upon. These energies sometimes soak into the bodies of unborn children and create "Driftborn" or planar scions that are born from the pure energy of the Drift itself.

All Driftborn, regardless of their original parents, look like strange pale humans with pure white hair and glowing, almost haunted eyes. They come into the universe with the ability to speak and reason, some even carrying odd messages for their mothers and fathers that they have no memory of learning. As adults, the Driftborn do not consider themselves as a race but as a birth defect.

Instead, Assuming their parents actually accept these haunted beings as their own kin, the Driftborn will fully identify with the race they were "assigned to" by cultural upbringing. But despite this loyalty to the planets and societies of their parents, the Driftborn are almost universally treated with suspicion. Ugly conspiracies have even spread about the idea that Driftborn are the first wave of an interdimensional army. Truthfully, most Driftborn are very peaceful, almost serene. There is no second generation of Driftborn since a Driftborn can only mate with another member of their own cursed brethren and even those marriages still produce a completely human offspring."

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Dracomicron wrote:

My guess is that this is for an advanced race guide, so I specifically chose races that didn't have any advanced options in COM or Near Space yet.

I really want some detail on Nuar. Like, are all their space stations labyrinths?

From what they already let us read, their "labyrinth" is Absalom Station and that's probably the biggest maze in the Pact Worlds.

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FormerFiend wrote:
If I could pick all of them, I'd pick all of them. Actually cheated a little bit in that my fill in the box answer included, among others, "All Planar Scions" and I listed aasimars & tieflings along with them so I could not select them on the main list.

This. Since all of the races in the universe basically punch through the planes to get around, the Planar Scions sound very interesting to me. Like is there a planet full of them? How do they fit in with the larger galactic community?

And a lot more.

I need this now if only because Samsarans basically mean I get Zahaan from Farscape.

Gonna need a lot more Swarm and Jinsul.

Hayato Ken wrote:

Thanks for regularly updating here!

I'll consider ordering something from Archon in the next months, but everytime i think of Starfinder or play it i think of this Ninja Division Mess.
While i am able to move on, it still is highly aggravating, especially considering the level of enthusiasm i met it with.

Honestly, I'm bypassing Archon and the legacy of this mess entirely and holding out for Starfinder Battles full release.

WatersLethe wrote:
thecursor wrote:
I long for the day when Starfinder and Pathfinder are a single, interchangeable system.
Starfinder 2e fan conversion is coming along and I can't wait


I don't know about NPC classes but a listing of NPC archetypes broken down by CR rating like what we got in the NPC, Villains, and Monster Codexes would be lovely.

So I'm thinking of doing something special for an upcoming homebrew Starfinder campaign.

Has anyone had any experience with using dollhouses or model railroad buildings as terrain?

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I long for the day when Starfinder and Pathfinder are a single, interchangeable system.

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J-Bone wrote:
Still nothing... still not buying Paizo.

Bro, the president of the company is literally here on this thread.

Ryan Marshall wrote:
Not whats on Page 59? Cause I feel like things escalated quickly on that table.

That's pretty obviously a typo

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Honestly, if we're following this concept to the hilt, the natural counterpoint to the Solarians sounds like the Vanguard. The Vanguard concern themselves with Entropy and the ultimate ending of all things. The Solarians exalt the solar cycle, the existence, and reformation of matter. It's possible those two ideas could come into conflict.

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Dimity wrote:
Cyder wrote:

Likely unpopular opinion but I would love to a conversion for Starfinder to run using the PF2e rules concepts. I love the 3 action system, and many of the concepts in PF2e.

Other than that I want Paizo to keep making awesome and inspiring content for it

PF2e rules in the Starfinder setting is my one wish for an RPG. Give me that and I will never play anything else.

I feel like a "Starfinder Unchained" book where we get a one to one pairing would be great personally.

EltonJ wrote:
thecursor wrote:
EltonJ wrote:
Oh I see what they did there. Even one of them is made of liquid metal.
Me thinks I smell an upcoming killer robot adventure
Yeah. Maybe one on Absolom Station?

Perhaps a faction of rather restless androids and SROs?

EltonJ wrote:
Oh I see what they did there. Even one of them is made of liquid metal.

Me thinks I smell an upcoming killer robot adventure

Page 102, Were you guys really gonna give us two kinds of Terminator Robots and not tell us? How was this not in the blurb?

REALLY REALLY Want more Kaiju as well. Also some more playable Fae, as the Svartlfar really whetted my appetite for them. I actually have a list of what I want for AA5 and I am posting it here for Paizo Claus:

More playable Fey
More Uplifted Animal Races
Gill Men
More types of Azlanti soldiers and vehicles, I doubt we're gonna get an NPC guide so I say burn a few pages on a heavy trooper or something.
Show me another Shadari Confederacy race
More Kaiju
Some more playable Undead
Demons, lots more
More Shadow Plane monsters, like get nasty with it
More Lovecraft stuff, really crack open the Dominion of the Black and the Great Old Ones
Elemental Planar Scions from the Dawn of Flame
Some more Planar Scions, like they've shown us the Pathfinder ones, how about some crazy stuff we haven't heard of.
Definitely more symbiotes
I know this is more for another Starship book but maybe more "living starship" options like the Oma

And as always: A bad guy Robot Race. Like a Borg/Cybermen

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This thread is a journey. Not a good one, but a journey.

LotsOfLore wrote:

WOW! I must have missed that, but still, they have been a LONG TIME COMING. Nevertheless, I am so happy to see them on the horizon, thank you for pointing that out :)

Apparently, they have been thinking about it for a while.

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Why do I picture a motorcycle gang with a flaming guitar?

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There are 98 posts on this page and most of them are two guys fighting about why glassing a planet or even part of a planet is a bad idea and while I think dropping bombs to clear foilage is silly, I sort of want the whole argument to just sort of go away.

Having said that, love the look of this AP and hope it lives up the premise.

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Kingmaker in space, so Santa got my letter?

*arrives in June* Oh.

Christmas is in June now.

I would like to know if there is any more news regarding this issue.

DomHeroEllis wrote:
Xathos of Varisia wrote:
Tempest_Knight wrote:
Do we finally get Guns...
I believe that firearms will unfortunately be coming at some point down the road. Thankfully, I do not anticipate them in the next year.

If you hate them that much you could just not use them

Some people like them, it seems.

I will never understand the weird aversion to flintlocks some people have

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Jason Tondro wrote:
Peg'giz wrote:
...I would LOVE to see an AP where the players are part of the crew of a larger exploration vessel which is headed to explore new worlds.
I, too, would love to see this AP. No promises, but we have talked about it!


hinkus wrote:
I was wondering if Aeon is still considered strong for new-comers?

I'd say so. It's not bad for new players.


I'll say that being young boys, they just wanna fight stuff for the most part, and explore. I don't anticipate a lot of roleplaying. Is there an AP that is exploration and/or combat heavy?

Well as the GM that's sort of up to you. You can go through the archives and determine what kind of creatures you want to add as a challenge. That's not how *I* would recommend playing but to each their own. I can tell you the Aeon Throne's middle book is very RP heavy in my opinion.

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The Artificer wrote:
thecursor wrote:
Transbot9 wrote:
I always ponder some poor sap going to work at the local fastfood spot only to find themselves on a small chunk of pavement in the drift because they drew the short straw on where the grabbed land came from. Especially if they're a non-spacefaring society that doesn't know about it.
Right? Like there's a Burger joint in the Feywild that gets sucked into space. That's gotta suck.
Sounds like First World problems to me.

You've won. You're the winner.

I would look through the racial entry for the Trox, which has a few discussions on the planet itself.

Transbot9 wrote:
I always ponder some poor sap going to work at the local fastfood spot only to find themselves on a small chunk of pavement in the drift because they drew the short straw on where the grabbed land came from. Especially if they're a non-spacefaring society that doesn't know about it.

Right? Like there's a Burger joint in the Feywild that gets sucked into space. That's gotta suck.


So AA4 is probably past finished, so new thread for new monsters.

And go:

Are there any further updates on this order?

It has not arrived.

Yqatuba wrote:
Does it say anywhere what Dis in Hell is like? I was thinking it would be like something out of 1984 (the book, not the year).

Not exactly, but we know that while Asmodeus seems to have taken a step back, it's clear Hell has his tentacles in at least one planet.


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I am very excited for this announcement and the cracking open of new races for the society for alien diversity is a big part of Scifi. I full on love it.


186: Cayden Caliean lost the planet in a poker game.

My initial thoughts are to adjust that is a sort of "Fable III" Mechanic where you have to build up a single region for some sort of plot reason. Thereby focusing your camera on a certain location.

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I've been building a Kingmaker in space and I'm wondering how it should look. What are some ideas you've been kicking around for how Colonizing would function as a game mechanic?

FormerFiend wrote:
VerBeeker wrote:

So...is that forced perspective?

Because if not...good *god* damn!

How big is Absalom Station again?

Five miles in diameter.

The Ark's gotta be... at least in the ball park of a Death Star in size.

I think it's safe to say that we're about to go toe to toe with something very very nasty.

So did anyone else read about the "Absalom Cup" in Starship Ops and get kind of a tingle? Like there's a good AP about Starship racing in there?

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Damn it! I keep forgetting the Girdeon AUthority and the Jinsul are like my favorite out of all of them.

Yes, Datch is the first Minnesota nice villain in all of pop culture.

So from what I'm seeing from this thread, in terms of just potential major antagonists we've seen so far, these are the options available:

Swarm: Zerg/Tyrannid/Aliens style bio horror monsters
Dominion of the Black: Lovecraftian in tone but not in origin style Cosmic horror.
Vesk: Klingon Warrior style alien race
Azlanti: Imperialistic fascists like the Empire, the Peacekeepers, and the Alliance.
The Unseen: X-Files style living mysteries
Velstrac: Hellraiser style negative energy monsters
Free Captains: Space Pirates
Shadari Confederacy: Hutts/Ferengi
The Children of The Devourer: Reavers
The Corpse Fleet: Undead Nazis
Malikah's Fire Empire (I forget the name of what they called her army): Fire jerks.
Aspis Consortium: Evil Mega Corporation

Here's my thing, I still say there's a potential for a Vex/Necron/Borg type situation here. I know there are illustrations of the Iconics fighting a kind of robot looking race so why not introduce them?

I like it!

Like a Borg or a Necrons, a Cybermen if you will.

thecursor wrote:
Hi, I would like to confirm the address in question for this order and lift its suspension.


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*eye roll* Half the country is trying to stay out of the hospital and some people want to complain because the book they ordered is late. It's a pandemic.


That Vesk drill Sargent appears to be canceling an apocalypse.

Ixal wrote:
Playtest sub-forums are up, so it should start soon.

I saw. I am ACHING to see what's under the Nanocyte's hood.

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