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Guckst du hier: https://games-island.eu/de/kartenboxen_36/

I'm not affiliated with this shop, but have ordered from them before, and service has always been outstanding.

A bunch of the Pathfinder Adventure Path characters are available from Reaper. They're excellent, extremely detailled casts, I really like them:


I do get the point about the spoilers. Then again knowing your enemy is kind of important when building your party up to be able to defeat it. There is also no rule that prohibits you from carefully studying villains and henchman beforehand, so for me it's ok to spoiler them here.

Also ordered the cards - looking forward to those as well as adventure deck six.

elcoderdude wrote:
... it's not usual for her to heal and explore on the same turn.

You likely wanted to say "it's not unusual for her". And I agree, a healer will have access to more blessings and can play these for an exploration. Healing is a powerful ability and there are also quite a few boons that allow for it. My favorite are cards with drip healing.

PS: Just proxy the missing card with another henchman.

I don't have my set here, but I do remember thinking the same thing when playing that scenario.

I played Yoon and Ezren to the end of adventure 3 today. Here's the game state:

Trader: Auction House, Smiths of Wati, Hadden Hoppert, Falsin Deek, Ghoul Market, Sunburst Market, Shardizhad, Udjebet, Agymah

Character Name: Yoon
Role Card: Pan-Elementalist
Skill Feats: Strength+0, Dexterity+3, Constitution+1, Intelligence+0, Wisdom+0, Charisma+0
Power Feats: +6 hand size, light armors, weapons
- You may recharge or shuffle into your deck a blessing to add your Fortitude skill and the Fire trait to your combat check. You may additionally discard any number of cards to add 1d6 for each card discarded.
- At the start of your turn, you may exchange a card in your hand with a card in your discard pile that has the Acid, Cold, Electricity, or Fire trait.
Card Feats: Weapons+3, Spell+0, Armor+1, Item+2, Ally+4, Blessing+9
Weapons: Frost Sling +1, Flaming Spear +1, Javelin of Lightning
Spells: -
Armors: Mistmail
Items: Sun Falcon Pectoral, Scarab of Mummy Defense
Allies: Cleric of Nethys, Basif Iosep, Ubashki, Ubashki
Blessings: Wadjet, Wadjet, Ra, Ra, Ra, Pharasma, Pharasma, Isis, Abadar

Character Name: Ezren
Role Card: Spell Sage
Skill Feats: Strength+0, Dexterity+0, Constitution+0, Intelligence+4, Wisdom+0, Charisma+0
Power Feats: +7 hand size
- On your turn you may discard a spell then you may move. Then explore your location.
- You may recharge a spell to add 1 die to your check against a bane that invokes the Acid or Electricity or Cold, Fire, or Poison trait.
- When you would discard a spell that has the Arcane trait for its power, you may display it instead. At the end of your turn, recharge all such spells.
Card Feats: Weapons+2, Spell+0, Armor+3, Item+8, Ally+3, Blessing+4
Weapons: Spear of the Watchful Guardian
Spells: Elemental Mastery, Disable Mechanism, Heat Metal, Corrosion, Chain Lightning, Chain Lightning, Volcanic Storm, Deathgrip, Lightning Bolt
Armors: Shield Cloak
Items: Staff of Revelations, Muminofrah’s Favor, Mask of the Forgotten Pharaoh, Frost Staff
Allies: Library Curator, Tetisurah, Apprentice
Blessings: Blessing of the Elements

Has this been resolved by now? I.e. may Mavaro recharge any cards he likes before resetting his hand?

Sorry, did not record at the end of adventure 3. Here are Damiel and Zadim at the end of adventure 4, if that is any help:

Character Name: Damiel
Role Card: Mad Scientist
Skill Feats: Strength+0, Dexterity+3, Constitution+0, Intelligence+1, Wisdom+0, Charisma+0
Power Feats: +7 hand size,
- When you would banish a card that has the Alchemical trait for its power, you may discard it instead.
- You may recharge a card that has the Alchemical trait to add 2d4 and the Acid or Poison trait to a combat check by a character at your or any location.
- You may recharge or reveal a card to add 1d6 to your check that invokes the Acid or Poison trait or to your check to defeat a barrier; if your card has the alchemical trait, you may add another 1d6.
Card Feats: Weapons+2, Spell+0, Armor+3, Item+8, Ally+3, Blessing+4
Weapons: Returning Throwing Axe+1, Galvanic Chakram+1
Spells: -
Armors: Silken Ceremonial Armor, Alchemist’s Suit, Alchemist’s Shield
Items: Acid Flask, Acid Flask, Acid Flask, Flash Freeze, Staff of Minor Healing, Sunrod, Knot of Isis, Soul Stimulant
Allies: Zereletan, Ausetitha, Erayu
Blessings: Blessing of Isis, Blessing of Isis, Blessing of Maat, Blessing of Maat

Character Name: Zadim
Role Card: Executioner
Skill Feats: Strength+2, Dexterity+1, Constitution+0, Intelligence+1, Wisdom+0, Charisma+0
Power Feats: +7 hand size,
- You may recharge a card to examine the top card of your location deck.
- You may recharge a card to add your Intelligence skill to your check that invokes the Poison or Acid or Undead or Obstacle or Trap trait.
- You may discard or recharge a weapon that does not have the two-handed trait to add your Stealth skill to a combat check by a character at your location.
- After you attempt a combat check against a monster, you may use the result of that check for any subsequent combat checks against that monster during the encounter
Card Feats: Weapons+2, Spell+0, Armor+3, Item+8, Ally+3, Blessing+4
Weapons: Greatclub+1, Disrupting Rapier+1, Mace of Ruin, Shattertouch Shotel +2, Glacial Khopesh +1, Ooze Falchion +1
Spells: -
Armors: Steel Ibis Lamellar, Mistmail
Items: Muminofrah’s Favor, Tablet of Languages Lost, Hand of the Honest Man, Magic Carpet
Allies: Tetisurah, Black Kiss, Library Curator, Mahga Threefingers
Blessings: Blessing of Bastet, Blessing of Wadjet, Blessing of Abadar, Blessing of Maat

Zaister wrote:
When will we see a thread for September?

Yes, I'm wondering as well.

Don't get this if you want to run it online. The maps don't copy well and you can forget placing grids. It's very oldschool in a low quality production kind of way. I wanted to run it in combination with Tsar, but decided against it, as we played on roll20.

It's a good solo game, thanks.

Katina Davis wrote:
UPDATE: Welp, that was enjoyable while it lasted. I've now changed all of the April Fool's product names back to normal. Hope some folks got a chuckle or two out of our goofy post! Have a good weekend, everybody! :D

We did! It was funny! Thanks!

I'm playing the Zeitgeist adventure path with my players, and will provide a write up of each session on my blog. I'll post an update here, when adding a new post.

You may follow all campaign posts on this page.

We've played three sessions so far:

Session #1
Session #2
Session #3

Beware, spoilers lurk.

I'm playing this with my group. You may follow the campaign here. Beware, spoilers lurk.

Yeah, but no response re unchained rogue, so...

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Sounds good. Will this be about the Unchained Rogue?

These are good tips - many thanks.

My basic idea was to establish food as a power source in the Deeps, a resource to be warred over. And it should entail a minimum of bookkeeping on the players behalf, just so much that they understand. But I can tell that it will influence the game in an interesting way with all this magic that cannot be used freely. There will be a lot of exceptions and arbitrary rulings. I like that.

Good idea about the rot, it is very damp down there, so destroying a supply is a good option to generate pressure or a story hook for the party.

Metal Sonic wrote:
You will need to ban full-caster, or seaching for food and water will be meaningless with teleport and all other kind of bypass spells.

True, teleport should be banned as well. What other bypass spells are there?

GM Lamplighter wrote:
... in any place with animals, any evocation spell is basically create food.

It'll be desert first and underdark later, so they'll be able to eat only the encounters.

GM Lamplighter wrote:
Similarly with plants. Neutralize poison might make some obstacles too easy to overcome as well, if you're planning on having plants around but not be edible. Or, put them on another plane where the natives don't eat or drink.

Hmm, good point. In the desert there will be one oasis for replenishment, in the underdark however... Maybe i'll add a plant trait to the moss and fungi called "indigestible". This way places where digestible moss and fungi grow will be like an oasis as well.

I'd like to play a high-level survival horror adventure in which food and water are important resources. To this end I would like to ban all magic that creates food or water. Banning "Rings of Sustenance" and spells like "Create Food and Water" are obvious. What else should I think about to make the characters depend on food? Thanks!

An idea would be to redesign the hag coven and give an occult character a hook there.

All 13 adventures will eventually be available as PDF. Ten of them are out by now. You can also get them as two hardcovers, but only one has been published so far. I have the deluxe hardcover and it is a beautiful tome.

I'm running this for a group of four and we're having a fantastic time. It is however not that easy to run due to the complexity of the various plotlines across a great many NPCs. Taking a lot of notes helps me to keep track. The one supplement I can thoroughly recommend are the NPC face cards to help the players remember.

Zeitgeist is a work of art. I love it!

Many thanks - I missed the SR bit.

My players use Protection from Evil to ward of summoned devils. What would be a good tactic against that?

The "Player Companion: Monster Summoner's Handbook" was already shipped in June, no?

Sara Marie wrote:
takaisan wrote:
Cylerist wrote:

Got my shipping notice! :)

Crossing fingers really worked! :P
No, unfortunately it does not. I've been trying for a week now, still no shipping notice but my fingers hurt now. Ah, the agony!
1 of your minis was holding things up. I've moved it to the sidecart and will get the rest shipped as soon as possible.

Aw, thanks Sara!

Cylerist wrote:

Got my shipping notice! :)

Crossing fingers really worked! :P

No, unfortunately it does not. I've been trying for a week now, still no shipping notice but my fingers hurt now. Ah, the agony!

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My group started the run on Delvehaven today, here is what happened just before

The drama of Khazrae Kuelata:
The players remembered the story of Khazrae and sought her help. I took the liberty to model Erinye as a fallen angel that had turned to evil. They wanted to offer the devil her sanity in return for advice on navigating the pathfinder lodge, using the heal scroll they found earlier. The paladin, of course, argued against it, but was overruled. The players first used the wand of restoration to be able to negotiate matters with the erinye, and she agreed. The priest took out the heal scroll and started chanting, as suddenly the spirit of his god entered him and amplified his casting. He has been a devout cleric of Cayden Cailean for the entire adventure, roleplaying his character really well and even going so far as to found an orphanage, his god decided he could use some help. Thus Khazrae Kuelata, the fallen angel, returned to the side of light. The party now has an Angel on their sides for the next thirty days. I hope to be able to spin the story of Khazrae a bit further over the remaining three adventures. We'll see.

Thanks for the heads-up re shipping. I have to say that this time, because of WOTR, I can hardly wait. Really looking forward to a bunch of new cards :-)

I was missing my order, but wrote an email and it arrived a couple of hours later - on a saturday no less. Thanks a bunch - Paizo service is legendary.

How can you be in total cover/concealment and still being observed? By definition, total cover grants you invisibility, no?

Avoron wrote:

The Eternal Potion discovery makes a potion you drink permanent.

Summoners have greater invisibility as a third level spell, and can therefore make it into a potion.

Thanks :-)

_Ozy_ wrote:
Or be a 16th level Alchemist with a Summoner friend and get it nearly for free. ;)

I don't understand. Would you spell it out for me?

Sliska Zafir wrote:
It is still Pending. Why is this taking so long? - Dale

From what I gather, management decided on a huge blow out sale in october and forgot to hire sufficient staff in advance, to process orders. Hence the customer service doing overtime. It will take a while, I suppose.