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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Starfinder Battles: Planets of Peril releases next month, and we’re well into our exploration of what strange aliens you can find in every booster box. Last week we looked at the set’s starships, including three vesk models, so let’s look at some of the creatures from the Veskarium you can find in the set.

The Pahtra Stalker we revealed two weeks ago makes its home on Vesk-6, while the helpful Skittermander (Small common) and the decidedly less helpful Stridermander (Medium uncommon) hail from Vesk-3. Skittermanders are known for their bright colors, and we knew we couldn’t get away with making just one. But the set only had so many slots and we didn’t want to take up too many of them with a single alien species, even one as popular as skittermanders. The solution, at least for now, is in alternate-paint promos, of which we made two. We’ll have more information in the future about how you can get your six hands on these little guys. In future sets, if we have alternate-paint figures built into the main set, skittermanders will likely make a reappearance there.

Mini figure of a small purple skittermander holding a blue translucent sword Mini figure of a stridermander, a four legged, four armed alien with a large tentacle-like limb protruding from its stomach

While the Veskarium was initially at odds with the peoples of the Pact Worlds, the two warring star systems had to put their differences aside to face an enemy that threatened both of them: the Swarm! Perfect for use in the Attack of the Swarm! Adventure Path, the three Swarm figures in Planets of Peril are sure to be the buzz of any playgroup. Check out the Swarm Corrovox (Medium common), Swarm Mindreaper (Medium rare), and Swarm Thresher Lord (Large rare)!

Mini figure of the Swarm Corrovox with brown armor growing from from its head, arms, and thighs Mini figure of the Swarm Mindreaper covered in dark amor and reaching out with large, claw-like hands Mini figure of a thresher lord with large green and red wings, reaching out with large mandible-like claws

Since most of the remaining aliens in the set call the Pact Worlds home (and thus would make an excellent theme to explore next week), let’s look at some of the aliens from other parts of the galaxy you’ll find in Planets of Peril, as you might encounter them on a journey across the galaxy.

First is the Jinsul Warrior (Medium common), which Starfinder Society players should recognize immediately (and which I won’t say much more about to avoid spoilers for past Starfinder Society plots). And since you’re not likely to get to the jinsuls’ home without going through the Drift, how about a Garaggakal (Medium rare), an outsider native to the hyperspace plane? Along the way, you might need to deal with an infestation of Electrovores (Small common), for which you consult an Orashu Headteacher (Medium uncommon) for advice, and ultimately employ an Uplifted Bear (Large uncommon) to handle them with brute force. Sadly, when you emerge from the Drift, you find the wreckage of another starship, its crew exposed to the vacuum of space and now haunting the area as dread Nihili (Medium common).

Mini figure of a Jinsul Warrior a medium purple alien with six legs, wielding a large rifle Mini figure of a Garaggakal, an alien with large wings and clawed hands, and a large round mouth full of teeth mini figure of an Electrovore, a small eel-like alien with red wings and green body

Mini figure of an Orashu Headteacher, a green alien with a snail-like face, holding a staff Mini figure of an uplifted bear in gold and black armor, wielding a large hammer Mini Figure of a Nihili, an undead alien in a classic spacesuit reaching out for their next victim

Will you make it back to the Pact Worlds safely? What allies and enemies await you there? Find out next week in our final preview of Starfinder Battles: Planets of Peril, available for preorder now!

Mark Moreland
Director of Brand Strategy

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Gonna need a lot more Swarm and Jinsul.

Has there been any official word on buying singles? I could use a mitt full of electrovores and the garaggakal looks perfect for a Mythos setting.

Silver Crusade

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Any chance of having a similar Skittermander (Freerpg day) character pack like We Be Goblins did? At least the main characters. All the times I've ran WbG (pick a number) @ ReaperCon, having the prepainted minis of the main characters really has helped immerse the players into the game.

It doesn't have to be random packs like WBG was but say a Fast Force mini pack like Wizkids does for Heroclix.

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And has there been any word about subscriptions?

With a subscription, I would get a case and the docking bay premium set.

Without a subscription, I would get a brick and the docking bay premium set and then order any individual minis that are missing from the brick.

The latest I heard was that subscriptions are being discussed but unlikely to be ready for the launch of the first set.

It wasn't officially ruled out for this set, but it was apparently unlikely.

Dark Archive

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Just chiming in to say that the "Swarm Corrovox" & "Swarm Mindreaper" seem to have been switched, same as it was in the last Pathfinder Battles set "Darklands Rising" with the "Urdefhan Warrior" & "Urdhefan Tormentor".

That unfortunately makes the commonly needed one a rare and vice versa.

Wizkids is making a lot of these errors lately, as they crank out too much too fast and quality control is not working as seemless as before.

Dark Archive

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Here is a sample case breakdown, courtesy of our friends Theo & Grady from

01 |2|2|0|1| Jinsul Warrior - Medium Common 5
02 |1|1|1|1| Nihili - Medium Common 4
03 |1|1|2|1| Electrovore - Small Common 5
04 |1|1|2|1| SRO (Medium) - Medium Common 5
05 |1|2|1|1| Skittermander - Small Common 5
06 |1|1|1|1| SRO (Small) - Small Common 4
07 |1|0|1|2| Swarm Corrovox - Medium Common 4 08 |1|1|1|1| Bantrid - Small Uncommon 4
09 |1|1|1|0| Formian Warrior - Medium Uncommon 3
10 |2|0|1|1| Tashtari - Medium Uncommon 4
11 |0|2|0|1| Khizar - Medium Uncommon 3
12 |1|0|2|1| Osharu Headteacher - Medium Uncommon 4
13 |1|1|1|1| Pahtra Stalker - Medium Uncommon 4
14 |0|1|0|1| Stridermander - Medium Uncommon 2 15 |1|1|0|1| Barathu - Large Uncommon 3
16 |1|1|2|1| Uplifted Bear Avenger - Large Uncommon 5
17 |1|1|1|1| Dragonkin - Large Uncommon 4
18 |1|1|1|1| Ksarik - Large Uncommon 4
19 |1|1|2|1| Sarcesian Sniper - Large Uncommon 5
20 |1|1|0|1| Shobhad - Large Uncommon 3
21 |1|1|1|1| Golem, Cybernetic - Large Uncommon 4
22 |0|0|1|0| Garaggakal - Medium Rare 1
23 |0|0|1|0| Swarm Mindreaper - Medium Rare 1 24 |0|1|0|0| Orocoran - Medium Rare 1
25 |0|1|0|0| BMC Mauler - Medium Rare 1
26 |0|0|0|1| Norikama Dropship - Medium Rare 1 27 |0|0|0|1| Vindicas Tyrant - Medium Rare 1 28 |1|0|0|0| Drake - Medium Rare 1
29 |1|0|0|0| Pegasus - Medium Rare 1
30 |0|0|0|1| Sharpwing - Large Rare 1
31 |1|0|1|0| Swarm Thresher Lord - Large Rare 2
32 |0|1|0|0| Vracinea - Large Rare 1

Take note that ALL 5 STARSHIPS ARE RARE (one per case) and that one large rare was twice in a case, in this case the "Swarm Tresher Lord".

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