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Guckst du hier: https://games-island.eu/de/kartenboxen_36/

I'm not affiliated with this shop, but have ordered from them before, and service has always been outstanding.

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Sounds good. Will this be about the Unchained Rogue?

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My group started the run on Delvehaven today, here is what happened just before

The drama of Khazrae Kuelata:
The players remembered the story of Khazrae and sought her help. I took the liberty to model Erinye as a fallen angel that had turned to evil. They wanted to offer the devil her sanity in return for advice on navigating the pathfinder lodge, using the heal scroll they found earlier. The paladin, of course, argued against it, but was overruled. The players first used the wand of restoration to be able to negotiate matters with the erinye, and she agreed. The priest took out the heal scroll and started chanting, as suddenly the spirit of his god entered him and amplified his casting. He has been a devout cleric of Cayden Cailean for the entire adventure, roleplaying his character really well and even going so far as to found an orphanage, his god decided he could use some help. Thus Khazrae Kuelata, the fallen angel, returned to the side of light. The party now has an Angel on their sides for the next thirty days. I hope to be able to spin the story of Khazrae a bit further over the remaining three adventures. We'll see.