How to store a lot of sleeved character decks?

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Right now, the only thing that is keeping me from getting more character decks is having a proper way to store the ones not in use. I use several deck boxes from ultra pro to store the ones in use, but it's getting annoying to move the ones not in use around all the time. I'd rather use the deck boxes for the ones in use and store the remaining decks in a sorted fashion somewhere else.

I'm looking for some kind of card organizer that is a single piece and can hold multiple class decks, but I don't really know where to find one. Living in germany certainly doesn't help (broken token has shipping fees that match the price of what you want to buy in the first place), but I'm still open to suggestions for US manufacturers (might have luck on ebay).

Are there any cheap solutions available? What are people using on the forums? I'm willing to pay some money for this, but not to the point where I could get another base set and expansions for the same money.

I REALLY wish this product was available, but I confirmed with Ultra-Pro that it was cancelled and they have no plans to ever make it. athfinder-Adventure-Chest#tabs

I've been using BCW boxes such as this: (though it is not 1 piece like you asked).

check out all of their options:

Their site does allow international shipping but you can also find them elsewhere online (Ebay/amazon...likely more expensive). Also worth checking out any local game stores. Many of them here in the US carry these containers for Magic the Gathering players.

I think we are at the point in terms of number of decks where the option to have ALL of them isn't very feasible. So, I'm long to maybe have 6 to 10 in a case. I'd like to keep them in deck boxes

I've been eyeing things like this or this . I've yet to see one in person. You can find these by looking for Magic the Gathering cases or Cards Against Humanity cases. I'm not sure about whether the Cards Against Humanity ones will fit deck boxes.

Thanks for the insights!

The BCW boxes are surprisingly rare/expensive in germany, and unfortunately, they lack some kind of inbuild dividers.
To clarify, I don't want to store the deck boxes, just the decks, and I don't want them to be portable. I'm basically searching for an affordable box that comes with compartments to put the sleeved cards upright into; one deck per cell, so it can be easily retrieved and put into a deck box for transportation.

This one is a good example:
While the motives are cool looking, that's a tad too expensive for me. For the same money, I could get a Broken Token Insert and a used PACG set in the US, which would be a feasible solution just as well, so I don't think the price is justified (granted, since I'm not in the US, I won't get either the used PACG set nor the broken token insert for that price here).

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Guckst du hier:

I'm not affiliated with this shop, but have ordered from them before, and service has always been outstanding.

Have 2 of these and I like them:

Caseling large for 1400 cards

I also got a 650 card case to make Mummy's Mask portable.

They sell a larger case that will hold 1700 cards too.

HOWEVER, I don't sleeve and sleeved cards will not fit. Stupid question: Why would you sleeve class deck cards? Don't they never get shuffled into the set? Or, you sleeve your base sets so sleeve ALL your class decks so they are... ready to go?

I use larger trading card game boxes (still meant for a single deck, but designed to hold more than 100 cards) for each class deck. You can then put them all into any normal storage container or bag and it's still easy to find the one you want to use.

If I wanted to just store them, I'd get some BCW-style boxes. (It's too bad they're not readily available in your area.)

IronGiant wrote:
Stupid question: Why would you sleeve class deck cards? Don't they never get shuffled into the set?

You still shuffle them to play the game. It's also convenient if your cards are sleeved (or not) in a similar way to the main deck so you don't have to sleeve/resleeve/unsleeve the cards you substitute in or acquire during the game.

The folks in our group generally don't sleeve everything all the time; they just sleeve the deck(s) they're using regularly or the cards they're using at the time.

Parody wrote:
The folks in our group generally don't sleeve everything all the time; they just sleeve the deck(s) they're using regularly or the cards they're using at the time.

I do this. So, in AD1 Scenario 1, I sleeve the 15 cards I am using, and nothing else. I bring a bunch of extra sleeves & sleeve cards as I acquire them. When cards are transferred between characters, we resleeve with the appropriate sleeve. The box we play with usually isn't sleeved, so we unsleeve any card shuffled into a location.

Once you get use to this process, it isn't any trouble at all, and it protects your investement :).

That's what I do so well, simply sleeving my character's cards, not the entire deck.

IronGiant: thanks for that info. It confirms my suspicion that a deck box would not fit in those cases.

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I too just sleeve the cards in my current deck (and bring extra cards to sleeve anything I pick up while playing a scenario).

I keep each class deck in a clear Ultra-Pro deck box, although I know other players who keep them in one-piece deck boxes.

I'm usually the one bringing the base set to the game. Besides that (and the Really Useful Box containg the class decks my wife and I will be using, dice, the scenario, chronicle sheets, etc.) I usually bring another of those Really Useful Boxes; it can hold up to 18 of the deck boxes containing other class decks.

We use card binders for ours, and keep the binders on a bookshelf. We have a few of these and these (which are thinner than the Ultra-Pro ones), and we use one for each deck. We generally only sleeve the cards that are currently in a character's deck, but I have stored a sleeved character's deck in the extra pages at the back of the book for more compact transport. The books also make looking for upgrades really easy, because I keep the cards grouped by type, sorted by AD# (each character gets a set of 4 pockets at the front of the book, and any promos for that deck go in the very back of the book). And since I write the deck name on the spine, it's easy to grab exactly the decks I want to bring with me.

You could also buy a bunch of 9 pocket pages that can be put in a 3-ring binder, so you could store several decks in one big binder. I'm not sure how many binders you'd need to store all of the decks, but that method would be fairly easy to expand as new decks come out, and in retrospect it's probably way more economical than getting a book for every deck...

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I pick up one of these for each deck. I like the two-sections-plus-two-dividers setup. I keep my current character deck (for OP) in one section, and behind the divider I put the boons up to the AD I'm currently playing. In the other section, I keep the characters I'm not using, and behind the divider, the boons above the AD I'm currently playing. (When I hit AD 6, I split the boons in half between the two back-halves of each section.)

I generally only carry one or two decks with me, so this scales fine. At GenCon time, I may think about something like the Caselings that Hawkmoon IronGiant mentioned.

I sleeve all my cards. It's become kind of a ritual when I get a new Character deck to go through it, reading and sleeving.

we use This 5000 card box along with dividers, labeled appropriately, like these

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I found acrylic deck boxes are ideal for storing the character decks.

I sleeved mine in FFG sleeves, so they didn't fit in the UltraPro acrylic boxes due to the sleeve height, however the DragonShield acrylic boxes DO fit the sleeves.

You can cut down the original packaging to serve as a label.
All character decks are separate so you just grab the ones you need, and as each class deck is released, just fill another deck box.

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I use cardboard BCW boxes for my class decks, and then I bought some plastic dividers like the one Micronian mentioned. I tend to sleeve everything, although given the sheer number of class decks, it'll be a while before I get most of them in use.

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