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I just picked up the Expanded Player's guide and may be interested running this as a GM, but I had two major questions: Is there going to be a compilation of the entire AP for general release (I know there was a kickstarter, but I can't remember if the compilation is for backers only or not,) and, if so, will those who can confirm they purchased the individual modules get a sort of rebate or something?

I ask because I have been planning on running another campaign for my local group and this seems right up their alley, but I would like to be cost-efficient if at all possible.

You'd be better off posting this question on the EN World forums, since their publishing wing is responsible for producing Zeitgeist and War of the Burning Sky before it. I think they did a big old compilation for War of the Burning Sky, so maybe they will with this as well. I dunno, I came late to the party.

They will be publishing a three-volume compilation/update, I don't think it's backers-only.

Ah, ok. I just REALLY want to get the AP, but I don't want to buy the basic volumes, then buy the compilations for extra content, you know?

I've been buying the individual parts as they are released (8 so far?) And believe you me, you shall not want for content. Zeitgeist is epic in scope and execution, but be aware (if you're not already) that this isn't your standard fantasy adventure path.

Hey Silver Prince,
The adventures really do rock! I did the subscription service from Drive Thru RPG a couple of years ago and have loved everyone- complex and rick stuff. The Kickstarter (which I also backed) was to put all 12 adventures into 3 hardbacks that breaks it into the 3 acts with some revised content- for examples introducing eladrins as a PC race for PF, changing the Asimars into Devas (as a PF race), etc). And don't forget that the first adventure (Island at the Axis of the World) is free on Drive Thru RPG. A fine (and free) way to start!
The most recent Kickstarter update is that the 4th Edition hardback for Act 1 is 99% done. They're not the fastest moving, but I'd expect the first Act (Adventures 1-4) for PF to be done in another few months. Check out the Kickstarter page for "ZEITGEIST AP hardcover compilation (Pathfinder & D&D 4E" for a list of things that are/will/have been added to the compilations- they had some mini-adventures, digital tokens, new art, etc.

Hey Silver Prince,

I am running a ZG campaign on Paizo and I actually helped out in proofreading for the volume 1 compilation. So if you have any questions feel free to hit me up on PM so that I see them.

It is a really great campaign and I just started it for my IRL group as well...

All 13 adventures will eventually be available as PDF. Ten of them are out by now. You can also get them as two hardcovers, but only one has been published so far. I have the deluxe hardcover and it is a beautiful tome.

I'm running this for a group of four and we're having a fantastic time. It is however not that easy to run due to the complexity of the various plotlines across a great many NPCs. Taking a lot of notes helps me to keep track. The one supplement I can thoroughly recommend are the NPC face cards to help the players remember.

Zeitgeist is a work of art. I love it!

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